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Executive Summary

Describe about the Pestle Analysis of the Gamestop Corporation?

In this research, the researcher has extracted various frameworks that make a contextual analysis on GameStop Corporation. The ideas will frame an everlasting network that will progress various concepts in making a global territory on GameStop Corporation. Here, the researcher will vary major goals that would access marketing objectives on Game stores hub. The researcher has also varied with PESTEL analysis in making a clear idea through political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that would access the marketing objectives clearly. Hence, the concept would be determined in making the objective evident to increase trade value through a network topology on relative gaming sections.

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Gaming in today’s world is just a beginning where the virtual image is seen to be real. In this research, the researcher has taken GameStop-Power to Players to relate its objectives and backgrounds through PESTEL analysis. The researcher has taken unique ideas to relate the research of GameStop to a new platform (Botzakis, 2011). Here, the game providers are provided with Shop Play Station, Gaming Accessories, Shop Xbox One, and others. The company has its prime sources all over the country, and its Corporate Office is located at the USA. The new locators come to this GameStop hub to enjoy gaming to a new level. The ideas on Gaming have gone some way to a higher level, where the virtual image is seen to be real now. People experience gaming at their home, Play stations, mobile devices, and other areas where they find relevant but the most appropriate area to find gaming is in places like GameStop (Chinomona and Sandada, 2013).

To analyze the research further, the researcher will demonstrate PESTEL analysis in providing a justification to review its factors that correlate the impact on GameStop. The ideas will sustain through a partial framework to motivate new complexion of research with the help of marketing objectives that how Gaming has influenced the customers with a definite position in this modern world (Chris Adalikwu, 2012). Hence, this will review to make the Gaming Zone a network where people can feel their hands liking driving a car, flying abroad, hunting and others.

GameStop Corporation is a video game unit on America, has wireless service user faculty and electronics retailer. The headquarters of the company is located at Grapevine, Texas. The company has its retail store located on GameStop, Micromania, EB game brands. The founder of the company is James McCurrey and Gary M.Kusin and was founded in the year 1984. GameStop is mainly divided into two operating areas that are Video Game Brands and Technology Brands (Dr.Vanitha, 2012). The Technology Brands segment included around 218 retail outlets. This made the business concrete, and the pre-owned video games account around 47% of GameStop revenue at the end of 2014. However, during 2005 GameStop acquired revenue of USD1.44, which expanded its territories over Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (Eisenack and Reckien, 2013).

Background of the GameStop

GameStop brings a definite level in this modern world where people experience newer ideas under various platforms. People get their fantasy to play with their favorite heroes. The popular games played on PSP, Xbox, and PlayStation is played over the multiplayer users through advanced level. New gaming hubs are created all over the places over the world. This has influenced ideas to make the competition to a higher level because technology has reached somewhere beyond the touch of a human (Ellington, 2012). There are other brands in GameStop hub, which owned a magazine for the company for subscriptions packages at leading GameStop locations. This is however increased the Credit trade values around 10% on all accessories and game coupons. GameStop also came through the critics that discovered customers in removing new packages from the original one. Failure comes to every Company, but a company with larger dreams can be the one and only, and so has the GameStop one of the popular gaming hub around the World (Geyer, 2011).

PESTLE analysis is called sometimes as PEST analysis. It is a concept referred on the marketing objectives and policies that determine various impact and policies of the company. To make the research eventful, the researcher has taken this concept in determining how GameStop will add to planning resources (Yüksel, 2012). This will also make the environment subjective in operating planning of latest products and services on GameStop. PESTEL analysis stands for its relative positions where:

  • P for Political area
  • E for Economic area
  • S for Social area
  • T for Technological area
  • E for Environment area
  • L for legal area

There may be relative questions associated in framing the whole environment to a definite level. Angles have been created in tracking the plan that would contemplate a new idea in this research.  This idea will frame through the marketing convention that makes an ethical dilemma in this research (Yüksel, 2012). On conducting the framework, the research would view certain questions that how political situation of the country will affect GameStop? What will be the prevalent economic factors? How technological innovations have led to the marketing structure? The answers of these questions will be under the image of business that how GameStop is attracting more customers through the lead process of innovation and technology. In order to access the economic position, GameStop forms the major backbone of strategic management in defining the company through organizational goals and objectives (Miller and Washington, 2013). Thus, it is important to conduct a PESTLE analysis that will be imperative to gain company’s advantage under the comprehensive version of SWOT analysis.

In the contemporary world, it is seen that Politics plays a very important role in expanding business territories. This would be under a balanced environment on free markets and system control. Here, the global economies succeed from the domestic economies that are under opportunity and threat to expand on new regions (Meadows, 2013). It applies for major firms that identify optimal resources for production and sales. To make GameStop politic, the major factors are through:

  • Tax policies
  • Government’s stability
  • Entry mode of the regulations made
  • Social policies like social welfare, religion, caste
  • Trade regulations that include EU AND NAFTA

This factor measures the health of economic regions mainly. The economic state has the tendency to change a lot from the firm’s lifetime. In comparing the current levels of increase in prices, economical growth, international trades and unemployment, GameStop will judge a better prospect in carrying out a strategic plan (Maricic, et al. 2012). The examples related to this economic plan are as follows:

  • Disposable incomes of most buyer
  • Credit accessibilities
  • Unemployment rate
  • Inflation
  • Interest rate

PESTEL analysis

This factor assessess on the mentalities of the individual or the consumers that are driven into the market on GameStop. Hence, these may be called as demographic factors. The social indicators include on the exchange rate, inflation, and GDP that are critical on management resources (Marfels, 2011). The factors that help in economy might lead to certain changes that primarily focus on:

  • Population demographics that includes aging in population
  • Change in lifestyle and trends
  • Educational level
  • Distribution of wealth

This step recognizes the availability of potential resources that are considered good to be eminent in GameStop Corporation. Here, the technological advancements optimize the internal efficiency that helps various products and services, which become obsolete (Luther, 2011). Hence, the role of business is increasing frequently over the years. Thus, the trend will continue to drive innovations of research and development towards newer dimensions. The evolving technology of GameStop has optimized internal efficiency on a greater scale where management finds deliberate position to adapt it through good strategy. This would be under the strategic change related to threats and opportunities. The common examples are:

  • Innovations and discoveries
  • Rate of technology and its advancement
  • Rate of technology and planning policies
  • Newer technological platforms like VHS and DVD

In this segment, both the consumers and governments are penalized for the firms that have an adverse effect on the environment (Keller and Thackeray, 2011). The gaming area would find a polluting environment as the government puts huge fines on this. The reason is that companies are rewarded for a positive impact on their environment. Hence, the consumer would be willing to switch brands if the business would find an ignorable environment. However, the impact on the environment would raise a major concern on GameStop as the environment would benefit the company evenly (Huntemann and Aslinger, 2013). The common examples include:

  • Waste disposal of certain laws
  • Environmental protection law
  • Regulation on energy consumptions
  • Popular attitudes on environments

This step would involve learning on certain laws and regulations in a specific region. Since, this is the last factor in this analysis this would overview the startup links associated on the political framework. There are many legal issues which, affect the company but do not act responsibly (Guarino, 2012). This is due to the legal pitfalls that have the confidentiality in meeting these regulations on GameStop. The common factors include:

  • Employment regulations
  • Competitive regulations
  • Product regulations
  • Patent infringements
  • Health and safety regulations made

Thus, it is common to conduct PESTEL analysis in taking any decisions that GameStop Corporation would implement in this research (Botzakis, 2011). The research would however conduct a hypothesis that influences major objectives undertaken on GameStop to address major features. This may be one-to-one process, competitive change on consequences, etc. To analyze the macro-environment, the framework of GameStop should have a strategic change on its competitive development (Chris Adalikwu, 2012). Hence, these would plan to strategize various changes for the company in taking major particular decisions.

The decisions made on the effective campaign will relate objectives to study major features associated in developing a plan. This plan will help to demonstrate GameStop accessibly to retain the market share and profitability on decision-making process (Guarino, 2012).  However, with the help of marketing objectives GameStop Corporation will create new concepts on vision and demand. In justifying the concepts regarding the factors of GameStop, the following objectives are demonstrated as follows:

Political factors

Creation of demand: The marketing objective will help to create a specific demand in attempting a contrast change in consumer’s preference. The devices and services that are maintained on GameStop Corporation would enhance customer satisfaction in making the demand on increased rate. However, this would be a customer-oriented method (Huntemann and Aslinger, 2013).

Market Share: Here, the business section brings an increasing change in the market with the total sales in economy. GameStop Corporation brings a major change that would help to increase the market to a good extent due to its technology and the advertising procedure. It also has an innovative change on its promotional activities (Luther, 2011).

Customer satisfaction: In this method, the marketing managers make most of its demand in offering devices and services for selling purpose (Shilei and Yong, 2009). This helps GameStop Corporation to make the modern market in dealing with customers effectively through a customer-oriented strategy.

Generation of profits: This is one of the most important objectives in this topic evolved. To generate revenue, the marketing department would hold good image in increasing huge profits on GameStop Corporation (Plunkett, 2011). However, the change will secure huge profits in surviving in market comfortably.

Creation of Good will and Public image: The marketing departments will generate huge profits that will sustain good image on GameStop Corporation (Thomas, 2013). This will also help to generate large amount of revenue terms that monitor to increase profits on the quality, maintenance and service with reasonable prices.


In this topic, the researcher has concluded various positions that make the research evident in increasing profits and revenue on business promotions. This would enhance comprehensive ideas to justify how GameStop Corporation leads to good justification in making decision and objectives of the solution. The ideal factor in this topic would sustain mean position that have a contemporary environment on service quality and increasing high production on relative game hubs. The researcher has made a clear territory through PESTEL analysis to demonstrate how political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors relate stability in marketing position. This would also attract the target audience that comes from different areas in GameStop to enjoy gaming. Hence, this concludes an evident position that justifies gaming stores has modified the global impact of this new generation to a newer level. This has instanced with new resources and technologies that has advanced a greater framework on GameStop- Power to Players.

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