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Purpose of Communication


What is the purpose of communication?

Who is your audience?

What is the message that is to be communicated?

What channel do you want to use to communicate your message?

It is the responsibility of Human Resource to identify the human resource requirements in a company or organization. The process of recruitment and selection should start immediately after needs have been identified. Recruitment is the process of knowing the ability of candidates that can fill the vacancies in an organization. A recruitment process will be attractive to a large number of applicants that would be interested in filling the position advertised. It should also give enough information so that those unqualified candidates can withdraw themselves out since they will have known the requirements that they do not meet.

Recruitment is defined as the process that attracts employees and stimulates them to apply for the job vacancy. It can also mean the process of hiring the right candidates for the right job. Recruitment can be divided into two categories, for example, internal and external recruitment types. The two types of recruitment can sometimes be carried out simultaneously in an organization. Selection, on the other hand, is the process of picking the right candidates for a particular job. Selection of the right employees is beneficial to the company in terms of legal aspects, performance, and the cost.

The Healthcare United is aiming to be the leading provider of healthcare professionals in Australia. It currently employs not less than 1500 healthcare professionals. It currently has two branches, the Victor branch, and the NSW. There is an intention to expand its operations in Hobart. The Healthcare United has visions and among them include to provide the best and highly qualified professionals for the customers, to be in front in up to date technological advancement among others (Srivastava, Shukla and Basma, 2016).

The managers at Healthcare United will always be in front line in selection, recruitment, and training of personnel. It is required that the Human Resource department gives support to the management department in all the necessary requirements. The policy for recruitment requires that recruitment and selection are conducted in two- three weeks -time frame. Position analysis is carried out in all vacancies and new openings. Usually, all job vacancies are supposed to be advertised both internally and externally for a period of ten working days except in cases where special cases arise that may require time to be reduced and other steps to be bypassed. These special cases must get approval from the general manager. Therefore, internal recruitment is equally important to the organization since it is a way of motivating and practicing good will for the employees within the organization  (Omisore and Okofu, 2014). When conducting interviews, a trained selection team is required to execute the work. The selection staff must possess the required knowledge and skills in that specific area so that they ensure to select the right person for the right job. The selection panel must also adhere to the guidelines provided by the manager. They are constantly supervised by the manager. Healthcare United provides equal opportunity for all the employees who wish to work with them.


Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures

The statement of Policy

The Healthcare United is a company that needs to recruit the best possible healthcare experts and it is an equal opportunity provider. It ensures that it gives everybody a chance to work with them provided they meet the academic, ethical, and professional qualifications (Searle, 2004). The reason for the carrying out the recruitment and selection process is to ensure that they get the best experts for their human resource that would serve their customers diligently and professionally. The healthcare services are crucial and therefore they need qualified experts. Because of the delicate nature of the services they offer, they need to be careful when carrying out their recruitment and selection so that no problems arise in terms of incompetence and unethical behavior (Sayce, Weststar, and Verma, 2012).

The Healthcare United recruitment process has been developed to correspond with the strategies, relevant legislations, and normal procedures of the organization. This is done to ensure that everything done concerning recruitment and selection of employees do not violate in any way whatsoever the standing orders or the rules and guidelines that run the organization. In this case, every governing aspect must be considered during the process.

The process of recruitment and selection is an involving one that entails several procedures to be followed. The following procedures have to be followed when carrying out recruitment and selection:

  1. Analysis of the vacant position
  2. Description of that particular position
  3. Advertising the position
  4. Shortlisting of applicants
  5. Preparing for the interview
  6. Interviewing applicants
  7. Checking the references
  8. Offering job
  9. Giving feedback to unsuccessful applicants

It is necessary to do a thorough analysis to a position that has fallen vacant to see whether it is still needed in the organization. This should be done to ascertain whether there are proper responsibilities for anybody who is employed in that position. Analysis helps ensure that this person does not lack what to do and the company or organization really in dire need of this position to be filled (Bove?e and Thill, 2013).

It is the responsibility of the manager to notify the Human Resource department about a vacant position and request for the permission for position form. In the permission for the position form, the manager fills his sections (Recruitment & selection of staff, 1985). He also elaborately explains why the vacant position needs to be filled and then takes the form back to the Human Resource Department.

The position description involves quoting the position title, giving the key objectives of the job, stating the qualifications required for the job, and stating the terms and conditions of the job. The position description is as important as any other part in the recruitment and selection process. It gives an overview of the job and enables the applicants to understand the nature of the job before making a decision to apply  (Setyowati, 2016).

Healthcare United Advertising Policy

The policy requires that all positions are advertised internally for a period of not less than ten working days. But this may not happen only if the senior management has authorized otherwise. The internal advertisement is done in the HU newsletter and distributed via the intranet every Friday morning. Hard copies of the advertisement are placed on noticeboards in the offices and lunchrooms for everybody in the organization to read. The external advertisement is done after the internal one has been done so that the external world can also apply for the position available in the organization (Pearse, 2011). The importance of internal advertisement is that it gives the people within the organization and with required qualification opportunity to secure jobs. The organization also benefits because they do not spend extra money in reaching this person. It is advantageous to the organization because they know the history and ability of these people more than anybody from outside. However, internal recruitment has its own disadvantages. For instance, there is no room for new and fresh mind found, little or no creativity can be found in the employees because they are either exhausted psychologically or physically; they may not work with the same vigor as the outside newly employed  (Touo, 2009).


This is another important process in recruitment and selection. It involves eliminating unqualified applicants and picking those that have passed scrutiny (Sparrow, 2007). In Healthcare United, it is mandatory that all internal applicants go through the interview process. This is to ensure that there is no biases and favoritism. As had been stated here repeatedly that the Healthcare United is an equal opportunity employer, it ensures that everybody is given a chance to pass through the mandatory process of recruitment as laid down in the laws (Plumbley, 1991).

  1. Administration staff collects all the CVs, collate them and hand them over to the Human Resource Department.
  2. The Human Resource Manager reads the description of the position and the requirements in the advertisement to ensure that he or she is aware of what is needed from the applicants.
  3. The Human Resource Manager goes through each external applicant CV and puts them into categories. The categories are the ‘yes’, no, or ‘maybe’.
  4. The Human Resource Manager goes on to review the ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ piles and completes a short-list chart for the external applicants first before embarking on the internal applicants’ CVs.
  5. The Human Resource Manager reads all the internal applications, fills and completes the short-list chart.
  6. He or She then collates all the documents from internal applications and short- listed external applicants.
  7. He or She then organizes for the administration staff and request them to send all external applicants that have not been shortlisted a standard letter by post to inform them that they have not been short-listed for the position interview.

Healthcare United make use of interviewing selection technique. The interviews are conducted at the head office only and not at branches of Healthcare United  (Plumbley, 1991). Usually, and if possible, the Healthcare United needs a panel of selection of two human resource personnel and at least a someone to represent the related department to interview applicants. The interview preparation should take one-two days at Healthcare United.

  1. The Human Resource Manager asks the administrative staff at the head office to organize for a comfortable and a quiet place for the interview, food, and drinks for the panelists that will conduct the interview, and prepare the schedule for the interview.
  2. The Human Resource Manager puts in place all the documentation required for the interview. These include a description of the position, CVs for every short-listed applicant, consent to check and give police record forms, and the standardized interview questions for the members of the human resource department present at the interview panel. He or she also uses the checklist for the documentation to ascertain that all the necessary requirements are available to enable begin the interview.

The interview should take a 30-minutes period and 5-minutes break. Less than 12 interviews are allowed in a day. Reference checks are done after the interview, followed by the job offer to the successful candidates. It is necessary for the Human resource to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants thereafter.

Communication is the process of transmitting information from one place to another. This is done through proper channels of communication. Forms of communication may include word of mouth, print and broadcast media, press releases and conference, posters etc. The aim of a communication plan is to consider the overall goal of the communication efforts.

The objectives of the communication should address the exact needs to be achieved. These objectives must be SMART in nature (Call for Editors: Journal of Business Communication and Business Communication Quarterly, 2003). For instance;

Specific- it should be clear about what they are supposed to do and how it would be done.

Measurable- the objectives should be ones that can be measured easily and accurately.

Achievable- They should be ones that can be achieved easily (Dessler & Teicher., Dessler, and Teicher, 2004).

Realistic and Time-bound.

A communication plan is a way of organizing actions that will result to fulfilling the goals  (Panaro, 1993). The questions that may be asked when developing a communication plan include

  1. Identify the purpose of communication
  2. Determine the audience
  3. Plan and structure the message to be communicated
  4. Consider the available resources
  5. Put in mind the obstacles and emergencies that may occur in the process of communicating the message
  6. Put strategies of how you will interact with the media and other key players during the whole process
  7. Develop an action plan
  8. Consider the evaluation and adjustment process of your plan to check the results if need be.


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