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Summarizing the Topic

One of the best ways to develop fluency with any research method is to read many peer reviewed journal articles. For this assignment, you should visit the Northcentral University Library and locate five peer reviewed qualitative studies. Summarize the topic, problem, purpose, design, and findings of each.

A research framework is generally processed in two formats, i.e. Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis. Quantitative Analysis deals with the complete interaction with a massive scale of population, generally customers, students, employees, etc. They are subjected to probability sampling where they are subjected to various online questions regarding a certain topic of interest as per the researcher. The questions are then analysed graphically which helps in comparing the different responses of the audience.

On the other hand a Qualitative study is a much focussed study. It generally deals with the interview sessions, journal reviews of the experts so associated with the field (Thamilselvan, 2012). This can be analysed generally by taking interviews with the designated crews of the organisations, mainly managers of various levels of a company, industry, or Principal/Dean/ VC of a University, various OB scholars associated with the field of research topic.

Probability sampling is generally seen in the Quantitative analysis due to the high sample size. High manipulation of the data is encountered which is to be analysed. On the other hand non probability sampling is seen in the qualitative analysis. Here there is low sample number, generally five to ten. Hence each of the answers related to the subject question is to be analysed by the researcher so as to draw the conclusions from it.

Qualitative analysis is of two types, Primary and Secondary. Primary analysis is generally done when the researcher is focussed on a single organisation and dealing with the employees of that organisation. On the other hand Secondary analysis is carried out on general basis without taking a note on a definite firm or organisation (Umeda, 2011). Here we have taken primary qualitative analysis. This is because a single organisation is subjected, i.e. Northcentral University (Long, 2011). Also we have selected a definite group of people for this assignment. The people so selected for the research analysis are the librarian and sub librarian. Generally there is 2 librarian and 3 sub librarian so associated with the topic.

The Qualitative Research study so processed in Northcentral University Library focussing on the various aspects of the current issues and approaches towards such an issue is highlighted in this article on the basis of interview sessions with the librarian and sub librarians (Bell, 2013). The interview session generally carried out would depend on theirs timing and schedule which is to be analysed before handed.


Qualitative analysis can be summarised on the topic of Declination of Reading habits among the various aged group on consulting with the librarian of Northcentral University. The issues which have led to this declination is to be critically analysed so that an outcome is formulated regarding it.

Generally the main issues which is related to this topic is the mental distress and optic disorder occurring due to over using the computerised gadgets (Sandelowski, 2015). There is a significant downfall of the book publishing industries which acts as a demotivating factor for the various writers all across the globe.

The problem generally issued with the research topic of Declination of Reading habits in USA dealing with the various Librarians of various Universities and focussing of the peer journals regarding the context states that there is an influence of technology this issue. The issues co relates with the fact that people are more focussed on the online resources. They tend to focus on pdf versions of the book. This might be due to the fact that it is very easily available as well as affordable. Most of the books and journals in the softcopy are generally free of cost.

Secondly the universities nowadays focusses more on online assignments and submissions. This is also followed by schools and high schools. As a result students from the very childhood are focussed on the Information Systems rather than reading books.

Problems generally arises due to this are optic problems such as myopia, hypermetropia and presbyopia. Loss of fluidity in the eyes is also observed in the early ages. Mental stress is observed due to over using of the computer systems. 

On the other hand the authors are facing huge problems due to this. The books remains unsold. There is a drop in the book publishing industries. As a result huge loss is encountered. This loss is generally supported by discouragement of the authors.

Qualitative analysis is to only medium which can be used so as to transform this issue concerning the advices of the librarian of the university focussing on the basic elements which is resulting to the drawback.

The research purpose deals with understanding the research idea. The research purpose generally consists of three structures, viz. Descriptive, Explanatory and Exploratory. The Exploratory design helps in providing hypothetical idea regarding this topic of declination of reading habits in USA (Alekseev, 2014). The Descriptive Analysis helps the topic by giving complete knowledge about the project. At the last the explanatory research helps to links the idea to understand the cause and of the occurring events. In the study it helps to interlink the research work to increase the knowledge.


Thus the explanatory design of the study would detail out each and every prospects of the research studies. All the associated topics which results to the declination of the reading habits is being monitored.

The research design should be implemented in such a way that it focusses more on the positive attributes of reading habits by the various aged care sectors of the population. This can be analysed by both Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis. However in this article the Qualitative analysis is been focussed.

Librarians from the Northcentral University Library can be subjected to interview. The questions that are to be asked would be:

How many people do you get to see visiting the library on a daily basis?

Ans. Generally there are less than 30 members visiting the library on a daily basis. This is much lower as expected. Previously there was a time when the space used to be short for all the members visiting the library.

What might be the reason behind this declination?

The reason might be due to the development of the various IT tools such as internet. People gets online books directly as pdf versions which are mostly free of cost. Downloading a book seems to be an easy target for the reader than buying it from the retail. Second is the busy schedule. Due to the bust schedule people don’t find time to read books. The student nowadays are earning for themselves. Thus a busy schedule is terminating the reading habits from their regular lifestyle.

Which age group is the least visiting one among the population?

Most of the visitors are either professors or lecturers of the university. Those people who are not accustomed with software uses are mostly found to be dependable on books.

What are the risk factors associated with this declination?

Both the readers and authors are experiencing the risk factors arising due to it. The readers are having optic and mental distresses. On the other hand libraries are getting closed. Authors are getting demotivated. Entire literature structure is getting distorted due to it.

What is the total declination rate of visitors as compared to the last year?

The total declination rate is found to be 55% as compared to the previous year. This is disastrous effect which is quite alarming for the future.

Hence from the above project is totally based on the catastrophic effect occurring due to the declination of reading habits in USA. Not only in the selected university but this fall is encountered from other schools and universities too. Although advancement of technology has lots of blessings for the modern mankind, still it has a huge lot of drawbacks (Li, 2011). This is one of the biggest drawback which is encountered by these modern era. The problem of loss of reading habit should be immediately focused. The professors and education department should stress more on reading books rather than surfing online. This would definitely have an impact in developing the lost habit from the students.


Thus, the article covering all the related issues, framework and research methodology is been provided in this article which clearly depicts the drawbacks of the information system on the current generation. The only remedy so provided is the involvement of professors and lecturers to influence the students is reading books. Providing written assignments and texts should be encouraged rather than having an online pdf version of the book. The ophthalmologists should encourage their patients in reading books rather using computers on regular basis. Giving rest to eyes, applying eye solutions, using anti-glare eye glasses are some of the preventive measures which is generally advised by the doctors so as to prevent from the harmful rays occurring due to the computers. On the other hand reading books is one of the noblest attitude which dignifies a human’s personality. And the final issue is of the busy schedule of the people of US. They hardly find time for themselves. Hence there is no time for them so as to read.


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