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Job market

Discuss about the Smart Specialization Regional Growth.

The current report revolves around the self-learning and understanding. The assessment of the report would help to learn how one could gear up and shape his/her career based on their choice. The purpose of the report is to understand the current trends of career, growth and downturn of the industries. The report starts with providing an overview of the current market, which indicates the growth and downturn of the market. In addition, a discussion on the paid occupation helps to learn growth opportunities of the deserving individuals and careers that contribute to their self-development. Likewise, the report focuses on the unpaid occupation where people prefer to continue their career joining volunteer organizations.

Identifying 5 predicted career trends for the next five years

  • Mining and manufacturing- It is observed that mining and manufacturing could be the two sectors with declines in the employment because of the mines from a labor-intensive construction step to a more managerial phase.
  • The labor market- The labor market could continue to favor higher skilled workers with the predicted increase of 13.1% in employment (Freeman, 2013).
  • Construction- It is identified that Civil engineering with the specialization in Geo Technical, Structural, Ocean and Remote sensing and water resources management oriented people would get the opportunity to work. This could increase the percentage of the employment in the country. This would happen as the countries are rushing towards the urbanization and engaging themselves in making large building, apartment, bridge and roads.
  • Information technology- Undoubtedly, this is one of the growing sectors in the world. As technology has largely been using by the organizations in each industry, therefore, there is increasing demand for advanced technology. In addition, the people holding a degree in information technology would be benefited from the coming opportunities. As commented by Barr and Turner (2015), on the developed side of the employment being replaced by the advanced technology is the major means a boost in technology include the career options. In this context, Cherry and Jacob (2015), commented that every new form of automation and the robotics may require engineering and technicians to enhance as well as maintain.
  • Healthcare sector- It is identified that health, education and technical service could provide more than half of the employment. It is observed that aging population would require more workers in the large range of medical professions. As put forward by Goffee and Scase (2015), the doctors would evidently be in demand but the nurses as well. Furthermore, it is observed a mixture of healthcare as well as technology education could be powerful combination. As opined by Okun (2015), biomedical engineering is predicted to be one of significant growing field in the coming decade.

The current scenario of the industry indicates that the information technology sector has largely been growing because of the increasing profits. The countries are in the rush of outsourcing their products and services through the development of information technology. Therefore, the career of IT engineers, B-Tech and software engineers are growing rapidly due to the presence of large giant firm like IBM. The global IT infrastructure management service of IBM remains as the catalyst to drive innovation. On the contrary, the mining and manufacturing sector is observed to be declining in employment because of the transition of mines from a labor-intensive construction stage to more managerial stage. Therefore, it can be mentioned that mining engineers would have to deal with certain difficulties in developing their career.

Business and Finance- It is observed that business could continue to look for new ways attracting the customers as well as figure out the market trends. The data analysts as well as market researchers may be the hot career paths for the coming decade. Thus, it can be added that skilled people would always be in demand. People having a degree in finance would work as the financial advisor as well as financial services would be the secure options. In the present days, students prefer to pursue MBA to grow the career in business and finance.

Information Technology- Due to the advanced technology, young people are seen to be more interested in innovation and technology. As the consequence, they grow career holding a degree in software engineering, networking and a bachelor degree in information technology.

When it comes to paid occupation, several types of employment opportunities are found that help to gear up the career of the individuals. Among different increasing career, the health and social sector and the information technology sector have increasingly been growing (Nystrom & Starbuck 2015). However, the business sectors have also been excelling with a rapid pace. Most of the people holding an administrative degree want to build their career joining an MNC.  MBA students having a degree in human resource management want to run the operation in large firm where they get the possible opportunities to develop their career. In addition to this, people having a degree in information technology would also be receiving the opportunities to grow their career as the technology widely embraced by all developing and under-developing nations. Therefore, I would like to develop my career as the software developer. Hence, being a software developer, I would take the responsibility of handling new projects that are supposed to be outsourced.

Paid occupation

A well-established non-profit organization that I have selected to work with in the future is Aboriginal Housing Victoria. This organization is a non-profit registered community-housing agency as well as is the biggest Aboriginal Housing organization in Australia. In addition, Aboriginal Housing Victoria provides housing to almost 4000 low income Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians representing about 8% of the Victorian Aboriginal population (Aboriginal Housing Victoria, 2017).  It is identified that majority of the properties are owned by the Department of Health and Human Service. Therefore, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are in the need of housing and they could make an application to this non-profit agency.

My roles and responsibilities- While working with this volunteer organization, I would like to enhance my knowledge in human resource management. Thus, I would like to take the responsibility of supervising the entire operation as the housing. Being a human resource manager, I need to develop the strategies and apply the strategies to develop the performance of the team. I would develop some work policies that would help to design the coming challenges related with the transfer of property titles from the department of health and human service. In addition, when it comes to finance, being the head of HR department I would ensure that our team has the financial as well s people capability to accomplish the objectives.

Explaining the things that attracted to me to this area of volunteering- I have seen many aboriginal people having difficulties that emotionally affect their life. They are in the need of help that could shape their life. Based on this fact volunteering organizations have observed the rush of developing their services to provide tenants with a better life.  However, some housing agencies are observed to be negligent about the services required for tenants. I felt that these housing agencies need a skilled leader who could understand the need of services and supervise the work. In addition, the most significant reason for selecting this volunteering service is I believe that nothing makes me more proud than helping the human with their needs.

Training and education required- In order to grow a career in thee volunteering services, a human resource manager or individual at any department needs to have skills and knowledge and go through training (Bowen and Finegan, 2015). Some key skills are considered universal to the field. It is observed that as relationship manager work with the diverse population, cultural sensitivity and people good listening as well as communication are significant. Some particular skills are discussed in the following.

  • Strong judge of character (This could be subjective but much of the work in matching volunteers dependent on the instinct as well as the ability to understand people)
  • Leader experience
  • Conflict management skills
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Ability to deal with the multi tasks

Unpaid occupation

In addition to all these, the HR manager needs to go through the required training and development session. This would help the individual to understand the techniques managing resource both human, finance and technical resource. Moreover, while playing the role of head of the human resource management, the individual also needs to take care of the performance of each team. While developing the above-mentioned skills, it is necessary for the individual to acquire a bachelor degree in human resource management.

Potential paid position- As the volunteer organizations have understood the need of developing their service considering their objectives, they have also developed some position where they could hire skilled people who monitor and enhance the quality of services. For example, in order to develop the quality of service, the organization should hire the skilled HR who has industry knowledge regarding the services. In such context, the agency should have to pay to the employees.

Skills from the volunteering leading to other paid job- The employees in volunteer organizations have the opportunity to gain experience in different field of the work in housing agency (Gravili, 2015). However, the individuals who have the broad responsibilities of work from managing people to developing organizational performance. Therefore, the individual receive the opportunity to develop their skills in decision-making, problem-solving, conflict management. Therefore, when individual would switch their jobs to other field, the experienced in human resource management gained here in volunteer organization would be useful in any paid organization. It is observed that both paid and unpaid organizations require the post in the human resource department. It can be mentioned that people having experience in HR management would be benefitted in the paid position in any agency.

Role of Aboriginal Housing Victoria: This housing agency deals with 1525 properties in Melbourne as well as regional Victoria offering affordable housing to more than 4000 low income aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians. For example, the agency is observed to be working with White ribbon to develop a safe workplace. It supports Australian campaigns to stop violence against the women.

AHV’s role to society’s economy- The agency has the indirect contribution to the country’s economy as it owns 73 of the properties in its portfolio, rest are leased from the Victorian Government through the director of housing. Hence, the agency is contributing to economical development with collaborating with government and increasing the number of properties for the tenants.

Training and education required

Identifying the major recruitment competitors- Although there have been many recruitment organizations that have increasing popularity, some competitors have changed the market scenario brining in the best employment opportunities to the individuals.  Following are the competitors.

  • Monster Worldwide, INC
  • Fairfax Media Limited
  • APA News and Media Limited

Monster Worldwide, INC- Monster is international online employment solution for the individuals seeking jobs and organization who require skilled people. This recruitment company has been running the operation for more than 20 years (, 2017). The firm has expanded from its roots as the “job board” to an international provider of a full array of job searching, career management and recruitment as well as talent management products and service.

Fairfax Media Limited – Fairfax Media is known as the innovative as well as digitally progressive media company in Australia and New Zealand (Fairfax Media Limited, 2017). The agency is operates different widely-based services business spanning marketing, property, entertainment as well as beyond.  The has developed the portfolio of leading website, tablet as well as Smartphone app that could include the online new sites and job oriented sites. The employment sites developed by the agency provide the relevant information regarding job, organizations and current demands. These are useful for the individuals who are in the search of better jobs.

APA News and Media Limited- It is observed that APA is the leading scientific as well as professional organization representing psychology across the world with more than 30,000 job consultants. The major mission is the advance and innovate the creation, communication as well as application of psychology knowledge to provide benefits to the society and enhance the lifestyle of people.


On the completion of the report, it can be mentioned that paid occupations are highly demanded by the people compared to unpaid occupation. In paid occupation, jobs in health and social care sector as well as information technology have excellent career for the individuals. On the contrary, in the field of marketing, the people also have the opportunity to excel their career playing the role of HR manager. Many people are seen to be joining the large MNC to grow their career. However, the above-presented discussion helps to know the top recruiters that provide the several job opportunities.  Furthermore, the information technology and the mining sector have been expected growing as due to the development technology. Each developed nation widely embraces the advanced technology to facilitate their operation. Likewise, because of the development of technology, health sector have been growing.

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