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Discuss about the Managing Enterprise Service for ABC Service Agency.

These service level agreement document contains the procedures of the services between two companies, ABC service agency and the HR solution provider company, Populas Performance. This agreement will be valid until both the companies agree on a revised agreement. It defines the terms and the conditions which are acceptable to both the firms and the action to be taken in case of any discrepancies (R, 2014).

Period of agreement:

This agreement instigates from first January, 2016 and, subject to this agreement will remain in place from year on year. Either party can issue notice of expiry, at least before 15 business days of anniversary of the agreement that this agreement will not be renewed and it will expire from the coming anniversary date (Chang, Kourtessis, & Senior, 2006).

This agreement will ensure that all the processes are followed properly to provide consistent delivery of services. It will have clear overview of rules to be followed by both the companies. It will have clear distinction of responsibilities and accountabilities of the two parties. It will clearly depict the expectations of both the companies and their deliverables. It will clearly communicates the requirements and the priorities of the two parties involved (Karasawa, Chan, & Smith, 2010). Corrective actions and agreed standards will be pre-defined to avoid any conflicts.

Services of the ABC service agency: ABC service agency works for the disabled children and adult population of the Australia to make their living simpler. It provides model supports directly or indirectly to them through partnership or through referrals to others. This includes opportunities for day support, leisure and recreation activities, family support and residential help. ABC service agency wants to reach all customers efficiently. (Li, 2010)

Requirements: All the people are treated valuable with focus on their safety and the health. These people are encouraged to participate in communities effectively. Staff should be motivated and well trained to create a difference in lives of disabled persons (“Legal advice for business,” 2009). All the services should be focused on their comfortabilities. Family role is important in development of persons with disabilities.

High level quality standards are expected from the Populas Performance. Improvement cycle is employed for quality standards check and its results. It will regularly identify and examine the problems. Any new developments will be checked against standards. Results will be evaluated before any new changes in the process. There will be written standards to be followed. Regular meetings will decide guidelines and will evaluate any feedback.  Audit process will be there for evaluation of the services. This will involve staff turnover, training hours, issues occurred, achievements and the client satisfaction level. (Liu, Squillante, & Wolf, 2011)

Service Specification

ABC service agency will provide all the information related to the services it is offering. It will also clearly communicate its expectations from the Populas Performance. Populas performance can ask for the information related to the persons and the organization which will be needed for the service performance improvements or service deliveries. ABC will have to provide such information without any hassle. Populas performance will also have to share the status of the processes, their details and their effectiveness in the services.

Service availability: Populas performance will be available five days a week (Monday-Friday) with 8hours working hours from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Trained employees of the companies dedicates specifically for ABC service agency will work. A software, “HR staff manager” will be used to manage and coordinate among employees. It will reduce the risks and will help to focus on the targets (Mehdi, 2011).

Service Request: There should be a separate software to manage company data. This data should be easily accessible to company senior staff. Reports on progress should be provide by the service provider to the ABC agency. Service provider’s main focus should be on precise HR options.

Service Reporting: Client requested for a written report on the services provided in each monthly meetings. It will restate HR options. Report will summarize all the services and techniques implemented in a month. Any issues or conflicts will be mentioned in the report and will be discussed in meetings (Parameshwari & Gomathy, 2015). Any new suggestions or improvements required will be proposed in it.

All the information in a company is confidential. It can’t be shared with outsiders. If a company shares information while having a service level agreement, the other party should take it sensibly and should not share with any other. All the employees’ personal information like name, address, DOB and other personal information should not be shared with other competitors. Work information such as contract details, job details, employee and employer details, wages and other employment details should not be disclosed to outsiders. (Meschke, 2008)

Any performance or management related strategies should be kept confidential by both parties. Information shared during the process of identifying, creating and maintaining services strategies are confidential. Both service provider and the client agree to Privacy Act (2014) clauses. They both agree to confidentiality terms.  All the data will be password protected where password will be shared among authorized staff members only. There will be signed contracts shared between the two which will be kept updated with date and descriptions.

Performance Standards

Fees of the each service provided will be fixed at the beginning of the agreement. This will contain all the cost incurred to the service provider including extra costs such as delivery cost, communication and analysis costs. All the payments will be done in the Australian dollars. Late payment charges will be counted from the delivery date of the services. These charges will be balanced with the payments due to the service provider. All the service tax will be borne by the ABC service agency. All the service charges with cost and extra charges will be shared by the Populas performance (Ta & Mao, 2008). These charges will be subject to periodic updates based on the market prices. All the payments will be done on the first of each month after the delivery of the services.


There can be variations in services and the fees. This agreement shall be varied by way of deeds of differences agreed by both the parties.

Exclusions and Limitations:

There are some services which will not be addressed by the Populas performance companies like contacting customers personally. Populas Performance Company will not help to onboarding of the customers with ABC service agency. This will only entertain existing customers. All the customer information will be shared by the ABC agency.

Populas Performance will not claim for the services provided for ABC service agency. All the services will be provided under the name of ABC service agency only. ABC service agency will only be responsible for all the credit and the responsibilities of it. Populas Performance will have to follow ethics and values of ABC agency. (Sharaf & Djemame, 2014)


All the services will be standardized and will follow general code of conduct of ABC service agency. None of the services supplied will breach of third party legal judgement or intellectual property. Populas Performance will notify the ABC agency in case of any potential gaps.

Dispute resolution:

All the dispute resolution will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the regional judiciary. It will follow regional laws and the regulations.

Apart from the expiry of the agreement, unsatisfactory performance of the service provider can lead to agreement termination. Poor record, unethical behavior of the employees and the co-workers, non-following of the company procedures, breach in the contract or serious misconduct are some reasons which will cause termination. ABC service agency can manage unethical behavior by implementing company norms. It is free to take any disciplinary actions against service provider. Both the firm will follow code of conduct seriously. (Lehr & McKnight, 2002)

Contact the customers in the first week of service agreement. First review is scheduled after six months, till then, half of the customers should have availed the services. Yearly deliverables will be listed.

Signing of Parties:

Signed on behalf of Client: Name and the signature of the Client

In presence of: Name and sign of witness

Execution of service provider: Name and sign of service provider

At: Australia

On: 30/08/2016


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