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The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to:

1. Apply the processes and techniques used in development and investment appraisal and the economic evaluation of complex building projects.

2.  Evaluate and recommend the processes and techniques used to prepare property valuation reports

Evaluation Aim

The main aim of this particular report is to assist in the estimation of the current market value of the site Mathare On behalf of the client.Apparaently the client is a potential developer who is interested in utilizing the site. The reports extend to the point of discovering other probable use of the site for any interested buyer in the future.

Date of Evaluation

Valuation Date: 10 December 2018

Inspection Date: 4 December 2028

Assumption made from the interest of the buyer

The client has categorically maintained that they would like to buy the property as is, for the purposes of the investment with the aim to have it developed later.

For the purposes of this particular report, the following market valuation was actually adopted:

The approximated amount for which any asset should exchange on the valuation date between the willing buyer and the willing seller at arm’s length transactions after proper marketing wherein  the parties had acted with sound mind, prudently and under no duress.

Definition of the interest to be valued

The site to be evaluated is located at Mathare

Analysis of the property and the Specifications of the Alternative Use

This segment of the report examines the property as far as profitability is concerned. This implies gauging the focal points and impediments of the property to determine the alternative uses that the property may have which eventually characterizes the estimation of the property

The study on the site identified two properties

1st property

405 Upper Silver Lake Rd, commercial and privately owned retail space.

2nd Property

This was just a residential are probably described as the areas 1.Most of the residents occupying the second floor

The identified site under the study is rectangular in shape with the frontage to the highway of 20m and depth of 30m.This translates to approximate land area of 6000m2. The extreme width site is to some degree level and is bound on the northern side by Super High way and toward the Upper Silver Lake Rd . There is a laneway running behind the site and the present building shares a grouping wall with the neighboring business occupancy.

Raised nearby is a generous 1989 two story building containing a retail shop on ground floor and private space just to summarize. This building is moderately all around kept up, anyway has not been refreshed a significant lot of time. The aggregate building region on location represents approx. 410m2 of the aggregate land region. The ground floor once in the past suited a managing an account chamber and there for is developed with triple block walls. As of now it is fitted out as retail tenure with a Games Studio on the structures facing Upper Silver Lake Rd. There is likewise an expansive lawn that is as of now utilizes as a car park that houses a little garage and can hold up to 8 vehicle spaces. This car park is utilized by the two occupancies and can be gotten to by Wheeler Street. The upper floor includes a proportional 6 room flat which has its open separate passageway on Longisa Street.

Value Adopted Definition

Non-building enhancements incorporate creased metal limit fencing, solid garage and highway section or part. The services that are connected to the site are water, gas, sewer and power.


The site contains a couple of useful highlights that will influence the valuation of the site. These include:

  • Two sorts of occupancies (business and private)
  • Substantial on location vehicle parking spot at back
  • Vast site for neighboring region (useful for advancement)
  • Expansion of car wash which would produce  passive revenue

The Title was not made accessible. This valuation is along these lines made subject to the land and Title being unhindered by any encumbrances, pledges, easements or other arranging confinements which may some way or another unfavorably influence the estimation of the land.

The data with respect to the term of the present leases for this site were not made accessible. Anyway it very well may be accepted that the property is under three arrangements of leases, business rent for ground floor retail, upper floor private rent and a rent for the space held by the Games Video Shop. These would contribute to the income feasible by the property.

Mathare Council is the mindful expert. The site is right now under the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) plot under Clause 34.01 of the Lake council Planning Scheme as indicated in the Appendix. Under this provision it expresses that no licenses are required for retail/shop  projects and there is no greatest settable floor limit. The site is too secured by a vehicle stopping overlay. Under condition 55.03-2 sketching out building statures, it expresses that the greatest building tallness ought not surpass 9 meters where the site is level and changes of building stature between existing structures and new structures ought to be graduated.

The administration is presently financing the re-improvement of Newton Rd among others. This will see the vehicles keep running underneath North Road by pass, emphatically influencing traffic flow and commotion on Upper Silver Lake Rd  near the subject site.


It tends to be inferred that the site can possibly increment from two stories to three stories (9 meters) in stature and is expected to have no title limitations. It can likewise be seen that the re-advancement of Newton will results to the attractive quality of the subject site as far as decreased commotion and style.

Factors on site

The part is dominatingly clear except for one completely developed palm tree on Longisa Street side. Other natural attributes nearby couldn't be determined as no ecological reports/overviews have been led/sought. Hence it is expected that there are no natural dangers on location.

Factors off -site

The site right now abuts the property Upper Silver Lake Rd yet does not at present influence it. There does not appear to be any social or physical effect of the site onto the more prominent network. Anyway the site is near a train line (Frankston) and this could affect the site. 

Ormond can be named a best in class suburb where numerous more established structures are being restored or redeveloped. Ormond as of now comprises of a for the most part more youthful age and families, which can be found in the charts beneath. 

The property itself is a 1920's craft deco style assembling that is in sensible condition. The upper floor overhang has a perspective of North Road yet nothing critical.

Description of the site

At the point when the Ormond train line/station is set to keep running underneath North Street, it will build the attractive quality of living on North Street close to the station, for example, this site.

The property market in Ormond currently consists of mostly houses at 43.6% and mostly renters at 37.1%.

The market for such a special site (its size, and business and private mix) would be high for financial specialists and designers as it would deliver high rental returns and can possibly be produced into something more.


The sort of individuals living in Mathare are youthful and additionally families which comprises with the larger part being leaseholders. The market is commonly enduring for units importance okay as far as speculation and the Mathare property advertise request is high in examination with Victoria. 

Alternative Use Evaluation and subsequent selection p the probable utility

Alternative possible uses

The elective uses for this site are resolved to be from the past discoveries; 

— Keep the site for what it's worth (The site as of now has three wellsprings of pay – business shop, private unit, Video Shop) – This choice would profit as it would require none or negligible upgrades and thus no capital to create.

— Redevelop into blended utilization of business shops and private units with a greatest stature of 9m or three stories. – This choice would profit as it would build the measure of settable tenures and along these lines rental return and additionally potential site esteem.

Considering that the client had indicated that they would like to momentarily invest in the site now, this will be considered the most viable use probably. The valuation that has been used therefore takes the assumption that the site will remain the same.

In this particular section, there is a detailed valuation analysis that is actually based on the conclusions pertaining to the previous finding for the probable use and serious analysis.

In the research work, it was established that the most probable buyer for this particular site would be someone in search for an opportunity of the investment in terms of rental return and capital growth. This is because the site has the potential of development in the near future; it can as well fit the interest of the developers.

The main objective of this particular section is to front a properly analyzed results normally, the value considers the property from every one of the conventional methodologies to esteem investigation - cost, pay, and deals correlation. The three methodologies are interrelated and used to give an expository procedure to shape a check and parity for an examination in the last finishes of significant worth.

Anyway the immediate market correlation approach is the most material to this report, and thusly will be utilized as the valuation technique to foresee showcase estimation of the property.

In setting up this valuation, the accompanying has been led;

Inspection of the subject site and neighborhood

Gathered deals and assessed each of the comparable, and also checked and affirmed every deal and Rental.

Confirmed and investigated the information and connected the Sales Comparison Approach to esteem.

Compared the cost per m2 of building zone to give a practically identical gauge go

adjusted the outcomes for contrasts

The properties that were used for the comparison included size of the land, quality, use and the building area. 

In order to have proper analysis of the results, the following assumptions have been put in place.

The used market comparison is on the basis that the client seeks to retain the site as is momentarily.

The site under study is unique and as such it was nearly difficult to get the matching property types. The chosen sample therefore equates comparable locations.

All the transactions of the comparable properties were done at arm’s length.

Applying the above assumption of 50% residential and  33% for the provision of the affordable housing, the developer would be ready to pay for $67156 while a vendor will actually be expected to pay$ 963000.The sensitivity analysis has been used based on this assumption. The variance used is 2.5%.

As opposed to the other comparable sites, the subject land is actually much larger in size. The extra land is underutilized. This extra piece of the land will be utilized for the purposes of the development.

The resulting range from the estimates is actually is 6300-12600 per square meter. This translates to $2 565 000-3754250.The effects of the site improvement will be equivalent to a range of 4775/m2 0r just $2865000.


This illustrates the probable price which in accordance to the analysis of the area and the present value of the market becomes

$ 2865000

Two million, Eight hundred and sixty five thousand Dollars


The study has been conducted in accordance with the guidelines and ethics of the Australian Standards


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