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Discuss about the Organizational Change and Its Implications.

The business school is facing the problem of financial deficit and unproductive staff members in few departments which is responsible for the declining of the university reputation and creating a negative impact on the minds of the students (Hayes, 2014). The student enrolling for the courses had also declined in the past few years which resulted in the annual deficit of $750k. The staff members are not upgrading the teaching skills and research activities. Further it is observed that there is lack of coordination among the staff members of different departments. They are involved and show concern towards their individual department and its performance and least bothered for the overall performance of the university. Few unproductive staffs are highly paid as comparable to their contribution in the overall growth of the university. Some highly qualified staffs had retired from the services and some are hired by other universities at upper grade and salary.

The economics department is comprised of dominating staff members who are rated unrealistically high and the lack of coordination is worsening the situation (Cummings, 2014). Further the already taught course of master degree in econometrics had distracted the students to enroll for such business schools which are not relevant and helpful for the future up building. The faculties are not well trained and focused enough to bring the change. The administrations work are in place which included admission, timetabling, examining but still there is a lack of motivated and enthusiastic staff members to perform the admin tasks relevantly.

The Australian University system represents an interesting case study in restructuring exercise with the merge of new departments and also about the annual deficit. Three years back the Australian University with the merge of three academic departments created it into business school. The departments introduced were economics, accounting and finance and management studies (Choi, 2010).

When the Australian University was established it had a small financial deficit but gradually increased over the past three years. With the merge of three departments it was an effort to improve the overall grading of the business school. The school appointed new dean, to look for ways to eliminate the deficit and to improve the research work of the school.

The business school was facing a large number of deficits because of the economic department. The annual deficit of the department is 750$ (Anderson, 2010).The department was facing problem with the deficit of the teaching staff, as many of them has retired and many were promoted to senior grades with high salary to other universities. The members did little to prepare for the university’s review of teaching quality and student support. Their failure to manage quality assurance through documented procedures and formal structure’s contributed to poor overall score in the universities. Due to which number enrollment fall from 15 five years ago to 9 last year and 8 in the current year or session.

Problem Identification/ Case Issues

The analysis is based on the deans view point and the measures adopted to overcome the problematic situation that existed in the university. The business school in the following case study was formed with the merger of economic department, finance and management studies and accounting department (Lewin, 2008). The merger was taken place to improve the ranking of the Australian university and was a result of university wide restructuring exercise. The school is suffering from huge financial deficit which has gradually increased over time. In particular the report highlights the reason behind the deficit and declining of the university ranking and highlights the future course of actions that needs to be taken to overcome the situation and improve the overall ranking of the university. The complete analysis of the three departments teaching and research initiatives are done in order to reach the conclusion and present recommendations for the business school (Piercy, 2008). The department needs to be innovative in the research and teaching areas to bring a difference in the learning experience. Further courses related to the industrial need should be included to attract the students as the final goal of a Business school graduate is to get job placement. the organization wide communication platform should be launched to integrate and motivate the staff members from all the departments, an open discussion forum should be well placed to get suggestions for students as well as the staffs to improve the quality teaching and introduce innovative research programs to build a future business leader (Szabla, 2007).

  • The business school does not have innovative approaches on providing quality learning experiences for students due to its deficits.
  • The academics look lot after the administration associated works; admission, timetabling, examining
  • Very little integration among three departments.
  • Separate undergraduate programs, which leads to poor enrollment(Puccio, 2010).

Once the problems for the university was analyzed in order to obtain suitable justification, the following justification came up.

Cost effective approaches can provide high quality learning experiences for students. As the university had already been burdened with huge amount of costs from various non-productive activities. There are scopes that the university make up for the various high costs items and design program solutions for students at a proportionate costs that can yield a bit of income(Carter, 2008).

Appropriate qualified support staff that has the motivation or competence to undertake this work. Employing qualified and productive staffs or professors in various departments who will be productive can yield the university high ratings. Professors with high academic skills as well as research experience can highly help in achieving the desired ranking by the university.

Interaction among all the departments can bring a better growth of the business school. As the departments are separated without any interactions there are several communication challenges(Lozano, 2013). But once there are departmental meetings, departmental get together on any discussions there is bound to be increase in productivity for the overall university.

Problem Analysis and Justification

A new degree, by combining economics with input to other two departments can bring high student demands.

It is important, that the ability to recognize the blocks or problems hindering the business school and to solve them. Alternative solutions provides scope for improvement (Paton, 2008). There are many alternative solutions to overcome them;

By recognizing the actual effect of the problem and try to solve it with an effective solution. The actual problem that each department and in regards to each area will help solve challenges in regards to university ranking altogether. Hitting at the problem directly will not only help diagnosis of the issue but also help in designing appropriate solution for the university.

There are many emotional needs and these needs differ from person to person, which can be overcome by recognition, self-esteem, order and belonging(Senge, 2014). Each person in the university is guided by their self-needs hence needs to be directed according to their personal attitudes and motivational levels.

Lack of knowledge or skill, lack of creative thinking are few factors which need adequate problem solving techniques. The employed persons occupying several important positions at the university lacks adequate knowledge or skills hence either they need to be properly trained or involved in research programs. This will help attend to the solution for the issue(Klaus, 2014).

The ability to use languages effectively such as words, mathematics, scientific symbols, drawings and so on. The ability of the professors needs to be upgraded and kept at par with other university or institutes standards in order to increase the university ranking and to solve its brewing problem.

Most importantly the management style can influence both staff and students to solve their problems and to come up with creative ideas(Cummings, 2014). Each person with the organization is responsible in achieving the desired goal of the organization. in this case the staffs, professors as well as students reserves the right to resolve any problem that is occurring.

High quality courses with manageable budget which can be afforded by all students. The university needs to design courses that students can easily afford in order to promote their degree and gain considerable amounts of students.

Highly qualified professionals who can deliver studies on current business industry. The university needs to appoint guest lecturers and industry persons in order to upgrade students with the latest happenings in the industry(Hall, 2006).

The sources of concern for the business schools, is centered on its research work, faculty and present curriculum. Business schools asked to produce graduates, who can adapt, integrate, work in team, manage global diversity and can bring best in others. Hence, it is felt that trained or focused faculties can only do this to enhance the skills of the students. Building communication links and networking between faculty or staff and students can be helpful in achieving the goals.

Alternative Solutions

As for curricula and research, it has become very difficult to get professors to pick up the studies required by the current business community, and is becoming frustrating. Hence the ability is needed to mobilize resources of industry specific knowledge.

The research work should be included in the curriculum for the students after the first year of MBA and should be made mandatory to with industry projects. The research should not be research but what is researched, which will make or bring a difference.

The university will implement the above recommendations with the following steps.

In order to develop and implement high quality course that are challenging, the university needs to design particular course curriculum.

The university can adapt suitably to the recommendations by providing excellent delivery of the course material by qualified professionals or industry experts.

The university needs to design strategies like meetings and group seminars for developing good communications among all the departments.

The university after solving this problem needs to design globe development strategy plans. This plan will be primarily aimed at attracting students from across the globe.

The university needs to create visions for the students for their future. The university can appoint a few industry leaders for taking such classes on vision.

The university needs to engage and execute strategies by the staff. This will result in proper implementation of the designed strategies and will also meet their strategic goals.

A good culture of the school can hold the values, attitudes, beliefs and behavior of its staff and students.


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