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Continuous Improvement Strategies


Discuss About The Fundamentals Quality Control Improvement?

Continuous improvement about organizational performance and quality mainly deals with improving the customer satisfaction through an ongoing and incremental improvement process. Delays or additional activities in product delivery and defects are minimized as the products are being delivered. Implementation of Kaizen, which is popularly known by institutions as continuous improvement (CI) have undoubtedly given companies a competitive edge.

An informed decision in line with the PDCA model of Plan-Do-Check-Act sequence will be made by the VTI Auto workshop and car care management team about a plan notification of the employees will then ensue about the developed choices. A  monthly meeting will be intervened involving the high skilled employees first who will be told about the company’s move to improve their efforts. The meeting will also touch on employee responsibilities and roles. A check on progress will also be done. Non-performing employees will be summoned next and be informed that they will face the axe if they continue with their poor performance as advocated by Mitra (2016).The recording process will come handy in providing information about the missing dots in productivity and  performance .

The continuous improvement activities will start with managers and team members engagement and performance measurement will be used to track progress. All the stakeholders will be mailed the official document concerning the initiative for effective communication.

Mentoring component

 Brief explanation

Method of contact

Speed mentoring

A meeting  with the expert for an hour

One on one

Virtual mentoring

Entails an expert answering team members’ queries online


Group  mentoring

Involves the mentors having a monthly meeting with the team members.

Conference call

The sustainability practice can be employed in the acquisition of raw materials and car manufacturing processes. This will come handy in creating a useful market reputation and even decrease the production cost (Machado and digging 2012).  Besides cost reduction and reputation advantages for the company, the sustainability practice will be worthy of out competing for the business rivals.

To be able to facilitate employee collaboration, it is advisable to use an efficient system called the Groupware Knowledge management system. The system will enhance organizational effectiveness by enabling the employees to contribute more towards the structured options.

  1. Bureaucratic processes which mean lack proper tools or means to track the company’s sales and budget figures.
  2. Hierarchical and Centralized Culture
  3. Turnover of the executive management and coordination of the program
  4. Using poorly prepared spreadsheet for sales and productivity recording
  5. Engaging the team members through informal meetings and keeping the members in the dark about a company’s adjustments.
  6. Failure to circulate the information communicated to the team members to other stakeholders make they (the stakeholders) have faith in the company (Kronick, Kurz, Lin, Edelson, Berg, Billi & Meeks, 2015).
  7. Resistance from the Mid-level Management
  8. The different continuous improvement models that can be used by are the Agile model and Lean method (Kolberg & Zühlke, 2015). Agile model is efficient in proper manner execution of plans. The lean approach, on the other hand, becomes useful in the understanding of the production process (Almehareb, Graham-Jones, 2010).

Continuous improvement strategies that will address performance issues in the company

The team members will get the set goals and plans

The set goals will be raising performance by 10 percent each month.

There will be communication among all the stakeholders; the owner, investor, the suppliers, the employees and the banks. The connection will be through e-mail.

Engaging trainers and experts will be used to mentor and in the coaching of the staff.

Performance measurement techniques like Graphic Rating Scale and the Total Quality Management (TQM) will be employed. The inclusion of the contract trainer will be essential since the trainer will be the source of improvement details. There will also be frequent checking of the staff professional development to know their effectiveness and efficiency (Lam, O'Donnell & Robertson, 2015).

A trainer with exceptional experience will be hired who will aid in the adoption of the new technology. There will have been an all-around communication during the annual general meeting to all the stakeholders.

There is an up to 50 percent phenomenal achievement by the employees. Their sustainability practice has improved. The production has also gone up to 60 percent.

Mentoring Approach

It is now easy to organize the unit of employees together because of the exemplary performance by the team members. Wastage percentage has to be reduced further in the production department.



Employee training

Six months

Team Hiring

30 days

Quality in production

 Four months

Receiving raw materials and spare parts

Three months

Accomplishing objective

12 months


Manager, CEO

Employee hiring

HR Manager

Performance monitoring

Using the performance appraisal technique

Wastage reduction

Adherence to the principles of sustainability

Work performance can be measured by using customer appraisal techniques like the 360 degrees. Deliverance of the production is usually to the top management .This is because they have the authority to take action on such issues. The performance details are then kept in the organisation database.

VTI Auto Workshop Car Care face the problem of missing driving empowerment. Dedicating and empowering the right people on the right jobs gives the best outcome (Salah, 2010). For businesses to realize long-term gains, their leaders ought to take a holistic approach to their plans to improve the companies. As opposed to the driven down approach by LSS, the holistic approach assumes that a company has the right people to drive the organization to success.

Bill can use the quality management system or the groupware to acquire the processes and procedures of the business to get suggestions. The quality system is used to attain the requirements of customers who receive poor services majorly from low employee morale (Sokovi?, Jovanovi?, Krivokapi? & Vujovi?, 2009). The unhealthy business habit has been condoned by the previous management as well as the staff not taking responsibility. The team is left with uncertainties of their jobs because they seem not to understand what is expected of them. Singh, Garg, Sharma & Grewal (2010) suggest that in such a case, there is an apparent disconnection between the organizational goals and the executive team styles of the operation.

 To gain support from the management, a deployment champion is given the task of ensuring that projects align with the high-level goals. In getting defect-free cars and excellent services at lower cost, the organization will need to introduce the sustainability practice. Sustainability practice can be used in the production department to achieve a higher production with less resource usage (McFadden, Stock & Gowen III, 2015). Moreover, the company needs to try sourcing materials and parts from multiple suppliers. Thus, it will help in having the required documents at the right time hence timely services to the customers

The data documentation and presentation method suitable for the VTI Auto Workshop and Car Care is the work performed. Work performance should be measured on a regular basis mostly, one month.

The monthly reports have to be prepared as per the company’s performance. The stories capture the company’s opportunities, successes and even the problems that were encountered.

Recording of information will then follow. For purposes of record keeping and future reference, a spreadsheet has to be prepared.

Use of the SIPOC Model in the VTI Auto Workshop Car Care

The company will come up with a business plan with the names of suppliers stated. The suppliers’ cost will also be outlined. In the operational plan of the company, materials and parts of cars will be featured in their usage and warehousing processes. Visveshwar, Vishal, Venkatesh, Samsingh & Karthik, (2017) advocate that for tasks in the plan to be complete the specific timelines and their accompanying roles will be mentioned.

VTI Auto Workshop Car Care implementation of the lean method of CI in its manufacturing has improved its production significantly. According to Dale (2015), going to the external market to lure more clients will see it shine even more. Our inner feeling for VTI Auto Workshop Car Care is to improve on getting customer feedback or the reviews to make them feel appreciated and still give them the sense of belonging. All this is to be able to develop on the customers’ satisfaction, self-sustainable associations and retention.


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