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Current operation of C-Quest

Write a Succinct Business report that Identifies the Operational Issues in the Case and Develops an argument about their root Causes.

Organisation management plays a vital role in an organisation. Organisation management refers to as the administration of the corporate practices that help in enhancing efficiency in an organization. The objective of operation manager is to transform the essential resources into goods and services. The report talks about the current operations of the C-Quest marine laboratory. The report also throws light on the issues and a main root cause of the company. Every organization faces some or other issue while managing the operations of the organization. The operation manager plays an important role in managing and bringing innovative ideas to enhance the productivity. The decisions that should be taken care by the organization include a size of the plants, strategic decision, managing operations, innovative ideas, etc. operations activity need to be taken care by the operation manager (Slack, Brandon-Jones, & Johnston, 2013). These activities include planning, directing, controlling, and outlining the working. It also comprises of the problems faced by the particular sector.

C-Quest marine lab depends on Great Barrier Reef. The marine research center goes under the visitor places. It comprises of 600 m2 skimming perpetual stages. The operations of the organization are identified with the marine research center with researchers examine.

Currently, the primary concentration of the C-Quest marine research facility is in shaping the procedure for the intended interest group. The association working demonstrates that association continues changing the objective portions (Bernstein, 2014). Changing target is essential for the organization and these adjustments in the intended interest group come considering the season. As indicated by the seasons on the northern side of the equator the requested increment because of a getaway in May to October. Also, Australian and New Zealand visitor visit in the long stretch of the November and April alongside the southern half of the globe vacationer.

The association bringing an improvement in the quality it is giving to its clients. Dealing with the quality can be considered as the one of the operational movement. To build the level of fulfilment of the client, association need to improve the nature of the administrations (online Kettering, 2016). Consequently, they will have the capacity to pull in more vacationers towards the marine research facility. This cultivates the development and accomplishment of the organization.

Issues and main driver of the C-Quest Marine Laboratory

Operational supervisor of the association tries to add-on new inventive thoughts into the business everyday operations (Heizer, 2016). For example, the association can give a tubular walkway to the clients or visitor with the goal that they can get the office of investigating the submerged perceptions. The association can encourage the vacationer from the office of snorkeling or jumping visits. This may draw in the sightseers towards the fun exercises.

As per the contextual investigation, the organization allowed a marine permit five years back. The progression was taken by the organization to share their eco-sea life science wander with the 120 sightseers for each trek. The CQuest marine worked an organization that works a sailboat (who has the permit to convey 100 individuals). The named organization helped the association to transport vacationers from 30 nautical miles from Trinity delta in Cairns to the stage. The entire action needs the administration of the vacationer at a similar place. Like this arrangement now the organization is making arrangement $3m development that incorporates the second level to the stage. This arranging enables the organization in upgrading the brand to esteem and achievement of the organization. In the second level, an association will give overnight convenience to 10 sightseers. Alongside the logical staff of 4 that stay on the stage. Arranging is one of the vital exercises that are incorporated into the operations administration. This is a standout amongst the most vital exercises that should be considered however arranging chooses the achievement and disappointment of the assignment depends. The organization is making arrangements for giving the offices of the kitchen and restroom comforts. This demonstrates the organization is concentrating on the esteem including exercises that assist the association in conveying the consumer loyalty.

Apart from the upgrade in the consumer loyalty, there will be an upper hand to the organization. These days in every last field, there is an extreme rivalry among the marine research centers. By dealing with the operations Association is endeavoring to acquire adequacy the working.

There are several of the issues and main driver from which marine research facility is managing today. With the rise of the online networking showcasing, the pattern of the advertising is evolving. For managing the promoting issue organization needs to embrace few changes in the method for advertising. Henceforth, this will upgrade the learning of the workers in the association. The operations supervisor will have the capacity to settle on the viable choices.

Identification and specification of the problems

The rivalry is expanding step by step and it is getting to be noticeably driving issue for the associations. For confronting the focused world organization needs to execute new procedures and plans. The key designs help the organization to manage the risk of the contention (Musa, & Thirumoorthi, 2016).

Monsoon season with tornados is one of the basic dangers for the association. CQuest marine needs to deal with the supply side on the grounds that there is a regular vacillation in the request according to the media reports. There are a risk and threat from the tornados, salt-water crocodiles, and marine stingers (Vernberg, and Vernberg, 2013).

Improper usage of the licenses by the association. Collaboration in the operations administration is one of the root issues that are found in the association. For example, the organization allows to 120 vacationers to visit whenever yet just once. The association likewise gave the office of the transportation by framing operation with the sailboat. The operation supervisor uplifted that they can secure a quicker sailboat that can likely do 2 sightseers revolutions in a day. The underlying opening can come in the morning and take-off at the season of the moon. The second opening can come in evening after the flight of the principal space. This would have given a chance of acquiring the twofold sum from voyagers.

The association understood that they are as yet depending on the customary tourism inventory network to source traveler loadings. Inventory network assumes a critical part in the working of the organization. Here it is unmistakably said that organization needs to locate a superior approach to get changes the store network. The inventory network, as well as the income that is attempted, is not successful. CQML will get the instalment from the tourism operators 90 days after the visitors have paid the sum or encountered the outing. The visit operators deduct 40% out of the retail cost as their bonus and after that give rest 60% add up to the organization. The retail cost of the visit charged to the visitor is inexact $199; this incorporates lunch at the season of morning visit sightseers or canapés and wine at the season of the evening visit. Better income may bring a successful method for working for the organization and may be conceivable will help the association in improving the benefit (Kroes, and Manikas, 2014).

Hospitality industry consists of tourism and travel business. Each and every company try to scrutinize to manage both the field together. While managing both the fields’ together company might face some issues and problem (Ghimire, 2013).  The tourism and travel sector is expanding globally. Some of the problems of the sector are discussed below.

Safety and security: - Safety and security are one of the major issues which can be faced by the tourists. Those organizations who are driving in this industry give lip-administration to security issues than then contradicting the issues from roots (Scott, Laws, & Prideaux, 2013). Companies need to that they provide safety and security majors to the tourist.

Employee retention: - This issue or problem is increasing day by day in the tourist industry. The reason behind the retention of the employee is low pay according to their skills. Frontline employees in the tourism company are in demand. So this makes them too easily switch the job. There is lack of the skilled workforce in the tourism industry. This creates a problem for the company to manage the employees. HR of the company is responsible for a selection of the skilled employees (Vasquez, 2014).

Political conditions: - There is an impact of a political condition on the tourism industry. The different government has different rules related to the tourism industry. The amount of the tax imposed by the government on this sector keeps fluctuating. This affects the flow of the tourist that affects the working of the company. Hence, this is one of the major problems which are faced by this sector (Causevic, & Lynch, 2013). Though, the government says that they always support tourism sector as they get foreign earning because of the tourism sector.

Cost of fuel: - The prices of the fuel and gasoline keep changes and accordingly the prices of the tour and trip changes. This affects the enrollment of a number of tourists. Tourists don’t want to spend more on the tour packages because of the prices of the fuel. Summer is peak time when most of the tourist spends the amount on travels (Murphy, 2013). But due to the increase in the prices, tourist switches their spending to other places.

High taxes: - This sector faces problems due to high taxes. Travellers have to bear charges for an airline, hotel, rental cars, etc. these all expenses include the amount of the taxes. That similarly means whatever amount is spent by the traveller include the taxes (Guttentag, 2015). Though, government claim that they provide additional benefits to the tourists but they failed whatever they commit.

Unskilled labor: - In the tourism industry the main role is played by the tourist guide of the company. Tourists generally hire tourist guide so that they get to know more about the places. But lack of the knowledge of the tourist guide is a drawback for the tourist companies. Companies want a guide who can actually speak in multiple languages so those tourists don’t face any issue related to the language (Banerjee, Cicowiez, & Cotta, 2016). With the help of the training, a company can enhance the skills of the labor. 

These are the major problems which are faced by the companies who operated tourism and travel services. To reduce the problems and to enhance the tourism activities tourism and transport CEO John Lee said that Australia needs to present working holiday maker visa with different nations, for example, Australia and China acknowledge Indonesia. This is for the Australia as well as for the entire world. Organizations ought to do tie up with alternate nations to upgrade the visit bundles (, 2012).


The above report incorporates the investigation of the operational administration in view of the contextual analysis. The organization's operations demonstrate that organization is wanting to growth stage. The uncalled for usage of the allow can be settled. The organization ought to designate prepared and talented operation administrator master. The master can assess the procedures and plans for legitimate usage of assets (Galindo, & Batta, 2013). This will upgrade the income of the organization. C-Quest marine can endeavor to execute the successful production network which helps the organization in managing the specialists. Money streams assume an imperative part in association so the organization should watch out for the income administration. The reason C-Quest, for the most part, confronts issue related is income. The organization should add-on administrations to upgrade the request of the clients or to draw in a traveller.


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