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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internetrelated services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

In this scenario you are a new employee at Google LLC and the senior management, to test you, asked you to analyze the management style of the company. Furthermore you have to evaluate if the current type of leadership is good or if there is a possibility to improve it. After the evaluation you have to analyze the different leadership styles and evaluate the ethical dimension of leadership styles. The senior management asked you also to analyze and evaluate important aspects such as job rotation and whether or not it is good to empower people and to propose some motivation techniques. Finally you have to discuss about work – life balance and ways to improve it.

What is expected:

Understand leadership and Management theories and principles
Distinguish the concepts and nature of management and the function of leadership
Evaluate concepts and definitions of leadership and their influence on management
Evaluate the influence of effective and ineffective leadership and management on team behavior and business performance.

Understand leadership styles
Analyze the characteristics of different leadership styles
Evaluate the suitability of different leadership style for different purposes and situations
Evaluate the factors that affect the suitability of different management styles.
Evaluate the ethical dimensions of leadership styles.

Understand motivation and empowerment
Analyze the relationship between job satisfaction, commitment, motivation empowerment and business performance
Evaluate the implications of motivation and empowerment for an organization’s structure and culture
Analyze the implication for employee relations policy of a strategy that empowers workforce
Analyze the principles underpinning a reward strategy.

Understand the management of performance
Assess approaches to performance management and appraisal
Assess the factors involved in managing a work – life balance and their implications for individuals
Evaluate the use of tools and techniques to measure human resource interventions
Identify areas for improvement through reflection on their own practice.

Understanding Leadership and Management Theories and Principles

In this assignment management theories, principles, leadership and its style have been discussed. Being the employee of Google LLC, I have analysed the management style and its leadership style thoroughly and presented it in the assignment. The different characteristics of leadership, the ethical dimension of leadership and how motivation can be implemented to empower the workforce has been further discussed.

Distinguishing management concept and nature and the main function of leadership

Management and leadership are the two different concepts. Management is a discipline while leadership is a skill. Drucker in his book defined that “Management involves managerial activity like planning, organising and controlling to achieve the organisational goal”. Whereas, leadership is about influencing people to get the work done. The main function of leadership is to align the people, develop a vision and to motivate them to achieve the target.

To balance an organisation, both managers and leaders are required. Therefore being the employee of Google LLC, I realised that to achieve the target an organisation requires first-class managers and good leaders.

Evaluating the different concepts and definitions of leadership and the main influence they have on management

Leadership is a skill to influence a person or a group so that the goal set by the organisation can be achieved effectively and efficiently. A leader guides, influence once behaviour and direct an individual or a team toward a common goal. A leader has the quality to bind a group and motivates them for a common goal. For an organisation like Google LLC, it is very important to have good leaders. As the manager tries to control the process to get work done, leaders motivate their team members to achieve the target. Leadership helps in setting the direction for the employee.

Good leadership always has a positive impact on an organization, and that can be seen in Google LLC. Being the employee of Google LLC, I can say that the clear communication by the leaders help the employee to develop a clear vision which is very much needed to achieve the target. A good leadership influences the values of the organisation like respect, ethics and honesty, which helps in maintaining a positive attitude at the workplace.

Evaluating the influence of effective and ineffective leadership and management on both the team behavior and business performance

Effective leadership and management help the business to achieve its target. However, if the leadership and management became ineffective and unable to achieve the results, it demotivates the entire team. When the leadership and management are effective, they will be more concerned about the organisation and the employee working there. The weak leaders are always concerned about their interests, which hamper the growth of the organisation and their team members. Sometimes leaders and managers start to misuse the power and authority provided to them by the organisation. This is one of the traits of ineffective leadership and management. If a leader or a manager does not understand and determine the actual problem facing by the employee, then it will become very tough for the employee to perform which affect the organisational goal also. The organisation like Google LLC makes sure that their leaders or managers should be the good listener so that they can solve the problems facing by their employee. To be effective and efficient in leadership and management it is very much important to understand the team behaviour, support the employee in their work and motivate them so that the target can be achieved and business can grow.

Understanding Leadership Styles

Leadership style is a way of approach to provide direction, a manner to bind a team for a common goal and motivate people to implement the plan set by the organisation. There are different leadership styles, and each is having different characteristics.

Figure 1: leadership style


Autocratic leadership- It is an aggressive leadership style. In autocratic leaders give an order to the employee, pushes the employee hard and take no feedback from them. Thus, I do not think this type of leadership style is required in Google LLC. The employee cannot maintain long-term commitments under such type of leadership style.

Laissez-faire leadership- in this type of leadership style leaders allow the followers to make decisions by themselves and do not try to control them. Such a type of leadership style is good in a creative environment. In the early year of Google, they follow Laissez-faire leadership.

Democratic leadership-this type of leadership style is much appreciated. It is participative. Leaders take the final call, but the followers are allowed to express their views. Strong contribution of the employee leads to high productivity. Thus, I think Google LLC should adopt this style.

Different leadership styles are suitable for different situations and purposes. Autocratic leadership style is good for the production process where the organisation has to meet the demand. As this leadership, style follows the style of militant-like.

Laissez-faire leadership- this leadership style is favourable in the creative environment. It highly depends upon the talent and existing creativity of the individual for the results. This leadership suits for sales job where the income of the employee depends upon commission. This mean helps the employee to find a creative way to achieve the sales target. However, laissez-faire will fail if bottom-line-profit, deadlines and productions are important because of lack of discipline.

Democratic leadership is good for those organisations, which requires the participation of every employee for their growth. This style is good for academic institutions and private firms. It is the most appreciated leadership style, which can be adopted by many organisations. The organisation like Google LLC should adopt this type of leadership style. It has very limited drawbacks.

Management style can be affected by various factors. Company culture is one of the factors. Suitability of a management style is influenced by the organisational culture. If the employee of an organisation like Google LLC is very creative and are well trained, then management adopt the Laissez-faire style. However, the employee of the organisation are lazy and do not complete their task on time the management adopt the autocratic style.

A personality of the manager also affects the management style. If the managers are not successful enough in influencing the employees with their personality and vision, then it will be difficult for them to align the employees.

Employee diversity also affects the leadership style. Being the employee of Google LLC, I have seen organisation hires the people of different races, culture, region and states. So it is very important to analyse which management style should be adopted. In such a scenario, the democratic management style should be adopted so that the employee will find themselves participative in organisational decisions.  

Evaluating the Suitability of Different Leadership Styles

The belief system of the manager influences the team. It is a very important factor that affects the management system organisation like Google LLC. A manager with a strong belief system in his team always adopts the democratic style. The manager participates with his employee in decision making, at the workplace and in solving problems.

Figure 2: factors affecting different leadership style

(Source: as per by author)

Ethical leadership means doing the right thing to the organisational values and the employees.It means leading the examples to the employee. A leader or a manager follows the organisational values as well as personal values. When a leader designs a work frame for the employee of the organisation ethical dimension will always be there. The different principles of ethical dimensions are integrity, relationships, commitments and perspective. Being the employee of Google LLC, I believe that the leadership style should maintain the ethical dimension. In an organisation, different people have different views and opinion, which is not always ethically right. Thus, it is not possible for the manager or a leader to take every advice. Considering the ethical impact of the leadership style, a leader can take the best decision for the organisation and the employees.

Figure 4: the ethical dimension of leadership style

(Source: Bargau, 2015)

Analyze the main relationship between job satisfaction, motivation, commitment, empowerment of employees and business performance

Motivation leads to job satisfaction, and job satisfaction affects business performance. Commitment, motivation, job satisfaction and business performance are related. An employee of the Google LLC, I think the organisation should understand that job satisfaction is a complex process. Moreover, to achieve the organisational target, the motivational employee is very much needed. As the motivational employee is more committed to the organisation. Flexibility in work, quality cycle, high appraisals etc. improve job satisfaction. However, a big organisation like Google LLC faces difficulty to manage both job satisfaction and high performance. The earlier organisation only focuses on the recruiting of staffs and ignores the problem facing by their employee. Thus an unsatisfied employee cannot provide the good quality work which hampers the business performance. Leaders analyses the employee’s problem and the reason behind unsatisfied with the job and motivates them accordingly. High appraisals, work recognition, incentives and through other methods, leader motivates the employee so that they will be more committed towards their work. As to achieve the organisational target effectively and efficiently, it is very important.

Evaluate the main results of motivations and empowerment for an organisation's overall structure and culture.

Organisation structure and culture depend on each other. Organisational structure is how a company uses its resources, mode of communication and reporting procedures to achieve the target. Whereas, organisational culture depends on and matures on the organisational structure. Implementation of motivations and empowerment help the employee to increase their performance.  

Motivation and empowerment help in improving employee skill, commitments and raises self-confidence. The employee feels a sense of freedom, choices in deciding because of the empowerment. Motivation and empowerment help in the growth of the organisation and it is very much needed for the organisational structure and culture. If the employee of Google LLC feels motivated and can have more control in decision-making, then it helps in the growth of productivity. The employee will participate more positively in task assign to them by the management.

Understand Motivation and Empowerment

The employee relation policy is mainly concerned about the implementation of those policies and strategies, which can develop the good relation between the employee, organisation and the group of the employee. Its primary concern is to provide a healthy environment for the employee so that the work can be accomplished effectively and efficiently.

Management structure empowers employee performance. Employees feel more motivated if they can communicate freely with the manager and discuss the issues. Good employee relations are based on healthy communication and active participation.

A good employee relation improves the productivity of the organisation. It is important for an employee to know his job and what is expected of them. Performance appraisal by the manager in the organisation like Google LLC, helps the employee to be more engaged and dedicated towards the work. Praising the good work of the employee through rewards and recognition helps in empowering the workplace.

Reward management of the organisation makes the reward strategy, analyse and asses the performance of the employee and reward them accordingly. These rewards can be in financial or non-financial. Reward management is one of the important pillars of the organisation. An organisation like Google LLC adopts the best reward strategy to empower the workplace, and the principles behind the reward strategy are:

  1. Employment regulations and legislation should be fulfilled
  2. Attract and keep suitable employee
  3. Performance of the employee is improved and maintain

Reward strategy is adopted in an organisation like Google LLC so that the productivity of the employee can be improved. Employees will show loyalty towards the organisation when their performances are rewarded, and they get recognition in the company.

Performance management and appraisal evaluates the performance of an employee within a specific period and adopts different ways to improve it. Different approaches to performance management and appraisal are:

Critical incident method: When the manager evaluates the performance of the employee based on a certain period.

Management by objective: Management identifies the objectives of the organisation and assign the task to the employee.

Behaviorally anchored rating scale: BARC is a method of analysing employee performance and behaviour and then used to evaluate overall performance.

360-degree feedback: In this method, other employees give feedback about a specific employee.

Forced choice method: In this method, the performance of the employee is evaluated on the various statements.

Assessing the main factors that are involved in managing a work-life balance and what are the main implications of it: 

Balancing the work-life is very difficult and challenging. Establish boundaries, to balance the work life it is very important first to analyze own strength. Being the employee at Google LLC, I focus on own strength. Determine priorities; I complete the task according to the priorities. Organisation assigned the task according to the urgency, and if an employee is not able to complete the task on time, it will create stress between the employee and the manager. Nurture the family; it is very important for an individual to have some “me” time. One must give the time to the family, friends and himself. Set a specific goal, I usually divide the task into subtask and then try to accomplish one by one so that it will not become a burden. Take care of health; health should be the priority for everyone. To balance a healthy work-life, it is very important to be healthy, physically and mentally both.  

Understanding the Management of Performance

Human resources interventions deal with the social issues that happen within the organisation. The effectiveness of training programs could be analysed through monitoring of Job-impact indicators. The ROI initiated on activities of training could be measured by utilising benefit-to-benefit cost ratio, the flow of cash, analysis of utility and payback period. The amount of attrition happening in the organisation could be addressed through the application of metrics such as employee turnover and retention rate. This type of metrics is computed in a periodical manner and values are readily compared in regards to the industry average and organisational records. Survey feedbacks also assists in identifying and addressing issues about the organisation.  

It is very important to reflect the own practice. It helps the employer to analyse the improvement, training and development required by the employee. It outlines the reflection of the quality of one’s practice.

Being the employee at Google LLC, I think that the organisation should change their leadership style. Democratic leadership style should be given preference. This leadership style has limited drawbacks. The employee feels more participative in the organisational decision. At Google LLC, employees from different race and region work. Therefore democratic leadership style suits the Google LLC scenario more.  

Moreover, the reward strategy should also be changed as an employee not always want a rise in pay as a reward. Sometimes an employee wants that they will be recognised in the organisation. People know at what designation they are working. Money is not always the solution to every problem.


In the given assignment leadership style and its effect has been described. How motivation and empowerment can influence, the workforce has been discussed and described through different examples. Importance of performance appraisal and its effect on Google LLC has also been described. This assignment also criticises how reward strategy under different circumstances should be different.


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