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Network Functions

Question 1: How Profinet and Profibus networks will be implemented for automation and in measuring simulation parameters?

Question 2: How Profinet and Profibus are used in data communication systems for communication? [13].

Fieldbus mainly uses a certain type of description based technology and to make it available to all other devices, application and host systems.  It is seen that in Profibus PA, devices are addressed and are used in lot of methods like inclusion of DIP switches and user entered addresses of software . It is a process to connect all instruments in a manufacturing plant.

Fieldbus mainly works on a certain network structure and typically allows star, ring, branches and tree network topologies and helps more than two devices to communicate properly in data transmission aspect. It is observed that the computers were connected with the help of RS-232 serial connections and make the devices to communicate easily.  The types of fieldbus that are usually not compatible with each other are Profibus, Profinet, CC-Link, AS interface and IO-Link.

The main advantages of this article are to get a detailed insight of Profinet and Profibus network functions in communication and exchange of data. It becomes extremely easy to understand the cyclical exchange of data between the IO controller mainly as Producer and IO devices as main customers. 

Profibus is defined as a specific digital network that is highly responsible for a proper communication between the control system and the controllers. It works in creating PROFIBUS DP protocol and launching of Process Automation. Profibus is defined as communication mainly in automation technology and works both in acyclical and cyclical communications. PROFIBUS PA runs at typical transmission speed of almost 31.25 KBPS and it is to be configured to run almost at a speed of 12MBPS and the devices needs to be communicated within a specific time. Profibus remains the main industrial protocol that is used mainly in automation and testing.

PROFINET network is mainly a proper protocol that is totally based only on certain specific international standards. The networking communication protocol is used to share and data exchange across the controllers and is used in automation settings. Industrial Ethernet solution is designed for data collection and control of equipment’s. The communication protocol Profinet helps a lot in accessing fast response and the data collection process will be even more. The PROFINET employs main Ethernet cables in an office environment to be flexible in data transmission [1] (“Specifically, industrial communication network technology such as Profinet has proved to be a major game changer for such automation”).

Profibus is defined as a data communication system that helps in all in sharing a proper bus system and it is compared to non-digital system. The communication basis for Profibus is mainly a cyclical data exchange across devices and PLCs [18] (“ The science and industry tend to miniaturize, electronize and automate everything around us. The fourth industrial revolution is going to transform people’s lives, together with the requirements towards their abilities”). The main components of PROFIBUS are usually implemented across communication protocol and PROFIBUS DP. It is usually common for all applications and the installation cost is compared to non-digital systems. Profibus PA is used in process automation and is used for high speed drive applications. PROFIBUS PA is mainly a master slave protocol that maintains a proper startup sequence and a certain time limit needs to be given for certain data exchange [2].

Data Communication

A combination of timer in the master helps in communication for bus cycles within a fixed time interval. Profibus follows a proper master slave protocol and it resembles almost like MODBUS that allows a lot of multiple masters. The slave follows a specific time limit that helps in data exchanges with almost all of the slaves [5].

The  concept of PROFBUS was started in Germany in the year 1986 and almost 21 companies formulated a master project and is known as “FieldBus”. Profibus FMS is used for understanding the main communication between Master and Profibus

Profibus is mainly a standard for establishing a communication in almost all of the main automation technology. It is used for Siemens and is used as the main part of IEC 61158.

Profibus is used in employing an interaction between master and slave along with network components. The cyclical communication helps in fast transfer of both input and output data between slaves and master at an regular intervals.

PROFIBUS mainly uses layers of layers like 1, 2 and 7. Layer 1 is uses in physical transmission and the communication process is distributed over seven layers that is from Physical Layer (Layer 1) to Layer 7 (Application Layer).  In the first layer which is the transmission technology, the physical transmission RS485, MBP and the introduction of wireless technology in data transmission from sender to the receiver.

 The second layer function is to define the main bus access model and to implement in data security access features. The Layer 2 defines the details of bus access and it is comprising of data security features. The PROFIBUS implements OSI models and master slave method needs to be implemented for data security features and communication.

Figure 1 :  OSI model

(Source: Viškovi?,2021)

Layer 7 forms a proper interface across communication and the application link. The PROFIBUS communication protocol is used in application model and it is used in data transmission aspects [6]. The main protocols that are implemented in DP protocol are (“DP-VO”, “DP-V1 and “DP-V2”). The actual application process of automation systems lies above the layer 7 model and it is not a part of application process model.  These are some of the main functional aspects of OSI model in data transmission aspects.

Profibus family mainly comprises three main versions that offers large scale integrity and capable enough to assess according to the needs. The three main versions of PROFIBUS family are PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS FMS and PROFIBUS DP.


It is mainly a protocol that is used mainly in process automation and in DP applicable profile. PROFIBUS PA highly standardize the entire process of data transmission and is used mainly for the process industry. For monitoring the equipment, a process control system is used in handling automation application and it needs to be delivered over the field bus in data transmission aspects [8]. The total number of devices that are attaches to the main PA segments in programs and is limited to the features like data transmission and automation technologies [6]. PROFIBUS communication comprises of additional information due to limited data constraints.


The devices are monitored due to limited devices information and carries information functionality in data configuration and to make it even more centralized over a conventional point for handling problems in quality and information from the devices. The devices are self-monitored and can be communicated over the main network. Maintenance of equipment’s are upgraded to make the system more centralized and it is important to eliminate attenuation that will improve compatibility and tag numbers of devices. The PROFIBUS communication has lot of advantages in equipment maintenance and to upgrade the diagnostic of main information and it is to be communicated all over the network.


The main message specification was designed to communicate between the programmable controllers and to send complex information between the advanced application level communications and implementation of programmable logical controllers. The object oriented transmission of structured data and implementation of alarm services in automation techniques. The variety of functions needs to be controlled for advanced application-level communications. This Profibus FMS variant uses a lot of functions and must be implemented extensively for a balanced transmission technology [10].


The decentralized periphery is mainly a high speed field technology that is used in high end applications and is used in data transmission techniques. It is observed that almost 90% of main applications of PROFIBUS are mainly DP. PROFIBUS DP allows one master in production and controlling the major applications for master slave method. The decentralized peripheral version allows till 127 participants and will include till 32 masters. Two core screened cable runs at a speed from 9.6kbps till 12 Mbps and will be used for transmission aspects.

PROFIBUS DP (“Decentralized Peripherals”) is used mainly to operate actuators in automation application and production process. Both PA and DP work tightly in hybrid applications and in analyzing the factory automation side by side.  PROFIBUS has mainly two types of variants that are PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA. The applications within the automation production are created with the help of I/O, actuators and sensors [13].

The PROFIBUS is versatile and formulates an optimal solution for analyzing automation challenges. The user is forced to work mainly on application layer and the network is created for controlling the challenges within the environment. The users are forced in implementing the advanced technology and are realized within the automation aspects. The fieldbus network that is applied within the production automation control is used in limited application process.PROFIBUS building blocks

Figure 2: PROFIBUS building blocks

(Source: PROFIBUS_Systembeschreibung_ENG_web)

The PROFIBUS has helped in creating a testing program in meeting optimum standards. A comprehensive and detailed test series comprise of Function tests, Hardware and other tests. It is observed that when a device surpasses all tests, the manufacturer then applies for a detailed certificate and is almost valid for three years. The results that are obtained and usually documented for testing and precise control are synchronized across other equipment’s. The DP Suffix denotes the main devices that are s mainly associated with communication-based aspects. The devices like Profibus DP will be used in high data speed, less connection and a serial data link with a central device are associated in terms of communication and automation aspects. For complete production automation there is optimum data speed and less connection costs [15]. The automation tool is mainly used in fast serial link that is covers automation and testing.Network Connection

Communication Protocol

Figure 3 : Network Connection

(Source: Ahmad,2017)

The FMS (“Fieldbus Messaging System”) is used mainly in PROFIBUS in communication between the control systems and the field sensors. The PROFIBUS solution needs to be implemented in process industries. PROFIBUS must be programmable controllers and it has a complex message.  The Decentralized communication allows implementation of PROFIBUS users and is growing at a rapid pace.  The IIOT services are used for managing the optimum performance across networks and devices.

The communication for PROFIBUS deals with the communication protocol is used in process and automation systems. PCs and controllers has complex messages in real time communication in manufacturing control systems process. Both DP and PA work in hybrid applications and it is operated both side by side.

The topic needs to be analyzed as overall isochronous automation systems are synchronized with the performance of Profibus that is easily accomplished. An overall overview is given mainly on formulating the Ethernet based systems in Profibus field bus for evaluating the field bus performance of the Profibus [4].

The cycle time Profibus features denotes the reaction time of systems is almost twice of the reaction time. The proportion of bus cycle time in Profibus systems is quite small.

Profibus FMS and Profibus DP mainly uses RS 485 transmission. Optical transmission is done via synthetic fiber optical cables and glass. Profibus PA uses MBP (“Manchester bus Powered”) to allow all the field devices that is to be supplied via bus.

PROFIBUS uses communication protocol that is used in solving complex machinery to transport the reliable data through a competitive industrial environment. For designing a message, access of fault control and network access needs to be coordinates that helps in coordinate the whole protocol. Electronic chips helps in coordinate the protocol in standardizing the fieldbus communication in advanced automation by means of industrial environment. Coordinating with the protocol helps in analyzing for transporting the data more reliably. The chips are available in coordinating with the entire protocol [18]. PROFIBUS DP is a specific network that is connected with the slave devices. A bi directional network sends a message to a slave and thus the slave responds to that specific request.

DP-VO is used mainly for cyclic exchange between diagnosis and data. DP- V1 is implemented to use between handling of alarms and cyclical data exchange.

DP- V2 is used mainly for data exchange broadcast and slave communication. It is observed that PROFIBUS is mainly an application profile and the association with V1 is quite strict from a particular point. Slave protocol supports “PROFIBUS V0” slave implementation for providing configurations and blocking of data blocks within the module data.

The “PROFIBUS DP” slave interface is incorporated with the major SLC processors to get interface for proposing an ideal solution in managing the DCS and SCADA applications. The slave parameter “PROFIBUS FMS “messages is not usually supported by class 2 master. Other transmission available for advanced technologies and are not fixed in terms of standard aspects

The main master slave principle is a specific model that is used in communication protocol where the device is controlled with one or more devices. The standard MODBUS network is classified into master and almost to 31 slaves.

OSI Model

In a particular mode, it is observed that master addresses a specific slave with a particular address. The master slave principle is basically a model that is used in understanding the mechanisms between a slave and the master. “Full Duplex synchronous” communication is mainly between the slave and master device. In Unicast procedures, the master communicates with a slave in implementing a specific address of the slaves.

The PROFIBUS DP is mainly a master token network that depicts more two or more masters within the system. A token is used mainly to communicate between the masters and a communication share is used in ascending order to the actual station address. PROFIBUS started in information based communication as per international standard. The actuators need in process automation for operational devices. The protocol supports addresses ranges mainly from 0 to 127 in programming tools that are attached to the bus [20]. The connector is quite efficient in establishing connection between the branches and cables. PROFIBUS runs at a constant transmission speed of 31.25 KBPS.

The PROFIBUS cycle time computes the possible reaction time of reactive systems.

Hence the cycle time of profibus is estimate as =(300*S+380+11*D)*Tbit+75 ms.

Profibus is used in realizing the total data transform and to monitor the device transducer with the interface PROFIBUS interface. The control systems comprise of ETM200M, industrial PC and ultrasonic material levels. The main function of PROFIBUS control systems is used in control and monitoring of ultrasonic level transducer with PRFIBUS  [3] (“As the first international bus standard, PROFIBUS has been widely used in the field of industrial control”)

PROFIBUS DP (“Decentralized Peripherals) is mainly used in controlling both actuators and sensors. Both DP and PA works mainly in automation network simultaneously.

Profibus mainly supports process automation and applications for drives with the help of consistent communication protocols termed as PROFIBUS DP. The link controllers act as a decentralized field devices with the help of single cable.

Class 2 master and Class 1 master of PROFIBUS acts as a major supervisor for the whole system. PROFIBUS DP defines classes of the main master.  A class 1 master controls the main communication to the slaves assigned to it. Communication between the two masters is facilitated by implementing a DP gateway. Bus communication exchange needs to be accessed with the help of “Token Ring” and only applies between the masters mainly on the bus. A class master device is totally a programmable controller for a PC software (, 2021) (“For applications which demand high system availability, such as with continuous processes, redundant systems are generally used, whereby the redundancy can extend to all system components.”)

The PROFIBUS uses the bus topology that needs to be wired all across the world. Devices are attached to the main central bus. One bus eliminates the requirements for a full length line for each individual. PROFIBUS communicates with the automation industries and the process systems are used in automation aspects. The RS485 transmission technologies are usually connected with more than 32 nodes. A segment is used in managing the total cable length and maximum length is computed for the provided Baud rate. The steps for configuration are commissioning, maintenance and designing it with the help of main repeaters.  A minimum of network and the devices comprises of approximately 130 devices.

Automation Systems

Profinet is mainly a proper data exchange between the producer and the IO controller as the prime source of input data consumers. PROFINET is the most advanced industrial solution protocol that helps in data exchange between the devices and controllers. The controllers mainly need to be DCSS, PLC and PACS. PROFINET IRT eliminates the data delay by employing to switch from ETHERNET traffic and in formulating a set of specific rules of PROFINET traffic. It mainly fulfills the main synchronization requirements and for a proper deterministic communication in switching from ETHERNET traffic.

The industrial Ethernet is designed for data collection and has a specific strength in data delivery within a given time constraints. PROFINET RT uses a certain ether type that streamlines the main Real time message by handling different components of ETHERNET. PROFINET works more on application process data and lot of applications will work properly in a more synchronized way.  PROFINET is based on unmodified Ethernet and it gives various wireless condition and the external switches are optional in nature.

Profinet was introduced in the year 2000s and is used in most of the industrial Ethernet solution. Profinet is basically an open standard and has lot of manufacturers who developed products like Drives, PLCs and network diagnostic tools.

Profinet is mainly the open standard for collection of data which includes abilities like integration of non-Ethernet data. The profinet protocol, is used for data exchange between provider consumer model and field devices. 

Profinet is mainly the main standard for industrial network that is used in automation. It helps in connecting system and cells and in facilitating faster network communication between devices and controllers. Controllers are PLCs , DCSs and PACS.

There are mainly seven ISO/OSI model that are seen in Profinet IO Systems that are Physical layer, Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer, Session Layer, Presentation Layer and the seventh layer is the Application layer.

Physical Layer

It involves the communications between the acyclic communication and cyclic communication across communications and functional safety.

Link Layer

The data link layer involves in computing the error formation and to make probable corrections within the algorithm. The datalink layer is used in analyzing the valuable speed and real time behavior.

Network Layer

The layer is used mainly to connect the route between the destination address and the source address. The data stream is used in combining the network merged to the small one.

Transport Layer

This layer is used in analyzing the error detection and to split the data layer into small fragments and to recombine it into the main destination ( (“For applications which demand high system availability, such as with continuous processes, redundant systems are generally used, whereby the redundancy can extend to all system components”).

Session Layer

This session layer performs tasks like connection among different devices and thus data stream is transferred at the end of the session.

Presentation Layer

The presentation layer is used in communication with the main data format and to accurately analyze the data properly in securing sensitive data.

Application Layer

Application layer provides various applications to transfer data and information within the network devices. Acyclic communication is the main network communication that is used in data transfer.

Application Profile

Profinet technical standards for data communications used in network behavior in data communication process and handling device behavior in analyzing data transmission. It usually describes the major detailed properties of automation in communication network.

Distributed Automation (Profinet CBA)

The main component model of PROFINET is used mainly in distributed automation systems. The component model describes the main intelligent field devices with programmable functionality and controllers. The distributed automation system is designed according to technological modules in machines and plants.

The overall processing time of bus delay is denoted by the symbol Tp and is dependent on signal propagation delay and data transmission [5] (“If a |log c Values coefficient”).

minT response=∑AB Tpx----------------------(i)


The difference between maxTresponse and minTresponse is known as Jitter. Jitter is the sum of different wait times.

PROFINET has mainly three types of communication channels that are UDP/ID and TCP/IP, Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time.  The main function of TCP/IP is to send data with the help of data packet as it moves through the layers of ISO-OSI model. Therefore the frame skips the main TCP/IP protocol for avoiding the main variable time and the application is important to compute the main requirements of managing the critical tasks. Thus, communication speed and determinism that needs to be improved to a large extent.

It is observed that approximately of 90% of the total industrial automation requirements and the data packet is transmitted with the main ISO OSI model. The TCP/IP communication channel is not suitable for computing critical tasks. PROFINET is used in analyzing technique for optimum and faster performance with IRT channels like PROFINET IRT channels. PROFINET devices are controlled with the help of PLC (IO controllers) and the main address for network design is TCP port. The communication channel is used in analyzing real time scenarios and data is transferred to analyze main transmission mechanism. The large volumetric information is analyzed for understanding the transmission aspects and the protocol is used in data exchange.

Profinet protocol is used as a communication protocol in data exchange between devices and controllers. It is used in device connections, cells and system that is used in quality manufacturing. Integration with the equipment and existing systems that is used in bringing Ethernet to the factory floor.

Profinet mainly employs TCP/IP protocols for non time critical tasks like configuration, network diagnostics and parametrization. The IP based communication with the help of PROFINET is not used for time critical tasks.

PROFINET Real time is associated with the frame that is associated with the PROFINET app. The frame goes mainly to the Layer 2 of Ethernet and to skip the TCP/IP layers and to avoid the variable time that needs to be processed [14]. The net arrival of the destination node, it is observed that in skipping the TCP/IP and it avoids the net variable time for improving it significantly. The PROFINET RT fulfills almost 95% of the industrial automation in communication and to improve more optimallyProfinet Communication Modelling

Figure 4: Profinet Communication Modelling

(Source:, 2021)

The controllers have large number of main cycling techniques in controller dependencies in reducing network load and to optimize timely updates. The main requirements of specifications and is based on conformance class.  The components of PROFINET are usually based on standard Ethernet components. CC-A (Conformance Class A) is usually the most basic and (CC-C) is the advanced technology. The conformance class supports alarms and the main diagnostic approaches in managing the Ethernet switch. The detailed requirement for installing switches is nearly equal to 100MBPS for full duplex and Ethernet components is to support the basic features in data transmission. The conformance class is important to be more basic and the devices are supported. In tackling the congested network traffic, critical messages help in eliminating a certain special rule in PROFINET traffic.

The Ether Type is mainly a standard field that is present in different Ethernet packets. The 2-byte piece of information a protocol is used in implementing the IP protocol.

TCP/IP of Profinet is used in directing the main network frame of ARP application and is used in fast, deterministic messages. PROFINET RT Ethernet frame arrives directly to the main application of PROFINET. PROFINET employs UDP/IP communication for configuration, network diagnostics and network parametrization. Data packets are processed via IP stacks and generates “Jitter” and “latency”. The  IP based communication of profinet is not suitable for time critical tasks [13] (“IT-applications e.g. §HTTP §SNMP §DHCP...)

PROFINET employs the main communication channels that are mainly TCP /IP and Real Time for exchange of information in parameterization and diagnosis. PROFINET RT mainly handles the exchange of data in industrial applications and for optimum performance. PROFINET employs the faster performance in managing the Isochronous Real Time Channel (IRT channel). The main mechanisms of PROFINET are Synchronization, Scheduling and Reservation of Bandwidth. The bus cycles need to run simultaneously for maximum difference of 1microseconds and will have a common clock [18].

Cyclic packets are transferred to synchronized data packets for a fixed bandwidth and needs to be protected from time delays. The reserved band width protects and controls the main time data constraints. Scheduling is important to communicate in creating a schedule in managing the IRT communications. The schedule denotes the table as it indicates data time frame in a more deterministic fashion. Real time controller is used mainly at the receiver that must be sent out to the receiver. The routine specific table indicates precisely the transmission of signals within a time table.

A PROFINET IO device are similar to a PROFIBUS class 1 master and helps to share data with I/O devices and are controlled over Ethernet. The IO devices are largely similar to PROFIBUS slaves. The IO modules have 8 digital outputs as relays. The dual 10/100 MBPS Ethernet ports are largely similar to the functions of working of relay ports.

Profibus CBA is usually used in communication based communication in real time communication in the modular plant engineering.  Link layer compromises of CSMA band width and for checking a list of IO devices. The functions and other specific attributes are divided into specific classes of all the applications. The real time attributes like CC-A, CC-B and CC-C are used in analyzing the main communication based aspects. The industrial networking protocol employs a communication protocol to standard Ethernet and works on network application layer [13]. The presentation layer allows “open systems interconnections” (OSI) and TCP models.

PROFINET devices has set of features and is dependent on conformance class. The conformance class of PROFINET are divided into three main classes like Class A, B and C. The conformance class A (CC-A) is the basic one and C (CC-C) is the most advanced conformance class. Conformance class A helps in providing cyclic and acyclic real time. Conformance class C is used in supporting motion control and clock synchronization protocols.

PROFINET communication protocol is used to exchange data between devices and controllers. The communication protocol is used to transfer data between devices and controllers. The field devices are integrated in the PROFINET field devices in sub ordinate PROFIBUS line with the help of bus systems. Concept of cyclical data communications are used in exchange of data and programmable controllers [2] (“Such vast use of PROFINET can expose the controllers and

I/O devices to operate in critical failures when traffic goes unexpectedly higher than normal”)

PROFINET is mainly faster than that of Ethernet/IP and is used in standard hardware [17] (“Over the past two years, this work­ing group has fundamentally examined the topic of functional equipotential bonding and shielding for PROFIBUS and PROFINET). EtherNet/IP is more interoperable and the concept is based on object oriented programming. PROFINET networks are largely characterized by cabling and to use it with single pair RS cabling. The cables use mainly the M12 connectors and there is a difference in terms of function in analyzing the problems in automaton aspects of cabling. Mechanisms difference in scheduling and automation testing is observed properly.CIP motion 1 cycling

Figure 5: CIP motion 1 cycling

(Source: Dietrich, 2021)

PROFINET offers media redundancy with the help of ring topology. PROFINET has two main redundancy classes like MRP and MRPD. S2 devices are usually redundant applications in leaving the devices disconnected from the controllers. PROFINET is uses in formulating technical standards for data base communication a mainly across industrial Ethernet. The employed physical layer is mainly in controlling the main automation and network transmissions [19] (“ EMC-compliant installation of automation networks – Functional equipotential bonding and shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET . The topic of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) remains an important aspect dur­ing the planning, installation and operation of automation systems”) The advantages of MRP (“Media Redundancy Protocol”) provides a recovery time of less than 10ms, problems in load balancing and fault tolerance.  These are some of the main advantages of implementation of MRP in managing redundancy protocols.


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