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1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company's structure, products and services under consideration

2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss

a. The current processes

b. Any gaps and what is not working properly

c. Which specific issues that the new system will fix

3. Discuss what constitutes an Information Systems (IS) Strategy and explain why such strategy is needed as part of the overall organisational strategy.

4. Discuss why the organisation may experience difficulties in developing an Information Systems Strategy. As part of your answer you should suggest solutions to the difficulties you discuss.

5. With reference to your studies on Information Systems failures:

a. Analyse the typical problems that might be expected to arise within Information Systems projects.

Current Process of Coca Cola

In the year of 1937, Coca-Cola Australia was sent to Australia for the setup of production facility.  The first of coca cola was seen in a small building which is located on the corner of Dowling street in waterloo of Sydney (Ahlemann et al., 2012). The organization started in Australia with just ten staff members and four trucks for transportation. In the beginning days of Coca-Cola Australia was not that much easy.  The market of capital city was very much small in comparison to international markets and they found to be distant geographically. In the beginning days Coca cola was an unknown product which was sold to different shopkeeper. Within the span of time the business of Coca-Cola expanded from smaller regions of Australia to larger regions (Bente, Bombosch & Langade, 2012). In the end this bottling organization where merged into a single unit known as Coca- Cola Amatil at present. Innovation in the bottling system, new methods of delivery and high rate of packaging technology has helped Coca-Cola to reach the top of Australian Markets. At present Coca-Cola is bottling with its partner Coca- Cola Amatil for offering more than 240 products which is inclusive of various things like water, energy drinks and teas. Some of the leading products of Coca-Cola are Diet Coke, sprite, PowerAde and Pump.

In the coming pages of the report identification and discussion has been provided which focus on the structure, products and services of Coca Cola. All the current process of this organization that is Coca Cola has been discussed in the coming pages of the report. All the gaps have been analyzed and specific system has been suggested regarding the system.  The constituents of information system strategy have bene discussed in details. The need of information system strategies has been discussed in details in the coming pages of the report.

Current process 

Coca-Cola is one of the well-known and biggest seller of cold drinks till date. It is considered to be one of recognizable brands in the soft drink industry. It was created by Dr. John S. Pemberton in the year of 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. In the beginning Coca-Cola was offered like fountain beverage at Jacob’s pharmacy by mixture of Coca- Cola syrup with carbonate water (Bernard, 2012). The organization started in 1887 in USA and after that it was trademarked in 1895 and sold in every state and territory of united states. In the year of 1899, the organization started to franchise operation in the whole united states and after that it expanded globally. At present Coca cola has tie itself with Coca-Cola Amatil for offering products and services. The organization believe in providing customers option so that they can easily provide their option regarding their decision (Bernus, Nemes & Schmidt, 2012). The organization aims to create a platform so that they can provide glass of minute maid orange juice in the early morning, a mini coca cola in the evening and powered zero after the workout, a caffeine free coke in the night. It provides more than 3500 drinks choices globally and range of choices have increased from what it was offered 10 years ago. Coca cola provides nineteen of top 20 brand which provides low or no calorie version of themselves and are themselves considered to be no- calorie beverages. Lower option of calorie is easily available which is vital for many that serve options to people. The organization claims to invest heavy of the innovation of low and no calorie sweeteners (Bradley et al., 2012). It claims to offer more than 3500 choices of drinks which have 800 low or no calorie drinks. In many countries their most popular drinks are available in various sizes which ranges from 2 liter of bottles to 7.5-liter fluid bottle or smaller mini so that one can easily provide a platform of option which can easily satisfy ones needs along with its family.

Analysis of Gaps and Challenges

Coca-Cola addresses number of challenges at present like Battling of sugar, Digital woes, winning of back buzz (Fischer, Aier & Winter, 2015). The biggest issue that coca cola is addressing at present that is the ongoing demons of sugar. The ultimate goal of this organization is cutting down of dependency on full sugar drinks and has launched certain number of products like coca – cola life. However, the portfolio of coke has contained only 2.43 % percent of Coca-Cola life on the contrary it is too earlier to address the launch of Zero sugar launch. Coke is committed to lower the values of calorie and level of sugar. It does not have compelling sugar so that it can easily eliminate the tag of junk food from it (Foorthuis & Brinkkemper 2015). The organization is experimenting on classic coca cola with methods so that it can provide new cola formulation which can satisfy the needs of the consumer. Second issue is digital woes as TV is the prime most method or mode of mobile consumption which have grown over the years. Coke has more than 300 apps worldwide which tends to have less than fifty thousand users and 1 lakh user (Franke, Johnson & König, 2014). Over the last year’s coke have created a buzz score which is nothing but a perfect balance between positive and negative aspects of things related to consumer who have said about the brand. Coca Cola at present is rolling out its One brand strategy worldwide and it has failed to produce any kind of iconic advertising. The business needs some new level of campaign that is Share a Coke and marketing to meet the needs of compelling reason for the various people for buying of goods (Gibson & Akhgar, 2017). Between the years of 2015 and 2017 the company is focusing to address impact on human rights which are generally associated with the activities and relationship of business for silent human right risk. Coca Cola have conducted workshop with participants from various function which is inclusive of 180 experts. The risk resulted from this workshop are discussed in the process of global stakeholder process. As a result, the organization is focusing on various issues which are related to human right issues with the activities of Coca – Cola and its relationship with business.

  • Ensuring safety and health of workers, security
  • Child labor
  • Issues and risk associated with equality and non-discrimination
  • Freedom from association
  • Hours or periods of working
  • Right to privacy
  • Safety and quality of products.  

    At global level the union of trade and civil society may provide concern about the effects of trade and union security which creates concern about the concern about the adverse effect of human rights (Iacob et al., 2014). At regional level, the business units around the world have proactive engage which aim to provide local communities of the business which they support conduct business. This organization expects suppliers and bottlers to provide workers with a method or mechanism for ensuring various kinds of concern. The Coca – Cola organization claims to provide report of grievance through the mechanism of Ethics line through a global web and telephonic information and service related to reporting.

Constituents of Information System Strategy

Strategic information system at every stage of firm is a computer system is designed in such a way that it can easily provide goals, services, products, operation, and other factors which are in relation with the various environment (Jallow et al., 2017).  The working environment of this organization will be developed in such a way that it can easily provide completive advantage. This kind of system is generally considered to be an essential or powerful tool which is used by various firm for staying ahead in a race. SIS (Strategic information system) is used for providing some strategic goals and aims for an organization. Its ultimate aim is increasing the output or performance along with productivity for an organization. The various types of strategic information system are hybrid system, outward system, strategic system and alliance for various kinds of strategies (Närman, Buschle & Ekstedt, 2014). There are generally three level of strategy namely Business level strategy, firm level strategy and competitive level force model.

Business Level Strategy: The best strategy at this particular stage is to become very low cost producer, for differentiate of various services and related products. It main idea is to change the competition by either changing the scope of competition by addressing small areas which can be served by competitors. Different digital firms from various regions of the world address for supporting strategy at organization level by proper maintenance of supply chain, building of efficient customer system and participating in various web services for delivering of products to the market domain.

Firm level Strategy:  Synergy have stated that some of the units as input and output to between various kinds of organization which generally helps in pooling of markets and various experts which provide relation between lower value of cost and generation of profits.

Competitive Force Model: This term is generally used for explanation of interaction of different kinds of external influences particularly the various kinds of opportunities and threats which generally effect the strategy of the organization and various kinds of capabilities related to it.

Marketing information system is generally divided into four categories namely marketing intelligence system, internal accounting system, analytical system, research system which are generally related to it. Coca-Cola have started their system with an old system which is a legacy system (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2013). This has ultimately turned out be very inefficient which is not very efficient as it is not user friendly and result in cost because of this its inefficiency. Coca cola does not have any kind of financial plans on spreadsheet rather than they used hardcopies. This ultimately resulted in issue for updating of information and is considered to be big problem which ultimately began to explode on a global basis. After the implementation of strategic information system, they have come up with various business plans for finance, data warehousing for collection of various information and analysis of data and can easily generate financial reports and forecasting of monthly sales. This information system will help in collection of data which provides a baseline information for this organization that can easily track the health of finance and growth of Coca –Cola.

Potential Difficulties in Developing an Information Systems Strategy

Coca Cola understand the requirement of revenue of cycle and also the value of break in relation to it.  Revenue cycle transformation generally focus on having engagement and aims in improvising the net value of cash for different customers (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2014). This new thing will have led to improvisation which will provide huge money to the bottom value of the organization. Coca Cola product and services aims in providing team members which is inclusive of high skill value.

Monitoring of conversion system is a vital factor which is needed for evaluating the operation efficiency of organization like Coca- Cola. It generally checks the speed of conversion of value of products into cash for an organization like Coca Cola.

Technology generally aims to provide better value of performance and aims in providing greater value of efficiency by making use of option like cloud, big data and various other technologies related to it.  

Coca Cola has spent very huge amount of money on various of product and services which focus on the fact that it can easily provide various process which are in relation to it (Zarvi? & Wieringa, 2014). It also aims in providing a large of solution for its consumers.


From the above discussion it can easily concluded that this report is all about Coca Cola Australia which is a well organization in soft drinks industry. Various kinds of products and services which are offered by Coca Cola has been discussed in the above pages of the report. All the current process in coca cola has been discussed in details in above pages of the report. A proper analysis has been done regarding specific issues that this new system will overcome has been discussed in details in this report. The participants of information system strategies and its need has been discussed in details in the above pages of the report. A list of issues which this organization will address in the implementation of information system has been described in details in the above pages of the report. Three level of model namely business level strategy, firm level strategy, competitive force model has been described in details in the above pages of the report. All the four type of cycle that is revenue cycle, conversion cycle, financial cycle and expenditure cycle has been discussed in details in the above of the report. The benefits received from the implementation of strategic information system in Coca Cola has been stated in brief.


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