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Case Study: Big Energy

1. The rapid rate at which big energy has opted to absorb XYZ energy. Discuss the impact of this integration model on overall the attitudes, values and behaviours of the XYZ staff.

2. Recommend strategies for management at the Big Energy



With time, one can see that it is important to work with great innovative skills while at work. People have to face the major importance which will redefine the characteristics to implement and enrich better designs for development and maintenance. (Ayoko et al., 2014). With the illustration to follow and group certain activities, some of the relationships need to assure that there is a management of all the organisational behaviours which would be effective enough for motivation and leading to establishment in the part of working principles. The model of job reaches to the elaborations as well as grouping all those designs which have been accessed and proposed to benefit all the employees which could provide with better work in the organisation. (Parker et al., 2014). The idea of a team which could lead to self-direction as well as diversified people who had different approach to the same topic, could not be better than this. The people and the managing team would have been established properly and adapted to the changes as per the organisational structure where the globalisation of the organisation along with change in the periodic times have to be adapted. With the reflection of referent and coercive power of


1. The rapid rate at which big energy has opted to absorb XYZ energy. Discuss the impact of this integration model on overall the attitudes, values and behaviours of the XYZ staff.

Ans. To enable an enlargement in the sales, there is an integration to all the operations which rapidly try to manage the staff and instantly try to process the speed for the loyalty reaching towards immense growth to the management too. The innovative process and the competitive benefits generally try to have an impact on the attempt to integrate the model, thereby, trying to preserve the advantage. (Filippou et al., 2014). The staff should try to collaborate with one another and try to think for the benefit of the company which will be overall a benefit for everyone. The excess use of energy will integrate and bring in all the betterment to the behaviour which will be scheduled according to the business in demand.

2. Recommend strategies for management at the Big Energy

Ans. The strategies need to be made with diversified thoughts including all the conduction as well as including all the industrial orientation which will be doubled if the work is really appreciable. The management team should be awarded for their loyalty which will increase their enthusiasm to do more and more work. The concept of fitness and managing the structure generally leads to maintaining all the normal as well as communications which generally bothers the exercising power to hold and mobilise support to have impact on the decisions. (Lockrey, 2015). The main exercise of power is to use and move towards an influential approach which will handle all the objectives leading to interest in leadership and management. With the different in consequences, the main stage that evolves to end up the problems about handling the different people is by avoiding them and trying to eventually be carried away with all the better highlights and schemes.



The ideology to follow all the diversified attributes which are importance for a better work of performance can be diversified and leading to integration at different levels. The groups have the domination which will be able to minimise the performance and lead to demographical changes as per the researches. (Sari et al., 2014). Different prospective have the ability for managing the benefits in the organisation which will be categorised under the concept of interdependence of team work. The diversification and the type of members of teams are generally those who mainly focus on the communication to motivate the people for leading to the group work and collaboration. As per the techniques which come under the Meta analysis, there is a diversified update under the measure of correlations as well as procedures which generally lead to a better relationship categorisation. (Alkalbani et al., 2014). The main results are generally the diversification in the work team as well as performance which will lead to conduction and separation of tasks for the positive as well as significant approached for maintaining the statics. The industrial setup and the different settings mainly focus on the performance which are under the guidance of different technological work. The team interdependence follow a positive attitude towards the different hypothesis which will support a relationship leading to high technological foundation of firms. (Snell et al., 2015).

The concern for increment in the acknowledgment and the data availability for directing towards diversified management could lead to focus interferences of the different innovative minds of the people in different teams. (Ralston et al., 2014). In the job, it is very important to have multilevel job attitudes as there are people who could put in their efforts and lead to engagement of such activities which could be beneficial for the company as well as the entire organisation. One should maintain a better relationship which will discriminate and try to the different facets of life mainly the payment level and their benefits which lead to organisations development and commitment to work satisfaction. (Sari et al., 2014).


Job Functions

To manage the people in the company, there are variant behaviours which generally depend on the work commitment of the organisation. To manage with the different Psychological approaches, it is important to follow all the contribution which are mainly influencing the job and the characteristics of the position. (Esfahani et al., 2014). To note, there are linkages between the job and the attitudes at social level which depend on the favour and the research attitude. The jobs are important as they will enrich the innovative thoughts which will be effective enough for the overall growth of the company too. (Lloyd-walker et al., 2014). There are different works which depend upon the capability of the person where the pay is in synchronisation with variable dimensions. The factors for satisfaction comes when the person is committed to the work and the psychology to feel better with the outstanding output is stable.  

Since everything has to be under the supervision of a manager, the organisation needed to manage important people who are politically difficult to handle in their attitude. There is a need to craft distinguishing reflection between such people. (Cheung et al., 2014). As analysed, there are some people who are never happy and so they have discrepancies over all issues like the image of a particular person along with the misbalance in the confidence and the stress which is mainly due to some problems relating to health.

The increased work could be helpful for better productivity which could be a good indicator to perform a better work responsible enough to manage and volunteer with all the opportunities which are enriching the self-efficacy schedule. (Sinclair, 2014). There are certain differences which according to the preferences desire for a more demographic change and vary as per the moderate effects of worm culture. There is a link to understand mainly better the personality development and the technology which believes in group design work. The goals which are required to be met as per the decisions, there is a subordination with the rates and the influence. (Eklof et al., 2014). There is more of dominant character which can sometimes create a negative environment, hence, it is good to clarify the doubts before it is too late. There are groups who have a great sense of power and response which are looking forward to have a better proposal plan to manage with the duty rules and needs. As per the organisational structure, the main focus is on how to support all the corporate psychopath and all the conflicts which can be a destruction to the cultures of the production. (Walker & Lloyd-Walker, 2014).


Management in Organisation

There is a need to maintain all the typologies which have been presented and compared with all the ethical juncture, generally leading to the development based on the Meta analysis of the typology. (Ahmed & Muchiri, 2014). The steady approach to reach the major awareness and coming to encompassing all the relevant work will lead to organisational betterment.

To manage the work ethically, it is important understand all the studies which focus on an attempt to describe the perseverance of the researchers who have a descriptive outlook to various situations. (Swee Lin Tan et la., 2014). The morality which offers different contextual problem still look forward to consideration of providing a better context to the business and work implications. There is an organisational development related to industrial upliftment which focus on the situations handling to understand that it is important to manage with the organisations upliftment, mainly dealing with the terminology of better HRM (Human Resource Management). The organisation need to focus on the psychology which focus mainly on how impactful the education is for attaining knowledge at a higher level. The major points which are focused upon are:

  • There is a assessment related to the validation methods which predict and test all the selections important for the members for organising the management. (Wong & Wong, 2014).

  • The development and the coaching is important for leadership rules in the company which will differentiate one from the other as per their working.

  • The staff after recruitment should be able to withhold the knowledge as to what is important for the selection design criteria and how the planning needs to be workforce depending upon the reactions of the applicants. (Wong et al., 2014).

  • The leadership has to be seen of the members who are looking forward for a better platform of performance and appraisal.

  • The feedback for setting up the goal and managing the performance comes when there is a change as per the documentation and the change.

  • The methodology to research and work on the survey for better organisational behaviour often lead to change in the climate as well as modelling the competency to analyse the job. (Shelley & Maqsood, 2014).

  • There are different groups and teams which will be able to perform a better SIOP for the staff with an organisational management.

With the change in the technology, there are certain structures which are noticed to run on different type of phenomenal changes as per the organisations climate. The additional prediction mainly focus on different level of progress which lead to development and better research continuously challenging the behavioural changes and the leadership skills. The man impact rises through some rewards which are the incentives for those people in the organisations who could transform to a better organisational settlement, leading to the development as well as identification of better positions in the place. The company needs to focus on the robustness of the organisation and how the changes have contributed for an enlargement to differential generalisations. (Kamil et al., 2014).


The belief to put in the efforts will reach to the promotion in the sales, including all the management which will mainly be to maintain the quality of the brand. It is just to make sure that the consistence is there and the design is uploaded to invigorate the potential strategies, reaching out to the engagement in the social media which would upgrade the goals as well as conversation, engaging in the best efforts. According to the data analytics, the main emphasis has been in optimizing the marketing strategies and mixing up with the better effects, competitive enough to manage and role on the marketing environment and the product sales. (Ahmed & Muchiri, 2014). With the pressure which is growing in the organisation, the main strategy to set up is to be successful and rely on how to satisfy with the goals that are required to be achieved by the customers. There is an effectiveness as well as great responsibility which could lead to some unexpected work and the markets are primarily able to meet the conditions towards the development. With the rewarding and the quality of working, the difficulties are easily managed and recognised in the organisation.



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