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Job Analysis

Describe about the Personal Management for Companies of Singapore.

According to Randstad, Flextronics is one of the top 75 companies in Singapore. The famous electronics manufacturer has its origin in Silicon Valley during early 70s, but transformed into public company on 80s. Furthermore the firm also deals with rebranding with its major white level products. Reflecting the quality and innovation is one of the major focuses of the global manufacturer. Lab Ix and the online magazine ‘Intelligence’ proofs the future planning for spreading the high level of expertise in hardware manufacturing supply network globally. The funding of Lab Ix encourages all small and medium manufacturers in Singapore to join the global hardware hub.

According to the recent job posts of Flextronics Singapore in the famous Asian Job site ‘JobStreet’, the firm is searching expert product technicians in central regions of Singapore. Especially town Kallang also famous as a central business location for heavy industries has huge vacancies for the post of product technicians. From the recent posting of employees in Flextronics Singapore the technicians are paid 15$ per hour in average (Yee et al., 2013).

Usually Product technicians are needed in the testing and quality management team in a company. In case of Flextronics, the hardware manufacture is in demand for its electromechanical circuit boards and fabrication of ICs. The designing service of the product maintains the box-building and assembling services. The technicians will assists the overall system integration team from the core level. Therefore the job description of the product technician post includes the following responsibilities:

Taking instructions from the product engineers and supervisors

Checking the overall planning of the assemble mechanism

Assisting the drawing according to the industrial standard

Assisting the collection of assemble material according to the OEM and Industry standard

Assisting the unit level system fabrication process

Fixing start and end points of developing process

Testing the sub levels of product assembly

Applying calibration procedure using standard equipment (Micrometers or Gauges)

Maintaining the standard optimization procedures or DFM

Testing the functional fabrication of the products

Testing the burn-in function of the products

Testing the clean room standards which includes:

Controlled heating

Maintained Humidity

Removal of Microbial growth in product parts

Checking and listing the software loading time and matching the standard

Monitoring and maintaining the product configuration process

Maintaining the critical factors standard

Maintaining the corrective requests for all OEM products (Nelson, 2014)

Optimization of the EMS standard

Combining DFM with standard DFT

Listing the current scenario according to DFT

Collecting the Wastes in fabrication procedure

Listing the type of wastes (hazardous/non-hazardous) in practical scenario

Comparing the previous reports of waste management

Reporting the hazard level of recent wastes in fabrication

Reporting the quality factors in overall integration

Reporting the test services in complete fabrication

Assisting the packaging considering the sensitivity factors(Inflammation/heat/conductivity)

Setting up the assembly manual for upcoming OEM products

Maintaining overall process log

Authorizing the safety processes in Lab

Planning the recycling procedure using Scarp material manual

Verifying environmental safety of the Lab following the standard protocols

Job Design

Assisting in planning the manuals for new prototypes and products

Recording the new installation and integration of equipment 

According to the home site of Flextronics the company is the motherboard of nearly 2 million human nodes in 30 developing and developed countries. Furthermore the father of Lab Ix is the silent observer of new talents and prototypes in electronics manufacturing industry. Therefore the design of ‘product technician’ post follows four major factors. The important factors are:




Mental capacity

The above-mentioned role in the central district of Singapore also considers the standard and protocols in the local structure of the Kallang. The post reviews the employee outlook and career requirements of the namesake town in the bank of river Kallang. However the major factors of the job role covers these minor factors above (Yee et al., 2013). As an example Efficiency is based on the employee outlook and geographical factors of Kallang. Discussion of the job role considering the basic factors is given below:

Efficiency design:

Considering the employee reviews in the Asian jobsites Flextronics has following strong and weak factors.


  • Moderate level of flexibility
  • Well communicative work culture
  • Knowledge distribution network (Tian et al., 2015)
  • Low level of gender diversification
  • Good salary package
  • Distributed workload
  • Factory style management


  • Imperfect time management
  • Gaps in management levels
  • Pressure of innovation and new techniques
  • Pressure of quick adaptability
  • Highly competitive environment
  • Night shift troubles due to various time zones

Therefore the tedious product technician post must have quick adaption and flexible working quality.

Motivation Design:

Kallang is already a developed heavy industry sector. Therefore the city has basic infrastructure for production and manufacture. As the post needs to handle work pressure from all the level of management the salary package and working environment requires high satisfaction level. Moreover the technician needs encouragement from higher authority to do regular training to maintain Industry standard (Hitt et al., 2012). Finally the technician needs full assistance team of expertise to help in assembling, testing and monitoring products.

Ergonomics Design:

Ergonomics includes the health and safety factors in the lab and whole working environment. The company must have ergonomic chair, desk structure, proper voltage and type of lights, shielding arrangement considering Ergonomic standard like ISO/TC 159 or Ergowebs. Moreover the testing team must maintain OEM standards with updated equipment like SMT, PCB multimeter (Ulaga & Loveland, 2014).

Mental Capacity Design:

The Product technician must have focus and analytic mind to check the quality in the unit levels of the system. Therefore the job design should exclude repetition of work functions, inconsistent competition level, internal distraction like competition and dirty politics in team etc. Finally the jobholder must get enough off time and variety in functions to work curious and interested. Dealings with risk factors need proper and quick assistance team (Cohen , 2013). 


First of all the recruitment strategy for any company must reflects the urgent need and goals of the brand. There are some basic factors which are common in all recruitment strategies (Geng et al., 2014). They are:

  • Attitude
  • Competency
  • Skills
  • Experience

However the fourth factor varies according to the type of vacancies in any company. In the rapid changing environment the strategies are also modified and socio- political movements is another important factor too. Flextronics tries to maintain the quality and tries to hire new talents who are interested in innovation and creativity. The product technician job needs positive attitude and quick learning skills with analytic thinking. Moreover the company has high brand value and it needs to recruit best talents than its competitors in global market. Therefore HR manager can try following recruitment strategies for the job role:

Recruitment Strategies

Pipelining: This is one of the most effective strategies. In this case job sites and home sites of the company show large vacancies with detail job description and clear criteria. The focus is to make a steady flow of new or experienced talents so that the HR has unlimited options to choose (Sarkar et al., 2013). The steady flow of talents is look like pipeline.

Implementation: To implement this strategy HR needs preplanned workforce, high branding and global sourcing techniques.

Competitive: another important innovative strategy which competes with other brands in the market. To get high level of talent force firms try to advertise best salary, packages and other advantages of the company.

Implementation:  In this case HR must check the market value and analysis the strategies of other companies to find weak and strong factors in current strategy (Lewis et al., 2013).  Attractive advertise is the first part of it. Moreover the selection process is different like adding semi-formal/groupie attitude to impress the candidates.

Jobholder branding: This is an important long term strategy. The product technician is responsible for the strong and critical sectors of the company. Therefore in this case company shows some strict criteria like specialization in Testing/ manufacturing or practical work experience in PCB labs etc.

Implementation: The practical process includes checking the flexible attitude and expertise in Lab.

Critical sourcing: This is the way to fully utilize the exist work force of the company. In this case company takes references from the existing employees considering their rating.

Implementation: HR manager checks the rating of product management team and asks references for the technician posts (Hashim & Arifin , 2013). In this case highly rated employees are given first priority for references.

Data-centric: The strategy checks the current position of the company in market, lab conditions, equipment types and criteria, testing instruments types and finds suitable candidates (Salvendy , 2012).

Implementation: This is based on theoretical data and often shows traditional process for selection.

Priority and target based: According to the management report Flextronics important negative factor is time management. Therefore recruitment strategy should check quick adaptability and positive attitude to reach target.

Implementation: HR manager selects the top innovators, performers from the long line of talents. Therefore Resume must have high rate of performance here.

Finally the changing environment can make the typical strategies rigid therefore today HR managers using creative strategies to touch the quick changing environment. Some popular strategies are:

  • Advertise-oriented
  • Unusual place: Any social gathering/ mall or company stalls
  • Grouping: checking the group interaction among new candidates/students
  • Popular social media: Advertising all over social network (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Reference-oriented (Pinder , 2014)


Strategic management in selection process is important as selection or hiring is the last stage of recruitment drive. According to management charter HR managers have a bad reputation for using all efforts on managing the candidates instead of proper selection process. An improper selection process can negatively effect the brand value and profit margin of the company. Moreover Flextronics works in the highly competitive market both locally and globally. Therefore the selection/hiring process should be innovative to impress and attract both candidates and other brands in market (Truxillo et al., 2012). Product Technician must be good in time management, analytic reporting and facing critical factors/risks.

The selection/hiring strategy include the following steps:

Summary of Vacancy and evaluation: Shortlists goals and gaps for a quick analytic report and replacing unnecessary points.

Creating detail position: Includes opportunity, documentation, impression, retention, workflow and benchmarks for the firm (Pfeffer & Sutton, 2013 ).

Summarizing duties/ responsibilities: Collecting and listing general information, positional data (Pre-employment options/skills), minimum criteria (soft skills/ updated Resume), special functions (BFOQ/ license) and preferences.

Identifying purpose: Includes information from placement focus, posting duration (business days), other resources (UCR/ social network rating), agencies, and Resume boards.

Planning: Includes approval from higher authority for collected information and approaches.

Committee building: Includes functional, departmental and customer experts.

Implementation: the final step selection process is implementation. The step is further divided into followings:

Sourcing overall talents: Engaging passive and active talent sourcing using social networking and other multimedia channels (Kittur et al., 2013).

Monitoring plan: Continuous checking the recruitment process and active statistics in market.

Updating recruitment: Listing and reporting the whole process of recruitment cycle and comparing the same with previous cycles with active reports.

Review and shortlisting: Shortlisting candidates considering interest expressions, phone screening etc.

Interviews: Includes positive node from committee, question format, work samples, optimum dates etc (Johnstone et al., 2014).

Paneling: Includes introduction, description, time and steps for the panel.

Testing: Includes Virtual logging, test vendors, assessments, practical demonstration, virtual networking and standard approval (EEOC)

Hiring: Includes HR level, finalizing, referral checking and offer negotiation.

Considering all the basic steps of hiring and implementation process HR manager can use some top selection strategy for Flextronics. Moreover the geographical conditions of Kallang are another important factor here. The enriched heavy industries in Kallang can produce lots of new talents for product technician posts vacant in Flextronics.

Some effective selection strategies are:

Target-oriented: Plans the strategy considering total time and cost for recruiting, salary, cost, benefits, instruments, expansion, developments as well as training and on boarding.

ROI- focused: Includes maximum return of investment as the major goal of strategy (Pearlson et al., 2016).

Training-oriented: Includes high level of flexible coaching system for new talents.

Core-developing: Identifies with unit level, developing from planning to testing phase of product and services.

Gap-bridging: Joining all the missing chains in all levels from service, factory to management.

From the requirement of Flextronics for product technician post the target-oriented selection strategy is most suitable in Kallang to change the cons in pros (Nelson, 2014)


The report describes one specific job management strategy for the human resource manager in a highly rated brand Flextronics of Singapore. According to industrial protocol and standard the HR manager defines the product technician post and analysis the same. The report is further describes the full job specification and description. Considering the technician post description the report further designs the job following four basic factors; efficiency, motivation, safety and capacity. Moreover for the recent vacancy of the post in Kallang the report provides a detail recruitment strategy and implementation. Finally considering all the pros and cons of the technician post the selection strategy is discussed.


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