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Describe about the Project Charter for The WOWS Project.


The project report is based on WOWS project involves the migration of the current paper based clinical documentation system into an advanced digital solutions. With the use of the digital solution, WGCI improves their quality of care with increase in efficiency as well as accuracy. The WOWS should improve over their current clinical system. This project intends to introduce current process to treat the employees. This system consists of the patient’s data to support the history of the patients.

Problem Statement

The problem statement is that the existing system of WGCI is paper-based system that makes the communication between the service provider and patients difficult. Due to this, there are lack of centralized data repository and insufficient process to analyze the information of the patients. Therefore, the current system of the organization is back dated and lack of use of technology.

Project Vision

The vision of the project is to implement WOWS in WGCI with development in 6 months with a budget of $700,000. The purpose of this project is to give accurate information on patient’s medical history. The vision of the organization is to target the patients by providing web based database driven prototype system to collect their information accurately.

Project Objectives
  • To develop a Web-based Oncological Working System for WGCI
  • To complete the project plan within 6 months and a budget of $700,000
  • To update and maintenance of the patient’s information so that it an easily access
Summary Budget

Project Budget Item

Cost (in $)

Project management cost


Inherited data transfer


Training to the staff


Hardware requirements


CRM licenses


System software




Success criteria for the project

The success factors of this WOWS project are the involvement of the user in the project work, support from the senior level management, and understanding of the hardware as well as software requirements of this project. Proper planning is required to be done before staring the project work such as accurate estimation of budget and schedule (Dalcher, 2015). Due to development of WOWS project, the proposed system can update and maintain the patient’s information. the entire data becomes centralized so that it can transfer from one location to another.

Summary of the project management methodology

Agile Methodology:

This methodology is used for the project plan as with using this methodology the project plan gives significant flexibility as well as speed to the project plan. This methodology is best suited for the project, as it requires less control as well as real time communication with self-motivated settings of team (Randolph, 2014). This methodology is highly iterative as well as it allows for rapid adjustments through the project.

Project Plan
Project scope

The scope of this project plan is divided into in scope and out scope and it is categorized as follows:





Story Name


16th Aug


Specific requirements of WOWS


All the hardware and software requirements for proposed system are reviewed.

8th Sep


Development of training materials

Training materials

Training should be provider to the service providers of the patients so that they can handle the technical system, therefore development over the training materials are required to be providers to the system’s users (Kerzner, 2013).

19th Sep


Design and Development

Development of WOWS

The scope is to develop the best methods to design, develop and quality control of the proposed system.


Out of scope

Out of scope item 1: The study is required for WGCI to change the market strategies as per the requirements of the patients.

Out of scope item 2: Invitation to the targeted participants is required to get the feedback from them.

Out of scope item 3: This study is required to aware WGCI about their current market position and strategies used.

Assumptions, constraints and expectations

Assumption1: The assumptions are to be taken by the undertaking director is that every one of the deliverables are done such that the framework would track the status of the request given by the clients with hours spent with the end goal of charging (Verzuh, 2015).

Assumption 2: Every one of the deliverables of the undertaking arrangement ought to be conveyed in the given due date and assessed spending plan.

Assumption 3: The undertaking arrangement ought to be planned after the rules of the venture.

Assumption 4: The issues are to be distinguished and the risk officer ought to find a way to maintain a strategic distance from those identified issues (Burke, 2013). Finally, taking into account the above presumptions the task arrangement must meet with the undertaking targets.




Use of system

The project constraints are that the proposed system is platform independent and it should be kept secured from the unauthorized use.


Proper technology is not used and the system is not updated in time (Abdel Azeem, Hosny, & Ibrahim, 2014).


There is also a constraint of cost if the estimated budget is not covering the purchase of both hardware as well as software needed for the project (Kerzner, 2013).


There are constraints of resources if proper estimation of budget is not done on time.   


Expectation1: The project manager expects that they should complete the project plan within 6 months and within the estimated budget of $700,000.

Expectation 2: The project manager also expects that they require more resources for successfully develop the WOWS for the clinical activities.

Project Risks


Mitigation Strategy

Technical Risk: There is failure in the system implementation and the equipments are outdated

Due to failure in the system, it hampers the operations of business. The data are to be analyzed properly and the system should be kept up-to-date (Elkabets & Shohet, 2012).

Financial Risk: There is improper estimation of the budget and lack of fund.

The scope of the project is required to minimize. The cost is to be estimated on time. The system requirements should be implemented as per the budget (Eric Kirkland, 2014).

Operational Risk: There is error in handling of the system.

The system’s complexity is reduced and training should be given to the workers (Evans & Pipkin, 2012).

Schedule Risk: There is improper estimation of the time.

Entire project plan should require to schedule properly with estimation of all the activities efficiently.

Project Governance
Project Governance

Figure 1: Project Governance

(Source: Davis, 2014, pp-200)

Project participants and its Roles and responsibilities






Phil Smart

Western Gippsland Cancer Institute (WGCS)

Their responsibility is to control the overall situation of the company, its strategy and policy and monitoring the authority.


Bill Bright

Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Artificial Intelligence Research

Their responsibility is to conduct meeting with the stakeholders and take business related decisions (Hallgren, 2012).

Project Manager

(Insert your name)


The project manager manages the project and accomplishes the objectives within the project constraints (Maier & Branzei, 2014). The person is also responsible for outcome of the project.

Project Sponsor

Dan Marino


The project sponsor collects the funds for the project plan.


Jelly Fundary


The doctors take care of the required patient’s information and take care of their health.

Business/ System Analyst

Katty Kelly


They have the skills to interpret the functional requirements of the business (Verzuh, 2015).

Senior supplier

Nick Chen


The senior supplier estimates the additional work, supply the required raw materials and review the supply plan.

Service provider

Anny Andy


The service provider maintains the data of the patients and stores their personal information into the WOWS.

Database Administrator

Anne Hathaway


They develop as well as ensure the security and integrity of the database (Kerzner, 2013).Their roles are security, warehousing as well as architecture.

Risk Officer

Jack Hualy


The risk officer identifies the risk and mitigates it on time.

Summary schedule




13th Aug

Completion of the assumption of the hardware and software requirements

Hardware and software requirements document

19th Sep

Identify the in scope and out scope of the system

Scope Document

4th Oct

Design of the system plan

Design Document of the proposed system

29th Oct

Approval of the project plan

Approval Document

16th Nov

Hire of the required workers

Human Resource plan document

12th Dec

Testing of the system and user acceptance

Testing Document

13th Jan

Identification of the risks

Risk Management Plan

Sign-off section for all stakeholders


Name of stakeholder


Director of WGCS

Phil Smart


Director of Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Artificial Intelligence Research

Bill Bright


Project Manager

(Please insert your name)


Project Sponsor

Dan Marino


Business/ System Analyst

Katty Kelly


Senior supplier

Nick Chen


Database Administrator

Anny Andy


Risk Officer

Jack Hualy




Abdel Azeem, S., Hosny, H., & Ibrahim, A. (2014). Forecasting project schedule performance using probabilistic and deterministic models. HBRC Journal, 10(1), 35-42.

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Verzuh, E. (2015). The fast forward MBA in project management. John Wiley & Sons.

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