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Motivational Theories at Supermart Plc


Discuss about the Motivating and Rewarding Employees and Cessation.

Motivation is the approach through which the behavior of the labor force in Supermart Plc is encouraged by filling their objectives and needs. The motivational models put importance on the original procedure of motivation at the working place (Davidson, 2012). Motivation is the only aim for any certain behavior of a person. It is the optimistic influence of anything that encourages the person to do something. Motivation is quite significant at the working place. It also benefitted the workers in order to labor efficiently in the company. It is imperative to motivate workers as this motivation supports the workers to accomplish their certain objectives at the working place.

The motivational theories used in Supermart Plc are Maslow’s motivational theory and Herzberg motivational theory (Bjo?rnsson et al., 2015). These theories signify that the workers can only be motivated through fulfilling their goals and needs and also by attaining job satisfaction. The motivational theory and reward are interdependent and interlinked with one another. Without reward, there is no use of motivational theories in the working place. In additions this, without motivational theories the reward can’t be able to use as an approach for motivating purpose. Giving rewards to the workers of the company helps them to be more productive and also raise their job performance as well.

There are mainly two types of rewards which are provided by Supermart Plc to their employees, those two rewards are shown in the following:

Financial Rewards- Financial rewards are those rewards that are considered as the monetary incentives which workers earn due to their excellent performances in their respective field. All financial rewards are tangible in nature (Gorman, 2007). Tangible rewards are also considered as an extrinsic motivation. There are various kinds of financial rewards which the company provides to their employees. Increment in wages and bonuses are the two kinds of financial rewards provided to their employees.

Non-Financial rewards- Non-financial rewards are the rewards from which employees are benefitted and get more job satisfaction, but not increase financial well-being. It consists of achievement, promotion, praise, job cards, demanded work assignment and also impressive job title (Long, 2012). The management of Supermart Plc uses appraisals, engagement in decisions making process and also self-rating in order to motivate their labor force to gain improved and excellent outcome.

The management of Supermart Plc uses both motivational theories to motivate their employees, as Herzberg theory of motivation helps in providing more job increment to the employees. Whereas, with the help of Maslow’s motivational theory employees gets chance of self-achievement which in return motivates them to be more productive.

Rewards at Supermart Plc

For the purpose of defining the value and position of the job within the company, Supermart Plc uses job evaluation process that helps to know and determine the actual worth of jobs. Analysis of the value of jobs helps the company to create the hierarchy system within the firm (O'Neil, Drillings and O'Neil, 2012). Job evaluation is the procedure of identifying the responsibilities and roles linked with the job and ranking them based on their value. Ratings can be marked by the range as well as prominence of roles related to the job. The process of job evaluation has been segmented according to the job activities:

Procedure of Job evaluation

  • Job Enquiry- This is the method of conducting appropriate information of the job and indentifying them for determining the responsibilities and roles related to it (O'Neil, Drillings and O'Neil, 2012). It is utilized for determining as well as analyzing the job contents and the events associated with the job specification which is require achieving during doing that job.
  • Job Ranking- Job rating is simply the dimension of the job accountabilities and rating them based on their value (Aguinis and Lengnick-Hall, 2012). It is the step that includes distribution of the possessions to the activities associated with the job. Resources distribution to the job actions supports the company for determining the pay ratio of that specific job.

Other factors determining pay

  • Reward system- Supermart Plc uses this factor to determine the job pay within the company. Reward system is the method of giving rewards to the workers who plays excellent than others and who ample their targets on given time (Aguinis and Lengnick-Hall, 2012). Bonus scheme such as ASPIRE has been utilized by the organization to give gratuity to the workers.
  • Compensation- Reimbursement is considered as the benefit which has been provided to the workers by Supermart Plc. This supports in defining the pay of the job within the company. The firm use this rewards system majorly because it is the most effective factor to determine the job pay.

Rewards are the most significant factors for motivating the workers to work solely. It forms a sense of rivalry in the minds of workers to accomplish their higher objectives. It is the human nature that they work for the satisfaction and achievement which provide benefits (Beardwell and Thompson, 2017). These benefits are the rewards which can be gained through the employee in return of their excellent performances. It also considered as a lashing force which drives the workers to perform more effectively. Rewards are in many forms and it is not essential that every person get encouraged with the common type of rewards.

The reward at Supermart Plc includes extrinsic and intrinsic rewards given to the workers working within the company under their employer. The reward system in Supermart Plc includes administrative procedures, practices and also integrated policies in order to implement the method in the framework of the human resources planning and the complete organizational system (Došenovi?, 2016). The extrinsic rewards are the tangible rewards given to the workers for their excellent t performances; the tangible rewards are bonuses, gifts, compensations, promotions, salary increment and commissions. Whereas the intrinsic rewards give personal gratification to the worker as it contains relationship, appreciation, feedback and trust. In Supermart Plc, employee bonus system can also be used as a positive approach to motivate the workers in an accurate path that result in the enhancement in level of productivity and better enactment in the company. The employee bonus system takes into account the elements like group performances, customers’ services, individual, quality and attendance to determine according to the bonus that is given to the workers. This system even helps in enhancing their morale and self-esteem. A careful and planned bonus supports the company for preserving their best and hardworking employees.

Employee Monitoring at Supermart Plc

The other reward system in Supermart Plc is the promotion. Under this reward system, the reward is given to the workforces for their excellent enactment through moving them from their recent position to a top position (Došenovi?, 2016). This reward also helps in carrying job gratification between the workers and increase output and brings profitability.  Increments in salary are the main key for motivation and bring improvement in their performance level. All these reward system in the company is much effective as it improves the performance level of the employees also brings customers satisfaction benefits to the company.

Many workers get interested with financial factors whereas many other employees get encouraged with the non- monetary factors. There are various philosophies have been projected to analyze the motivational factors in the working field. Supermart Plc believes in the theory of human relation also and observes that many workers get inspired if they get consideration. The company even chooses attention and recognition as a kind of reward which motivate the workers. Some of the programs like SHOUT, NPS and Championship have been launched in the company to give attention to the employees who performs better.

Monitoring is the procedure of checking and observing the performances of the employees; this enables the organizations to evaluating the performances of the employees as well as be4nerfitted to reward the workers accordingly. Companies require to monitor the employee’s performances in order to take out the mistakes in the enactment as well as to take helpful measures where require (Gunderson, 2001). For the purpose of monitoring the employee’s performances within the company, Supermart Plc has used some of the methods like feedbacks, appraisals and also proper observation. Under all these methods of monitoring, the company hires an individual for regular and proper monitoring of the employee’s performances. After a completing observation, the individual gives straightforward feedback. Feedback from the executives of the hired department regarding the performance of the employees supports in determining the position of the workers.

 Another method that is used by the company is performance observing method, in this method; the standard is set that workers have to achieve it in any possible way. The employee’s performances are compared to the criterion which is set. Under this method, the performance should be measurable and also to be able to express in relation to time, manner, cost and quality of performance. The quality of the performance of the employees is checked by the hire manager on a regular basis which gives the perception of entire employee’s performance (Hatton, 2017). The process of performance evaluation also used to compare the original performance of the employees with the selected performance quality. Supermart Plc also uses the method of 30-Degree Appraisals in order to monitor the performance of the workers in the working field. Under this appraisal, all the shareholders of the company evaluate the employee’s performances and even give feedbacks regarding it to them. Workers observing software can also be used by the company to monitor the performance of the workers operating on the computer. Through using this software, the company can effortlessly monitor and keep observing on the performance of its workers.

Termination of Employment at Supermart Plc

In the given case scenario of Supermart Plc, the CEO of the company has decided to reorganize the Personal Department that contains six operations for the growth and development in the business. The reorganized Personal Department of the company has three staffs, oversee 120 full-time and 60 half-time student staff. So if any of the staff members do something unfortunate in the company, then the management of the company can terminate any of the employees (Hearn, 2011). Apart from any unfortunate circumstances, there are several other reasons from where the cessation of staffs can occurs. Those various reasons are termination of the contract, resignation and retirement.

Resignation is instigated from the employee relations for leaving the company for dissatisfaction with the company and also for personal reasons. A better chance in the other company can be a motive behind the acknowledgment. Retirement is basically based on the specified age of the staff by the plans and laws of the company. Workers hired to achieve a target for a specific time that may be retired with the lawful exit procedure. The time period of the retirement should be demonstrated in the procedures fulfilled at engagement time (Mak and Justman, 2016). As compare to the retirement and resignation, the contract termination is quite a tough task. As it may be because of unfortunate situation created by the staffs and for the behavior of the employees in the working field. The company should have a lawful reason to terminate the employees from the company. The staffs hired to fulfill specific jobs can also be terminated because of their low performance, poor participation in the work and policy violation. Part from all these reasons, the company even has own reasons to break the contract of employment because of lack of work and finance.

Exit process is the method of departing from the company because of termination of the employment. There are various reasons for the cessation. Dissimilar organizations have different rules for the reasons of cessation of the service and so they use diverse practices and exit processes (Mak and Justman, 2016). Single procedure cannot be used by the company, organizations uses various exit procedure on the basis of the reason behind the cessation. In the following, there are few reasons of exit procedure have been demonstrated used by Supermart Plc and also by Tesco Plc.

Retirement- This is the exit procedure used by both Supermart Plc and Tesco Plc which concentrates on the termination of the service of the worker who has fulfilled their working period in their life (Perrewé, 2011). The age specified for the retirement has been standard for every employee in the company.

Resignation- In Supermart Plc as well as Tesco Plc, the employee should give written notice or letter of resignation at least two weeks before leaving the firm so that exit procedure can be initiated effectively and also new preparation can be done to fill the position of that position (Perrewé, 2011). Resignation is a kind of voluntary activity of the employee for leaving the job. And both companies have a strict rule of submitting the notice before resignation.

Dismissal- it is the non- voluntary activity performed by both the companies to cease the employment of the staff because of few reasons like criminal records, poor performance, harassment to other employees and violation of contract (Perrewé, 2011).

Redundancy- Redundancy is also an exit procedure performed by Supermart Plc and also by Tesco Plc; it has been done when employees are no more required in the company. The reasons can be rightsizing, merger, acquisition and much more.

The legal and regulatory framework is described to prevent the unfairness and injustice with workers in the working place for their rights. Companies execute the legal and regulatory framework for helping the employees in order to achieve the competitive benefits in private and public sectors. Laws and policies help workers to stand for their rights as well as to stop injustice in organizational goals and aims. Advantages like job security have been provided to employees if any injustice happened to the employees like employer cheating employees (Stillwell and Tunney, 2012). For managing the execution of rules and laws in the company, Supermart Plc requires to hire specialist for examine the rules and for guiding the management towards the planning free from the policy clashes. The additional amount of the company even declines the performance of decision- making authority and impacts over the planning towards the accomplishments of objectives of the firm. Relevant and effective regulations framework has been followed by Supermart Plc for avoiding the jiggling with lawful and legalized cases.


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