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Singapore Airlines Limited and its subsidiaries


Evaluate the role of Cabin Crews in Singapore Airlines Limited.

The following assignment evaluates the role of Cabin Crews in Singapore Airlines Limited The Singapore Airlines Limited is based in Singapore and is operates through Singapore Changi Airport. The Singapore Airlines Limited has many airline subsidiaries: Klingner et al.(2015) mentioned that the SIA Engineering Company is a part of the that deals in the repair and the maintenance of airlines. The brand operates around nine countries and has a portfolio of around 27 joint ventures. That includes the Boeing as well as the Rolls Royce. Besides this, the Singapore Airlines Cargo manages the SIA’s fleet and evaluates the cargo –hold capacity in SIA passenger aircraft. The Singapore Airlines manages three airline subsidiaries. These include the Silkair that deals in regional flights in the domestic market. The brand has been a major airliner and has been operating many flights in the domestic as well as international destinations.

According to Naff et al. (2013), the brand also operates the Scoot and the Tigerair deals in the low-cost carrier sector. The Singapore Airlines remains the initial developer for Airbus A380, which is the world biggest passenger Aircraft.

The Cabin crew is an essential part of the Singapore Airlines. It relates to the overall management of the passengers in the aircraft. It primary deals in offering excellent customer service to the passengers in the aircraft. Dent and Whitehead (2013) mentioned that the Singapore airlines offers specific training to the passengers in the aircraft that deals in the security of the passengers. In this regard, it can be said that the brand has been able to offer total customer satisfaction to the passengers. In addition, the passengers are offered a demonstration of the safety procedures and the equipments available in the case of an emergency.

The following are the responsibilities of cabin crew personnel in Singapore Airlines Limited.

All cabin crew personnel’s has to attend a pre-flight briefing. In this period, all the cabin crew personnel’s are allocated responsibilities as per their job role. Besides this, Harvey and Allard (2015) noted that the cabin crew is informed about the details of the flight. Any specific needs of the passengers are also stated. Passengers with adverse medical conditions as well as disabilities are evaluated and specific instructions are given for their growth.

The cabin crew also evaluates the condition of the aircraft. Armstrong (2014) stated that the amount of food supply present in the Aircraft as well as the allocating of passengers in the aircraft. The primary responsibility of the cabin crew remains the well –being of the passengers. As such Nica (2013) noted that guiding passengers to their seats and answering their queries and doubts remain essential. The cabin crew has to ensure that updated details are provided to the passengers about the flight. Attending every specific need of the passengers is a pertinent responsibility of the passengers.

The cabin crew have the ability to offer basic medical aids to the passengers in the aircraft in the case of any emergency. The cabin crew has also the responsibility to ensure that the passengers disembark safely after the flight journey ends. 

Responsibilities of Cabin Crew personnel in Singapore Airlines Limited

The  role  of  cabin crew  in  the  case of  Singapore Airlines Limited is structured as  per   the  following  stages 

Efficiency – Brewer and Kellough (2016) mentioned that Singapore Airlines have developed pertinent human resource policies in developing the efficiency of the employees. Thus, employee performance is done on a daily basis to find out the discrepancies in employee performance. It is expected that this would assist the employees to enhance their potential. Besides this, Singapore Airlines have implemented training schemes so that the cabin crews have increased their expertise.

Motivation – Various financial and non-financial incentives are offered to the cabin crews to maintain their level of motivation in the business enterprise. Savaneviciene and Stankeviciute, (2013) mentioned that Singapore Airline have been been particular in maintaining a stable work environment for the individual growth of the employee. Gordon and Price (2015) stated that the brand offers a level of job satisfaction to the employees that is unmatched by the rival brands in the market. The cabin crews are solely measured based on their performance and no other factors are considered in assessing the performance of the employees.

Safety and health – Armstrong and Taylor (2014) mentioned that transparent human resource policies are established to maintain the well-being of the employees. Employee safety and health are the prime considerations for Singapore Airlines. In this regard, it can be said that a safe work environment is maintained to assist the Cabin Crew in executing their job roles in an effective manner. According to Spillane (2013), in maintaining the safety and the security of the employees, the implementation of effective training schemes remains the most essential. This the operational policies of the employees have implemented flying operational policies which ensures that the total safety and the security of the employees. As such, it has created considerable goodwill and market reputation for the growth of the organization.    Brewer and Kellough (2016) stated that stringent procedures have been implemented so that the safety and the health of the employees is not compromised under any circumstances.

Mental Capacity - The cabin crews in the organization have the attitude to serve the customers of the organization. The passengers are the primary concerns of the cabin crew, and therefore have the ability to ensure the well –being of the passengers under all circumstances. According to Gordon and Price (2015), the mental capacity of the cabin crew encompasses all the constituents that would enable the organization to create a positive perception on the customers. The capacity to adjust to threats to the external circumstances has been a positive part of the psychological aspects of a business enterprise.

The cabin crew is recruited through a stringent selection procedure. As such, it can be said that the personnel’s have to meet the physical requirements that would assist the management of the business enterprise to execute their job in an effective manner. Besides this Chen and Chen (2014) noted that excellent communication is a pre-requisite for the job of a Cabin Crew. Therefore, it remains important that cabin crews are able to communicate well to the passengers. The recruitment strategies have been an essential part of the operational policies of the Singapore Airlines. In order to make the recruitment strategies effective, the brand has the recruitment policies have to spread over a period of time to select the best candidates available for a pool of candidate. Reputed professional institutes have been approached to select the best professional candidates to aid the organization in its growth.

Efficiency, Motivation, Safety and Health, and Mental Capacity of Cabin Crew

Chen and Chen (2012) mentioned that The brand has made pertinent strategies so that the candidates have to be presentable. Developing an effective relationship with the passengers is one of the primary responsibilities of the customers. The cabin crew has the responsibility to create a positive perception on the passengers. The behavior of the cabin crew reflects the brand image of Singapore Airelines (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Thus, the brand have chosen candidates who can adhere to the strict guidelines and the policies predetermined by the business enterprise. Apart from this, the candidates are chosen who can uphold the brand reputation and the goodwill of the brand in the long run. Zhu and Ma (2015) mentioned that In the case of recruitment programs, the brand has implemented a training program to assist the candidates to get acquainted with every aspect of the flying operations.

These include- product knowledge, service procedures as well as passenger handling. Besides this, it includes passenger handling, the department, and the grooming procedures. Brewer & Kellough (2016) mentioned that the recruitment strategies have been effective in selecting the best candidates in offering excellent customer services to the customer. Innovation, team –player as well as effective in dealing with crisis are the essentials characteristics of the cabin crew in Singapore Airlines. 

In the case of Singapore Airlines, the brand has created recruitment strategies that have been of help to select the best available candidates from the wide pool of talent. According to Spillane (2013), the selection process comes after the recruitment process and has been helpful to the business enterprise in implementing a stringent recruitment procedure for the production procedure. The selection process has been helpful in narrowing the list of candidates based on physical requirements, qualification and age. The selection processes have assisted the business organization to conform to a set of regulations and guidelines to make the selection procedure more effective.

The selection process consists of the following stages:

Preliminary interview - The preliminary interview refers to interviewing those candidates who have attained the eligibility z criteria established by the business organization. In the interview session the skills and the competencies of the employee is judged as per the needs of the employers. This is an informal interaction by the employers with the employees and is used to assess the potential of the employees as per the needs of the business organization.

Application blank - The candidates who have cleared the primary interview have to state the application blank in order, which shall consist all the necessary details like qualifications, bank details and the experience of the employees. In this regard, it can be stated that the application bank has been essential for the brand to have a detailed record of the employees in the organization. This has been essential for the organization in doing the background checks for the organization.

Written Tests - In the pursuit of the selection of the cabin crew various written and communication tests were conducted to aid the business organization in the selection of the candidates. In this regard, these tests have been of help to the business organization in choosing the right candidate that would offer effective cabin crew services to the

Recruitment and Selection of Cabin Crew

Employment Interview - Employment interviews are the final stage in the recruitment process. This interview judges the candidate on all the aspects, which include skill, aptitude and ability to adjusting to vulnerable circumstances (Bergman 2015). In this regard, the mental attitude to serve the passengers and excellent communication skills are the primary constituents of a cabin crew services.

Medical examination - The medical tests are an core part of the recruitment process. In the job of a cabin crew services, it is essential that the person is medically fit and have no major illness. Besides this, having good eyesight is also necessary in executing the job in an effective manner.

Appointment Letter- The final part of the selection process is issuing an appointment letter to the candidate. It is necessary that the appointment letter contains all the terms and conditions. The service contract shall also mention the tenure of the recruitment process and the methods through which the service can be terminated.

The selection strategies have been implemented in Singapore Airlines keeping in mind the long-term goals and objectives of the business organization. According to Furuta et al. (2014), this has been an effective part in facilitating the growth of the business organization in the domestic and the international market. 


It can be stated that Singapore Airlines Limited has been following a stringent recruitment procedure. The brand has been implementing an effective recruitment and selection process. This has assisted the brand in selecting the right candidate, which can deliver for the organization over a period. The primary concern of a cabin crew has been the well-being of the passengers. The cabin crew has been offering details about the air-flight to the passengers. In addition, these personnel’s are well trained to handle emergencies and crises. Thus, in the case of Singapore Airline the cabin crews have been playing are a core part in developing positive consumer perception and ensuring organizational sustainability.

Employee performance is monitored over regular intervals of time to rectify the discrepancies. In addition, training schemes are implemented to offer effective customer services to the employees. The Cabin crews are offered with financial and non-financial incentives to maintain the motivation levels of the employees. A healthy work environment is offered to the employees to ensure safety and security of the employees. 


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