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Background of the organization

Discuss about the Service Marketing for Business Service Structure.

Service structure is quite important for an organization. Organizational growth is very much dependent on effective service structure of an organization. Satisfaction of employees/customers along with quality service is totally dependent on service structure of an organization (Pagiola and Platais, 2016). On other hand, as per the Horng et al., (2013) that service blue print is also helpful to rearrange service structure along with finding faults within service structure. The report aims at developing a suitable blueprint for an organization named Sirromet. While developing the service blue print of Sirromet, the back stage along with front stage functions of an organization must kept mind. Certain issues have been researched in the report and provided with recommendations

Sirromet is a well-known dining restaurant of Brisbane serving excellent food and wine to its customers. The goal the organization is to provide its customers food at comparably lower price to make their time precious. The restaurant has received four and half stars for the services.  

Considering the research of the researchers it has been found that the blue print of the organization is associated with five components. The five components are associated with the action of the consumers, front stage action, and back stage actions, support process of the organization and evidences of physical activities. The components are presented as follows-

Customer Actions

It is the process that needs the consideration of the major priority towards the consumers and it remains at the top of the blueprint. This portion is associated with several steps. It is associated with process of service provided towards the consumers. The steps are associated with the trends and behavior of the consumers and it mainly consideration of the selection process development for the service (Alonzo-Helton et al., 2013).

Front Stage Actions

Front stage is associated with the maintenance of the actions that relate the tasks of the organization towards the consumers. According to Kim and Park (2014), the actions performed in this section are associated with the control of the behavior of the consumers that ultimately reflects the impression of the organization to the consumers. Line of interaction separates the stage from the blueprint (Radnor et al., 2014).

Back Stage Actions

Back stage action of the organization is associated with the line of invisibility that divided in two parts and mainly concentrated towards the upper part of the service blueprint. The services and actions are invisible to the consumers (Lim and Kim, 2014). The service providers and management authority dominate the actions of the back stage involvement.

Components of the Service Blueprint

Support Process

Support process is associated with the involvement of the employees of the organization that associated with the internal line of interaction. The employees in the back stage operations are not able to interact with the customers directly but help to improve the service.

Physical Evidence

It is necessary to consider the factors that are associated with the development of the factors that are contributing towards the development of the blueprint and the factors are tangible in nature and appear at the top of the blueprint (Sankaran and Selvarasu, 2014). The consumers are mainly influenced with the factors. The factors are contributing towards the understanding of the “moment of truth” for the organization. A very important parameter highlights the proper insight of the service is considered as the physical evidence.

The front stage of Sirromet deals with the customers who avail their services for dining. It is the role of the front stage professionals to welcome the guests and give them a warm wish so that they can feel at home (Ryu et al., 2012). The front stage needs to be attractive as the customers are impressed by the service by them apart from the quality of the food. Hence, the external marketing planning is to be done in a proper manner so that all the customers can be well satisfied. There are different steps which help in accomplishing the front stage activities.

On the other hand, the back stage function is not directly experienced by the customers (Wellton et al., 2016). The professionals of the back stage perform behind the screen; however help in serving the customers. The back stage customers are the chefs, the human resource management or some other back end employees.

After evaluating the front stage and the back stage, it can be noticed that in case of the front stage, the customers are complaining of late service by the waiters and they have to wait for long before the food arrives. On the other hand, the back stage professionals were not able to make the pressure and faltering their quality service to the customers (Horng et al., 2013).   

Moments of truth is completely monitored by the management of any organisation with seriousness. The organisation Sirromet has always tried to give the best service to the customers who avail their dining services. Good quality food is being served to the customers. However, certain problems have been noticed in the organisation. The customers have complained of not receiving the delivery of the food within the given time (Radnor et al., 2014). The customers have to wait for long before placing their orders and receiving the food. Even the quality of the food is hampered as there are fewer chefs in the restaurant. The customers are not satisfied with the service that they receive from the restaurant management. With the increasing number of customers, the chefs are unable to handle the pressure that that is exerted on them. Number of employees need to be increased in order to provide the best service to the customers.  

Evaluation of Sirromet’s front stage and back stage function

It has been considered that Sirromet is responsible for serving its customers with quality food with matching wine. This combination is available at very low cost so that it can be afforded by all. The organization also provides quality food to the customers. Sirromet is also responsible to satisfy the targeted customers with quality service. Thus, the customers are already affected by the impact of the service of the organization. However, it is significant for the organization to consider all the issues that are coming from the back stage and the front stage. The performance of both the stages has to be taken into consideration (Bauer et al., 2016).

With the help of the gap analysis model, the dissatisfaction and the satisfaction determinants of the customers in relation to the service of Sirromet restaurant can be derived. Proper implication of the gap fills helps the management of Sirromet to analyses the existing service priced customers. It has been seen that the customers of the restaurant can book their service offline as well as online. This is done in order to increase the rate of satisfaction of the customers. The determinant is the customers and the machines. It has been already, mentioned that the restaurant serves the customers with quality wine at a very lower cost (Deng et al., 2013).

Thus, in such a case, the satisfaction of the customers is dependent on the service of the front stage and the staffs associated with it (Kvist, 2012). After concentrating on the determinants, it can be stated that two main factors are brought into light and they are perceived service and expected service. With the help of the two determinants, the restaurant must upgrade their service on and loyalty. The customers had expected that placing order would be easier and within less time the food would be serve however, it has been seen that due to less number of waiters, the customers are unable to order their food as soon as they select their menu. Even the serving of the food on the table is taking much time. This grew dissatisfaction among the customers who avail the services of the restaurant. This is the gap in the service provided by the restaurant to the customers.

There are some other gaps which are disturbing the functioning of the organization. The cooks are less compared to the number of customers that visit the restaurant at the same time (Ryu et al., 2012). Thus the organization needs to develop their management strategies and combat all the problems that are facing the organization. The problems that have surfaced in the organization are due to improper implementation of the strategies and lack of the communication with the customers. Feedback of the customers would help the organization to succeed in their attempt to satisfy the customers and gain their loyalty. Focus of the organization must be on improving the quality of the service. This can only be done with the help of more numbers of employees and proper HR policies. The gap in the service of Sirromet is due to the improper analysis of the demand of the customers from the organization.

Moments of truth for the service of Sirromet

The application of the service quality theories is necessary after identification of the gaps in the in the service. It can also help in developing proper measurement in order to rectify the gap that exists in the organization’s service. The detail of the application of the theories is given below. 



Nordic model

·         Sirromet must analyses the gap between the perceived quality of service and the expected quality of the service. This would help the organization to develop their quality of the services with strong customer base (Ryu et al., 2012).

·         It also helps the organization to concentrate on improving the communication between the customers and the service providers so that their orders can be taken as soon as the customers re ready with their orders.


·         With the identification of the issue that the organization is facing, it helps Sirromet to understand the importance of the proper maintenance of the chain that operates from the customer to the waiter and them to the chef and then back to custom via the waiter. This would help the organization to move towards the target market and earn good revenue.

·         The organization need to maintain and focus on the five major dimensions which are essential to the success of any organization in the international and national market (Freeman et al., 2014).

·         The dimensions that are associated with the maintained of the reputation of the organization are reliability ion the service of Sirromet, tangibility improvement, proving assurance to the customer’s about the quality service, place for the new potential customers and responding to all the queries of the customers.

Hierarchical Model

·         The management of the organization must divide the services among all other members so that the people availing the services can be focused with great intensity.

·         In the very first category, the origination must allot a single waiter operable so that the customers can be attended as soon as they reserve a table for themselves. This would in effectively satisfying the customer with the in time service (Kiresuk et al., 2014).

·         In the next category, the organization must concentrate to improve the environmental condition of the restaurant so that customers can feel cozy and enjoy their dining.

·         The very last category is the position where the customers have to wait for very less time to get the food served on the table within time. The number of chefs in the restaurant needs to be increased.          

In order to improve the services of the organization, and establish a strong relation with the customers, it is significant to develop a service strategic plan. In the very first stage the organization needs to develop the human resource department, in such a manner that it can understand the requirement of the suitable and eligible recruitment to maintain the flow of the services to the customers (Kiresuk et al., 2014). Proper training program must be designed for the waiters of the organization so that they can attend the customer with great respect and create an excellent impression on the customers. The services of the organization have to be designed in such a manner that it can be afforded by all the customers. The price of must be kept under control so that the customers can easily avail the products and make their dining a moment of lifetime. This would help in bringing more customers to the restaurant and increase brand loyalty.           

Expression of Respect

Listen and Understand

Uncovering of the Expectation


·         All the customers of the restaurants need to be attended with the same attention so that the customers return again and again.

·         The customers must be answered with very polite sentences. If the delivery of the food takes time, polite apologies must be made to the customers. 

·         The waiters must be listening to the customers very attentively so that all the food and served to the customers as per the order. If some of the customer’s order for special changes in the item, it required apt attention from the waiter.

·         Cooperation with the customers must be done while selecting any new dish of the restaurants. 


·         The feedback from the customer has to be taken so that it can help the organisation to improve their servicers and meet the demands of the customers.

Complain Barrier of the Consumers


Strategies to recover the situation

Delay order receive

·         There are very less waiters in compared to the number of guests arriving at the same time in the restaurant.

·         Waiters are not properly trained to copy down the order fast

·         Modification in the menu card must be brought.

·         More waiters are to be recruited by the organisation  as that even the restaurant us full, people can be attended by the waiters and orders can be placed as soon as the individuals occupies a seat.

·         Training session of the waiters must be included in the HR policies. Training of the other staffs is also required as they also contribute to the experience of the customer in the restaurant (Mok et al., 2013).

·         The menu card must be arranged in accordance to the knowledge of the waiters. The waiters are not clear as what is served in the card and what is not served.

Quality of the food

·         The number of chef is less compared to the number if tables. It is a pressure on the chefs when there is a huge line of customers.

·         Adjustments with the spices has made the quality of the poor

·         Recruitment of new chefs must be done in the restaurant so that there is no pressure on the main chefs who are specialised for cooking the main dishes (Dabholkar, 2015).

·          The organisation must use excellent quality spices so that at the quality and the taste of the food remains good and people are satisfied after consuming it.


Thus it can be concluded from the above discussion that the concentrating on the moment of truth of the restaurant Sirromet it has been found that depending on the moment of truth the establishment of appropriate functioning knowledge of the front stage and back stage function of the restaurant is possible. It has been found that the development of the font stage is associated with the maintenance of the relationship and interaction with the consumers (Heizer et al., 2016). In this case, it is necessary to consider the back stage involvement also that guide the restaurant to maintain the employees’ involvement also in the core operation. The development of the blueprint is associated with the consideration of the determinants that comprised with the satisfaction factor of the consumers. In this aspect it has been found that price, quality and environment are the contributing factor to understand the satisfaction and dissatisfaction level. Development of the gap analysis is essential in this regard to consider the development of the consumer persuasion analysis. In addition, depending on the relevant models of service quality measurement it has been found for Sirromet that the development of service recovery plan is essential to develop the necessary relationship with the consumers with proper interaction.


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