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Gender Socialization

Discuss about the Society Understanding for Sociology.

This study is related with the sociology. Sociology is a study of structure, functioning and development of the society. Sociology explains about the society and their people. It shows that how social science and society impact over the life of a person. Sociology covers all the aspect of human. It is basically a study of a human behavior as social beings. Sociology is an overcharging unification of humankind which involves psychology, history and economics.  

Sociology is an illuminating and exciting field of study which analyzes and explains the important matter of community and personal lives and the world. Sociologists emphasize the analysis and gathering of evidence about the society and social life to enrich the understanding of a human being toward the society. 

Gender socialization is a societal theory which process of a learning system in society of social expectation and associated attitude along with the one’s sex. Many sociologist have done research in it and explain through this theory that why human female and male behave differently. 

It is the process in which all the individuals thought according to their sex that how to behave socially. This process makes a male and female different in norms, values, behavior and values.

Gender socialization is the process responsible for the gender inequality since the childhood of a human. The different socialization institutes play a crucial role in shaping the individual’s adulthood. Masculinity and feminism is not is inborn in children, it is taught to them by their surrounding and family (Morrison, 2006). This process leads a tendency among male and female to be socialized differently. Males are expected to conform the role of male community whereas females are expected to conform the role of female community.

Gender socialization’s main agents are parents, siblings, school, peer, religion, society etc. for young children, family and parents are crucial to shape their gender socialization. From the birth of children, their parents start teaching them about the gender socialization. They also differentiate between the boy and girl through providing them different toys, clothes, games etc. Family and school impact on the genders socialization as follows:

Family is the primary agent to teach about the gender to its children. A family teaches their child about how to behave, how to talk, how to walk. Family is the one who influence the childhood of a child by teaching them the difference between a male and female by teaching them that how they are supposed to meet the people and how to react in certain circumstances (Germov and Poole, 2011). Family plays the most crucial role in influencing the children and their way of action. For example: different type of toys is bought by the parents for she child and he child.

Process of Gender Socialization

Education is the most important part of every individual’s life. Education makes a man gentleman. A research from late 1990s shows that a different education is provided to a girl and a boy. It has been identified that the education system of the society provides the different education to boy and girl (Holmes, Hughes and Julian, 2014). For example boys are encouraged to choose the careers in math and science whereas girls are encouraged to choose the career in bio and science.  

Thus it could be said that there are lot of factors which enhance the gender socialization.

Australian society believes that Australians are egalitarian. They people treat everybody equally. Whether it is a local citizen or a foreigner, all the rules are same for everybody. Australian society believes that they never differentiate between a male and female. They offer the same opportunities to male and female both. Australian society shows time to time about their egalitarian and proves itself right.

Marx and Weber researched about the sociology concept and identified that there are not such equality in Australian society. They found that for being an egalitarian society, it is very long for the Australian society to go. They have researched on many topics like regional, societal, gender, RACE and identified that Australian society is not equal at any phase. It has been found that the salary of female employee is lesser than a male employee even in the same position (Weber, 2009).

Both the sociologists have introduced many theories for the society of Australia to develop it in a egalitarian society. The Australian society treats differently to different society people. A person with luxury class is treated very well rather than a person with low class.

Marx explained that the main conflict in society occurs due to the social classes whereas Weber identified that social class makes a person more satisfied. They explained through their theories about both positive and negative impact of society class on the society and Australian culture (Saunders, 2006). The following classes have been described in the Australian society:

  • Special casual component of actors
  • Economic interest and wealth
  • Labor and commodity market

These classes describe about the social mobility in Australia. Marx and Weber explained that the sociology concept get affected due to the classes. Marx was focusing to make a change over the society through conflicts and capitalism whereas Weber was focusing through bureaucracy and rationalization (Wright, 2005).  Such as currently, top class people are getting more attention in the society rather than a normal person.

Australian Society

Thus it could be said that the optimistic views has been given by marks to make a better society whereas the concept of Weber was quite pessimistic.    

This movie depicts about the story of a girl named by Kathiss Everdeen who voluntarily takes place for her younger sister to save the family, friends and district. This shows the concern of a girl towards her family, friends and society. This movie showed that how a girl took place of her younger sister for a war and how she tried to save the district of her. In between, the emotion of the girl, her friends, her enemies etc story has been showed very perfectly (Canar, 2016).

This movie depicts the concern and love of a girl towards her society and how does it fulfill the satisfaction of the society. This shows the power of a girl and her love twrads her younger sister. 

This movie depicts about the gender equality in the Australian society. In this movie both the actor and actress named by Max and Furiosa, showed that a male as well as female could fight for the society and themselves. This movie shows that Australian society is an egalitarian society. It doesn’t differentiate the male and female and gives the same opportunities to both of them. This movie describes that the society scenario is changing in favor of gender equality. Now male and female are getting the same chances to show their talent and develop their skills. In a scene, it has also shown that actress saves the life of the actor. That depict that girls not only can stand for themselves but they could even take a stand for a male (Wilkins, 2015).

Thus it could be said that the society is getting change. And changes is n the favor. Now, male as well as female have the chances to show their talent to the society and develop themselves as an individual. This change is affecting on the society in a positive manner.

The tagline of the movie is quite impressive. This movie depicted that even a small animal could do anything. In this movie a rabbit named by Juby Hopps became a police member. it has been shown in this movie that Juby is too talented and intelligent. Earlier, no bunnies became police officer due to less power and strength in bunnies but juby broke the stereotype and showed his talent to the other animals of the forest and proved himself a good police officer even in this journey he had to face many problems due to the ego problem of other animals and jealous of other animals towards him (Akabane et al, 2010).

This movie explained that a less strong people could also do any work. The only thing which is required is intelligence. This movie gives a lesson to not to underestimate the power of anybody. A person can do anything he wants. He just requires to keep the faith in himself and must work hard to achieve the goal.  


After doing a study over the many sociologists theory, seeing many movies, gone through the nature of Australian society it has been concluded that the society of the Australia is improving. The gender inequality is reducing with the time from Australian society. It has been also found that the theory of marx and weber helped lots to Australian society to be more egalitarian. The theory of both the sociologists described the best ways to the Australian society to be more grateful.

It has also been found that the movies of the Australia are also focusing on the sociology. They are delivering a good message for the society. Just like the three movies described above, they are forwarding a good message to children, youngsters and other people of the society.


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