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Sport Organisation Analysis Report for Australian Basketball.

This assessment introduces you to some core resources and concepts required to perform an analysis of a sport. These resources and concepts will then aid you by carrying forward into your second assessment.

Researching the historical and cultural components of your sport will illustrate how such legacies can often shape the modern sport environment.

Students will undertake an analysis of an assigned sport (see Notes) and its governing national body. This will be  address the following:

1. History and cultural importance). Describe the history of the sport, including important legacies that are relevant to the organisation/management of the sport today. How important culturally is this sport to Australia and its people (and what is the evidence of this)?

2. Annual report retrieval and analysis. Obtain the most recently available annual report for your sport’s governing body. Comment on two pieces of information from within the report you found interesting or new. Notes: the section may be written in first person (“I thought”, “I learnt”), provide a link or attachment to the document as part of your submission.

3. Government analysis . Identify and describe the contribution (financial and non?financial) of all three levels of government towards the operation of your sport. Your analysis should only consider Victoria at state level and you should choose any one local council to focus on.

Structurally, your written report should include a very brief introduction to the overall report and a bodysection which uses headings to distinguish the three required sections. No conclusion is necessary.

Structure of Basketball in Australia

Basketball in Australia has emerged as sporting phenomenon over the past decade. This has seen the introduction of recruitment of American based players and coaches. Basketball is seen as the next big sporting event in the country. According to a report by basketball ranks as the 7th most popular sporting activity which is participated regularly by Australians. This shows that it is ranked higher than netball, cricket, Australian football and rugby. Furthermore, there are over one million men and women, boys and girls players across Australia, this is according to Basketball Australia (Mack, et al., 2018).in the last century there has been immense development of basketball in Australia. This can be attributed to the 2012 Olympics where the Australian national team had a disappointing performance.

The structure of the basketball in Australia is managed by the national governing body called Basketball Australia. This body is solely responsible for the national teams WNBL, center of excellence, NWBL, Aussie Hoops, Australian basketball, official junior game development program, and national junior championship. Basketball Australia head office is based in Melbourne Victoria at the state basketball center in Wantriana south (Jeanes, et al., 2019). Basketball Australia oversees several teams from the national team to the lower teams. Below is a table showing the teams which are overseen by the BA and the categories.



The Boomers

Senior men’s team,

The Opals

Senior women’s team

The emerging boomers

Un 23 men’s team

The emerging opals

Un 23 women’s team

The Emeus

Un 19 men

The Gems

Un 19 women

The Croks  

Un 17 men

the sapphires

Un 17 women

The rollers

Senior wheel chair men

The Gliders

Senor wheel chair women

The spinners

Un 23 wheel chair men

The devils

Un 25 wheel chair women

The boomerangs

Intellectual disability men

The pearls

Intellectual disability women

The goannal

Deaf men

The Geckos

Deaf women

  1. The basketball network. This system is responsible for provision of registration of affiliated associations and payment system. Moreover it also responsible for competition module, making the business of basketball more efficient and digital scores apps and a provision of a website. Onboard members have an opportunity to be get registered by the registration system while the competition and scoring modules is solely responsible for capturing the players activity and game starts. Website a platform through which associations can communicate with members who are able to view their fixtures and stats(Jacks, 2019).
  2. Australians junior championship- this association is meant to bring all states together in Australia for a competition from U14 toU20s. In 1995, Ivor Burge Championship was introduced and is one of the of the world’s premier competition for athletes who are intellectually disable. Champion secondary school in Australia is determined by the Australian schools championship(Huxley, 2018).
  3. Center of Excellence- this was introduced in 1981 to ensure the development of both athletes of ages (14-17) and coaches this has been regarded as the world’s premier junior development programs with internationally household names.
  4. The National Reference Development Program- this association is there to provide referees with additional training and monitoring in order to fasten their development. Australian referees have been recognized internationally thanks to the NRDP.(Cahil & Gray, 2010)  
  5. National Insurance Scheme- this association is responsible for provision of insurance to all affiliated associations and is one of the company which provides comprehensive scheme for sports and athletes in provides cover to the; professional indemnity, injury to the player, public liability, and directors and officers insurance.  

Appropriate governance model in basketball

Basketball Australia has incorporated the Australian Sports Commission priority governance principles. This is with the aim of supporting effective leadership, decision-making and governance within the sporting organization (Frank, n.d.). These are the set principles which govern the sports the country.

  • Board composition members. There should be a staggered rotation of system for board members, nomination and audit committee, an election of a chair by the board and there should be consideration of gender balance and a minimum member of board meetings.
  • Structure for sport- this include all single national entity involving all forms sport with a horizontal integration of disciplines, there should be adherence to a strategic direction which have been put in place by the national entity, and also there should be a national body which is established by the company as limited by guarantee.  
  • Sports transparency, reporting and integrity- annual reports which should be consistent with the corporations act and requirements, and improved financial reporting, a clear rolling of multi-year strategy, and a set-up of achievable targets and an improved reporting to the ASC.

These principles are all applied to the national sporting association (NSOs this body governs Australia sports. This board has adopted a federation membership structure with their only active members being the state and territory association. Sports Australia has been critical with these structures as one of the contributing factor towards success or failure of the sports in the county, they have decided to adopt other reforms which aims at getting rid of the federated systems. In absence of accountability, sports Australia governance principles NSO has given full responsibility for the reforms which were not consistent with the good governance principles.  

The NBA main sources of revenue are the, merchandising, sponsorship ticketing and television (Battista, 2019).

  • Merchandising- teams and clubs can source revenues for their custom-made kits and team branded kits. NBA shops in Australia and online shopping has boosted the sales of the kits for the teams. This is one method through which the clubs can improve their sources of revenue.  Global companies like Nike have long been known for their partnership with clubs to make kits for the teams. This will improve the sale of kits to and in the long run improve the revenue for the teams.  
  • Sponsorship- sponsorship has been seen as the main financier to many sporting clubs not only in Australia but along globally. Giant companies have used sports to market their good and services to a large population, and through there deals most teams will receive lump sum amount as a sponsorship deals. Government also is in the forefront in financing teams in order to boost morale for the players and in turn improved County’s representation in global events.
  • This is also one of the major source of revenues to clubs and teams. Match day ticketing has contributed to over 40% of the clubs revenue over the last decade. This has greatly improve the clubs revenue and as the time goes this will be the leading source of revenue to the clubs.
  • Television broadcast- television broadcast contribute to some of the revenue accumulated throughout the season in NBA. Major sports television broadcasters obtains the right to airing live matches. At the end of a season. Clubs are entitled to part of the revenue accumulated by these television broadcasters.
  • There is a set administrative structure for basketball which compares to the characteristics of sport. The set administrative structure involves top management of basketball from the seniors most officials to the club level of management.
  • Basketball pays the athletes to play. This can be in club level or at the national level where the athletes are paid after achieving some set targets. But international representation for events like Olympic is highly payable to the athletes.
  • Basketball has been design to generate a substantial income. Through various ways, basketball is able to generate incomes for running of the clubs, payment of all the stakeholders in the club level.
  • Basketball management is able to adopt both the internal and external management perspectives. For the internal, they are only concerns to what is happening internally like running and management of the clubs and athletes, while the external is responsible for the external environment which marketing of the club.
  • In any venture there always uncertainty of the outcome. In basketball it also faces the same challenge just like any other business venture which, but a well regulated mechanisms will surely ensure success and more even competition.
  • The main goal for any sporting activity besides making profits, is to ensure that fans get entertained. Basketball as part of a sporting event is now considered as an entertainment industry.

Form of government input in basketball

Sporting activity in not only considered an entertainment event but it’s been seen as a source of revenue and tourist attraction. With this in mind, most governments have decided to channel some of their national budgeting to the sports in the country (Morgan & Taylor, 2017). The territory Government and local government has been involves in sports actives in various ways;

  1. Formulation of policies that govern sport. Governments are solely responsible for the formulation of policies, regulations, rules and implementation of these set rules for all the sporting franchise. They also oversee the implementation of these policies and programs with the aim of community sports and recreational participation.
  2. Development of sports facilities and infrastructure development. To achieve success in sporting activities, the government has to ensure that proper and quality facilities are put in place to support the teams as training facilities and also hosting match games.
  3. Designing specialize programs. These programs which aim at ensuring that there is no doping by the athletes. Doping is punishable by the international agency for anti-doping and this can be detrimental to the reputation of a country. Therefore government must ensure that the athletes are never using any drug for stimulations. Government can come in between by the ensuring that athletes got tested every now and then to ensure that they are clean.  
  4. Nurturing talent. The government is responsible for development and nurturing talent from the young basketball players to professional basketball players. There has been immense input in this area and proper funding need to be put in place. In Australia these has been emphasized has be there been developmental level where young talent can be natured and model and later be basketball professionals.

Appropriate Governance Model for Basketball

Other service can be incorporated in basketball to ensure set objectives can be achieved. These services are; merchandising, hospitality and advertisement. Merchandise are some of other services that teams and clubs can use to generate revenue for their clubs. Government also can use this as a way of way of generating revenue that can be used to sponsor national teams, and development of sporting facilities. Hospitality is another area through which the club can generate revenues. Advertisement like the naming right of basketball fields are one of the other ways through which the clubs can source revenue and promote their objectives.

Sports development for basketball and relevant stakeholders.

Basketball in Australia has been streamlined such that there is a center called Basketball Australian center of excellence which is located in Australian institute of sport campus which is located in Canberra. The development pathway has been created as a results of ever growing demand to [provide support for athletes and their families who are interested in securing basketball scholarships in the United States college system. It majorly focuses on holistic development which are fit and cost effective for the individuals. The Basketball Australia Pathway is headed by ex NBL players and experienced coaches (Australia, 2017).  This pathway is has got some guiding principles which are;

  • Identification of the desired talent.
  • To develop and implement a best practice model which best describe the strong Australian system and culture
  • A well-defined  stage pathway and development goals
  • A game-related approach guided discover which aims at coaching and developing a player.
  • Monitoring and development to ensure continuous development and improvement.
  • Enabling, supporting and developing all performance pathway participant.

This pathway model also identifies three primary stages;

  1. Foundation pathway- involves developing fundamental movement, confidence and basketball skills in children. Confidence and competence and physical activity is key in development for the love of the game. This is the stage which is considered as the basketball pathway for Aussie Hoops.
  2. Participation pathway- this involves retaining the participant in custody throughout their development pathway till they are mature athletes. Those who are in secondary schools years and those that are following immediately has been reported to drop off in sport participation. But if a continued skill development and enjoyable basketball experience will realize a far much more retention rates.  
  3. Performance pathway- an inclusive and well-targeted talent give an opportunity for elite athletes with the potential of becoming successful access to high performance programs.  These programs are intended to provide holistic development pathway through coaching, competition, structures and support networks. The main goal of this is to ensure that participants attains international sporting success.

The following are the relevant stakeholders who are involved in the development pathway.

  • National and state sporting organization
  • Clubs
  • Coaches
  • Medicine and sports science personnel
  • Parents

Once the kind has been identified and shows a potential of becoming an elite player the child is enrolled at national junior participating program. At this level the kid will be given an opportunity to learn and play with their friend while at the sometime developing important skills for in a convenient, safe and a friendly environment. Once the player is introduced he or she goes through the ranks of development till one becomes an elite basketball player. Below is a diagram of the development pathway, source (victoria, 2020)

Various sporting activities do compare in different levels. For instance funding by the government is considered to be across the sporting events in the country. We are going to compare the government systems in basketball with relation to soccer and tennis. We also are going to majorly deal with funding across these three forms of sports (ONE, 2020). National Sporting Organization (NSO) has developed a new sports management framework- sport business which is aimed at supporting the delivery of Sports Australia strategic priorities. There are two funding categories for the sports national sporting organization in the new Framework; core funding and impact funding.  Core funding is responsible for funding National Sporting Organization, which aims to deliver participation outcomes while the impact funding supports business capability initiatives. Basketball has been funded more as compared to other sporting activities but not as funded like athletics where global events are organized. The governing body plans FIBA to promote basketball in order to achieve global recognition like football run by FIFA. But there is still a long way to achieve this. (FIBA, 2018)

Form of Government Input in Basketball

The table below shows various funding models by the government across the three sports for the financial year 2019-2010 and 2020-2021

Financial year 2019-2020


high performance – able 2 (USD)

high performance – para 3 (USD)

sport business (USD)

Other (USD)

total (USD)



















Financial year 2020-2021


high performance – able 2 (USD )

high performance – para 3 (USD)

Other (USD)

total (USD)


2,601, 266

530, 626


3, 131, 893











From the two financial report for the year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 above, it is clearly seen that basketball is funded more as compared to both soccer and tennis. The reasons could attributed to the large fan base in Australia and majority of young population prefers to play basketball rather than other sporting activities (BASKETBALL, 2019). These are the key areas which could have influenced the funding;

  1. There is lacking state of the art sporting facilities in Australia. This is evident by the building of the new indoor sport stadium which were built across suburban Melbourne this was after injection of $ 22 million budget boost. This will serve a major boost for the development the required facilities which will improve this loved sporting activity. There is also need to improve the facilities at the grass root level which will spur the growth of the basketball.
  2. The growing popularity of basketball. There an evident growing popularity of basketball across the world which has seen the world basketball governing body FIBA invest more on the game. There is evident of growing popularity of the basketball across the world. This in mind, the government has seen an opportunity to invest in this area as this one of the area that will realize profit in the near future. There is need to increase funding in this sporting activity which looks promising.
  3. The booming of grass root basketball booming. The basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey, acknowledged this during the reception of funding by the government. He noted that there was a rapid growth in the lower levels of basketball development, but there has been challenges of funding. The rooftop ceiling has proven to be a huge barrier for the development of basketball. Young people at the crass root have developed a habit of playing basketball for leisure and some of them have dreams of playing in the national and even in the international level(Berber & Turco, 2011). These talents need to be tapped and developed as household names in this field has been developed while they were still young.   
  4. It’s in the government plan for a healthy population. The government through ministry of health considers physical activity as one of the contributing factor towards a healthy population. Basketball being one of the most played sport in Australia funding it will ensure that more people are encourage to participate in playing basketball. Regular and consistent exercise is one of the main priorities towards a healthy living. Avoiding of the lifestyle diseases and a healthy living is attributed to regular exercise.  
  5. Basketball as a sporting activity lack behind when compared to football. Football is the most watched sport in the world, and in order to bridge this gap, more investment need to be put in basketball as an industry. Therefore the government and other stakeholders has great responsibility towards investing in this growing sporting event in the world.
  6. There is a great room for improvement. Basketball as a sporting activity has as short history as compared to other sporting events in the current world. Therefore technological advances can contribute to the development of basketball.

Football is one of the most developed sporting event in the world; this is not left in Australia though it’s still lacking behind when compared to other world most popular leagues. This sporting event also receives funding through the government- local council, state and federal grants. This is not much as compared to the funding of the basketball. Soccer receives funding through a set schemes where the funding is split into three categories, which ensures that finances are equally distributed among the clubs. Football teams are sometimes capable of financing themselves through various ways, therefore the government has limited funding to soccer. Also there are giant sponsors who have been able to inject some of their fund, therefore football has seen great improvement due to proper financing (Stewart, 2017).

Tennis is not as such popular compared to the sports which have been analyzed above, hence the funding is only limited to the development of facilities. Any facility development is planned by the federal government and implemented by the association of sports in Australia. There are small number of the Australian citizens who are interested in playing tennis (Killin, 2017). This has been reflected by the limited investment by the government. This sporting activity is majorly perused by private individuals and private companies involved in sports, therefore the government see it as not a major place to invest in.


Basketball Australia has done much in the development of elite athletes who can compete internationally. Through quality input in the field of sports can lead to greater achievement over the years. Emphasis need t be put in the development of young basketball players, since it is at this young age that household names are created therefore the government need to increase more funds being allocated to basketball.


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