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Describe about the Recruitment and Selection Portfolio?

Recruitment as well as selection portfolio would provide data plus information on hiring a good administrative assistance in a hotel as a replacement of a staff being shifted to new branch of hotel being opened in France. This urgent replacement would need attracting all potential candidates along with effectual recruitment tools as well as techniques and methods plus plans.

The main purpose of this portfolio is to supply details about the job, description about post and tasks that the selected candidate will have to carry and also whole plan for recruitment plus selection and at the end draw a conclusion on the actually developed portfolio (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2009).

means overall procedure of attracting and selecting as well as appointing appropriate candidates for the available jobs within any firm, either on permanent basis or even on temporary basis. Recruitment could also mean the process which is involved in selecting people for all unpaid positions, like voluntary roles otherwise training programs. Recruitment might be undertaken by managers within the firm. The utilization of all internet-oriented services as well as computer technologies towards supporting all facets of recruitment actions and procedures has even become very much widespread (Byars and Rue, 2000).

on other hand is procedure of putting a right man on the right job. It actually is the process of matching the organizational needs and requirements with skills as well as qualifications of the people. Effectual selection could be done merely when there exist efficient matching (Byars and Rue, 2000).

Brunt Hotels, owns above 30 hotels all through United Kingdom. They have currently acquired a very small chain of hotels headquartered within France. Brunt Hotels PLC actually is a chain of hotels throughout the nation named UK. This hotel chain has presently 60 hotels all through the nation 20 of the hotels under this chain are in London. The revenue of the organization was above £220 million last year. The firm has employed 7000 people and aims to employ more as they are expanding day by day.

Chief executive of the hotel has decided that partially the hotels within France will be retained as well as rebranded like a part of Brunt Hotels Group and also that other part will be later sold. This would hold up Brunt’s strategic aim and objective of enhancing the firm slowly to ensure that novel ventures are properly supported as well as opened on proper time and is within the decided budget (McNeill and McNamara, 2009).

The organization has decided to employ an administrative assistance and send the current one to the France branch to lead changeover of novel hotels plus then manage all of them following the opening. The firm has never ever owned hotel or chains outside UK, and requires to hire a good administrative assistant who would help the firm in all documentation and administrative works so that firm can work freely and without any hurdle.

Job title-

Administrative assistant

Position in organizational hierarchy-


The person will be in the middle level of management hierarchy

Job Analysis-

The procedure for job analysis will be to analyze as well as indentify all the tasks and duties of the job and also lay down the data and information as well as all the needs plus requirements (Folsom, 2001). The importance of the duties and extent to which they are valuable for the firm will have to be analyzed at this stage. The process for job analysis will be as follows:

Job Analysis

Source: (Thomas, Buboltz and Winkelspecht, 2004)

Job specification-

The task that the Administrative Assistant would conduct will be same as the named job position. He/ she will be expected to assist the management department in all the administrative tasks as well as activities having proper processing in all computing forms as well as utilization of technology. A person on this post will be performing several assisting jobs as outlined within the job description. Job details also will relate to all clerical tasks in some common form, like project based actions as well as tasks. The basic task for about a year will be to assist the firm as it is expanding its market to France and also handling all administrative works at this time (Dessler & Teicher., Dessler and Teicher, 2004).

Job Description-




Administrative assistant


Personnel & administration management


Supplying all kinds of administrative support

Supporting and helping staffs

Helping administration manager

Enhancing the efficiency of work through use of computers and applications

Preparation of fax letters and emails

Preparation of all internal memorandum as well as notices

Preparation of all kinds of Memos and internal letters and emails.


Supplying help and assistance to the administration manager as well as all other departmental staffs

Arranging plus organizing the meetings

Maintenance of all call details and updating all the documents

Attending calls and answering appropriately

Source: (Getting prescribing in job description, 2005)

Person specification-

The individual to be eligible for the post must carry very pleasant as well as good appearance and must even be capable to work beneath tremendous pressure plus stress along with equilibrium of appearance.

The person must bear round as well as be capable of multitasking along with handling immense workload.

Also the candidate applying must possess good skills plus abilities towards handling all office work and at the same time assist department in all administrative tasks

The skills which the administrative assistant must carry are:

A fulltime degree in Bachelor of Business Administration otherwise in Business Communications
A Diploma course in Office Management ( though this skill is optional)
Must have a certificates of training within the course of secretarial otherwise clerical work
Must carry an International license for Computer Driving
TOEFL / IELTS intended for all nonnative English orator
Proficiency within English as well as French language (Dessler, 2000)



Good communication


Management of time

Solving basic problems in a computer

Knowledge about presentations


Stress management

Familiar with all new software and applications


It is must for the candidate to have minimum 3 years of experience in the midcareer level

And also must have worked as an administrative officer or clerk or else as an administrative assistant 

As experienced administrative assistants actually have higher demand in the market, they probably have much vertical salary needs than all those carrying less experience. Prior to taking decision upon salary facet, it is vital for the firm to weigh all the skill stage of position that the firm needs to be filled along with the money limit organization is prepared to actually spend behind the assistant be in form of salary or incentive or anything else (Edenborough, 2005). 

To conclude with a salary which is fair the firm will need to search all the other attainable regional listings online, as well as check out things that the office managers of an experience level the firm is seeking actually demand. It will be very beneficial if the firm tends to ask the applicants regarding their expectations of salary. Also benefits must be considered, as the part of compensation package, as there is actually no gold benchmark for the salary-setting.

About the Firm

Recruitment Plan

Source: (Edenborough, 2005)

For this firm, the best way for hiring will be to use the social networks – these will be both online as well as in real-world. Persons seeking jobs as office otherwise administrative assistants actively look for referrals from relatives and friends otherwise colleagues and the best way for this communication nowadays is the social sites where people interact with each other almost every day. A smart CEO constantly looks out for individuals who actually impress him/her. Being into hospitality the firm needs to be treated with dignity as well as respect and thereby maintenance of service standards is of utmost importance for the firm (Gberevbie, 2006).





Local newspaper

Classified section


20 words/ 3-7 days

Internal office

Bulletin board/ Notice


7 days

Online and third part website

Classifieds and forums


7 days

Source: (Mathis and Jackson, 2000)

Local newspapers- There are several people who issue daily employment news and even weekly ones in order to hunt for appropriate and liable job for themselves. Administrative officer or assistant is such a post which requires people with graduate level degree and such people generally opt to use newspapers as means for job hunting. This method can help the firm to attain large potential candidates (McNeill and McNamara, 2009)

Internal office- There still exist few people in the hotel who are looking forwards towards increment in their salaries and also towards change in their job position. Since the hotel has decided to shift managers to new location there are many lower level staffs that are looking forward towards promotion and such an advertisement will help them to be aware about the vacancy and the opening within the firm.

Online- In today’s era internet has become the most vital source for advertisement and promotion. Be it a job vacancy or a product or any services, promoting and making people aware about things through internet is becoming more and more effective means and also helps firms to attain better success (Pinnington and Edwards, 2000)

Selection Strategy

Before the process:

Below is the list of works that will be done before commencement of the selection process:

Screening some 50 Curriculum vitae
Short listing of top 10 best Curriculum vitae
Scheduling the interviewing meeting along with all the concerned staffs and the candidates
Informing the candidate to bring all of their documents that are missing and are needed to analyze better
Preparing the readiness for the candidate to be present at  computer tests as well as paper tests

1. Preparation of the interview file along with:
2. Interview questionnaire
3. Interview forms (Mathis and Jackson, 2000)

This checklist must be followed while the interview with the probable candidate:

15minutes will be allotted to candidates taking the paper based tests

15minutes will be allotted to candidates taking the computer based tests

Information in the CV of the candidate will be double checked

All the missing documents will be obtained

Appearance of the candidate will also be checked and as they are all sitting for the interview of an administrative assistant their communication and soft skills will be minutely analyzed (Edenborough, 2005).

All the certificates and educational data will be reviewed

Administration manager will be informed about all the details of the candidate and also writing skills of the candidates will be checked

About the Job

Initially the interviewer must try to relax the candidate and make him feel comfortable as people are generally nervous while interviews. There are some basic questions that need to be asked from the candidate. They are-

Where did you get the information about the vacancy in our firm?
How did you know about the Brunt Hotels and its openings?
Why did you wanted to join this firm?
Have you applied somewhere else? Why? Why not?
What is the salary you are expecting?
Can your previous employer and your educational institute be contacted for cross checking?
Tell something that you know and understand about this post?
Why do you feel that you should be selected as the administrative assistant post in this firm?
What are your strength and weaknesses?
When can you join us?

There are some formalities and vital steps to be followed once the selection decision is made:

Email will be sent to candidate who we will contact with them and also if they the firm does not listen back from them within a week then all of their applications will be retained for any future opening (Dessler, 2000)

Candidate profile will be evaluated as well as submitted to the administration manager

Suitable candidates will be compared and top three amongst them will be shortlisted

All the advertisements will be closed which were opened earlier for hiring candidates                                              

Things to be considered while selecting the candidate:

A candidate must not be eliminated because he has charged hard, also even if the person makes the interviewers uncomfortable with the energy level, dedication, as well as drive. This might be later useful for the firm.

May be and may not be the reality but it must be ensured that the actual capability of the candidate in field of writing Emails, Memos and Letters is appropriate because the post of the administrative assistant requires such knowledge vastly.

Also the firm must check whether the candidate thrives in ecology where his only interaction is along with coworkers? Because for this post the candidate must be capable of interacting with everyone including his supervisors and even with senior level management because the employee on post of administrative assistant will frequently be asked to help the management and also the administrative manager in vital tasks and decision makings (Dertouzos and Garber, 2006).

The firm after reaching most critical stage in several-step process of hiring the firm will choose essentially qualified professional, who would get actual job offer and also a small set tasked with final decision will be decided upon the person who will attain the offer for the job. Here some decisions are very crucial, like answers to questions such as whether to go with the gut for making job offer towards candidate or to offer the real job to candidate with whom the interviewer has enjoyed the lunch with? The interviewer will need to throw hands up in air and then recognize that every of the finalists should be actually capable of doing the job appropriately? Then the person will be picked whose recent knowledge and experience relevant to maximum extent to the firm’s products as well as customers? Since the firm is into hospitality industry the interviewer needs to ensure that the candidate has appropriate skills such as good communication, patience and many more so that he/she can be able to handle issues at later stages (Malita and Egetenmeyer, 2014). Also since the firm is hiring this person for replacement of the one who will be shifted to another branch of the hotel being opened in France the candidate must be capable of understanding all the old details and data related to the firm and must be a good listener so that it becomes easy for the firm to make the new joiner understand the details properly (Wanous, 1986).

Job Analysis

At such divergence in road, the candidates will be verified for having exacting skills as well as experience. Here are 7 vital factors to be considered prior to selection as well as hiring of the candidate.

Review of the feedback data and information will be done from staffs who have already served the interview team of the firm. It actually is impossible for all 10 to 12 individuals to sit on a single table and make final decision, yet all of their inputs are worth of getting attention as well as review. Thus a single person will be allotted who would take down views of all the interviewers in the panel and will summarize it all to bring out the name of the candidate who will be selected.

If the concerned person has been capable of obtaining feedback right from the former employerof potential employee, he/she will have a good thing to review. Performance feedback, as well as positive response towards questions asked to prior employer of the candidate would help the person in selection of a good candidate and will ensure the excellence and efficiency in the candidate (Sparrow, 2006).

Here are main steps the firm will need to follow to hire an appropriate staff for the post of administrative assistant:

Create the requisition within the firm’s portal and website
The chosen approvers would review as well as approve requisition.
The designated employment professional will review and then will approve requisition, and would forward the same to Compensation Office at the time when it will be needed.
When totally approved, the employment specialist would post position to hotel’s employment website, where the applicants could apply for position (Thomas, Buboltz and Winkelspecht, 2004).
The employment specialist would review all the resumes against each and every requirement and will then place the best candidates upon the hiring executive workbench in the hotel for him to review.
The firm will then need to review resumes and conduct interviews, as well as check references upon candidates before making any final decision on hiring. During the review as well as evaluation of the candidates, the firm will then tend to disposition all the candidates to properly track as well as document all of their status within hiring procedure (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher, 2012).
Once qualified final candidate gets selected, the firm will then need to decide on a proposed pay otherwise salary as well as obtain support for the same from the salary offer.
The employment specialist would then review as well as approve proposed structure of the salary offer.
The designated department will then approve and review as well as evaluate the salary.
After salary gets approved, the firm makes this offer to candidate
Then the employment specialist will be consulted if for any salary negotiation if required.
After the offer is approved and also background gets completely checked, then the firm moves forward with the post-offer actions and then goes on to boarding plus final positioning of the candidate (Tyson and Tyson, 2006).


Being into hospitality industry it is never that easy for the firm to attain good and effective staffs as this industry needs to comply by several rules and norms and also the turnover rate in this sector is very high. Employers taking good care of their staffs and also understanding the needs and wants of employees are capable of hiring as well as retaining better staffs for longer period of time. The firm needs to understand the candidates and their behavior very minutely with an aim to fetch the best one out of all available potential ones. The process of staffing is very crucial and especially in hospitality sector it must be very carefully undertaken as this sector deals with customers directly and any unaccepted behavior might lead to unhappy and unsatisfied customers and thereby might result in lower profit earnings by the hotel. In a nutshell the selection and recruitment process if undertaken appropriately will result in attainment of a good plus efficient administrative assistant by the hotel named Brunt Hotels and will result in the hurdle free proceeding of the expansion process.


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