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Undertake a site appraisal of the Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay as described in the ‘Virtual FieldTrip’ presentation. Heavily supplement your research with relevant web sources, the library databases, journals and other sources you discover to discuss the factors below. 

Physical Appearance vs Management Designs in the Service Industry

Hotels just like any other service industry put a lot of consideration in their physical appearance to attract and retain their clients. However, it is the diverse management designs, practices, and layouts inside the beautiful structures that win the contest.   Many classical management designs developed and architectures of excellent standards used in virtual field trips in coming up with the Intercontinental double beach bay will be very beneficial to service industry graduates. The virtual field trip will make it easy for hoteliers to put into practice, what was learned in class. Nevertheless, the most essential and usually critical factors that the project investors put into consideration include the positioning, site, size and the enterprise correlation to surrounding site generators. In addition, the relationship to other external facilities, competitors, and the FF and E components (Parker, 2016)  employed in the design, access, and visibility of an establishment goes a long way in determining the customer base influx as well the viability of the firm.  

This research was assigned to me for purpose of examining the viability of the site concerning the Intercontinental Double Bay hotel. The office of learning and teaching under the Australian government had successfully carried out an initial attempt with the Griffins University which turned out to be successful. The study basis its discoverings based on the hundreds of fun lovers who end up in the real job half backed (Treves, Viterboand Hakley, 2015). Investigations give shocking revelations of freshly graduated hoteliers who cannot classically perform on their duties because of lack of real world scenarios while on their studies.

Business strategists often carry out appraisals designed for enterprises, entailing analysis of the aforementioned SWOT specifications. These investigations usually aim at getting a picture of the comfort ability of guests or clients, the international standards of restaurants and hotels. Satisfaction of all customers as well as the attaches visiting the business including the young, old, physically challenged and even with diverse cultures was put into consideration. This report delves into studying the Intercontinental Hotel double bay managerial structure as well physical set up and the culture of the project and determines its viability (Brown and Green, 2016).

The leading factors of site, visibility, site, and positioning can be controlled. These are helpful factors for any business to exploit in order to achieve the most apart from just meeting their set goals.

The Size

A hotel’s size, resources, and competencies can be strong grounds for gaining the   competitive edge.  The intercontinental Double bay enjoys the expansive size competencies for the aim innovative Australian hotel industry service. Its size plays an important lead in its capability advantages because it can cover all tourism and , departments from, housekeeping, front office, storekeeping, reception and other outdoor activities like car washing and tent events cultural connections will also be realized as seen in the Griffin University, where multi-racial hoteliers study. Coming to the intercontinental hotel that with its spacious size will enable easy accommodation for various multiracial as we as multinationals wishing to gain experience in the industry.

Virtual Field Trips in the Hotel Industry

The Intercontinental Double bay’s physical size earns it extraordinary reputation especially the luxurious and   private rooms . This means the establishment will get an exceptional number of customers from Australia as well as the globe at large. This will, in turn, raise its cash inflow, the profit margin and hence expansion to opening other regions for the same intention of equipping the hospital; its hoteliers with the required knowledge to apply in their future jobs.

The site of intercontinental hotel beach in the highly volatile Australian region means the student’s affairs department at griffin college knew of other aspects that add value to the learner's education life. The presence of special expertise and/or experience in the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bayin various departments especially the executives will greatly be of great help to the hoteliers. The site is strategically located where most of the world’s top coleague bonding teams in the hospital industry reside or teach. Such superior geographic advantage will go a long way in ensuring win-win for both the hoteliers, the target market of Australia as well as global tourists and ensure that the investors get a return on their huge investment Adedokun (2015).

Discovering ways to maximize or exploit other external changes is imperative for any firm. This will add stability and profitability on top of entrant significant trends. Intercontinental hotel’s connection to its surrounding demand generators who include the vast number of fun lovers as well as the country’s tourism reputation. Demand generators would be due to a market vacated by a contestant, the presence of new , practices and culture brought by technology and shift in population need.

Intercontinental connection to the surrounding demand generators also checks on the rival’s vulnerabilities the lack of dominant competition, entrant horizontal, vertical and niche target groups in addition to improved sales or profit based on a new market segment.

While this can not be seen to be a major consideration, setting up a facility like this ought to have had critical thoughts. Questions concerning the competitors provoke answers regarding the areas that need improvement or need to have been avoided, the alternative to the latter. Sometimes an establishment’s drawbacks are primarily the absence of certain strengths. The competitors can become a danger to a business or such businesses as Intercontinental Double bay if there is no marketing plan, damaged reputation and service areas or competencies having gaps.  

A competitor can exploit the Intercontinental hotel’s lag in technology, attaches problems management considering the project will be centered on attaches and other self-known vulnerabilities that can even point to the undifferentiated service lines.

Site, Size, and Enterprise Correlation for a Successful Hotel

The entire Intercontinental hotel doubles bay facilities that are an outsourced stand in the way of the hotel’s success. Many individuals do overlook the impacts these external factors although no practice is immune to threats, which are mostly costly. Dilemma in this scenario remains about the approach in minimizing the threat the way to opportunities the external facilities. A number of approaches can be applied in such mitigating the issues that could possibly have emanated from a rival having an innovative product or service, an entrant rival in your home market or simply economic shifts.

The funding from the , enthusiasts or regulators ending, or if the student-centered project takes a new dimension to all unseen uncertainties, facilities at Intercontinental hotel are set to be affected. Seasonality, loss of key attaches as well as new or increased competition, add to the list of external facilities that Intercontinental hotel faces.


The classic, furnished and modern day facilities

Strategic location with high influx of guests as well as , enthusiasts

Favorable size of the establishment

Favorable positioning in the Sydney outskirts


Facilities, not being able to cater for all

The surrounding demand generators

Poor online  security measures


The ever rising in demand for recreation facilities in Australia by the millennials

Government support for tourism


Presence of existing competitors

Political, civil unrests

For SWOT analysis that is successful, various simple rules need to be at the center of intercontinental hotel consideration. Being Realistic where strengths and weaknesses are critically scrutinized as well as having in-depth opportunity and threat study. Being precise where you avoid too many and indecisive ideas and Objectivity inclination in that you inquire only what is needed.

Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay is the Five Star Hotel of Australia. The hotel was set up and started commercial operations in 2015, in Australia, the capital of The Office of Learning and Teaching. The hotel started with an initial paid-up capital of $500 million, with the twin objectives of creating a hotel that would put up with the Office of Learning and Teaching flag and expand true Australian , to their guests. Their name reflects this spirit: 'The hotel' is Australian and for this reasons a representation of the bonding along with the , that constitute the Office of Learning and Teaching. So far, the hotel grew at an extraordinary rapidity, accumulation more or less one new route a month. In June May 2016, The hotel achieved another milestone: 3 destinations. By 2016, the hotel plan to touch 70 international destinations.

The , assessment structure in the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bayhas a vertical chain of dialogue and reviews must be strengthened, for that, the , assessment structure will play an essential lead in the case of an Intercontinental double bay hotel. The prime responsibility for action to preparation failures in , will lie with Coleague bonding teams and , supervisors at all levels in the Intercontinental double bay hotel. Additionally, the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bayis taking into consideration establishing liability transparent mechanisms and will define the policy framework for exercising responsibilities of both the management and attaches (Partia, Kensbock and Cox, 2017).

SWOT Analysis and Business Appraisals for Hotel Enterprises

The Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bayhas created and implemented a structure that provides tools for fun lovers, Coleague bonding teams, service industry enthusiasts professionals, and senior leaders to plan, monitor, and evaluate career advancement opportunities for all fun lovers at and above the director level ( Kaewkitipong, Chen and Ractam , 2016). In place for many years, such structure includes metrics and quarterly reviews of fun lovers ratings, promotions, attrition/hires, evolution opportunities, officer appointments, and assignments to help achieve a diverse , graduate. Attaches at Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay motivate Colleague bonding teams to develop career paths for their fun lovers, including those who may have been who may have been overlooked or underestimated (Bursztyn, 2017).

On attaches advancement, , management, and career support, at Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay states that the , Assessment Structure denoted updated, and a process has been initiated to identify center organizational competencies. In addition, a more systematic approach to mission assignments is being implemented.

The intercontinental Double beach enjoys classic, world class and modern furniture. With well furnished arranged and professionally design placement of the hotel equipment, there the hotel will be in a level of its own. An FF & E consideration concerning internal and stylish design has been emphasized in the hotel and is a huge boost to modern day physical designs.

The intercontinental hotel enjoys all the criterion that has a competitive edge Its goal is to provide an accurate picture of past and or even future fun lovers .in meeting this the exceptional furniutrre, system of security and physical ornaments wins the topic. Theese is the ultimate field trip event destination. (Partia, Kensbock and Cox, 2017).

Fundamental procedure in this scenario , assessment procedure entails consideration of the topic at hand.  Colleague bonding teams wont need to look for any other place for venues. The virtual field trip offered by the intercontinental hotel will be so beneficial to their primary bonding as well fun aspect .

 The , assessment structure in an Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay of research has a vertical chain of conversation along with reviews might be strengthened, keen for the same the , assessment process will play a vital lead in the case of an Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay of research (Kim and Jeong 2018). The prime responsibility for action to preparation failures in practice will depend with Colleagues bonding teams as well as , supervisors at each level in the company of study. Additionally,  the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay of research is taking into consideration establishing clear accountability mechanisms and will fix the policy framework for exercising responsibilities of both management and attaches. Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay has given opportunities to all those who love fun, ample, world class as well as memorable venue for their holiday events. Catering under qualified and experienced executive team as well as professional and friendly employees add to the lot of enjoyment set for any visitors wishing to visit the facility .(Levine, 2017).

Factors Contributing to the Competitive Edge of Intercontinental Double Bay Hotel

Attaches at the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay of research motivate Colleague bonding teams to pursue employment manners for their hoteliers, in addition to those who might have been who can have been overlooked or even underestimated. On learner’s advancement, , management, and employment assistance, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay of research states that the , Assessment Structure has been evaluated, this encompasses the virtual field trip capability Patiar et al (2015) which all are in favor of the veteran hotel.

 Site where the intercontinental hotel sits can be let off hook being having shown the capacity to maintain and meet the project’s target. Having clear and achievable deliverables should attract even more investment having succeeded in the previous attempt at the griffins University in Australia.


Today’s service industry under that the Intercontinental is roofed demands qualified, experienced and widely proficient graduates as opposed the traditional industry requirements where just qualification was enough. Management is not bound to the primary the policies, systems under its control and practices. Being able to combine all the necessary and modern culture, service, tourism and hospital skills defines the modern day definition of a successful , graduate. the practices and procedures put in place by an establishment also

 A conclusion that the Service industry enthusiasts will definitely flock the reputable establishment due to the classy, well furnished an modern day facilities at the restaurant. The location as well as the favorable customer incentives is what drive customers to the hotel.


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