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Critical thinking

Discuss the Professional Practice in IT for Corporate Communication.

This journal is mainly aimed to make a reflective discussion on ten communication topics such as critical thinking, non-verbal and verbal communication, motivation as well as learning, interpersonal communication, mediated communication, group dynamics, leadership skills, conflict negotiations, ethics and intercultural communication. This journal has initially discussed the topics and then discusses how the topics transpire in a reflective aspect such as at work or as a student. 

Critical thinking or Critical Analysis is a rational as well as clear thinking which involves critique. The details of the critical thinking mainly vary amongst those who can demonstrate the critical thinking. As per the opinion of Jackson (2015), Critical Analysis or Critical Thinking is implementing a reasoned and a clear judgement. At the time of the process of critical analysis, ideas should be well thought out, judged as well as reasoned.

As per my perspective, critical thinking is the major avenue through which we can provide the best evidence of a particular fact through reality. In personal life, as an employee or student, people always have to go through a continuous learning phase. Therefore, in this learning phase, critical thinking helps us the most. We have to phase several problems while working in an organization as well as we also have to understand the prioritization importance at the same time. In such situations critical thinking can provide the solutions to get rid of those problems. Therefore, Critical thinking is very important as a communication tool in personal life of us.  

Verbal as well as the non-verbal communication are the two major classifications or the categories of communication (Argenti 2015). Verbal Communication is mainly the sharing of information among the individuals by utilizing speech. People working within a particular business, need to utilize effectively the verbal communication, which employs understood readily the spoken words and ensuring that the communication, tone of voice and stress with that the words can be expressed properly (Eisenberg, Goodall and Trethewey 2013). On the other hand, the non-verbal communication among people is the process of communication with the help of the receiving and sending wordless clues are given.

As per my own perspective, both the verbal as well as non-verbal communication are very important for us in our workplace or our schools and colleges. Employees and students should have the potential to communicate verbally and non-verbally as well. In any critical situation depending on the circumstances, we need to utilize both of the communication strategies.  In any important meeting or interview, we have to verbally communicate with the interviewers as well as the other members who are participating in the meeting. On the other hand, in case of the non-verbal communication, eye-contact, postures, clothing, gestures and especially first impression is very important while impressing teachers, professors, interviewers and the supervisors.  

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Motivation is the internal as well as external factors those can stimulate the energy as well as the desire in people to be continually committed and interested to a specific job, subject or role or for making an effort for attaining an objective (Kusurkar, Artino and Ten Cate 2015). On the other hand, Learning can be defined as the relatively permanent as well as measurable change in the behaviour through study, instruction or experience (Erhel and Jamet 2013).

As per my personal view, both of the factors such as motivation and learning are very important in our personal lives such as our educational fields or workplaces. We need to have good learning skill in order to survive in the professional world. Motivation and teh motivational factors always help us to be energetic in order to accomplish certain tasks in our personal life. In other hand, I must say that motivation and learning are interrelated with each other. Without heaving a good learning skill, motivation cannot be achieved.

Interpersonal communication can be defined as the process with the help of which people can easily exchange feelings, meaning and information through the non-verbal as well as verbal messages (Knapp, Vangelisti and Caughlin 2014). Interpersonal communication is simply the face to face communication. The interpersonal communication skills can be enhanced and developed or improved with the enhanced practice and knowledge.

According to my personal view, the interpersonal communication is not only regarding what is stated actually the language utilized but how or through what procedure it is mainly stated as well as the non-verbal messages sent over the body language, gestures, facial expressions and voice tone as well. The interpersonal communication is the combination of both of the verbal and non-verbal communication skills. We always need to have the verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order to make a proper interpersonal communication with others in the workplaces and the schools and colleges. Being students or employees, we should always be presentable in the interpersonal communication.

Mediated interaction or the mediated communication is mainly defined as the communication, which is carried out with the utility of Information Communication Technology as well as can also be contrasted to the face to face communication (Kerr and Hiltz 2013). On the other hand, in case of the computer mediated communication, it can also be defined as any kind of communication made by human-beings that occurs with the help of the usage of two or more electronic devices (Herring, Stein and Virtanen 2013).

Motivation and learning

According to my point of view, computer mediated communication (CMC) is becoming a significant communication medium in the educational as well as in the corporate world. Nowadays, most of the examinations are arranged via online. On the other hand, same goes for the interviews arranged by the organizations. In companies, employees have to deal with the foreign clients and that can be done only with the help of the computer mediated communication such as the social networking. Therefore, CMC is playing a significant role in our personal lives as well as our professional lives. 

Group dynamics is such a system of the psychological processes as well as the behaviours obtaining within a social group or among the social groups (Levi 2016). The group dynamic study can be helpful in order to understand the behaviour of decision making, create effective therapy techniques, track the spread of diseases in society as well as following the popularity and emergence of the new technologies and ideas.

As we all know that people should have the decision skill in the educational field as well as in the workplaces. Therefore, in order to gain a proper decision making skill, we need to have to keep a proper group dynamics. The group dynamics can also help us to understanding the core factors of the racism, sexism as well as the other forms of social discriminations. Therefore, we can study these kinds of applications in the business, education as well as communication studies. Most importantly, the group dynamics can play a significant role in order to build a proper leadership skill within us. Thus, group dynamics is such a form of communication that has a huge significance in our personal as well as professional lives.

Leadership skill is such a type of capability of effectively leading is based on the number of major skills (Schoemaker, Krupp and Howland 2013). These particular skills are sought highly after by the employers because they have to deal with the people in such a way as for motivating, building as well as enthusing respect.

As my personal view, I feel that the leadership skills are very important for not only the employers but also to the students, This is simply because, students have to participate in debates as well as group discussions and without having a proper leadership skill, it becomes difficult for them to properly communicate in the group discussion and debate. On the other hand, as a communication skill, leadership quality has a huge implication in the corporate world. Employers as well as the employees should individually have a proper leadership skill as they need to important decisions by their own and have to manage their works and fulfil their own responsibilities. Therefore, I have to accept the fact that leadership skills have huge implication among the students as well as the employees in the educational and corporate world.

Interpersonal communication

Conflict resolution or the conflict negotiation is actually conceptualized as the processes as well as the methods involved in order to facilitate the peaceful ending of the retribution and the conflict as well (Wallensteen 2015).

In the educational as well as the corporate field, we should always have the potential to negotiate as well as resolve particular conflict occurs in any group. As committed members of a particular, we should always try to attempt for resolving the conflicts obtaining in a group by communicating information actively regarding our conflicting ideologies or motives to rest of the group as well as by involving in the collective resolution. On the other hand, in the educational as well as corporate world, the cognitive resolution can be the way for us for viewing as well as understanding the conflicts with our perspectives, beliefs, attitudes and understandings as well. Therefore, we should always try to identify the conflict before negotiating that conflict occurring in a particular. It would thus give us more precise way to resolve the problems and consequences.

Ethics is that philosophy branch that involves the recommending, defending as well as systemizing the concepts of the wrong and right conduct (Ferrell and Fraedrich 2015). On the other hand, business ethics is the form of professional as well as applied ethics that tests the moral or ethical issues and ethical principles that arise in a business environment (Weiss 2014).

As per my personal viewpoint, we should be aware of the professional ethics in order to properly fulfil our responsibilities in the educational as well as the corporate world. Students should have the idea regarding the moral as well as the ethical norms of the schools and colleges where they are studying. On the other hand, the employees should also have to know the ethical as well as the moral norms of the companies where they are working. Ethics is such a form of communication with the help of which, students as well as the employees should fulfil all the expectations towards them from the schools, colleges and the companies.

Intercultural Communication is such a type of communication process that is defined as the situated communication among the groups or the individuals cultural as well as the linguistic origins (Jandt 2015). It is the active relationship, which is built among people through language.

According to my perspective, the intercultural communication is the implicit element of the most of the language features as the autonomous subject in the disciplinary fields. In the business organizations as well as in the schools and colleges, students and employees have to be well-prepared in the intercultural communication skill. While students go to abroad for education, then the intercultural communication skill would help those students to manage with the environment. On the other hand, while an employee has to deal with a foreign client then he or she needs to have a proper intercultural communication skill to properly communicate with that client. Therefore, I must say that the intercultural communication is very important for us in the educational and in the professional field.


After the entire conversation made in this particular journal, it can easily be stated that the all the communication processes, which I have discussed above are very important in order to deal with any kind of situation in the educational as well as the corporate world. Students and employees should be well-prepared in all of the communicational aspects in order to establish a proper communication with the teachers, professors, employees, subordinates, supervisors as well as the important clients of schools, colleges and organizations respectively.

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