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Describe the terms Stardom and Celebrity in Media



In Today’s World, Media is doubtless, plays a vital role in Celebrities’ Life. Media furnish us with day by day news, documentaries and numerous other reality and entertainment programs which generally concentrate on the personal life of the Stars but give hilarious popularity to the Celebrities. For the young generation, Stars become their role model in their life. Furthermore, numerous individual issues of an open figure can pass on negative messages to the general publicity and entertainment programs which generally concentrate on the personal life of the Stars but give hilarious popularity to the Celebrities (Nelmes, 1996). Constant stories of divorce and marriage happening among the stars can send the wrong message to the general public of our society. By providing such news to the local and national channels on television, magazines and newspapers results in building up an inappropriate unusual method of living for people in our society. It is the Media that showcases the story of any celebrity. Television Programs like the 'X-Files' are not simply well known as a result of David Duchovny, but since of the world-view they depict. The role of the media in the society is to provide the information about the reality but this is not seen in today’s time (crackinfilms, 2012). Media manipulate the information to gain more and more attention and popularity which sometimes results in ruining the social as well as the mental status of an individual. 

The fan following of any celebrity plays a crucial role in our society. Various cricketers and film stars become the role model for the young generation and inspire to attain the goal in their lives. By the advent of the internet, the fandom is increasing at a rapid rate. Over the three decades, Henry Jenkins, Studied a lot over the concept of fandom. Many celebrities do suicide due to the negligence by the people of their community and fan followers (, 2015). Celebrity like Sachin Tendulkar, Aishwarya Rai, and Amitabh Bachchan have their profile on Facebook, twitter and various media sites.


How the Production Company encourages the active and participatory fandom around the chosen Celebrity.

“I have never seen” showcases Britney Spears as a singer, songwriter and actress. She is well known and very successful and popular in the music world. Now a days, she is hosting famous show, The X Factor. She started her career at the age of eleven by performing on the TV Show the All New Mickey Mouse Club.

Fans are free to provide their feedback, either positive or negative, after the release of the movie of an actor or an actress which helps in gaining popularity (, 2015). Now a days, popularity is not restricted through social media but can be attained through social sites by creating their celebrity’s profile on social network sites like Facebook, twitter, you tube channels. Each and every film star has also created their own webpage and blog. This platform proves to be the direct communication between the celebrity and their fans. Fans can directly appreciate, criticise and ask questions to them. Britney Spears had around 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, 20 million followers on Twitter and almost 25 million "likes" on Facebook. (, 2015)

How does the studio/production company respond to fan feedback and incorporate this into their construction of the celebrity.

Today, Fans can participate in various fandom activities by doing activities such as reading magazines and watching their celebrity’s on entertainment channels. Likewise, Actor Stephen Collins, star of the television series 7th Heaven, has his own website loaded with news about himself, links and emails to share their views and messages that also allows the fans to purchase movies, games and TV programs on which he has worked so far (collision 2003). Participatory fandom in American culture refers to the study to examine what motives has the individual done for dynamic contribution in fandom and fan-related activities (Walter, 2013).

In 2008, there was a news about Britney spears which said that she is mentally ill .The headline of “Britney in Mental Institution” was truly good to beat all. This news was very much popular and sparks the fire among her fans. Media shifted her reputation from Bad to Mad girl overnight. It is the media who has changed Britney Spear’s personality from a blond and party girl to drug addict and out of control partying image. This is how Britney was being secured in the press and began contemplating her as a subject of investment, arranged, as she all of a sudden seemed to be, at the unstable nexus of gentility, parenthood, notable exemplification and frenzy (, 2015). The word fandom states the fans of a specific individual, group of people known as team or subculture. Fans are the hardest investigates of the individuals they profoundly appreciate. Fans never delay to peruse a film contrary to what would be expected, re-deciphering it in composing or work of art. In the event that they are disillusioned by a content they used to respect, they will strive to give immediate criticism. Media provides latest update to the society. Media not just gives data and overhauls on different issues and happenings, but it additionally gives a direction to open the doors for making up the judgments and recognitions of the general public (Branston & Stafford, 2006). Previously, it was difficult to shape. Others were ignorant of the happenings of the world and of their concerned social orders, however, with the appearance of innovative upheaval and advancement of news coverage, it made it conceivable to advise overall population regardless of where they are living and for whom they have a place in their heart. Journalism has advanced as the significant component of media to advice individuals. In olden times, books were the main source of influence as they came first into existence before the television, newspaper and magazines. Media can make money by regulating the news of celebrity (Wilson, 2015).

Media can shape public opinion in a variety of ways depending on the substance. Take the example of 9/11 terror attack, media scope emulated allegations by government powers that indicated al Qaeda as the gathering that completed the attack on the United States of America and Osama receptacle Laden as pioneer of that gathering. That news investigates the assault and the result moulded general notion to help the war on terrorism.

According to Silverblatt (2004), media is a social institution. In other words, we can say that social institution is an organization that is the basic to the socialization process that gives an emotionally supportive network to people as they battle to wind up parts of a bigger interpersonal organization (Clark, 2014). Media can be the shopping centre for thoughts - yet there is no quality control of the products on offer. Some of them ought to convey a cautioning. They might truly harm your health. The influence can be positive and negative depending upon the role model chosen by the people. Celebrity’s good reputation plays a vital role in the human community. Celebrities who show their interest in charity, planting trees, supports orphan become ideals to one’s life. David Beckham also runs many charity organisations. They are donating the money to the hospitals, blood banks, educational institution that greatly helps in improving the country’s economy (News, 2015). Thousands of teenagers can also admit sexuality preferences so openly as some celebrities do. Jessie J inspired many of the teens to admit to them that they are gay or bisexual.

Name and Fame are the key characteristics of any role model. Soldiers, who are true defenders of our country, get almost no gratitude when they are killed in the war and on the other hand when a celebrity dies, everyone expresses grief. Celebrities are more important as compared to politicians and soldiers.

The capacity of the media to ‘deliver’ large audiences provides them fame. According to this analysis, with at least a semi-independent power base vis-à-vis other power centres in society (Dreier, 2014). The implication is not that an equality of power is obtained between the media and other powerful institutions, but rather that some measure of independent power enters into the dealings of the media with these institutions. Marxist analyses, on the other hand, regard media institutions as at best ‘relatively’ and marginally autonomous.

Successful celebrities don’t have consumers, they have fans. Furthermore, that is their mystery. They don’t desire to conquer the “greatest share of the market”, they try to "light the development and motivate their tribes". Bunch of superstars are into composing collections of memoirs and so on. And an extraordinary approach, to demonstrate your valuation for the superstar, is to peruse their writing. In case you're feeling fearless, compose and audit (Year One, 2014).


By the story of Britney, many professions get the idea to raise their market share in madness. And the behaviour of the teenagers can be seen as stage that will work through, as powers, authorities as pathologies in need of discipline cure. This laid a bad impact on the fan followers of Britney Spears. Her reputation got adversely affected by the magazines articles.

Media highlighted the story of Katy Perry when “Her Singles” was launched in the entertainment channels. Katy Perry put the spotlight on her Fans and not on herself which gave immense popularity to her. She requested that they make features telling the world about their Firework. The other example is Lady Gaga, who is also known for focusing on building long-term personnel connections with her fans over the short-term revenue from their fans by selling the products. Celebrities help in raising the confidence in young people, provides vision to their dreams and strength to fight against their dreams. There is a lot of struggle in a celebrity’s life (McDonald, n.d.).

The success of any celebrity relies on the fact that the fate of advertising has a place with brands that not just comprehend their client’s advocates; however, goes additional mile to assemble individual associations with their greatest fans and sustain genuine, long haul association with them.



We can see that providing false information to the public results in devastating one’s life, celebrities' mental health, and society. Hence, effective restrictions will be taken into consideration to resolve the issue.


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