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Overview of the 7-minute scene of Dead Poet Society


Explain what the report will focus on including what video, what particular scenes if the example depicts a safe or unsafe space?

1.1 Background

The main purpose of this study is to demonstrate the understanding of analyst of this report. However, in this report main purpose of discussion is the 7-minute video scene of a movie named Dead Poet Society that displayed that safe space of an academic setting. In order to write this report analyst first examine the 7-minute scene of Dead Poet Society and understand the concept of the scene. Apart from that, from this scene, analyst identifies the main characters such as Mr. Nolan, Mr. Keating, pupils of Welton Academy Preparatory School, Neil, etc.

This scene will provide the sources that may understand the cultural safe space in University or school.

The main aim of this report is to analyze different characters of the selected movie scene and make a summary of overall review. Following the summary results, provide recommendation towards making the safe space.

In order to complete this report, analyst takes 7-minute video clips from the movie of Dead Poet Society written by Robin Williams. The selected scene in this report is the conflict of dead poet society. The Head Master of Welton Academy Preparatory School Mr. Nolan is conventionally starring his rule like the spread of virus in body. Throughout the scene, it has been demonstrated that, Robin Williams as an English Teacher motivate one group of young student of the school for understanding self-fulfillment experience in education where the key theme was “Oh Captain, My Captain”. The group member of the young student discover their journey that helps in achieving value of greater self-awareness instead of honor, previous tradition, excellence, discipline, etc. The rule of orthodoxy is conflicted the series that slowly reduce the purpose and effectiveness of complete education. The major conflicts occur when the father disapprove his decision for becoming an actor.

Llerena-Quinn (2013) presumed that the environment of safe space allows people in moving freely individually. Apart from that, Schlenoff (2009) argued safe space environment allows the people in expressing themselves along with the self-awareness without prejudice of previous rules. Safe space is also allow the people in feeling welcome individually regarding the self-awareness from the point of view of ability, culture and gender. Each individual in safe space strongly encourage and treated equally in respect to other individuals. However, Movahed et al. (2012) cited that safe space is one of the most important environment where people can free from emotional harm, psychological harm and physical harm. According to the view of Van der Walt (2012), safe space in terms of individual physical harm indicates that space must protect to the individuals from any damages in respect to psychological, emotional and physical. In the journal of Corbman (2014), emotional harm is described as abnormal displays from the viewpoint of social interaction, emotion and behavior. Due to suffering and unhappiness, these types of abnormalities happen. On the other hand, Moltz (2007) stated that suffering and unhappiness of individual has great impact on development. As stated by Heffernan (2009), physical harm is an inappropriate act from the point of view of individual experience. Physical harm has long term effect to the individual endures for the rest of the live.

Defining Safe Space and its Importance

In safe space, the process should not involved safety from the viewpoint of psychological and emotional harm. Whereas, in the process of safe space, involves one reliable and distinct structure for supervising the times and providing required support. In safe space, individuals can feel free from psychological, physical and emotion harm.

Dead Poet Society takes place in the Welton Academy School for Boys. Conflict is the main part of the selected episode where the key theme was Oh Captain My Captain. The major characters in this part were the teacher of the school Mr. Nolan, Mr. Keating and one group of students. As an English teacher, M. Keating was very sensitive and understanding his student very well, and related them with individuals. The name of this adult student was Neil. When the young adult boy expressed his art of actor in front of his father, the father placed nothing and put to him lot of disapproval and guilt.


Time frame/ Scene Number

Physical Factors

Communication Factors

Sign of Inclusion and Exclusion

Lack of cultural Intelligence


Mr. Nolan (Demonstrate the learning for his student)

Learning outcomes is more important rather than the dramatic performance

Plays the duties that set up by the teachers

Properly follow the rules and guideline that set up previously


Mr. Keating

Dramatic performance is more important rather than learning outcome

Feel free

Create own world and accept the art of human



Young students of Welton school

Express his love for acting to the father

Father placed nothing and shows the disapproval and guilt

The selected scene displayed the terrible defense of the humanities. There was the clash between the conservative and traditional values. It was espoused in the Welton Academy School. The ethos of the economy was discipline, honor, excellence, tradition. However, the selected scene of Dead Poet Society displayed that it is a crime for the students if they not exercise from the viewpoint of critical political consciousness (Buckey, 2006). On the other hand, Mr. Keating, the English teacher concerned the moral quality for the students. He defined the morality of life within the environment of Welton Academy. The major conflict in this scene occur during the time of disapprove of fathers of a student. In the scene, the major quarrel occurs when the English teacher teaches the students for free spirit. The final conflict in this scene occur when one young man do not stand up into the table to make the secret group of creating safe space. However, it has been identified in the selected scene that one young student strived to be an actor but is not able to be an actor due to his father’s strictness (Thomas, 2008). He successfully inspired Neil to express his art of actor and willing to make an article in the school newspaper. However, in the end of the scene, Mr. Nolan considered the possibility that suicide of Neil was the product of political repressive and intellectual property. However, it has been seen that disruptive teaching of Mr.’ Keating was the true culprit from the point of view of threat of expulsion. Furthermore, it has been identified that Welton Academy was not for learning but for dynamic of the dominants and political control (Susskind, 2008). At the final stage of this scene, it has been seen that Mr. Keating is able to motivate the students not only recognizing the individuals for free safe space but also make them free from physical, emotion and psychological harms. However, Mr. Keating was able to make a collective unit that capable for protecting challenges to status quo.

Conflicts and Characters in Dead Poet Society Scene

6.1 Exploration of behaviors, values and beliefs

From the point of view of Dead Poet Society’s scene, it is recommended that positive encouragement is required for the students of Welton Academy School for investigating their own behaviors, goals and values. The teacher of the Academy of Welton has to teach to their students by examining the culture. It will help go understanding the individual value. This will help in providing the necessary learning towards understanding the different individuals. Apart from that, it will also help in developing empathy.

6.2 Equal Respects and empathic listener

In order to create norms for every individual, it has been recommended to create the space where norms are equally distributed. Apart from that, individuals must to support and display respect with each other. Individual work towards forming will be the best methodology in making new solution of problems. However, creating norms, students are able it make truthful communication and develop safe space at all time.

On the other hand, it is recommended that introducing the training for the staffs will be better aspects for creating safe space. Training to the staff is able to make the empathic listener. Long-term process provides skill and effective communications to the students.

7. Conclusion

This above-mentioned report concluded one scene of the film Dead Poet Society that related with that university. This report is the summary of 7-minute video clips of the film Dead Poet Society. The definition that mentioned in this report is described the understanding of safe space in Welton Academy School. Summary of the literature regarding safe space described it helps in reducing harm of physical, psychological, emotional within the environment of education. Through analysis, this report generates that in this scene there were three main characters such as Mr. Keating, Mr. Nolan and Neil. After analysis the characters, analyst provides recommendation for improving the teaching process in academy. Analysis of the charades can help in utilizing the physical space of the selected movie scene. Described two recommendations will allow in developing the learning skills for the teacher and maintaining a safe space within education campuses instead of making it dynamic dominant and political control.

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