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Project Overview


Discuss about the Project Focuses on Buildin Footway and Bikeway.

The project focuses on building a footway along with a bikeway that is much more safe, reliable and sustainable for several pedestrians and cyclists.

The tender was organized for approving the sum of $34,430 for the footway and bikeway project. All the members of the team have been working with the consultant of the Mackay Regional Council and to continue all the designed work accordingly (Baguley, 2008). The project charter now needs to set up a confident team of understanding individuals to provide all the deliverables that are required for the project and at the same time would help the consultant team for completing and managing the entire project.

The benefits that can be obtained completing the project is mentioned below:

  • Reduce Accidents
  • Creation of jobs for the tenure of the construction period
  • Improved accessibility and safety
  • Improved facilities for all the pedestrians and cyclists
  • Ample Space for parking

The Project Charter helps to outline the milestone, delivery strategy, budget, schedule, risks, scope and mitigation strategies that are attached with the project (Collins, 2011). After the completion of the Project Charter the team can finally decide the final detailed design of the construction schedule. After the charter is being approved by the council it will help as the guide for managing the entire project.

The mission of the project is to build a footway and bikeway so as to reduce the number of accidents along with providing a wide area for parking and helping in the proper functioning of the nearby locality (Verweire, 2014). The footway and bikeway will also provide links for the existing and future pathways and trails.

The project has a huge contribution to the objectives of the city and by enhancing the transportation among the city it also increases the economic vitality of the town (Dykstra, 2011). The following listed below signifies the importance of the footway and bikeway in the transportation zone.

  • Bicycle Master Plan
  • Greenway Plan
  • Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Regional Growth Strategy
  • The success of the project will entirely depend on the completion of the project along with all the parameters
  • Improved and added value of the project that are required for investment
  • Short term job creation in all prospect
  • Reduction in the annual maintenance and the cost of maintenance
  • Improved crossing experience for cyclist and pedestrians
  • On road bike lanes that comes from both side of the bridge
  • Multi use trail for both the cyclist and pedestrians
  • Improved road techniques on both the side
  • Much enhanced accessibility and safety measures
  • Utility relocation on all sides
  • Public art and landscaping
  • Decommissioning
  • Improved road approaches in all ways

The total cost of designing and constructing the entire bridge is estimated to be $37,000            assuming that there are no changes in the condition and especially for the prices that are quite available for labor. The cost estimation that is well provided in June includes 15% contingency that is well recommended by the group (Hamre, 2016). The entire budget depends on the number of days that the project is expected to be completed as more the number of days that is required to complete the project it is assumed that more of labor and more of money will be used as because all the wages that are determined here are dependent on time availability and the number of workers that are involved in completing the project successfully. Another important quotient is raw materials, these materials are also important to determine the budget as the rate of the raw materials varies from different places and it also depends on the quality that one is using for the construction of the footway and bikeway, if the contractor uses high quality materials then the budget will definitely rise and if he is using local and cheap materials then the budget might be more pocket friendly and within the grasp of the government (Heerkens, 2015). The cost control measures are actually employed to monitor the overall budget of the project.


SUB PROGRAM : Footpaths & Bikeways

Stage 1

 $                                                                  20,500.00


Stage 2

 $                                                                  13,880.00



 $                                                                  34,380.00


Benefits of the Project

Stage 1

Hand placed concrete paving, footpaths and bikeways



 $                          11.50

 $                     19,573

Hand placed coloured paving, 100 mm thick, to shared path, Paperbark / Liquorice (Refer Supp Spec No. 8200)



 $                            6.00

 $                         750

Hand placed concrete paving, 100 mm thick, to shared path, with exposed aggregate finish (Refer Supp Spec No. 8201)



 $                            7.50

 $                         210

Hand placed concrete paving, 100 mm thick, to shared path cobblestone inset, with exposed aggegate finish (Refer Supp Spec No. 8201)



 $                            8.40

 $                           17



Stage 2

Hand placed concrete paving, footpaths and bikeways



 $     11.50

 $                      13,455

Hand placed coloured paving, 100 mm thick, to shared path, Paperbark / Licorice (Refer Supp Spec No. 8200)



 $      6.00

 $                           252

Hand placed concrete paving, 100 mm thick, to shared path, with exposed aggregate finish (Refer Supp Spec No. 8201)



 $      7.50

 $                           173



The schedule of the project is considered to be the amount of time that is required for designing the details of the steel along with the other components such as fabrication and manufacturing; it further involves the process of testing, erection, many other approaches of construction. The project has a stipulated deadline of March 31. The project team must keep in mind that they must complete the construction within the given date or else it can affect the budget (Hyväri, 2006). This must also consider all the other necessary coordination that occurs with the work windows during the end of the annual year.

External Dependencies

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Construction of the availability and economy of all the affordable materials
  • Completing the project effectively with several critical resources


The scope of the project, budget, and schedule are all elementary factors that are useful for completing the following stated below:

  • The budget is assumed to stay under $37,000
  • The economic conditions does not changes instantly
  • There are several well reputed contractors that are interested and available for the project
  • Decisions are just made bang on time according to the Schedule
  • Existing decommissioning can be easily achieved with all the sustainable, affordable and reasonable techniques that are also used for meeting the requirement of the project schedule.
  • Profit Margin is being reduced and assumed to around 5% for a better experience.

Progress management – Formal reporting is always measured on a quarterly basis that is directly reported to the steering committee and to the additional council department for further decisions and milestones. The steering committee is being managed by the city manager as the general manager of the operation team along with the director of corporate communication (Limiting Future Proliferation and Security Risks, 2011). The regular updates and reports are posted to the public with the information that is surrounded by the development of the entire project with various status reports.

Change management - The significant aspect of the change management will be approved with the help of the steering committee that changes along with the items that are under the scope management within the escalations that are provided along with the budget of the project (Maylor, 2010). It also consists of the changes that are fundamentally associated with the charter and will be presented for final approval.

Quality management – The prime consultant will be the Mackay Regional Council that will be completely responsible for the entire design for the integrity of the tasks that are performed to be undertaken under the contract. The contractor that is appointed is responsible for all the compliances that are figured out within the design and is further set out in the document that is prepared by the Council.

Quality Assurance – A control budget for the project will be developed for increasing its value. All the contents will be compared and monitored in respect to the actual task that is completed in respect to the project head that has the power for authorizing the payment (Othman, 2014). The actual cost will be further reported against the baseline with the use of proper packaged costing software. The estimates of completing the task will also be updated in the schedule with the cash flow forecasts.

The major risks will be reviewed and updated accordingly to the current understanding of the uncertainties and risks as the project plan progresses.

The design and the contracting strategy receives a proper public approval to borrow all the necessary funds that can easily replace the footway and bikeway along with all the staffs and the consulting team that have been exploring different construction method that are identified easily and is the most suitable one for the project including its risks, timeline and scope (Ponnappa, 2014). This method is further recommended by the approach of construction management for the advancement of the bridge project.

Project Cost Estimation

The design assist is the method that is recommended for the purpose of construction management for the betterment of the Footway and Bikeway project. The team of the design assist is collaborative team that helps in the project delivery method to capitalize all the benefits of the engagement of the subcontractors that are managed by the design assist team. The main significance of the Design Assist Method is its faster delivery of projects that eliminates the total cost that are caused by inefficient and under constructible designs that are better for the Footway and Bikeway Project.

The project can be completed in 4 different phases that involves Project initiation, Design, Construction and the Completion. The project Charter includes all the project updates and important decision tool that is important for the council along with the decision points that are included below:

Project Charter – The head of the council approves the charter that is required to allow the project for continue moving forward. This forces the project team to deliver the project on specific time.

Price for Product Supply – The preliminary design needs to be completed and then move forward and request for a specific proposal that will be issued in order to retain the shop fabricator and to secure all the unit prices required for the hand placed concrete paving. When the fabricator joins the design team, the production from then on can commence easily. Then the team staffs will put forward the report to when the prices of the colored concrete paving unit receives its contract for the project (Sommer, 2010). If the council feels that the budget is just above par then it may use other alternatives to reduce the price and narrow down the budget according to the requirement of the project.

Proposal for General contractors – The staff is intended to bring a report after the proposals from a specific general contractor that has received the order according to the recommendations that are required by the council (Proceedings of government/industry forum, 2002). In this case as well if the prices of the contractor fall gradually then the council has all the authority to curb down the prices and then consider further alternatives.

Project Celebration

The quarterly updates on the projects status as per the council will also be updated for completion of the approach structure material, preliminary design and other detailed design.

There are several risks that are quite typical and the projects are quite manageable. These can be typically managed to use all the appropriate cost measures and other project management techniques that are managed by the project team quite effectively in all respect. In respect to this project there are several major risks that can potentially have a significant impact on the prescribed budget. There are some that can be directly influenced by the project team and there even such that are completely depended on the condition of the market (Slocum-Bradley, 2007). That In this case the coloured concrete pavings represents the most important portion that includes the cost and the footway and bikeway material. It will also be important to employ all the mitigation strategies that are outlined below for reducing the risk factor.

The mitigation strategies include the prices of the secure coloured concrete pavings as soon as possible by retaining the shop and include them to the design assist team for further assistance (Valsamakis, Vivian and Du Toit, 2010). They also help to secure general contractor to the earliest so that they can start working with the assist team. It also must be kept in mind that they work cooperatively for the benefit of the project team and also for other external utilities.


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