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Suitable staffing method for retailer stores

1. Critically discuss any TWO suitable staffing methods for the retail sector?
2. Analyse the way in which a performance appraisal can support the improvement of employees’ performance in the retail sector.

In the context of a retail sector, staffing is a very crucial part to become a better business. The term staffing mainly denotes the selection process and training process of individuals for particular job roles. By this employees can maintain their job responsibilities. In a retail sector, a company can select most excellent people to work with them by the staffing process. In the retail sector when a new stock or project is introduced then, it's determined by the young manager as well as the coworkers by the staffing process. The main advantages of staffing are to select right kinds of people to the sector and also give them the best training for minimum wastage.

The term Performance Appraisal is a collaborative process which is used to plan the performance between worker and his superior. By this process, the worker and their superior can maintain a periodic check on the following-

How efficiently they lead their job roles.

How well the workers are performing.

How the workers can develop them.

What necessary steps can be taken by the superior to develop his/her workers?

For increasing productivity and rate of pay, the retail sector must use the staffing process (Caruth, Caruth and Pane, 2009). To fix the issued the appropriate staffing methods are-

  • Internal Recruitment
  • External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment Process

Within a retail sector, internal hiring process can be introduced for identifying as well as attracting the job candidates or workers. Different mechanisms can be used to determine the better quality workers like formal and informal. The formal type of the internal recruitment process includes the posting of private jobs as well as the career ladders (Bruno, Jin and Norris, 2009). The formal method of the internal recruitment is mainly used in a large retail sector where the workers of a particular department cannot be aware of their opportunities, and the communication can be in informal mode. The informal recruitment method can also be used in the major retail sectors (Chew, 2010). This method is the primary method which can be used in small retail sectors for internal recruitments. The promotion part and the supervisor referrals can be done by the informal recruiting methods.

The main advantage of using Internal Recruitment Process

Internal Recruitment Process

The internal recruitment process can be utilized by the retail sector for cutting on the advertisement costs just for it offers efficient opportunities to the workers to develop their careers. Internal recruitment process also is introduced to attract workers and stay the workers who may be want to leave the retail sector. By the internal recruitment process, the cost of the advertisement is significant than the expense of the outside. As a result, this process is less costly than external recruitment. But also there are some disadvantages of this process which may be a concern for the retail sector. That is the size of potential workers is considerably reduced. That is why the outside recruitment gives the retail store with the broader skill. In a medium or larger sized retail outlet, initially, the internal recruiters are screening as well as culling the employed workers. The incentives and penalties depend on their effective performance. For internal recruitment, the retail sector may use some agencies regarding the same field. The agencies have a large no of applicant’s pools. The high-quality recruiters or organizations always have large no of quality workers (Proposed regulation to increase workers' access to high quality investment advice, 2010). The agencies have some pre-screened candidates whose take the priority for internal recruitments. The primary factors for using the internal recruitment are to increase the speed of hiring. Also to manage the costs and job responsibilities is the major part of this process.

External Recruitment Process

In any organization, the external recruitment process is as important and valuable as the internal recruitment process. To develop the organization as well its business it is the prime responsibility of the management of the company to introduce new and fresher dedicated employees to the organization (Hady, 2007). There are several ways to recruit new employees using the external recruitment process, such as advertising, campus recruiting, third party recruiters and many others (K, 2010).


Among the external processes of hiring fresher employees, the process of giving advertisements is one of the prime aspects. That is also the most used process to recruit employees externally. Most of the people look newspapers, magazines or trade journals to find a job (Hamilton, 2005). That is why most of the organizations have selected the medium of advertisement to attract as much as employees are possible. They can also provide their requirements or criteria to the job they are offering. That will help them to get certain and more dedicated fresher employees. Other than these there are also some employers who are using the medium of local cable and radio to advertise the job offering. Thus it is quite clear that advertising plays a vital role in the external recruitment process.

The main advantage of using Internal Recruitment Process

Campus recruitment

Nowadays campus recruitment is another significant and frequent way to find good and responsible employees. Many organizations whether they are large scale or small scale are using the campus recruitment process to get more reliable candidates. Most of the colleges now have direct tie-ups with many organizations, and they provide employees to that particular organization from their colleges. Thus it is apparent that the campus recruitment process is another prime aspect or sect of the external recruitment process of any organization.

Third party recruiters

Some of the large-scale organizations or to are more precise some of the busy companies use the third party recruiters to select new employees for the organization. That is another useful process of recruitment. It helps the organization to get good employees with the support of some external parties. There are two types of the third party such as the executive search firms and the contingency firms. The principal work of both the parties is to find better and reliable employees and provide them to the company. These are the main and the most important processes of recruiting employees for an organization externally. If any organization uses these mentioned processes, they would surely be able to get more and better employees. This will become the company in a better position among retail sectors.

 The performance appraisal is an important aspect in the field of market management (Marcoulides, 2008). A proper appraisal may not only get rid of work quality factors and behavior, but it can also motivate the employees to increase their dedication to the organization. It is to be mentioned that very often the employees are asked to give a feedback which can affect their peer as far as the working field is concerned (Gennari, 2010). There are various ways in which performance approval can affect an employee in big time. They are such as follows,

Improvement of Communication

Now this is what every employee must understand, communication (Rayudu, 2010). An overall average communication and a perfect communication have a huge difference. Employees of any organization must have the capability to communicate themselves with people and also among themselves. A good communication always helps an organization to put a good impact on the market. It is very often that the employees and the manager of a particular organization don't get along without any specific reason, even the lack of communication among the employees also cause problems for the particular company. This problem can sometimes be resolved by a performance appraisal. In this case, if the appraisal forms a good presentation showing all the benefits of a good communication system then the employees will be able to gain more experience about the importance of communication, and this will help them to rebuild their self- confidence is well (Chen and Gong, 2012). 

External Recruitment Process

Recruitment and selection

The rating of performance evaluation can be helpful in prediction of the performance of any job applicants (McDavid and Hawthorn, 2006). This can be made clear considering this example, it can be determined that a company’s successful employees always aware of the behaviors of the employees when doing a crucial job. These data later on can be considered as the main points or the benchmarks to know the response of the applicants (R. and R., 2011). This also can be retrieved by behavioral interviews (Roulin and Bangerter, 2012). Depending on the result, one can select the perfect person for the organization. This selection part is very crucial for any organization.

Building the Perfect Career Path

In every sector of work, employees always try to find the right path to building a strong perfect career. They are always ready to seek knowledge from their respected seniors to boost up themselves if they are motivated in an exact way. In this field performance, the appraisal is the perfect scope to set future goals which are not in the daily routine or to-do list. Not only the organization is helped by this but also the employees feel valued which helps them to bring out their hundred percent in the field of work. It also increases their loyalty and stability which will assist them to build a good career.

Encouragement and Improvement

Celebrating a job which is well done is the easiest and efficient part of performance appraisal. It's not very easy to point out the areas where improvement is needed. It can be said that no one is perfect, so improvement is required in every field of work. Performance appraisal is the method by which the individual improvable areas can be pointed out. Even the most experienced employees need external training to make their knowledge full (Libya: External Army Training, 2013). Providing a good example of every particular topic and a clear explanation can help the improvement a lot. The leader must show a good caring attitude to the employees who will encourage them big time to do their jobs and also every good work of the employees must be praised to help them for the future work.

Improvement of decision-making ability

In every organization, the employees want to be involved in every part of the organization. When an organization has all information about any employee, taking business decision becomes easier. Filling the open position of any company by existing staffs always make the organization strong and also it promotes the loyalty factor. Performance appraisal can also make the employee show his strength for a particularly given job; it also provides the framework when making any specific decisions about layoffs and compensation (Jones, 2005). Moreover, this performance appraisal method helps to rebuild the efficiency of any employee which assist them to be in a good position in that particular company in the upcoming future.

Role of Performance Appraisal in the improvement of the Employee

After everything, it can be said that performance appraisal is one of the best ways to build a perfect organization. In the sector of retailing it is very useful to recruit the ideal person for a particular job; it is very helpful in every sector, though. However, this field of marketing needs its employees to be up to date now and then.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To conclude the essay it must be admitted that the stuffing process or the training process of the fresher employee is the most important aspect of running an organization successfully. This process or the whole phenomenon is directly related to the future of that particular organization as a whole. If there is any problem with the recruitment system, the company would never be able to get proper and beneficial employees. Thus the organizations must be more concerned about the process of recruitment both external and internal.

The management of the companies must appoint an experienced human resource manager to recruit efficient employees. After that, the management must provide an active training session to the fresher employees. It will help the employees to get more involved with the job. On the other hand, the factor of appraisal plays a vital role. The management must look after it also. They have to praise the employees who are doing their jobs perfectly. This aspect deals with the mental satisfaction of the employees. All over the whole essay gives an adamant statement on the importance as well as uses of different kinds of staffing methods to develop an organization and its business as whole.


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