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In this assessment conducted the development of a library automation system using open source that gave some insights that are used in this report to come up with an actual development plan.

Objectives of the Study

The library is the most growing entity. The traditional ways of storing information are no longer efficient and dynamic. For quick mine, retrieve of data and information in a better efficient way developers have design library applications of modern ways which have become more essential such application such Integrated Library Systems. A well-configured library will help the users with quick and efficient services. Library automation basically means the mechanization of library resources with computer applications. The main ideas of work are to develop and update database of books and other school assets and implement an automated system by implementing using Integrated Open Source Software such as Koha Library (Desiree Webber, 2010).

Most activities done by  Integrated Library Systems are serials control, acquisition control, circulation control and classification this enterprise resource will be used to track items owned bills made and order made. The open properties various search option to realise there is an availability of a book in library hence make the list of books borrowed by a particular individual and also check in accounts.  It is integrated software that will require models for small to large libraries and automation project will serve another model of the libraries because it will be an open source and any other library which to go computerized to their library system can make use of these soft wares (Savitra Sirohi, 2010).  

The general objective of the library system is to put a strategic and operation management of the automated systems in accordance of the objectives. In order to maintain safe, supporting and also welcoming the library will have to obligate in enforcing rules of conducts in consistent way.

In case of breaching of the rules of conduct library management has the right to determine if the person will be excluded in time of exclusion and hence put in consideration of misconduct. Any person who has been excluded in the library system in past one year can appeal.

A visitor will be allows to access library computers even though they must sign up as guest. Only licensed databases will be allowed to be used in the library. Library resources should must be used in accordance with library policies and procedures, any violation or attrition may lead to loss of these privileges.

The following are core objectives of the study.

  1. Implement the automated system in hand with Koha library integrated software
  2. To carry out analysis and functions of the circulation system more effectively.
  3. To give major search selections to identify the readiness of books on library catalogue.
  4. To produce information for those particulars who have books and their overdue charges



Communication Needs

Communication responsibility

Executive sponsor

Sphere head of the project and gives recommendation

Excellent in understanding of the project management plans.

Approve the budget of the project hence give guidance of the projects.


They include people who will be managing the systems

In charge of project progress

Participation in implementation process and testing of the system

Project manager

Planning and executing and monitoring of the project

Documentation of the progress, stake holder arrangements.

Plan and execute

Monitor and control the project


User of the integrated library system

Trained on how to use the library system.

Gives views and recommendation of the project

The research mandate on implementing of automated library software and then integrate it to the existing library systems.

  1. Visit and do thorough research on schools library.
  2. Take accounts of the resources in the library.
  3. Physical examination of the books in the catalogue.
  4. Check if the bibliographic information has been key incorrect in excel.
  5. Classifies and cluster books in their categories.
Home page of Koha

Overview of Integrated Library Systems and Koha Software

The home page screen shows the front page exchange including check in and out. It also comprises of patrons data and search area for catalogues, tools, reports and about Koha software and other available links on the homepage (Bernard Dione ‎. S., 2008).

It is a parameter which is more important on the intranet module of Koha.  Most of the defaults parameter can be changed using these capabilities. Administration parameters allow defining other included parameter of the function of this Koha software such as branches, currencies, book funds and include categories of borrows and different charges of an item taken. In System preference, it is the most important module since it deals with Chief Administrator, Librarian or any other workers who can be given access rights to this module (Shantanu Ganguly, 2013)..  It is simple to identify total budget, the amount that has been sent and outstanding amount at the specific category (Desiree Webber, 2010).  

Cataloguing is another most important module since it maintains broad marc record then followed by Dewey decimal classification then incorporating with an aacr2 rule where data security and the data protection are facilitated. To manage data entry one marc entry number from 0-9 which these numbers can be clicked and fill in specific marc tags (Ferguson, 2007).

This module is known as Marc Biblio Framework and in order to create it, once you have the catalogue search area then find Biblio page. If the link is clunked it will prompt you to the subsequent page. Marc greatest is dived into nine subsections for the ease of data entry by this on the click on the desired number it will fill the specific marc tag. Finally, we check on add Biblio and after finishing up the bibliographic if you decide item will be added to the list (Ferguson, 2007).

After clicking on add patrons ' directorate in above search results the following request will appear which requires to fill in associate in a particular for the occasion the Koha systems allows one particular card of patrons and charges can be done later if the need arises. Once the efficient information is filled in the software request for confirmation recording and indicating when the user joined and the expiry dates of the patron ship cards. Editing and updating of data can be done here if the case arises. The information is only given out when membership information is on the OPAC (Ferguson, 2007).

Cataloguing Module

This can be done by clicking on the same tab on the parameter window, instances where data can be manipulated in such scenarios such editing, deleting information of a particular individual on the following window and even adding new categories. The other link allows for the intranet to search for an existing or either adds new patrons (Desiree Webber, 2010).

The information on this panel about the user can be seen and manipulated by librarian such as fines, charges and manipulate information of a particular person. This handle can be used in finding data about the user any time it is essential to the administration (Deborah Angela Fritz, MARC21 for Everyone: A Practical Guide, 2003). On the same platform, most screen choices are shown to modify data such change of passwords, modification of user flags while dealing with user credibility.

Circulation model is important since this is where students are assigned either themselves and renew the issued books via their names. In the method of circulation user is prompted to enter card number or either partial last name, after entering the details it reflects patron information with his category and button of other places is also available in the case to look for patron's material. In any case, if was to issue a book one has to enter the barcode of the book and enter date issued (Savitra Sirohi, 2010).

It is a module containing details concerning overdue, total amount written off, total amount paid. At this module, it is easy to generate analysis pertaining workers activities such as overdue fines, overdue books, and fines paid and fines due (Desiree Webber, 2010).

Koha tool basically uses Marc records out the bibliography of person and also patron data and can import or export data, unlike other utilities which can be used to label card creator, uploading images and overdue notices to all utilities readily available in Koha tools module (Shantanu Ganguly, 2013).

Reliability of the system was not put in place since it was not part of the research even though Koha remains to be reliable and efficient (Chimay Anumba, 2006). Library stakeholders have a praise decision for the institution for installing dynamic software such as Koha (Bernard Dione ‎. S.-2., 2008). This result in the access of information in the library and beyond is the most dynamic prospect of fixing of combined library system using soft wares such Koha (Breeding, 2013). Utilisation of information technology to divert ways most library offer services to the stakeholders strains conscious strength and determination. Koha s users have grown drastically within a decade making a meaningful contribution to innovations of integrated library system giving stakeholders something to enjoy numerous libraries content. Koha updates are released every week which enables a user to access free downloads then install or else upgrade to the latest firmware in the market (Bilal, 2015).

Circulation Model

Here are the outcomes of the study based on this project;

  1. The system gives full control of all the library resources and collection.
  2. Staffs from faculty and scholars can be able to check books they require by OPAC module
  3. Both scholars and administration members can oversee their status of borrowing books
  4. Data manipulation can be downloaded with bibliography information from the library of congress or catalogues.
  5. It's easy to share data across the library and various departmental in the institution.
  1. All the stakeholders of the library should be present and involved in any integrated library system implementation.
  2. Thorough education concern should be put in place to both staff and users of the library in the effectiveness of using library software.
  3. The good conduct of seminars and workshop should be compulsory for librarians and technical support to be in a position to fix any out pending challenges arising while using the soft wares.
  4. A set of backups both electrical of server base should be put in place to ensure the smooth running of the library systems.


In this work, attempts have been made towards finding the way of automating library and the best objective is to use Koha Open Source software in order to automate library systems.  After research and analysis, Koha software was best in library automation which was in line to develop a bibliography database which will be more effective and efficient (Krueger, 2013). At this point, it is well known and recommended that Koha is most useful package in case of creation of library databases which is retrieved adequately. Koha is integrated software with latest the most useful models cutting across big and small enterprise libraries noting that automation will serve at any model of any library (Ives, 2013).

As the integrated library systems continue to be accepted by a huge community,  it is estimated that most programmers and the users will be willing to improve software functionality in order to be more user-friendly, adaptable and easy to debug errors. Koha's performance it to allows large pieces of data to be manipulated in a fraction of a second hence it has the capability to integrate with basic library tasks and make easier to configure with quick response and able to communicate with other software make it more viable to be used in institution (alex, 2002 ). The management of various institutions should embrace the idea of supporting these new systems (‎Snippet, 2010). It is clear that making information available and accessible library are the shareholders of establishing libraries in this particular era thus they must prove to be more be the catalyst main academic activities implementing systems that will accommodate new feature and stay in focus. Modern libraries should aggressively provide information within and outside the institution via viable systems (Amy Dykeman, 2007).

For every institution which wants to migrate to combined library system should first take into consideration on uncluttered source information library system. Koha continuous to be more popular and widely used software because of its improvement from previous functionality while developing new modules in the systems. The open source of integrated library system model such as Koha is in a position to provide attractiveness and alternatives of libraries if basic ideas are realised and things could change dramatically (Michael Heaney, 2006).

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