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Write a Report on the Challenges in Cyber Security for Business.

It has been seen that with time there has been a major change in the technology standards which includes that the different companies are working on the use of internet through the use of smartphones. Here, the organizations are trying to adapt to the strategies of digital format with focusing on different products and the services. There are different number of the cyber attacks which are considerably seen and are a major issue for the companies mainly because there are different financial and the economic standards, with breaching confidential data. The data provided focus on the growth of the risks with increased importance set with cybersecurity set with different challenges that are related to policies of the cybercriminals. The corporations includes the different forms with implementing the policies that are set with the data of enterprise breach. The report highlights the recommendations with companies improving the security standards with the cyber-attacks.

The objective is based on the evaluation with the different studies which includes the experts with cybersecurity. The report analyses the forms with the evaluation that affects the profitability. The other objectives are related to providing the recommendations with the companies that are addressing the challenges which are facing the issues related to cybersecurity.

The scope is depending upon the secondary research with working on the challenges where the companies include data security standards. The different organizations work on understanding the cyber attacks risks where the cybercriminals tend to use the different tools with company data.

The report highlights about how the companies with emerging market with the gained competitive advantage over the patterns that includes the internet-based services. The expansion is based on the use of the internet with providing the new marketing standards for the companies like Uber, Google, and the other people. The companies are working on the larger enterprise structure with revenue that includes the sustainability of growth that is based for the internet-based services. The assistance is based on the communication skills with the customers with the creation of strong relationship with latest technologies and innovation.  The competitive advantage is set over the competitors where the use of the social media sites tends to increase between the people and the companies. Here, the use of the social media standards and the sites need to focus on sharing the personal data with the internet focusing on the accessing the unauthorized person to gain the unfair advantage. The technologies work on the mobile wallet, ordering the automation process, with the NFC payment that tends to make the online banking standards (Bari et al., 2014).


The competition is set with the others with the corporations with adoption of the latest technologies that tends to improve the services with the expansion form. The cybersecurity challenges which includes the security services. The competitive advantage is based on the online based services that results in the increased concern with the security standards with the consequences related to the cyber-attacks (Brown et al., 2015). The banking corporations works on the attracting more of the customers with the latest technologies working on the performance of the banking functions. The popularity is about the mobile wallets with the consideration of becoming popular, with the quickly offering the services to the different customers (Suh et al., 2014). The security guidelines includes the easy access for the cybercriminals with the hacking and handling the data breach for the online services standards.

The organization needs to work on the improved security with the software standards that works on the increased chances of the breach in the data. With this, the large corporations needs to work on improved cyber security standards with small and medium enterprise working on the implementation of the policies of the cyber security (Bada et al., 2014). The IT specializes works on the increased overall expenses. The avoidance of the issues is related to the software working without any testing with the risks works on the cyber-attacks. The small enterprises needs to make use of the online based services which includes the investments that works on improved cyber security that was mainly due to the lower budgeting (Sicari et al., 2015).

There has been lack of the resources with the easy data breach which includes the consideration with focus on the results with the increased challenges that relates to cyber security (Harrop et al., 2015). The smaller and medium organizations are not aware with the risks related to the cyber-attacks where there is a need to avoid the precautionary measures with higher costs set for the cyber security. The people do not take security with lack of awareness that was related to the risks of the cyber-attacks. The use of mobile wallets with people working on the security measures with the challenges that makes it difficult for the organizations with the easy protection of the privacy online. The number of cyber attacks works on the increased standards and the ways with the hacking into the business data (Ab Rahman et al., 2015). The common ways of the attack is for the DDoS attack with the focus on how the hackers working on the services which are available with sending the larger amount from the multiple sources. The servers of the data works on the larger enterprise with Amazon, Facebook, YouTube that is able to handle the amount of the server traffic. The small and the medium organizations works on the limited bandwidth works on the stopped with the traffic amount that the primary reason is for the cyber criminals with sending the larger traffic for the server (Mukisa et al., 2014). The cyber criminals works on the larger amount of traffic works on the company that results in the stoppage its operations.

Literature Review

It is important for the company to work on different measures and security policies which can easily be set with the implementation of the organization. The corporations need to make use of the encryption which is set through the data protection and then handling the data transmission which is considered to be highly vulnerable as well. The IoT devices need to work with the encryption with sharing all the private data that is based on handling the system structure and the patterns (Han et al., 2014). The employees need to understand about the cyber security issues and then providing a proper way where the actions can be taken for the different problems for the breach of data.

Primary Question

  1. What are different challenges related to cyber security standards that the company faces in the business?

Secondary Question

  1. Who are the largest users for the cyber security standards?
  2. What are different ways which are set for the financial statement with easy carrying out of the data for the small and medium sized organizations?
  3. Are there are variations related to quality of cyber security challenges that tends to generate the SMEs?

There are different standards and variations that are set for the system planning for the qualitative and the quantitative research. The methods are related to the applied forms include the collection of the methods with the interviews and the questionnaires survey. The SMEs work on the use of the different perspectives related to the confidence with data and the results. The elements are based on qualitative and quantitative data collection where the wider range of research questions with focusing on meeting the standards and work on the descriptive and the explanatory methods. The necessitating works on the use of the mixed methods with research requirements. There are different standards which include the descriptive and the explanatory research that relates to working on the use of mixed methods.

Qualitative Research

The specifications are based on the qualitative aspects with the collection of data with possibilities to understand the complex nature where the different standards are related to understanding (Onyeji et al., 2014). The cyber security challenges tend to involve the human behaviors with the mixed research with understanding the relation with the focus on detailed questionnaire. It includes the open ended and the closed ended questions with concurrent triangulation research approach. Here, one tends to make use of the collection of data with qualitative and quantitative with analysis set with the interpretation.

Quantitative Research

The methodology is set with the well-structured interviews with the conduction related to the respondents working on face-to-face forms. One needs to ensure of the interviews with different questions, with the comparisons related to the different SMEs that works on the aggregation with obtained answers(Goel et al., 2015).

The cases are related to different years of 18 people and more which includes the study related to the forms that tends to ensure about the different perceptions related to the cyber attacks with the forms that tends to cover through different ages. The SMEs works on the interview with getting the reactions and views related to cyber attacks that includes the decision-making process. The identification is related to the population with research working on drawing the samples from the population with the sampling representations working on the population that includes the study works on the findings with interpretation for the study population (Xu et al.,2015). The research is about the sampling size with the SMEs. Here, the study also highlights about the different variables which re including the research for the proper classification of the sampling techniques. They need to be analyzed and then worked upon so that one can answer the questions. Here, the dependent variables are based on the age factors, gender and the respondent capability to answer the questions. The independent business areas include the nature about the standards set for the financial accounting with improved level of effectiveness that works for the financial statements. It then matches with the different business nature patterns and to focus on the tax filing returns as well.


The study is based on the simplification of the techniques with the interview respondents with answering the different research questions. The variables are defined for working on the dependent and the independent forms which includes the researcher that affect the dependent variables as well.

The analysis is based on the sampling study where the different forms are including the consent with informing the system about the study for the information that includes the different participants and the responses. The study is about how the participants and the responses work on the confidentiality and then working on compiled patterns where the view is about handling the general conclusions and recommendations (He et al., 2016). The questionnaires are about how one is able to send the respondents a proper detail through the email addresses. There are others who tend to work on delivering the hand for the research assistance. The participants tend to ask for the submission of the filled questionnaires with the interview related to the Microsoft Excel with handling the editing of the different requirements. The data also require a proper export into the SPSS with the versions set for 17 data analysis software with 5 Likert scale and the standardized deviations (Brown et al., 2015). The analysis is based on the summary which includes the information related to the tables, graphs and the charts, where the multilinear regression model needs to work on proceeding with the different financial accounting standards and the accounting for the SMEs. The standards are based on the models which include how the responses comes with the questionnaires which are then entered into the Microsoft Excel and then edited with proper coding as needed. There are exploration processes where the cyber attacks challenges and the information related to it is analyzed with the different effects that are based on the tables, graphs and the charts.

As per the analysis, there are different forms which includes the entering of the data into the software which is then exported into the SPSS. Here, the analysis is done for the software which includes how the processing is done through the descriptive statistics with the means, mode and the different standard deviations. The results summarizes about the presentations for the tables charts and the graphs. The regression includes the need to work on the effectiveness with reports that are set for the SMEs pattern. Here, the models are also defined for easy processing and working on the information which includes the different independent variable standards.

Research Questions


The use of the internet and the other online services is based on how the people and the organization is working over the increased substantial patterns. Here, the new business opportunities with focusing on the plans related to the competitive advantages. It works for the forms that are related to how the products and the services are related to the increased company vulnerabilities (Bada et al., 2014). The companies need to work on implementing the different policies which are set in regard to the cyber security patterns and then working over the increased issues of the attack related to Ransomware and the Insider Threat. The SMEs need to work on the different attacks which works on management entities. Here, the focus is to work on the different purposes which includes the system standards and the planning related to the internal and the external resource of the reporting standards. The liabilities by the directors are depending upon how SMEs are working over the different cyberattack issues.

The setting is based on the primary data patterns which needs to work on the conducting of the facts which needs to find out the different results which are reproducible (Arabo, 2015). The secured forms of the secondary standards include that there is no requirement for the tests to work on the data patterns which are published and then they are also singed for the cyber-attacks for different SMEs. The reliability is also including the forms where one need to carry out the different tests with the data that has been published with signing and then passing the same for the different companies.

The limitations are related to the methodology with research related to the long terms standards and the effort (Gupta et al., 2016). The research is based on the resources which are based on collecting the information with answering out the different questions of the research. Here, the focus is on the collaborative measures and then working over the discrepancies of the results (Bari et al., 2014). The respondents need to include the consideration about how the business enterprises works with the reaching out the clients and then handling the different possibilities which are related to the ability to read, write and then make use of the internet services.



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