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Understanding the Functions of One Department


You are Required to Communicate BI-Weekly with your Supervisor about your Workplace Activities and reflect on these Activities from the Perspective of your Studies.

My Internship started from 2nd of January 2017. In the first week, I had to dedicate each week for understanding the functions of one department. I would like to convey that my internship program started that helped me gain lot of information regarding International Relations. While working at the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Cairo as an Intern, I gathered lot of information on International relations. I was happy to work at Embassy as it encouraged me to understand the bilateral relationship between the two countries. I had immense opportunity because I was working under Embassy that consists of highly educated people who always guided me throughout my internship program. While working as an intern at Sudanese Embassy, I was given diverse challenges that helped me gain understanding on the attributes of international relations. After attending the Internship, I can now proudly say that I have the ability to network with other people who belong to diverse culture. I gained exposure while working as an intern under diverse work environment as well as diplomatic aspect of the Embassy. The mission was established in the year 2012 that follows the South Sudan independence from Sudan in the year 2011. International Relations reflect the world’s complexity of actions where International Relations Scholars uses many theories, concepts for explaining the attributes. There are three basic principles that are known as dominance, reciprocity as well as identity-offer that is considered as core problem of getting the individuals for cooperating for common good without a central authority (Kubálková and Cruickshank 2015).

In the second week, I was able to understand the roles and responsibilities of an intern who are working at Embassy. I was able to understand the internship agreement that include task that I needed to perform such as General Office duties, Executive Assistant to the Ambassador, Event Coordination as well as Translation Consular Services and Liaison with other African Embassies. I gathered facts regarding the duties that need to be performed for gaining the position under general office duties. For getting into the position, a person needs to sort files and save forms correspondence to documents. They need to collect reports as well as summarize the work by completing the records and documents (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015). On the contrary, Executive Assistant needs to manage the office as well as maintain the relevant materials that are required in the office. They need to screen phone calls as well as visitors. They have to alert the ambassadors that require much attention as well as managing with the appointments. They require assisting the ambassador when required (Williams 2013). Some cultural issues happen while determining and enhancing the bilateral relations that are based on confidence as well as respect to their mutual interests (Buzan and Little 2014). Some issues or challenges takes place while developing the bilateral framework for fostering cooperation between two countries. It involves cooperate in the fields of science as well as education by encouraging the international relations between the appropriate institutions and promoting the exchange of specialist as well as students that aim at preserving the cultural heritage of launching any types of common cultural projects (Kubálková and Cruickshank 2015). The Embassy should focus on the host organization by taking concrete measures that will help in developing trade, tourism as well as economic cooperation between the two countries. These countries will be engaging in a dialogue as well as reinforcing their corporation especially on environmental issues as far as possible. It requires operating the sub-submissions on environmental issues in the most appropriate way. International Relations Theory considers the attributes by determining the role of domestic policies in solving the international affairs and maintains bilateral relations between both the countries (Light and Groom 2016). It requires conducting empirical analysis by taking the concept of ethics as it fosters the cooperation between the countries. It gives rise to increased disintegration whereby imperatives are used for defending violence as well as promoting the global justice and empowering the international and regional institutions (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015).

Roles and Responsibilities of an Intern at Embassy

In the third week, I was given responsibility in understanding the job roles and responsibilities and work accordingly. These insights of information gathered from the internship program help me in my studies as my subject is based on International Relations. I was able to communicate with the individuals who were working at Embassy and understand their views and opinions regarding International Relations. I found it quite interesting when I experienced translation services at the Embassy as I already had knowledge o the languages such as English, Arabic, French and Collo, that is a South Sudanese dialogue spoken in some parts of South Sudan. The part of the services that was present in the Embassy was responsible for translating the correspondence as well as documents from Arabic to English and vice versa. There was an even consular service that was responsible for providing protection of the simple rights of South Sudanese nationals those are living or visiting Egypt (Weber 2013). The Embassy plays major role for contacting between the University of Cairo as well as nationals of South Sudan Studies in Egypt. This study deals with understanding the aspects and concepts of International relations. In this particular project report, emphasis has been given on analyzing the academic significance of the internship that the student had undertaken from the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Cairo, the host organization (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015). The current segment elucidates ways by drawing links between the key aspects as well as issues faced by the intern during the internship program. It is thereby essential for briefly concentrate on the main themes, concepts as well as problems of international relations aligning with the internship experience as a whole. The study had illustrated the aspects by linking both theoretical and empirical contexts of international relations that is relevant to the internship experience. The current study signifies that it fosters the bilateral relationships between the two countries (Light and Groom 2016).

In the fourth week, I was given opportunity for working under Event Coordinator. Under the supervision of the event coordinator, it is the responsibly of the event management team for organizing all the embassy events. The duties and responsibilities of a event management team was to conduct all sorts of activities, designing events as well as financial planning such as setting the budgets and organizing the relevant parries (Beitz 2014). At the end, liaison with other African embassies as well as other established diplomatic relations is another aspect where Embassy works and gives chance for learning the various aspects of functionality. This reveals the fact that Embassy plays major role for contact between the University of Cairo as well as Nationals of South Sudan Studies in Egypt (Buzan and Little 2014). The main purpose of conducting the study is representing the affairs of the country and not remaining constant with Tunisia and Algeria (George 2014). This reveals the fact that working as an intern had given immense pleasure, as it will help in undertaking challenges and concept of international relations in the most appropriate way. It is thereby essential for elucidating meaningful networking opportunity as well as knowledge that will gain exposure in a working environment in addition, diplomatic aspects of the Embassy (Cox 2014). The consular services at Embassy include protection of the simple rights of the South Sudanese Nationals that either lives or visit Egypt. The services majorly include renewal of South Sudanese passports, registering births as well as death of South Sudanese citizen who live in Egypt. It majorly provides advice as well as support to the South Sudanese nationals who are subject to law for anyone who are arrested or become victim of crime. It renders TravelAdvice for the person who needs assistance to South Sudanese nationals who are studying at higher educational institutions in Egypt (Deutsch 2014).

Translation Consular Services and Liaison

In the fifth week, I had collected all the information and represent it that aligns with topic such as International Relations. Working under Embassy as an intern was a challenging task whereby the main discussion relies upon International Relations. Theme recognized in the study understood the bilateral relations between the two countries. It was important for the leaders of both the countries for reviewing the progress of bilateral relations (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015). They require sharing the viewpoint as it is considered as significant milestone in the developing bilateral relations. This would ultimately help in understanding the need for enriching the bilateral relations with the agreement on building closer developmental partnerships between the chosen countries. It has been noted that bilateral relations are posed for playing a significant role in the 21st century. It has to be decided by the leaders of both the countries for pursuing their respective national developmental goals as well as security interest that would unfold mutual acceptance (Light and Groom 2016). This will ultimately give rise to mutual respect for each country interest as well as aspirations. It is recommended for using the constructive model of relationship between the counties that will play an emerging role in the global new basis for strengthening the international system as a whole (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015). The concept that was explained during the internship was the International relations. It requires recognizing the expanding bilateral relationships between the countries (Light and Groom 2016). It is imperative to understand that forging strategic trust occur when leader agrees for enhancing the relationship through frequent exchanges at leadership level as well as utilizing the existing dialogue mechanism. It is essential for the leaders for visiting regularly as it will help in identifying opportunities by the presence of leaders at different multilateral for a for holding the bilateral relations as well as issues that hold regional and global importance. It requires acknowledging the contribution of high-level exchanges that has been organized by the Ministry (Buzan and Little 2014). This help in fostering cooperation as well as understanding of the two sides for expanding the level of mechanism. Various concepts of International relations help in gaining understanding on the bilateral relations between both the countries. This has given rise to coherent argument whereby evidence is supported by proper themes-based attributes. This study considers the bilateral agreements that describe the host organization as well their purpose as whole. It further take into consideration the description of internship that mentions the key roles as well as tasks that will help in final outline of the project (Viotti, Kauppi and Brooks 2015).


Main Activities

1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th week

6th week

Understanding the host organization and its purpose

Internship Program at Embassy

Clear outline of the activities that are involved in Internship Program

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an Intern

Assessing the learning experience that answers the questions to team work, human rights, security studies and international law

Analyzing the information and knowledge gathered from the internship program at Embassy and producing it in form of Pre-departure project outline

Final Outcome and limitations recognized- In the final week, I was supposed to submit the activities that were performed by me at the time of Internship Program at Embassy. At the end of the study, it is concluded that internship period was exciting and there was lot of opportunities that was gained on the concept of International Relations. The main purpose of the study was to elucidate the bilateral relationship between the two countries. This involves taking into consideration the consular services whereby people of Egypt and Southern Sudanese citizen in Cairo. While attending the internship program, there was, lot of challenges that was faced by an Intern is lack of time. Due to time constraint, it was difficult for conducting in-depth analysis on International relations. In this week, I needed to communicate with my supervisor and take into consideration the feedback by them that will help me in final completion of the work.


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