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Details of CSL Global Biotherapeutics

Describe about the Report for Management Comparison of Careful Market Analysis.

The route towards establishment and progress of any business is mediated with the effectiveness in management. This includes a careful market analysis, creating employment, achieving market competitive, and managing the price negotiation to increase profitability (Dumas, 2013). In the present contemporary business, there also exists fundamental corporate responsibility such as sustainable measures for environmental protection, protecting the community members and offering them perspective development opportunity, and remaining ethical in conjunction with competitiveness and business promotion (Loorbach, D. and Wijsman, K., 2013, pp.20). Of note, the most important aspect of the business is accurate planning to implement the visionary objectives into real practice and achieve the organisational goal. Likewise, other essential requirements include effective communication, risk identification and assessment, resource management, and understanding the market dynamics as well as customer orientation are also critical for the organisational success (Loorbach, D. and Wijsman, K., 2013, pp.20).

In the present report, the focus is made with reference to comparison to two companies (i) CSL global biotherapeutics company (; and (ii) Macquarie financial service company ( The key emphasis is to understand and analyse the vision, strategic implementation, and fundamental strength of the companies that in turn are responsible for their success. In addition to the described points of business analysis, the declaration made by the mentioned organisations with respect to their core purpose and business procedure will also be compared and contrasted.

The prime objective of this company is to supplement novel and innovative biotherapeutics that can provide symptomatic relief and recovery from life-threatening health complications. The company retains its major facility in a multinational location including UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, and the US (Park, 2014). CSL is operative with a total number of employees approximately 16,000 working in these areas. The key expertise of the company is reflective with medicine and vaccine pharmaceutical, which include blood products, immunohematology, influenza vaccine, and antivenom agents (Kirschbaum and Lee, 2013, pp.403).

With the above points, it is reflective that must of the company’s focus is on the research and development sector with the objective to comply with the national and international regulatory compliances. Likewise, to the internal of the organisation, maintaining values and offering an accurate platform to the employees is the key to their success. Outside of the environment, their service commitment for improved medication and therapeutic measure helps them in achieving the marketing competitiveness (Bushell-Embling, 2013). In addition to this, operating responsibility within the marketplace and ensuring safe and high-quality therapies are the critical factor that helps them in managing their brand name and market attractiveness.

Details of Macquarie Bank Limited

Macquarie Bank Limited is a global company that offers banking, advisory, asset management, trading, and retail financial services. The company was founded in 1970 with headquarter located in Sydney with more than 15,700 employees across the globe in 28 countries.

The company achieves market competitiveness with cheap interest rate services like banking, credit cards, investment solution, vehicle, and home loans. It is the informed, professional, friendly, and reliable service by the company that marks its difference in terms of offering an innovative financial solution to their customers (Kohn, 2012, pp.114).

The mentioned multinational company has its footprint in the market with financial services as well as the consultancy support to the organisation (Cummings and Durrani, 2016, pp.23). Additionally, the strength of Macquarie is also reflective with excellent customer service management that takes into consideration of individual’s financial expectation, service demand, and consultancy support (Avkiran, 2015).

Valuing the core strategy and work procedure within the organisation is important to make a distinction between competitive and rivalry companies. In addition to this, “valuing” is also indicative of implementing procedures, objectives, and strategies such that every activity can be surmounted with the aim to achieve organisational objectives (Mir and Pinnington, 2014, pp.202).

CSL biopharmaceuticals – Teamwork is reflective with long term and immediate pandemic preparedness of this company. In addition to the production, quality, and innovation to the product line, the company also invest in strategic planning for marketing process. Communication practice is another important criteria for organisational success, which is reflective in terms of collaboration, distributors, and retail supplies (Evens and Kaitin, 2014). Additionally, managing the quality and regulatory compliance is also an indication of effective employee contribution to routine work procedure. Client involvement is not reflective in direct terms, but the indirect impact is evidenced by community health burden, pandemic condition, and price factor of products (Monahan, 2015, pp.33).

Macquarie Bank Pvt. Ltd. – The first criteria of teamwork is reflective with service management and customer services. The service delivery attitude is also reflective of the communication practices, in the form of direct client communication, blog, and financial reporting (Guo & Cummings, 2016). Other than on-time delivery and immediate finance transfer service are also the key criteria of their business solution. Notably, the use of technological tools such as internet banking, wire transfer, credit and debit ventures, and on-line service are vital services offered by the company (Kohn, 2012, pp.114). Client involvement is thus reflective to be the most valuable tool in this consideration. The customer service management as discussed in the above section is one of the strong points that manages brand popularity and customer attractiveness for Macquarie across the globe (Avkiran, 2015).

Values within the organisation

CSL biopharmaceuticals - Timely delivery and supplementing the market requirement of therapeutic agents is also a strong point of this company. Caring for employees is also reflective with continuous engagement into the innovative product development and research engagement. This activity measures reflective effective corporate social responsibility objective of community development. The sustainable development in conjunction with economic growth is managed with product development and innovation into the products. The sustained corporate social responsibility of CSL is reflective in their mission to supplement the medical therapeutic requirement of the community (Evens and Kaitin, 2014). This includes supplying the therapeutic demand of the market, investing in research, and complying with regulatory affairs. Environmental action is also linked with effort in maintaining the regulatory compliances and their preparedness for pandemic conditions (Monahan, 2015, pp.33).

Macquarie Bank Pvt. Ltd. – The financial impact is measured with customer requirement in terms of financial solution, corporate finance management, counselling service, and seeking cost-effective banking solution are the key criteria (Guo & Cummings, 2016). This is also indicative of sustained economic development for individual as well as corporate across the globe. The continuous environmental action is accounted with activities like charitable function, donation for a reduction in global warming cause, and promoting loans to government agencies for sustainable causes (Avkiran, 2015).

The organisational success is also measured with reference to their market existence and competitiveness. CSL is recognised for its breakthrough product offers support in haematology complication and influenza immunisation. The company is also involved in the partnership and research collaboration with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Company, such that innovation and novelty in drug development and delivery efficiency can be managed (Park, 2014). Providing accurate and updated financial reports to the investor and accessibility to the quote table and price chart to the distributor, retailers, and customers is another key strategic implementation to account stakeholder engagement (Bushell-Embling, D., 2013).

Macquarie, on the other hand, offers low-price and high-quality financial services to its customer. They focus more on transparency and providing counselling support that marks a significant presence for financial solutions in the market. According to CEO, Nicholas Moore, supplementing the information for financial assistance to customers is the key to success in the said industry (De Jong, Loudon and Choo, 2016). Additionally, the company is also sociable with technological implication into the routine business procedure. Use of internet, mobile apps for Android and Windows platform, an online forum for discussion, displaying information on blogs, and offering telephonic consultancy are some of the superior technological strategies in the present contemporary business management and customer service (Tuckett, 2015). Other than this, the company also believes that managing a healthy workplace environment is also essential for excellent service management. This is reflective with hiring competent and skilful employees, implementing optimal leadership and communication strategies, and rendering motivational strategies to promote employee and acknowledging performance.

Corporate social responsibility/sustainability

CSL biopharmaceuticals – The vision is specific in terms of supplying blood and immunological product to the market. The key strength of the organisation is based on research for blood and haematological product that were formulated by in-house and collaborative organisations. The measurable objective is reflective with a business operation that relies on Behring, Plasma and Serious division. Mainly, the plasma unit occupies more than US$24 billion revenue by virtue of marketed products. The research activity and the market analysis is thus based on supplementing the corresponding demand as well as in pandemic preparedness condition, which has been achieved with the market points (no. 2) for influenza vaccine provider and a leading company for plasma-derived products. This outcome and the corresponding market popularity in Australia, New-Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore is also representing the realistic approach adopted by the organisation. Of note, the timeliness is maintained with the in-time delivery of product to distributors and retailers. 

Macquarie Bank Pvt. Ltd. – The specific objective is linked with offering financial services within Australia, Asian, UK and US communities. The measurable standard is reflective with the total assets of US$92.94 billion assets. In particular, this organisation is much focused on technological implementation into routine work procedure and frame robust strategies for communication with the customers. These planning and enforcement measures are worthier as they help in achieving customer attractiveness and managing competitive success in the market. The realistic approach of organisation’s work procedure is reflective in terms of blogs, financial report, and service management offered to the customers. Lastly, the timeliness is thoughtful with reference to accuracy in delivering service measure and maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers (De Jong, Loudon and Choo, 2016).

Critical engagement of CSL biopharmaceuticals can be clearly demonstrated with their activity such as (Bushell-Embling, 2013):

Preparedness for pandemic disease and infection with their in-house research and development units.

Collaboration for product development and marketing promotion, with other companies like Novartis and Lupin Pharmaceuticals (Park, 2014).

Complying with national and international standards, mainly the standard pharmacopoeia and US-FDA regulations.

Implementing the standards for values, ethics and code of responsible business practices in the routine work procedure (Bushell-Embling, D., 2013).

Minimising the impact on the environment and supporting the patient, biomedical and local communities, as a part of the corporate social responsibility.

Key activities of Macquarie Bank Pvt. Ltd. that marks this company’s potential in the financial sector include (Avkiran, 2015):

How CSL and Macquarie manages stakeholder engagement

Offering advice and consultancy service to customers facing financial hardship.

Following the regulations by local, national, and international financial bodies.

Accountants and financial analyst of the companies offer an innovative financial solution, wide to the individual, retail clients, corporates and counterparts across the globe.

Offers rewards and profit share to shareholders to maintain financial flow continuity.

Having partnership, collaboration, and acquisition with companies like Condor Ferries, Fox-Pitt Kelton Cochran, Tristone Capital Global Inc., and Delaware investments (Cummings and Durrani, 2016, pp.23).

In addition to the principal investing group, company’s network also include corporate affair group, risk management group, market operations and technology consultancies.


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