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Propose a suitable testing strategy and procedure for Hi Tech Corp to improve their products.

Critically explain a software quality metrics for evaluating Hi Tech Corp. products.

Discuss in detail a software configuration management technique to manage the various software control product.

Importance of Developers

Programme software examination is a significant activity and happens to be one of the important processes when developing software (Fujita & Guizzi, 2015). Hi-Tech companies that do not adhere to this process, together with the quality control processes can easily destroy their reputation together with the reputation of other companies which depend on them (Desai,2016). Customers also waste a lot of their money trying to deal with such a company (Homs, 2013). Having a test schedule is also very critical when it comes to developing software. Specific programs of software plan cover the different objectives and needs of a particular program application (Rhett, 2015). Test documentation is also needed to create test issues that assist in determining how best the user copes in various categories and different working fields.

The Hi-tech company needs to understand that the development team is the one responsible for ensuring quality rather than the quality assurance team (Black, 2011). Each line of the code can make the customer experience good or bad. Developers have a quality relationship with the customers (Black, 2011). The quality assurance team is only responsible for informing the organization about risks. This is important for the Hi-tech Corporation so that it will not place the responsibility of quality on tests and not have value in the development process (Schmidt, 2016). The absence of developers in the quality makes problems to deteriorate in the code base thus becoming expensive to fix. Software teams must comprise of executive stakeholders, designers, product managers, testers, and developers. All play a major role in ensuring quality.

Developers are very important in software projects (Hanmer, 2015). They greatly determine the experience that a customer will have at the realization of a product (Sommerville, 2015). Many are the times that developers do not have a chance to own the whole of their feature lifecycle. Traditional test methodology considers testing as a separate process that does not require developers. However, testing should be a collaborative process that must involve a team of developer and customers (Stephens, 2015). Developers that can own and prove the quality of feature have fewer round trips with QA, fewer bugs and are faster to get into the market. A series of tests owned by test teams and developers greatly assist in protecting the code from incoming bugs. Developers who write tests greatly keep their quality up.  Hi-tech company's need to empower their Developers.

Engage Users

Secondly is that Hi-tech company need to engage its users (Sommerville, 2015). A regular release to the customer's base gives the customers a chance to give feedback on the software necessary for future development (Desai, 2016). Test and development teams that easily respond to the customers' feedback are said to be more effective and successful. Hi-Tech Company also needs to make sure that customers find it easy to give their feedback (Staron, 2017). Test engineers are also very Important in a software project because of their ability to check on some quality issues across a given product (Schmidt, 2016). Test engineers should be able to enable the larger team to run faster, inspire creativity, give feedback early, engage with the outside and test flexibility.

Another way that Hi-Tech Company can ensure quality is by building a solid software test strategy (Basu, 2015). A good test strategy may include manual, explanatory and automated tests to tighten the release cycle and effectively reduce risk (Loope, 2011). Tests may inform of unit tests, functional tests or integration tests. For Hi-Tech Company I would recommend it to consider the automated software method.

  The major changes taking place in software projects makes it hard for test teams to validate changes manually. Therefore computers are necessary and can easily be able to run repetitive tasks easily (Graham& Fewster, 2012). This makes them the most necessary gadgets for testing. Tests automation helps computers to run tests suites easily thus saving human capital for some other engaging work in the organization. Since tests are frequently run it is easier to detect issues earlier and fix them

  • Features and Test Code: 2 Hearts That Beat as 1

Developers usually know how the product they are implementing is supposed to work. The QA specialists become like the user to be able to detect the various issues the product may be subjected to (Desai, 2016). Both the QA specialists and developers become the testing powerhouse (Pressman, 2010). Engineers who take part in maintenance and coding of their won test usually find bugs earlier on before committing the code. The QA helps in ensuring that developers can write the right tests specifically in functional and integration test level. Bugs can waste a lot of time and resources (Stephens, 2015). Finding them and being able to fix them much early makes a program efficient.

  • Test Efficiently

As automation tests continue to grow some problems that come from manual testing may arise. For example, the test may begin to take time to run. Engineers can help to solve these issues in three ways which are horizontal scaling; faster performance and more focused testing (Basu, 2015). For every test carried out in the system must use minimum resources. Equivalence partitioning is also necessary to make tests more efficient when they are performed against different configurations(Fujita & Guizzi, 2015). Test that does not rely on each other can be run in parallel by use of multiple build agents.

  • Good Architecture Tests WELL

Suitable Testing Strategy And Procedure For Hi-Tech Corp

In the present year's software projects are not any different from other businesses. The world is very much networked therefore soft wares have to integrate and flexible with very many application (Graham& Fewster, 2012). Automated software tests help to exercise the different interfaces of the products so when problems arise, it becomes easier to know where the main problem is located.

  • Test your tests

One of the main challenges that Hi-Tech Company can face out of using automated tests is trying to verify whether they are testing the correct thing (Homs, 2013). Some code coverage tools such as the clover analyze the test coverage, but they don't state clearly whether one is testing the riskiest area. It is challenging for a single developer to get all the test results for a just a piece of feature code. However, Test code reviews can help to find out other test cases that are necessary. Therefore it is not enough to test the return code only.

  • Keep neighbourhood clean

As software tests increases test failures may occur. It becomes easier to come across a house in disrepair (Hanmer, 2012). As the other part of the house deteriorates it is challenging to find the same kind of a house. Automated tests have no significant difference (Averbakh, 2010). When one test starts to signal failure it is necessary to tell the development team. However, if all tests signal failure the urgency of keeping things normal starts going down.

The implementation of the automation testing strategy is clearly shown in the diagram below (Rhett, 2015).

One the other hand Hi High Tech Company should consider having a software quality metrics. There are three types of software quality metrics they include the maintenance quality, product quality, and process quality (Averbakh, 2015). Software quality metrics happens to be a subset of software metrics. Software quality metrics are associated with product and process metrics. However project parameters such as the schedule, the number of developers, their skills, the structure and the size of a company profoundly affect the quality of a product (Averbakh, 2015). Software quality metrics are usually further dived into in-process quality metrics and end -product quality metrics. The reason for software engineering is to find the relationship between project characteristics, end-product quality and in process

metrics. Given the findings, we should come up with improvements on both the product and process quality.

For this Hi-Tech Company, I would advise it to try Product Quality Metrics.

Benefits of Automation

Identifying quality metrics will help companies to be able to determine the best control process that can offer high-quality products to customers (Abran, 2010). Testing whether a certain product meets the expectation of the customer helps the customer to understand the impact of quality. Accurate measurement of whether the product is of high quality enable the company to achieve the expectation of a customer (Pressman, 2010). It also helps to achieve some monitored outcomes and targeted improvements. There are various dimensions which are commonly used to understand or frame the contribution of quality to customer satisfaction.

  • Performance

Performance metrics helps to measure the significant operational characteristics of a product. Performance traits are usually comprised of observable attributes such as speed, volume, order throughout and consumable life. These observable features of a product are usually compared to the competitors' products or previous products as a basis for meeting customers' expectations and showing some performance gains.

  • Features

They are thought to be some particular services and behaviors which are offered by a product. Measuring features deserves some specification from the customer and evaluating whether the given product meets the said specifications.

Product reliability measurement focuses on the probability that a particular product will fail or not. Reliability metrics can also be thought to measure the likelihood of failure in workflows or batches. Some failure measurements include failure rates per unit, replacement frequency, maintenance event frequency and mean averages of failures.

  • Conformance

Conformance metrics are used to measure the expected outcome and actual outcome of the product. Measurements involve, service call incidents, manufacturing defect rates and warranty returns and claims (Abran, 2010). Some conformance metrics can be used to measure the expected dissatisfaction from customers. These metrics include localization failure, spelling error, and deviation from the standards.

As I stated earlier, I would advise the Hi-Tech Company to consider product quality Metrics. This is because product quality metrics assist software engineers to clearly understand the attribute of a model, therefore, being able to assess the quality of the software. They also help the software engineers to understand the design and construction of software. The focus on attributes of a specific product gives a clear way to know the quality of a product based on some clearly defined rules (Abran, 2010).

Product quality metrics are well known because they assign a value to system quality attributes. By being able to assess some software characteristics such as complexity and diplomatic and later aggregating this measurement, one can be able to assess the systems quality attributes like maintainability (Fricker & Schneider, 2015). Product metrics is also very critical when trying to assess the system components which are below standards.  These measures are meant to locate those components' that do deviate from the norm.

Software Quality Metrics

The various metrics that are used to measure quality issues include continuous improvement, TQM, quality enhancement and six sigma indicators. They are used to assess reliable, sufficient, timely and relevant information (Horine, 2012). Moreover, metrics that comprise incorrect information can significantly mislead company managers making them come up with some false conclusions. This parameter helps to evaluate levels of quality that are present in a company.

Measurements of metrics should not stop in any organization. Thus when the Hi-Tech company is creating or developing a product, it should make sure that the products are of high quality (Fricker & Schneider, 2015). However, the needs of users can greatly vary. For example, in current years there is a high demand for cellular phones than analog phones. In fact, cellular phones also keep on changing still there are customers that prefer analog phones. There are many reasons why Hitech corp should keep checking on quality or product metrics (Naik, & Tripathy, 2011). As long as the company is in the market, one should follow some constant check on the costs used to assess quality. Most importantly metrics should be used to avoid making some careless decisions that can greatly affect the progress of the business.

The following diagram explains more about the software product metrics (Horine, 2012).

Software configuration is a discipline in software engineering that is made up of standard techniques and processes mostly used by companies to manage any change that gets to be introduced in any software product (Homs, 2013).SCM is also called software control management. SCM main aim is to control changes that are mostly introduced in some complex software systems through some reliable version control and version selection. Therefore configuration management should be a quality assurance activity that must be applied throughout the software process.

There are many performance monitoring tools and project management methodologies in software development. All this is defined by software configuration management. Without SCM source codes tended to become unorganized and fragmented thus development become very difficult without having the significant pieces of application divided. Scaling development team would be difficult because the work of individual developers would not be efficiently organized (Black, 2011). Thus software development would be frustrating, error-prone, and slow thus affecting everyone in the organization. Usually, every team has some form of SCM whether it's by choice or not. Software configuration management is made up of a pattern. That helps in creating an organization chart for developing software (Halt, 2015). Each pattern gives a point where the code is integrated, written or tested to another pattern and later it is released as one software version. Software configuration management is made up of three essential patterns which include workspace pattern, core patterns and code line pattern

  • Core Patterns

Types of Software Quality Metrics

It helps in defining the current state of the software (Naik, & Tripathy, 2011). The basic pattern in the SMC structure happens to be the main line which is also known as the code line (Mohr, Mohr & Slater, 2010). All changes that developers make are usually funneled into this code.

  • Work Space pattern

It happens to be the place where development occurs (Halt, 2015). These patterns join with the active development line and later the main line. The dominant workspace pattern is named the ‘'Private Workspace'' where individual developers can copy the mainline and make changes without affecting the other developers. Other patterns join with the private workspace and also help developers to test, integrate and build. These patterns include integration tests, unit tests, private build, integration build and smoke tests.

  • Code policies

 Each of these patterns must have some set guidelines and rules for them to remain effective. This patterns and guidelines are known as code line policies (Horine, 2012). The code line policies also tell the integrations and tests that need to occur before a code is realized. All these processes should be automated because most of the automating tests happen to be integration building.

Software configuration management has some set guidelines and principles. This is:

  • Development should be done with only a few code lines

 One of the primary values of SCM is to remove integration and redundancy issues(Mohr,  Mohr & Slater, 2010). Each teams default technique should be to use only a few code lines and only branching when caveats arise.

  • Test early and often

Testing is critical when it comes to software configuration management. Each pattern gives an opportunity for testing before code is forwarded to the next pattern in the hierarchy.

  • Integrate early and often

Private workspaces are also very important because they help developers to tests some integration before putting them in the main line (Staron, 2017). Developers also need to continually test their workspace with the main line to detect changes

With this information in mind, I would advise this Hi-Tech Company to try agile

It is not easy for development managers to find a good and faster way to deliver high-quality products to their customers (Hall, 2013). However for them to be able to do so many companies have employed agile configuration management (Hasnida, 2013). This is because it creates a mindset of development which mainly concentrates on offering high quality and low defect software which is usually delivered at small and constant releases. In recent years small companies prefer agile approaches than large companies. This happens because most large companies are slower and very much resistant to change (Hall, 2013). It has also been believed that Agile method tends to be risky with insufficient quality control. However, all this seems not to be true (Loope, 2011). This high Tech company needs to embrace the Agile method simply because it is a large company best approach and it is also complex.  Various keystones make up the agile CM include robust source control, test automation framework, reliable deployment approach and repeatable build system (Hall, 2013). All these components need to be integrated so that projects can progress effectively in the development process. Finally, information is shared across the different teams to make sure that miscommunications and poor handoff do not make the projects to be delayed.

Software Configuration Management

The foundation of an Agile CM approach includes automation and streamlined procedures. Each task is usually performed easily thus providing feedback faster to the team and individual programmer (Gregory & Crispin, 2015). Moreover, agile teams try to make these activities self-documenting. For example, the automated script is usually documented in the execution scripts.

  • Source Control

This happens to be the most forgotten component of Agile Configuration Management (Hall, 2013). It happens because most of the agile teams tend to think that every project has a source control system and that every project makes use of it effectively. The average source control system is made up of rollback, tagging, and versioning.  

  • Build Automation

For teams to assess the stability of their Current software, they need to embrace an automated build. Automated build help to reduce the time developers spend on unnecessary work and also removes challenges which are experienced in the development process thus enabling teams to respond faster to change (Gregory & Crispin, 2015). The primary goal of this is to reduce the build process making it a quick activity that can be performed by any programmer.

  • Automated Migration and Deployment

This the step that follows automated Build. The stage of automating migrations and deployment activities is usually performed to streamline and increase the chance of promoting builds which are from development and are passed through testing environments and later to production (Fujita & Guizzi, 2015).

  • Test Automation

This happens to be the first step a project takes towards knowing whether the current system is ready. Automated tests are supposed to be written next to all codes in the systems.

In conclusion, coming up with high-quality products has very many benefits for any company. There is a relationship between sales and quality. Thus Hi-tech company should consider making quality a top priority in its business strategy. The loyalty, credibility, and trust that comes from customers brings about repeat sales and positive recommendation about a product.


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