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Job analysis, job design and job specification


Discuss About The Selection Strategies Capital Land Company?

The report talks about the job analysis, job design and job specification, recruitment and selection strategies in capital land company. The capital land has been selected for the report. It also explains the recruitment and selection strategies of the company. It is the real estate company which was formed in November 2000 as a result of a merger and acquisition of Pidemco land and DBS land. It is one of the biggest Asia’s real estate companies in Singapore. It’s headquarter is located in Singapore. The company deals in real estate products and services. The company is operating its business operations in the Chinese market. The business units of the company are capital land China, the Ascot limited, capital land Singapore and capital land mall Asia (Fine, 2012). The company is expanding its business day by day in real estate industry.

Job analysis is the process of gathering and studying the information relating to the responsibilities and operations of a specific employment. It is the process of systematic and logical of the business activities within a job. Further, job analysis is the process to determine Job analysis includes the job design and job specification. HR manager is responsible for the job description and job specification. The job description is the document which includes the functions, tasks, and responsibilities of a position. On the other hand, job specification is a statement which includes the essential components of employment, primary duties, qualifications and responsibilities of the candidate.  The company provides the various job opportunities to the employees. Here, operation department has been selected for job analysis in Capital Land Company. The company wants to appoint operation manager to formulate the rules, policies, and plan for the growth and success of the company (Bratton & Gold, 2012).

Operation Department: Operation department is the primary department of the company. The department is responsible for the various business operation and activities of the company. This department provides support to the overall organization for making strategy and plans in the organization. Therefore, the company searches an operation manager for doing the work and job in the association. As an HR manager, it is the responsibility of HR manager to appoint a good person as an operation manager with excellent potentials and capabilities. HR manager discusses the roles and responsibilities of that candidate to perform the task and job effectively. The company has an opening for the operation manager in the organization. Therefore, the HR manager analyzes and searches a potential candidate for the job. The HR person also evaluates and checks the background and qualification of the candidate. The operation manager plays a significant role in Real Estate Company. He will be accountable for the overall execution and operation of the leasing, sales, and property management departments. He formulates the policies and plans according to the requirements of the company. The operation manager ensures the profitability and efficiency of the organization. He manages the sales and purchase of properties for a private investor and business. He makes all the real estate contracts and responsible for them. The operation manager manages the budget and expenses of the company.

Operation Department and its responsibilities

HR manager evaluates the qualification of an operation manager. According to the company rules and norms, the ideal person should have experience in the same industry like similar sales environment and Real Estate Company. The applicant should have a degree in real estate, business administration, finance, accounting or another related field. If the candidate comes from the same industry then he can easily understand the environment of the real estate company. He should have a basic knowledge of computers like MS office, excel, access and PowerPoint. Interpersonal and strong written skills are required for appointing a new candidate in the capital land as an operation manager. The candidate should be great negotiators with excellent communication skills and knowledge. The applicant should be creative to solve the problems and queries. The operation manager allocates the responsibilities to other employees. They maintain the coordination and cooperation in the organization. The operation manager is very mandatory for every large business association. He is responsible for maximum utilization of resources. The applicant maintains the coordination and cooperation among the various department in the organization. He is accountable for the routine business activities of the company. The supervise and evaluate the management and administration of the organization. The senior managers perform the various functions in the company. Thus, the senior manager should be specialized in the real estate industry. Senior managers divide the workload according to the position of the employees. The real estate operation managers make sure that the work is done by the employees is to meet the profits and revenue of the company. Mainly, they are focused on the company goals and objectives.

The operation managers are also answerable for maintaining a regular and systematic record of the stock or inventory. These managers also play a significant role in Real Estate Company. They ensure the various facilities of the employees (Li, Sanders & Frenkel, 2012).

As a member of human resource management, the HR managers are responsible for Job Design of the company which is based on the incentive and motivation, efficiency, health and safety and intellectual capacity of the employees. Job design at capital land is completed by the logical approach. There is no chance of committing any mistakes and errors. Job design is the core and primary function of human resource management and it includes the various types of contents, methods and relationship of employment in order to assure the technological and organizational requirements as well as the social and personal requirements of the employment. After the various researchers, few things have observed and monitored by the HR professional for appointing a candidate as an operation manager in the operation department, they have been discussed below (Edmans, 2012).

Qualification and selection criteria of an operation manager

Efficiency: The HR managers appoint those people who can do their work with efficiently and effectively because operation manager plays a significant role in every company. The company hires the operation manager after checking the efficiency and performance of employees. First, the company assigns the small tasks to the employees to measure and evaluate the efficiency and productivity of employees. Therefore, the association selects the potential and efficient employees for the organization. Thus, if the company appoints the operation manager and real estate officer in the company then it evaluates and measures the efficiency and capabilities of the candidates. HRD selects one of the best suitable candidates among the several new candidates (Chiang & Hsieh, 2012).

Motivation: The motivation also plays an important role in the appointment and selection of a new candidate in such organization. HR manager designs the job in such way, which will motivate and encourage the selected applicant within the organization. HRD conducts various seminars and programs to motivate the employees. The HR personnel will motivate and encourage the employees by managing and supervising their work at the workplace. The HR manager teaches the employees that how the work and task are to be done at the workplace. Now it is assumed that HRD plays a significant role in job design and job analysis in the organization (Leiter, Day, Gilin Oore & Spence Laschinger, 2012).

Mental capacity: Capital Land Company never forces their workers to do work for long hours. The organization analyzes and evaluates the intellectual limitations of workers and enables them to work according to their choices. The organization never pushes the employees to give their best performance by taking a chance with their health. The products and items are given according to the capabilities of the workers. The HR management appoints an appropriate worker who is proficient and competent to do the undertaking productively that can give more outcomes in the future. HR professional conducts different training and development programs to check and evaluate the mental capabilities of employees for solving the problems effectively (Jensen, Patel & Messersmith, 2013).

Health and Safety: Capital Land Company deals with the worker's security and safety. It is vital for them to not give up the best representatives of the firm delicate. Therefore, they offer motivators to the workers including well-being and medical coverage. They cannot take the chances of the risk of losing the worthy and potential employees. The motivator likes incentive, bonus encourages them to join the firm and perform the function admirably. The motivating forces gave to them entrances, later which give great outcomes in the organization. The selected HR administrator keeps up a legitimate record of the representative's security and safety. HRD is responsible for the care of such workers who work for them (Tiwari & Saxena, 2012).

Job Design and recruitment strategies

Thus, the company appoints a research analyst to perform the task in the organization. So it designs the job in a very effective way. It focuses on the motivation, mental capacity, efficiency and health of the employees (Sanders, Shipton & Gomes, 2014).

The human resource management makes effective recruitment strategies to appoint a new candidate in the organization. Human resource department is not only responsible and accountable for analyzing the job outlooks but it also accountable for recruitment and selection as per the company needs and requirements. In Capital land the HR division does likewise. The company analyzes the behavior and conduct of the workers according to which they are selected (Wood, Van Veldhoven, Croon & de Menezes, 2012). The HR manager of Capital land has to look after the recruitment systems which incorporate how an employee functions for the company, what are their thoughts and suppositions on a specific venture or a task allocated to them. This system of recruitment allows Capital land to meet their prerequisite successfully and effectively (Densley, 2012).

The sources of recruitment differ in Capital Land Company. The organization likes to have outer recruit more than the inside the company. The enlistment procedure is finished by them primarily includes the workers ready to work effectively, to check whether they are fit for dealing with the undertakings task assigned to them, regardless of whether they take the values, commitment, and duties, whether the worker will task and furthermore the social values. The enrollment in Capital land is done on the premise of adequacy and capabilities of the employee. There are definite standards, norms, rules, and criteria that HR looks before selecting the employees in such company. Just the potential employees with wanted knowledge, skills and information can satisfy the prerequisites of the organization. The paradigm gives the biggest opportunity to show the skills and knowledge of the employees. The selection in such organizations is done after the enrollment procedure which is not constrained to the meeting, or testing or checking references. The determination by the HRMs is done proficiently and efficiently. Therefore, the company selects the research analyst in the organization then HR manager should focus on the recruitment strategies (Gorman, Roberts, Dominick, Malcarne, Dietz & Su, 2014).

The kind of methodologies and strategies took after by Capital land for recruiting the operation manager has really given great outcomes and results. In recruitment, the company checks the profile and background of a candidate for such position in the organization. Such kind of condition created at the firm makes it less demanding to task and keep the proper discipline in the organization. These policies and plans have left an effect on the creating market outside. The procedures have brought about the better working of the organization. A decent arrangement influences and affects the work of the company. The procedures arranged under the enlisting the workers is brimming with thoughts and ideas as the workers put their endeavors to get chose which brings about rivalry and challenges among workers (Paauwe, 2009).

The selection process starts after enlistment is finished. The candidates are being enlisted then chosen to hold a specific undertaking to deal with. The candidates are chosen on the base of the sort of task which they provide for the firm, the reliability they keep up and their behavior towards the company and other different employees. The determination procedure starts by choosing the employees who have a correct capability and potential in organization's need. The determination of Capital land works similarly. The HR department checks and evaluates the worker's capability and it keeps up the records of the applicants. Ordinarily, the chiefs and administrators of the department take the necessary steps to choosing the suitable employee for the position of operation manager. HR chief survey and checks the resumes, application, and interview to select the suitable candidate (Madera, 2012).

The choice at Capital land is very difficult; one must be extremely fit according to the organization's desires and needs. In this manner, the organization hires the candidate for the operation department. The selected applicant needs to experience a meeting where he needs to demonstrate his aptitudes which will be useful for the organization. During the procedure, correspondence and communication are the vital criteria that organization searches for. One needs to through with English, he ought to have the capacity to persuade the specialists, and he should consider something new and imaginative, he should recognize what an organization makes progress toward. Therefore, the human resource department appoints a right candidate for the job in the company. The selected workers need to benefit as much as possible from the open door given at Capital Land Company. The choice of the workers brings about great yields and better working environment. The candidates are given favorable circumstances and environment for their work (Brewster, Houldsworth, Sparrow & Vernon, 2016).

The implementation of this procedure has driven the organization its way towards marketing. The selected candidates do their task according to their capabilities and potential. It intrigues them and furthermore gives positive results to the organization. The criteria executed on the selected workers are according to their capability and the sort of attitudes. Now it assumed that the company should follow the effective and strong selection strategies to select the candidate as an operation manager. If the company adopts the effective selection strategies then it can take various benefits. Through the effective selection process, the company appoints a potential and competent candidate for doing the work. The organization gain competitive benefits and achieve the organizational goals and objectives through the effective selection process (Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly & Kynighou, 2016).


Now it is assumed that functions and strategies of the company have shown the huge growth in the market. The company makes excellent recruitment and selection process. In this way, it has become one of biggest real estate companies across the world. It explains the growth and success of the organization.  Now it is assumed that human resource department plays a vital role in every association. All the function of human resource management such as job analysis, job design, recruitment, and selection are very important for capital Land Company to select the operation manager in the organization.


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