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Objectives of the Study

Discuss about the Report for Foreign Market Analysis and Launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Monaco is poised to be a lucrative market for smart phones such as the Samsung S7 Edge, often associated with high-class and middle-class individuals. Economic advancement was impelled in the late nineteenth century with the opening of the nation's first gambling club, Monte Carlo, and a railroad association with Paris. From that point forward, Monaco's gentle atmosphere, awe-inspiring landscape, and upscale betting offices have added to the realm's status as a chief visitor’s destination and diversion place for the rich and acclaimed. In later years, Monaco has turned into a noteworthy keeping money focus and has effectively tried to expand its economy into services and little, non-dirtying enterprises. The Principality has no wage levy; less business levies, also it is notable as a sanctuary for minimal taxation. It is additionally the organizer of the yearly road tour, the Monaco Grand Prix, a first of the Grand Prix of Formula One.

Monaco boasts the globe’s second most astounding nominal GDP per capita at $146,133, GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita at $129,352 along with per capita GNI of $172,142. Likewise, it has a rate of unemployment at 1.9%, with more than 45,643 laborers who drive from France as well as Italy every day of the week, except weekends and public holidays. As indicated by the CIA World Factbook, Monaco has the least destitution population along with the most astounding figure of moguls as well as very rich people per capita on the planet. For four years consecutively, Monaco had the world's most costly real estate bazaar in 2012, at $55,000 per square meter (Monaco Statistics, 2016).

The state holds syndications in various divisions, including tobacco and the postal administration. The phone system (Monaco Telecom) used to be completely possessed by the state. Then a portion of the company was sold to the investing public through an initial public offer (IPO). It is still, nevertheless, a restraining infrastructure. Expectations for everyday comforts are high, generally tantamount to folks in affluent French city territories.

The economy of Albania is generally steady and shows potential for financial development. Its move from communism to free enterprise is additionally thought to be a significant achievement. In 2012, its GDP was at 12.35 billion U.S. dollars and is anticipated to increment up through 2020. Italy is the nation's most vital exchanging accomplice. In 2014, Albania had an exchange deficiency of $ 3 billion, despite the fact that the stature of the nation's exchange deficiency happened in 2008 with a less of just about $ 4 billion. Nevertheless, Albania has been relentlessly expanding its fares since 2004. In 2012, the national obligation of Albania added up to 63% of its GDP. One of the five meeting criteria to join the Euro region is an obligation to GDP proportion of not more than 60 percent, an objective the nation is probably going to accomplish throughout the following couple of years.

Scope of the Study

Business potential of a Smartphone

The market demand for Samsung S7 Edge

The economic and commercial size of Monaco vs. Albania

Scope of the study

This paper revolves around the bustling economy of Monaco. Smartphone manufactures have been keeping a keen eye of the lucrative economy, which is usually full of partygoers and holidaymakers. Samsung, recognized for purchaser products such as cell gadgets and domestic entertainment structures, is the global leading cell phone dealer. Considering that 2012, the South Korean organization has held a share of 21% to 33% within the Smartphone marketplace (Statistia, 2016). Apple has always been its closest rival over time, even as brands, which include Lenovo and Huawei, have additionally elevated their telephone marketplace share.

Samsung’s principal line of telephone merchandise is the Galaxy series, the first of which was released in April 2009. The business enterprise’s telephone shipments have increased hastily from 2.5 million on the beginning of 2010 to 86 million in the second half of 2015. In addition to being the chief inside the telephone marketplace, Samsung also holds a huge percentage of twenty-five percent of cell telephone income. That year of 2015, the South Korean organization bought over one hundred million mobile phones worldwide (Statista, 2016).

On 31 December 2014, the populace became envisioned at 38,400 inhabitants in line with the terms of Ministerial Decree No. 2016-290 of 20 April 2016. Between every census, the population figures are updated yearly in accordance with Sovereign Ordinance No. 2,726 of 27 April 2010 enhancing the Ordinance of 16 December 1862 on wearing out a census. A fashionable census of the populace is undertaken at ordinary durations. The most recent came about in 2000 and 2008. For the 2008 census, the methodology chosen met a 3-fold purpose – to be in line with global census practices, take Monaco's unique needs and traits into consideration and improve the processing and reliability of the statistics acquired (Shankar, Gregory & Farley, 2012)..

The forms of incorporate questions in step with suggestions endorsed with the aid of the United Nations organization on carrying out a census. They have been changed since the 2000 census to take technological modifications and environmental problems into consideration. To make the questions easier to recognize and consequently reap extra reliable answers, the bureaucracy are available in English and Italian further to French, and a free helpline is available to citizens. The populace pyramid of Monegasque nationals has an abnormal form, due in part to the small populace and additionally to the 'naturalization' phenomenon that influences its form (Alice & Bobby, 2010).

Analysis of Monaco and Albania

Albania is an average nation in terms of income in Western European principles, with GDP per capita more prominent than the few nations in the locale. The GDP per capita (communicated in PPS – Purchasing Power Standards) remained at 36% of the EU normal in 2009. Unemployment rate of 13.3% is significantly lower than numerous nations in Balkans, For example; Serbia has an unemployment rate of 24%. Farming in Albania utilizes 46.7% of the populace and around 25% of the land is utilized for agrarian purposes. Farming adds to 18.9% of the nation's GDP. Overall, the Albanian economy is not suitable for marketing high-end smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The marketing strategy for such a phone will be more penetrative in Monaco.


Ø  Samsung is the arena’s most booming electronics producer; it is the sector’s biggest producer of TV sets, liquid crystal display panels, cellular telephones and smart phones.

Ø  Samsung is the arena’s primary marketer of mobile phones with 23% of the world’s biggest market proportion in 2015.

Ø  Samsung has robust manufacturing and advertising talents.


Ø  Samsung is profoundly dependent on client electronics sales in markets with restricted capability for increase, which include the US and Europe, for an awful lot of its profits.

Ø  A few purchasers view Apple products as more advanced and reliable than Samsung merchandise.

Ø  A few Chinese manufactures are coming up to Samsung inside the phone marketplace.


Ø  Growing market for smart phones, Tablets and other cell gadgets, specifically in growing economies in which purchasers are unusual with desktops computers.

Ø  Elevated orders of tablet and smart phone answers, or solutions

Ø  Developing middle class in developing economies will enlarge marketplace for customer electronics.


Ø  Declining or stagnating middle-class earning in the US ought to lessen purchasing power in key markets for Samsung.

Ø  Chinese producers along with Huawei and Xiaomi could become critical competitors to Samsung; those organizations’ proportion of the important mobile device marketplace is developing while Samsung’s is declining.

Evaluation of potential

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is certainly the patron subordinate of electronics in the overall Samsung organization, a multinational based totally in South Korea. Out of the boundary of Korea, Samsung is deemed as the sector’s biggest maker of cellular equipment and smart phones, which includes the quite trendy and triumphant Galaxy series. It is also the world’s biggest producer of TVs and LCD panels. Because of its production and advertising expertise, Samsung is considered the sector’s second largest patron electronics agency. Its American competitor, Apple Inc. suggested huge sales. Samsung did record predicted revenue of $43.25 billion for the financial period of April to June in 2015. That number is primarily based on sales of forty eight trillion Korean won (French, Reynolds & Rowena, 2011).

The global cell phone market grew 12% in the 12 months of 2015, with 342 million shipments, consistent with records from the International Records Enterprise (IDC). This boom was commonly because of profits experienced in rising markets in Middle East and Africa (MEA). This area's consignment was somewhat lesser than projected therefore; IDC looks forward to a substantive delay in phone consignments as China, North America and Western Europe including Monaco and Albania, joins the expansion test in 2015. Samsung reasserted its international control with an improved focus on an affordable Smartphone (Tarun & Shankar, 2013).

Global Marketshare

Source: Gartner, 2016

Samsung has a considerable market share compared to other manufactures in the world, as we can notice in the figure above.

The Galaxy S7 edge is likely to have a successful run in Monaco subsequent to its launch. The primary reason is that Monaco is some sort of a holiday resort and people are ready to spend a lot of money on new things. Moreover, almost all the people are employed due the neglible population of about 39,000. The growth in employment (public and private region), which changed into 2.7% as at 31 December 2014, and in wages brought about boom of 4.2% in the total extent of wages paid out. That pay represents half of GDP, illustrating the percentage of yearly-created wealth that is redistributed in the form of salaries and social protection contributions (Ross, 2012).

SWOT Analysis

Determination of targets

The 17 million smart phones will somehow wreck the record that is currently held via the variety of Galaxy S6 gadgets, which was 14 million. The Galaxy S4 was the second most successful phone having shifted 15 million gadgets within the identical window of time when it was launched. As for the ratio of devices to be churned out, Samsung has decided to trade it to learn a lesson from its S6 area’s loss of supply. Changing from a 4:1 to 6:4 ratios, Samsung hopes a good way to a probably lucrative call for the Galaxy S7 edge (Abhijit et al, 2013).

Increase and improvement are critical elements of technology (Gerard, Kathryn & Carol, 2011). Consumers are in no way attached with certain generation products, they usually attempt to have the first-class. Such state of affairs has obliged technology manufacturers to create rapidly new devices that could fulfill the wishes of clients. Society has continually loved when the machine maximizes their lifestyles comfort and reduces the time spent on undesirable/easy obligations.

Nowadays, Samsung has sparked regarding originality and in preference to fulfilling the wishes of the people. Moreover, Samsung has a fascinating plus a large assortment of manufactured goods. Their assortment consists of Tablets, laptops, TVs, smart phones, fridges, and so forth. By using this, I suggest that Samsung’s advertising method has helped the company to entrust on each of the manufactured goods.

4.2 Advertising activities

In an article by the Cult Branding Company (2016), the selling strategies of the Samsung S7 edge can be classified as follows:

Finding reasons each customer and the organization cares approximately can build trust in a commercial enterprise. This calls for inner knowledge approximately what an enterprise cares about and whom they need to assist in the any country.

Relationship Marketing

Many modern businesses build relationships with their clients in preference. Customers who love an emblem or logo may even spend extra money with the product.

Transactional Marketing

Using sales can be difficult, especially for retailers that have to sell continuously products in high volume to customers. So that it will stay with the needs of shareholders, stores need to inspire purchasers to shop by means of coupons, discounts, liquidations, and income events.

4.2.4 Scarcity Marketing

In some markets, it is vital to govern how a great deal product is to be had at one time. In lots of instances that is carried out due to the difficulty of acquiring raw substances or good value of the product. An enterprise can also decide to make their products reachable to just a few clients.


Consumers are often eager to share with the arena the product they find irresistible. Scores of clients find value in sharing stories of their preferred product. Word of Mouth is a historical approach people found out what to buy. Cutting-edge marketers have learned a way to generate real word of mouth for their enterprises and the goods they constitute.


Businesses need to be familiar with the buyer’s involvement ranges for their merchandise so they understand what problem fixing strategies the purchaser may be applying. There are three primary types of trouble fixing techniques used: routinized reaction conduct, restrained problem solving, and prolonged hassle solving.

The prolonged hassle solving technique happens for excessive customer involvement merchandise, wherein clients spend greater time taking into consideration their choice. For that merchandise, a product with robust positioning and recognition is possibly conspicuous. Routinized Reaction Behavior (RRB) and constrained trouble solving (CTS) is used for merchandise with much less customer involvement, in which charge and availability can be extra determining elements than the brand or emblem reputation. Knowing how the client purchases a product, an agency can expand the suitable stage of brand positioning via an advertising blend. 


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