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Territorial Gardens Ltd. and their multiple garden undertakings

Discuss about the Modelling Of Product Sales Promotion And Price.

Territorial Gardens Ltd is an organization related with planting industry. They have a huge garden that opens for show and open investigation couple of time in a year. They have a few garden undertaking under their watch. This undertaking incorporates the Regional Gardens Nursery which offers plants and garden supplies to people in general, and Regional Garden Planners which gives plant guidance, outline and consultancy administrations. The greater part of their choices and administration orders originate from Bathurst that work as the principle office where all information are put away in a little database.

Nowadays Automation in office not only concerns about the process of mechanizing the task it also been used as a technology for automate almost every procedures such as storing and managing staffs resources and lessen the effort of manual managing activities.

Organizations are constantly called upon for exhortation on planning and conveying testing computerization apparatuses and structures. Picking the correct mechanization approach is imperative for guaranteeing appropriate testing, limiting improvement cost and conveying the most minimal conceivable continuous upkeep costs. Record and Playback is one of the basic automation approach that provides long term utility with limited flexibility. It functionalities enables the permits to record user activity and replay them back any number of times and comparing actual results to those expected. These techniques engage with only hard-coded information and the functions are highly rely on the automation tool used. Record & Playback can also be utilized by non-coders while kept customization at a minimum level and sing graphical verification points. Record & Playback is highly beneficial for basic automation developments of short period like automated exploratory testing that feature re-record from scratch or data entry have short test flows and automated data entry.

Benefits: Record & playback is an efficient way for automation approach. This approach has a number of advantages including ease of deployment, simple design and low development price.

Issues: The basic functions of Record & Playback approaches with a functional price. This technique has robustness like can break on build and flexibility, restricted performance such as minimal test flow coverage. Ongoing preservation costs can be high especially when manual intervention is required.

Data-Driven techniques contain the construction of test scripts to work together with their associate data sets within a framework. The test environment controls and settings are not hard-coded. An ideal Data-Driven framework can be utilized when the workflow is monotonous but the data input is large that means several arrangements of data are essential to effectively test the application. For implementing this approach an expert team is essential.

Automation as a technology for office management

Benefits: There are certain benefits using this approach including re-usability of test scripts, reproducible test results, solid test flow coverage and very good usability.

Disadvantage: There are certain aspects to focus when using this approach. Automation performance highly depends on automation skills of the user undertaking the implementation. Regular maintenance also needed to maintain to gain proper efficiency that also increasing costs and manual intervention upon failure.

Regional Garden is seeking for automation approach as their business is growing and it is getting crucial to manage all resources manure to public cloud their stakeholders, easy and flexible access of office resources. There are primarily two cloud based services available whose are considered efficient for implement their infrastructure into cloud in New South Wales as IAAS and PAAS

Infrastructure as a service is recommended for highly automated and scalable resources.   It also has the ability of metered, available on demand service and self -provision. IAAS offers cloud services via Dashboard or API that allows straight access over storage and servers with a higher level of scalability.

  • The core benefit is Regional Garden can automate their resource handling process as all the resources and aspects will be managed and monitored by the service provider.
  • Users have complete control over Virtual Machine and have the ability to construct their personalized Virtual Machine.
  • There is no need of any complicated setup and precarious planning to construct this service as its applications are effective and simple in use.
  • Regional garden has dissimilar systems and servers, it is challenging to coordinate IAAS with different systems that also lead to unsynchronized server in maximum cases with combination of different systems.
  • It offers slight regulator over testing, deployment and upgrade methodology.
  • Cloud provider will gain full access to customer’s data unless cryptography is used

Platform as a Service provided automation functions are slightly different than IAAS that mainly provides a platform to deploy and develop software.  It enables the functional access over the server interface and fundamental server hardware, which can assists the organization to concentrate on more in organization’s side of scalability.

  • Very less management skills are required to use Virtual Machine as the service provider will manage and monitor all the aspects and resources.
  • While using PAAS, Integration will not lead to any conflict situation as different systems are widely supported and can be customized.
  • Clients can fully control and run its own virtual infrastructure without the maintenance and invest in external hardware.
  • The disadvantage is there will be less control over processing of data and on virtual machine. Basically, organization will have no control and consciousness about their resources and the processing methodology of data.
  • In PAAS managing tasks could be time consuming and tedious also organization is in charge to update and upgrade of new applications.

Infrastructure as a service comes with pre-configured systems as hypervisor hardware however no optimal software interface is provided as operating system.   While PAAS provides high level applications which consist operating environment services (Kumar, Adlakha & Mukherjee, 2016).

Database: IAAS allows the selections to select the necessary database as desired for high-, distinct client information, security data or private code packing. While in PAAS this choices are hard to customize.

Security:  Using Infrastructure as a service third party security needs to implemented efficient secure interface that also increase the cost investment. While in Platform as a service no third party security applications are required as they provide optimal secure infrastructure.

After analyzing all the advantage and disadvantage PAAS is extremely suggested for Regional Garden Ltd. for both work and cost competence. It is considered as an optimal infrastructure for its effectiveness to automate data processing and secure resources. By utilizing PAAS there are some other certain advantage as well as lower skill requirement to maintain software, high network bandwidth and secure infrastructure. PAAS will also deliver high flexibility and agility to the development process

Various automation approaches and their benefits and issues

Regional garden required to deliberate some aspects before selecting the particulate infrastructure that not only able  to access cloud also suitable for the SharePoint services as their likely seventy stakeholders has SharePoint office suite installed in their office laptop or desktop.





Basic Description

Platform as a service offers software, hardware, operating system of manager requirement and relevant platform and price accordingly.

It offers pre-configured package including pre-installed software. Pays are according to the service desired.

In infrastructure as a service where operators got liberty to select and install their own preferred OS, composition or software.


Provide some better applications in SharePoint  than IAAS

Service provider offers complete package

The basic layer of computing

Technical Difficulties

It comes with a basic setup but operational awareness is necessary to function.

resource handling process as all the resources and aspects will be managed and monitored by the service provider

Enormous amount of  familiarity and knowledge required

Deals With

Database (like MySql,Oracle), ,Runtimes( like java runtimes),Web Servers (like tomcat), 

Applications like Social networking sites (Facebook). Email (Yahoo, Gmail)

Storage, Network, servers, Load balancers and Virtual Machines

PAAS utilizes share point services in a hosted environment so staffs of Regional Garden Ltd. can have their required configuration and will be not responsible for monitor and managing systems they use. SSL technologies are suggested with SharePoint sites with a PAAS model. Typically the SharePoint servers extensively situated exterior of the network boundaries and traffic must pass over the internet. A third party hacker can easily gain access to the systems that could be prohibit by using PAAS without minimal cost investment.  

One of the main advantage of utilizing SharePoint in a PAAS platform is price efficiency. Garden Regional Ltd. can have the choices to consume huge amount of functionality for a low per-user monthly fee and there is no need of in-housing staff SharePoint in a PAAS. Maintaining and update new patch is crucial for desktop and laptop servers. While using PAAS the organization can maintain and update patches by their own that will surely save cost investment.

PAAS can be beneficial for Cost optimization and SharePoint deployment however there are certain disadvantage to consider. PAAS clients uses multi tenancy as several customer shares same application and that could leads to data loss, bad performance and possibility of open server.  By utilizing PAAS SharePoint services following types of information could be compromised.

  • Personally Identifiable Information(PII),
  • Trade or corporate secrets
  • Classified information


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