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Overview of Mattel Toys

Critical Analysis of a policy and procedure framework for recruitment, selection and induction.

a) Write a brief description of your organisation. Outline the nature of the business, its design and structure, the strategic and operational goals and the organisational climate.

b) Identify opportunities to utilise specialists, e.g. recruitment agencies, remuneration specialists, vocational psychologist, staff who run security checks etc.

c) Identify options for technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process

d) If any points i. to v. are not covered in the policy, then outline what needs to be included in revised recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedures.

e) Use the Evaluation Checklist below, to critically analyse the organisation’s current Recruitment, Selection and Induction practices (attach this as Appendix 2 to your report).

Mattel Toys manufactures as well as sells high quality toys for children of 0 to 12 years. It is wholesales as well as retailer and operating in different parts of Australia. The organization was established in 1951 in Western Australia. Now, the company has shifted headquarter to Sydney. Additionally, it has expanded its operational activities in different parts of Eastern Australia and New South Wales. The major focus of the organization is to provide better quality toys to the children which will help in cognitive development of the children at the same time it will be fun to play with those toys. Offering differentiated product is the major aim of the organization. According to the positioning statement of the company, the organization has extensively focused upon manufacturing as well as selling of high quality toys for gaining huge market share and become market leader.

The strategic direction of Mattel Toys can be discussed by assessing the vision, mission as well as objectives of the organization. The organization has developed a strategic plan for the next five years in order to indicate the further movements and activities for achieving the objectives of the company. According to Gill (2006), vision statement of an organization assists in exploring the future direction of the company. The vision statement of Mattel Toys is to become the first preference for the children and parents through offering superior quality toy. The mission statement of Mattel Toys state the principle purpose of existence is to offer fun toys to the children as well as help in development of their cognitive skills though innovation. Additionally, it has been stated that the company wants to achieve market leadership. The goals of the company are set for achieving the vision of the company in long term. The goal of the company emphasizes on the need of the customers and designing products which will provide satisfaction to the customers. The company has identified the need of recruiting as well as retaining the workforce who is innovative as well as customer-centric. The employees of the organization are the major factor for contributing in the operational and expansion activities of the business. Human resource management is a major aspect for Mattel Toys and it has focused on establishment of effective policies for meeting the operational goals of the organization.

Strategic Direction of Mattel Toys

Recruitment and selection is one of the important policies of Mattel Toys as it aims to become the first preference of the customers and market leader in Australia. Presently, Mattel Toys has an employee base of 800 in different locations.

The recruitment and selection policy will be administrated by the General Manager, Human Resource. According to the policy statement of Mattel Toys, it is evident that the company focuses on designing the recruitment and selection activities in such a manner so that it conforms to the best practice standards (Bratton and Gold, 2000). Additionally, the organization emphasized on the compliance of the relevant regulatory and legislative framework.

The major objective of the recruitment and selection policy of Mattel Toys is to communicate appropriate procedures for ensuring the human resource requirements are adequately catered for achieving the vision of the company. The commitment of the company to equal employment opportunity will ensure that the activities associated with the recruitment and selection activities do not encourage discrimination and ensures fair practice (Clayton and McKenna, 2002).

      • First of all, the approval for recruitment is necessary. Respective managers requiring additional staff needs to fill Personnel Request Form and forward it to HR department along with job description. The HR department will fix salary for the new opening (Dessler, 2000).
      • The HR executives, upon instruction from the HR manager will invite applications from the eligible candidates. In Mattel Toys, advertisements of vacancy are published in national daily. The advertisement can be broadcasted on air or in professional publication. Internal advertising will be published for receiving application from the existing employees. Additionally, the solicited as well as unsolicited applications kept in HR files can be considered.
      • Outsourcing the workforce from an external agency is also a procedure of recruitment in Mattel toys (Gilmore and Williams, 2009).
      • Therefore, the applications will be processed by the nominated Human Resource Executive. The department manager along with HR Officer will be responsible for screening the applications and short listing the name of candidates for interview.
      • The short listed applicants will be interviewed by the department manager and HR Officer. Behavioral interview, psychometric tests etc will be the part of selection procedure.
      • Selection panel will be responsible for controlling the selection procedure (Dessler, 2000).
      • The applicants will be treated in an unbiased manner and consistently.
      • The questions regarding the principles of EEO and the OHS will be included in the interview questions.
      • The documents and information of the applicants will be kept confidential as per the privacy policy of the company (Gilmore and Williams, 2009).
      • The selected and disqualified candidates will be notified. Offers letters will be sent to the selected people and they need to sign it back in order to express their acceptance (Hancock, 2002).
      Induction Policy

The newly appointed employees in Mattel Toys will undergo an induction procedure related to toy manufacturing as well as selling practices adopted by the organization. The induction procedure will focus on providing an overview of the company, organizational goals and its activities (Mathis and Jackson, 2003).

      • The induction program will be conducted for all employees for 4 days.
      • An overview of the organizational history.
      • Discussion of the organizational vision, mission and organizational goals.
      • Allocation of an employee mentor (Mondy, Noe and Gowan, 2005).
      • Providing training materials and guide for performing the job roles successfully.
      • OHS related training and instructions will be provided in this phase.

The recruitment, selection and induction policy of Mattel Toys are correlated with the organizational goals and strategy. It focuses on recruiting as well as retaining the talents for the further growth of the organization. The recruitment policy and procedure significantly focuses on adoption of best practice for identifying a vacancy and communicating with the target audience. The selection process focuses on choosing best employee for the company who will be customer centric and innovative (Sadler, 2003). The induction policy was effective and focused on familiarizing with the organizational activities.

Mattel Toys focus on complying with the legislative framework of Australia while undertaking the recruitment, selection and induction activities. The recruitment and selection procedure of Mattel Toys conform to the Public Service Act 1999. This law emphasizes on getting the best person who are available for that particular job. Additionally, Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 1999 are followed. Apart from these two acts, Mattel Toys consider Administrative Decisions Act 1977, Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, Fair Work Act 2009, Age Discrimination Act 2004, Freedom of Information Act 1982, Privacy Act 1988, Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (, 2015).

Mattel Toys can take aid from the external specialists for conducting the recruitment and selection process effectively in order to achieve its objectives. It has been found that the consultancy firms can be appointed for providing talent pool to the organization on the basis of specific requirement. Additionally, Mattel Toys can hire HR solution provider for carrying out the induction program effectively (Bratton and Gold, 2000).

Mattel Toys can launch a portal where it will post the vacancies and the eligible candidates will be able to apply for the job online. It will make the recruitment and selection process easier as well as convenient. Increasing database need to be managed effectively in order to undertake the recruitment and selection activities efficiently. Human Resource Information System will provide access to all relevant information to the concerned authority (Gilmore and Williams, 2009).

Recruitment and Selection Policy at Mattel Toys

Reviewing and analyzing the recruitment, selection and induction procedure of Mattel Toys, it can be identified that the company has been managing the human resource activities effectively for achieving the organizational goals. However, it has scope to improve the current recruitment, selection and induction policy. The recruitment and selection process must include a phase where the applicants will be asked to send their feedback regarding the recruitment process. The applicants who will be selected in the interview round will be asked to provide reference for validation purpose. All the relevant documents of the candidate need to be verified before sending the offer letter. Additionally, an e-portal should be launched so that jobs can be directly posted on the site and the applicants can revert to it. Employee referral program can be initiated and upon selection of that candidate the employee who has referred him, will get a reference bonus. The salary structure must be negotiable for the right candidate. If these changes are implemented in the recruitment, selection and induction policy of Mattel Toys, the organizational performance will be improved.

References, (2015). Australian Public Service Commission - Recruitment and selection in the APS: The legislative framework.

Bratton, J. and Gold, J. (2000). Human resource management. Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Clayton, A. and McKenna, C. (2002). Effective Recruitment and Selection. LIM, 2(02).

Dessler, G. (2000). Human resource management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Gill, R. (2006). Theory and practice of leadership. London: SAGE Publications.

Gilmore, S. and Williams, S. (2009). Human resource management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hancock, C. (2002). Effective Recruitment and Selection. LIM, 2(02).

Mathis, R. and Jackson, J. (2003). Human resource management. Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-western.

Mondy, R., Noe, R. and Gowan, M. (2005). Human resource management. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Sadler, P. (2003). Strategic management. Sterling, VA: Kogan Page.

The recruitment and selection of new employees at Mattel Toyswill at all times conform to ‘best practice’ standards and comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. This policy covers activities such as recruitment and selection methods, outsourcing, advertising, notification of selection outcomes and feedback to all candidates, and remuneration offers.

The purpose of this policy and related procedures is to ensure that Mattel Toys is adequately and appropriately staffed by people who best meet the requirements for vacant positions. Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) ensures that all activities related to recruitment and selection is free of direct and indirect discrimination and harassment.

When the requirement to replace or appoint additional staff is identified, the manager to whom the position reports (Department Manager) must complete a Personnel Request Form and forward it to the Human Resources Department. A job description must be written or reviewed by the Manager in conjunction with HR to ensure that it is accurate and current. The HR Department will establish an appropriate salary level for new and revised positions.

On receipt of the appropriately authorised Personnel Request Form, the HR Department will initiate recruitment activity to fill the vacant position. HR Department representatives will liase with the Department Manager to determine the most appropriate sourcing of external applicants. Recruitment methods may include:

      • advertising the vacant position in metropolitan or national newspapers
      • radio advertising
      • advertisements or ‘advertorial’ input in trade or professional publications
      • internal advertising
      • Review of previously received applications (both solicited and unsolicited) held on MATTEL TOYS HR files.

Induction Procedure at Mattel Toys

Advertisements for vacant positions should adhere to relevant legislative requirements. These advertisements should be placed in appropriate metropolitan newspapers with due regard for effectiveness of timing, placement and cost. The Department Manager should approve all advertising orders.

In certain circumstances it may be advisable to consider outsourcing the recruitment of particular positions to an external recruitment agency. These circumstances may include:

        • where the number of positions to be filled requires time and resources not available within Mattel Toys HR Department
        • when a suitable candidate for a position cannot be found within a reasonable time using standard search methods
        • for high-level positions, eg General Manager to CEO
        • if the position(s) to be filled requires the recruiter to have a particular or specialist knowledge of the requirements of the vacant position not otherwise available within MATTEL TOYS, eg IT Design Specialist.
        • if it can be demonstrated that an external agency may have access to quality candidates not otherwise available to MATTEL TOYS.
        • if it can be demonstrated that outsourcing the recruitment for a position would be more efficient and cost effective, while still ensuring that process quality is maintained or improved.

Mattel Toys will only use external recruitment agencies that guarantee EEO compliance. The HR Department will coordinate the use of all such agencies.

      • Processing applications

All applications will be forwarded to the HR Department. A nominated HR Officer will be responsible for handling an approved vacancy and liasing with the Department Manager and applicants. The HR Officer will assist the Department Manager by screening the applications and identifying a short list of suitable candidates for interview. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified until after the first round of interviews has been successfully completed. These applicants are to be notified briefly, in writing, without justification of the decision regarding their application.

      • Selection processes

Short-listed applicants will normally be required to participate in a selection process. Selection processes will be determined by the HR Officer in consultation with the Department Manager, and may include:

      • behavioural interviews
      • competency assessment, eg role-plays, case studies, written or verbal occupational tests
      • psychometric testing (to be approved by the HR General Manager).
      • Selection panel

Wherever possible the Selection panel should consist of at least two people — the Department Manager and the HR Officer. The HR Officer will brief the other members of the panel on selection techniques. At least one member of the Selection panel will have attended interview and selection skills training and/or EEO-awareness training. This person is responsible for controlling the selection process.

      • Consistent treatment of applicants

All applicants should be treated consistently, using the same specifications and job-related questions and assessment criteria.

      • Interview questions

Questions on EEO principles and occupational health and safety relevant to the position requirements will be included in all interviews for management and supervisory positions.

      • Documentation

Assessment of the applicants together with the Selection panel’s recommendations must be documented on the Selection Panel Summary Form and returned to the HR Department, where they will be handled in accordance with MATTEL TOYS’s Privacy Policy.

      • Reference checks

Following selection processes and before a job offer is made, reference checks must be conducted on all recommended applicants by the HR Department.

        •  Notification of selection outcomes
        • When notifying candidates of the outcome of an application, rejection letters should not be sent out until after the first round of interviews with candidates have been held.
        • No feedback is to be given to unsuccessful candidates regarding the quality of their written application or interview performance, or the reasons for the decisions made by the Selection panel.
        • Offers of employment will be made in writing when all selection procedures have been completed. The letter of offer will contain details of standard conditions of employment and any special conditions relating to the position. The applicant must return a signed copy of the letter of offer formally accepting the position.
        • Salary offers in most cases will be determined by the HR Department and must clearly demonstrate equity in relation to positions at a similar level.

Mattel Toys




Mattel Toys believes that all new employees MUST be given timely induction training. This training is regarded as a vital part of staff recruitment and integration into the working environment. This policy, associated procedures and guidelines define the Mattel Toys’s commitment to ensure that all staff are supported during the period of induction, to the benefit of the employee and Mattel Toys alike.


It is the aim of the Mattel Toys to ensure that staff induction is dealt with in an organised and consistent manner, to enable staff to be introduced into a new post and working environment quickly, so that they can contribute effectively as soon as possible. This induction policy, associated procedures and guidelines aim to set out general steps for managers and staff to follow during the induction process. It is expected that all managers and staff will adhere to this policy.

Compliance with Legislative Framework

The Mattel Toys expects that the implementation of good induction practice by managers/supervisors will:

      • Enable new employees to settle into the Mattel Toys quickly and become productive and efficient members of staff within a short period of time.
      • Ensure that new entrants are highly motivated and that this motivation is reinforced.
      • Assist in reducing staff turnover, lateness, absenteeism and poor performance generally.
      • Assist in developing a management style where the emphasis is on leadership.
      • Ensure that employees operate in a safe working environment.
      • Will reduce costs associated with repeated recruitment, training and lost production.


The Mattel Toys Human Resources Department / Head Office will:

      • Issue guidelines to familiarise managers and staff with the induction process.
      • Maintain and update the Induction Policy.
      • Provide a checklist for managers and staff to follow during the induction period.
      • Ensure there is effective monitoring of the induction process particularly in the first three months.
      • Deal with any problems promptly providing an efficient service for both managers and staff.
      • Review all policy, procedure and guideline documents on a regular basis.
      • Provide relevant formal training courses necessary to assist the induction process.



Starting a new job is a demanding and often stressful experience. Quite apart from the obvious challenge of tackling new tasks, there is also the need to become accustomed to a new organisation, a new environment and new colleagues. The purpose of induction is to support new employees during this difficult period and to help them become fully integrated into the Mattel Toys as quickly and as easily as possible.

Induction has benefits for all involved in the process. Employees who settle quickly into the Mattel Toys will become productive and efficient at an early stage and in turn will experience feelings of worth and satisfaction.

It is generally recognised that new employees are highly motivated and an effective induction process will ensure that this motivation is reinforced.


The advantages of an effective and systematic induction process are as follows:

      • To enable new employees to settle into the Mattel Toys quickly and become productive and efficient members of staff within a short period of time.
      • To ensure that new entrants are highly motivated and that this motivation is reinforced.
      • To assist in reducing staff turnover, lateness, absenteeism and poor performance generally.
      • To assist in developing a management style where the emphasis is on leadership.
      • To ensure that new employees operate in a safe working environment.
      • To reduce costs associated with repeated recruitment, training and lost production


The Induction checklist is a very useful way of ensuring that information is imparted to new employees when they are likely to be most receptive. It avoids overloading employees with information during the first weeks whilst ensuring that all areas are covered. Managers/supervisors should ensure that these matters have been properly understood whilst the checklist is being completed, perhaps in the form of a weekly chat with the new entrant. Arrangements should also be made for the employee to visit any relevant departments with which they have regular contact in the course of their duties. At the end of the process the induction checklist should be signed by the relevant parties and placed in the member of staff's personnel file.


Preparations should be made for the arrival of the new entrant well in advance, for example, arrangements should be made to provide desk, equipment and lockers etc.

Most new employees tend to be concerned primarily with two matters:

  1. a) whether they can do the job and
  2. b) how they will get on with their new colleagues.

It is therefore important to introduce them to their new workplace and colleagues at the earliest opportunity. An introductory talk will be appropriate at this time and can be combined with the provision of general information and exchanging any necessary documentation. This talk should be as brief as possible, because the employee is unlikely to be receptive to detailed information at this stage, and should be conducted by someone who is well prepared and has sufficient time available. Managers/supervisors should refer to the Induction Checklist and use it as a basis for discussion thus ensuring all documentation is complete.

A tour of the workplace should be arranged for the new entrant allowing the Mattel Toys / Division to be viewed as a whole and the recruit to see where he/she fits into the organisation.

The new entrant will want to get to know his/her colleagues and quickly become part of the team and time should be made for this process. Colleagues should be briefed on the new entrant’s arrival. If possible one of the new entrants colleagues should be nominated to ensure that he/she has every assistance in settling in quickly.

Utilizing Specialists for Recruitment and Selection


Induction programmes must be geared to the individual’s needs. Some of the more obvious new members of staff requiring special attention are as follows:

For most new employees, induction is concerned with getting accustomed to a new job. For school leavers, however, it is about adjusting to a whole new way of life - the world of work. Consequently, school leavers are likely to need more support than other groups. Wherever possible, induction and subsequent training should relate to knowledge and skills which go beyond the employee’s own particular job. School leavers will need guidance on wider issues, such as career planning, acquiring qualifications, coping with the routine and discipline of work and managing money.

It would also be helpful for school leavers to be introduced to an approachable person to whom they could take any queries they might have.

Graduates tend to have a high level knowledge but may not have the skills relevant to the job. They will want to feel that they are making a contribution from early on and to understand the organisation of the Mattel Toys and their role within it. Also they will want to have a clear picture of future career prospects and to gain broad experience with this in mind. The Trust should provide the graduate recruit with an adviser - such as a senior manager - who can organise the necessary breadth of experience and offer advice and support in relation to career progression.

Whilst many of the points in the checklist apply equally to all new managerial staff, in most cases individual induction programmes will be necessary. These should be drawn up in consultation with new managers, taking into account their backgrounds and experience and the nature of their new roles. Priority should be given to helping new managers establish and maintain relationships with management   colleagues and opportunities should be provided for them to spend time in other relevant   departments   to   facilitate   this   process.   This   will   help   managers   quickly   to   gain   an understanding of the Mattel Toys’s philosophies, strategic plans and business plans.

In some cases, it may be necessary to design induction programmes with the special needs of ethnic minorities in mind. Language problems and attitudes amongst existing staff may be areas requiring particular attention. This is preparation that should be completed before any member of staff joins the Mattel Toys. The Mattel Toys will not tolerate racist or prejudiced behaviour in any form.

Previously long-term unemployed people who have been recruited may have been absent from the working environment for some time so it will be helpful to recap on some of the issues relating to school leavers. these should, of course, be adapted to suit older workers, who may need to build up confidence and the induction process can be used to update knowledge of basic office technology (photocopiers, fax machines, telephone systems, etc. as well as computers).

Other groups that may need particular   consideration   include disabled employees   and women returning to work after having raised a family.

These groups will also require the induction procedure as women returning to work may, like the long- term unemployed, be out of touch and lacking in confidence. Disabled employees may have all or a combination of induction needs, but these needs may be compounded by their disabilities. Part of the induction process for disabled employees will involve checking such things as wheelchair access to parts of the workplace, toilets and lifts etc. The necessary reasonable adjustments to the workplace required to accommodate the disabled individual should be completed prior to them commencing, and carried out in discussion with the individual or their adviser.

Induction can be said to end when the individual become fully integrated into the organisation. Of course, there is no set timescale within which this will happen and follow up is essential. Giving new employees the opportunity to ask questions several weeks into employment can be useful, and the induction checklist will provide this opportunity. In some areas, such as understanding wider aspects of the organisation, follow up after a number of months may be appropriate.

INDUCTION PROGRAMME FOR NEW STAFF DEPARTMENT               ......................................................................

NAME OF EMPLOYEE ......................................................………….. JOB TITLE                    ...................................................................... DATE COMMENCED     ......................................................…………..

This is a checklist of information for Induction which managers / supervisors should use with new staff as part of their induction programme within the first few days, and certainly within the first two weeks of employment. Health and Safety items should be identified immediately. The new employee should be asked to tick each subject as he/she has been informed about it, and sign the end of the form. The manager / supervisor then sends the form to the Personnel Department / Head Office for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.

Not all the following subjects are applicable to all departments. Should this be the case, record N/A. Please read the guidance notes below before completing this form.

Guidance Notes

Certain groups of staff have specific induction needs. the main groups are detailed below, with particular points to take account of, highlighted.

Disabilities include for example physical handicap, deafness, blindness, mental handicap. consider the following for discussion:

  1. Confirm the nature of the disability.
  2. Clarify if the employee has any special needs relating to disability.
  3. Check whether employee has any particular concerns regarding the workplace.

These staff may have no previous work experience and will need careful integration into the department. Discuss the following:

  1. Role within the department.
  2. Reporting responsibilities.
  3. Allocation and prioritisation of work.

This includes staff who were previously unemployed, women returning after starting a family, or after any other prolonged period of non-employment. Discussion should include, for example:

  1. The difference between the employee’s previous working environment and this new one.
  2. Changes in skills required for this area of work.

3.Requirement for training to update skills.

These staff need a broader induction to put their post in context.

  1. Structure and culture of department.
  2. Role in relation to Department / Mattel Toys as appropriate.
  3. Training course in supervisory and management skills, if required.

The Department


1. Department function

2. Introduction to colleagues

3. New entrant’s own job

4. Supervision

5. General layout - entrances and exits

6. Telephone system, bleeps and intercom systems

Conditions of Employment

1. Information on hours of work, including duty rotas, shift systems "on-call" breaks

2. Time recording, flexi-time

3. Bonus scheme, allowances

4. Probationary periods of employment

5. Mattel Toys Pension scheme and eligibility

6. Reporting in when sick including when on leave

7. Arrangements for requesting leave: annual leave, unpaid leave, compassionate leave

8. Issue of uniforms, and uniform policy, protective clothing, replacement, laundry arrangements

Health and Safety, Security, Fire

1. Health and safety information relevant to the department

2. Issuing of fire instructions and procedure

3. Location of fire-fighting equipment

4. Accident reporting

5. First aid facilities/pre-employment health screening/role of Occupational Health / Mattel Toys Doctor

6. Loss of personal effects

7. Security of department/building

8. Arrangement for keys, passes, ID Badges etc.

9. Violence and aggressive behaviour

10. Management of monies/valuables

11. Major Incident procedures


1. Personal presentation

2. Disciplinary procedures

3. Courtesy to the customer and the public

4. Confidentiality

5. Noise Control

6. Acceptance of gifts

7. Statements to the Press

8. Local rules regarding smoking

9. Private use of telephones

10. Standards of Business Conduct


1. Cloakroom, lockers, lavatories

2. Canteen

Education, Training, Promotion

1. Study leave

2. Means of advancement, promotion opportunities

3. Employee appraisal, review systems

Employee Involvement and Communication

1. Employee or Trade Union representative

2. Communication arrangements

3. Information sources, e.g. notice boards, circulars etc.

4. Food and Health Policy

5. Handling Complaints

Items Specific to Department

1. Pay

2. Notice of termination of employment

3. Sick certificates

4. Waste disposal

5. Control of infection

6. Lifting and handling


I have been informed about and understand the above items.

Signature:...................................…………………………………………………… Date:..............

I confirm that the above Induction Programme has been completed for the above member of staff. Signature of Head of Department/

Designated Officer:...................................………………………………………… Date:..............


Information, systems and processes reviewed


Who was consulted


What training and support is provided to relevant staff. Who provides this training?

Findings (summary of gaps and opportunities for improvement). These will help to form the recommendations in your report.

Ensure current position descriptors and person specifications for vacancies are used by managers and others involved in the recruitment, selection and induction processes


HR Manager

Senior HR Officer


Ensure that advertising of vacant positions complies with organisational policy and legal requirements


General Manager, Human Resource


Organization must introduce e-portal

Ensure that selection proceduresare in accordance with organisational policy and legal requirements


General Manager, Human Resource



Ensure that processes for advising applicants of selection outcome are followed


General Manager, Human Resource


Reference validation is required.

Ensure that job offers and contracts of employment are executed promptly and that new appointments are provided with advice about salary, terms and conditions


General Manager, Human Resource


Job offers are not provided promptly

Check that induction processes are followed across the organisation


HR Manager


Senior HR Officer


Oversee the management of probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated


HR Manager


Implementation Plan

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