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Defining and Framing the Issue

Describe about the Successful Organizational Management for VBD Report.

For successful organizational management, it is important for an enterprise to identify the internal and peripheral issues those are being instrumental in shaping the future of the organization (Subramanian et al., 2013). This report is dedicated to explore the identified issue of aging population in Crestmead, which is influencing the future business plan of Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary. It is important for the organization to manage this external challenge by utilizing it as a power for the organizational growth, the Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary may address the organizing approach of management.

Here, in the given context of increasing aged population, importance of experience in planning and controlling of an organization and considerable contribution pattern of the aged population in volunteering, the Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary may introduce a new organizational structure.  Depending on the scope with the experience of the aged population, the organization may follow a vertical organizational structure with some innovative and democratic inputs (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).

As mentioned by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2001) a subtle inclination towards the aged population can be indentified in the Australian demography. Crestmead is not an exception. Now, it is important for any organization to include the young generation within the organizational approach of an establishment. The Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary is also including the young generation within their volunteer workforce for future growth. However, according to the State of volunteering in Australia, (2012) the rate of environmental volunteering is not satisfactory; sticking to the young generation will not be a viable choice for the organization. Moreover, in the given context, it is an undeniable fact that the most available workforce comprises the aged population. In addition to this, it cannot be ignored that this new age population lacks the expected level of experience and expertise, which is typically needed for the organizational success.

Therefore, it will be a prudent decision for the organization to utilize this available resource in such a manner, so that it becomes easier for the Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary to mould this external challenge to encounter internal organizational management (Subramanian et al., 2013).

Now, depending on the relevant readings, the contingency theory of organizing can be discussed here. The contingency theory talks about the pattern of decision making within the organization. As mentioned by Subramanian et al. (2013), according to this particular theory, “there is no best way to organize a corporation, to lead a company, or to make decisions,” it is important for the organizations to alter and manage the organizational decision making pattern depending on the internal and external situations those are influencing the potentiality of the establishment.

Addressing the Issue

The Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary can be identified as a non-profit making organization. In addition, this very institution is typically dependent on the volunteers. Now, in the given context, it can be noted that the aging population is giving more hours to the volunteering and they are physically unable to carry out a few tasks (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2001). On the other hand, the work ethics is high among the young people and they are inclined to immigration.

Now, as mentioned in the classical organizational theory, division of labor helps in appointing the best competent personal to the suitable position (Schermerhorn et al., 2014). By introducing a clear chain of command and division of labor, the organization can allot suitable responsibility to the credible personnel.

On the other hand, as mentioned by Hatch and Cunliffe (2013), the systems theory of organizing “describes the interrelatedness of all parts of an organization” and it talks about a liner and democratic approach of organizational decision-making.

Moreover as mentioned in the contingency theory of organizing, this circumstance needs to be utilized for the organizational decision making procedure. However, by following this particular approach of organizing, it will be difficult for Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary to maintain a co-ordination within the strategic decisions, planning and control or the organization (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2013).

Hence, by following the classical organizational theory and systems theory of organizing, it can be suggested that by introducing a clear but relatively co-operative and open work culture within the organization, the Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary will be able to encounter this environmental challenge (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).

As discussed previously, the organization needs experience for eliminating contingency factors and developing and the planning and controlling process of the organization. Moreover, as mentioned in the provided case study, the most available workforce in the mentioned region is the aged population (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2001). Moreover, the aged population is contributing the most significant amount of time to the organizational management. On the other hand, the young generation has stronger motivational factors that that of the aged volunteers. However, they are lacking in number and experience.

Hence, it can be suggested that the organization needs to obtain an organizational structure that will include the aged population in the decision-making positions and the relatively younger population will carry out the decision of the board. As mentioned by Jobidon et al. (2013), experience is typically needed for planning and controlling. On the other hand, as mentioned by Schermerhorn et al. (2014), innovation and experiment is needed for lading an organization. Hence, it will be prudent to include the both the age group in the organizational structure.

Work Specialization

Now, it is important to discuss the approach that can be used by the organization. Here, the 6 key model of organizational structure can be discussed.

The organization may allot the responsibility of the financial and strategic planning to the aged work force. The main responsibility of actualizing the strategic approaches can be allotted to the younger population (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2013). As the emigration rate is high in the region, not including the young generation in the decision making positions will provide stability to the organizational management.

Here, an alternative can be provided to the organization. It can go for Functional or Process Departmentalization.  In both the cases, the management will be the older group (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).

Here, the organization can opt for a bureaucratic chain of command. As mentioned by Hatch and Cunliffe, (2013) opting for an bureaucratic organizational structure will be helpful for the organization

Being a small and non-profit organization, Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary have no option but using a narrow span of control (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).

It is a small organization and mostly operated by the volunteers, it will be best for the organization to opt for a minimum level of formalization (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2013).

As discussed by Subramanian et al. (2013), with a formal organizational structure, the Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary will have to us a centralized approach. On the other hand, as mentioned by Jobidon et al. (2013), with an informal organizational structure, a decentralized approach of decision-making will be appropriate.  

While implementing this strategy, for utilizing the peripheral circumstances, the organization can opt for various valid organizational structures.

As mentioned by Schermerhorn et al. (2014), in such an organizational structure the major decision the experienced personnel in the higher order of the ladder will carry out making tasks and a clear chain of command and division of labour will be maintained.

As described by Hatch and Cunliffe (2013), a vertical and horizontal set of control are utilized in this organizing method. Here, the selected organization may use this strategy by putting the aged population in the vertical line and the young staffs in the horizontal line of control. However, as discussed by Jobidon et al. (2013), this structure is typically effective in the big organizations. It is hard to operate this structure in a small organization like Green Spring Nursery/Sanctuary.


However, in conclusion, it can be said that opting for an amalgamation of the bureaucratic and informal organization will best be utilized in this given context. There is some health issue related to the aged volunteers, and they are capable of providing extra time to the organization, it will be better to put them in the preceding level of the organizational ladder.  On the other hand, such a strict organizational culture may hurt the co-operative organizational culture, which is needed to manage a non-profit organization. Hence, it can be suggested that, a committee will be maintained which will comprise of the voted representatives of both the age group, which will be responsible for providing suggestion to the board by collecting ideas from the staffs regarding the strategies of the organization. Thus, by amalgamating a centralized and decentralized approach the organization will be able to utilize the external threat in favor of the organizational growth.

To implement the suggested options, the organization may us the following strategies:

The staffs will be made ready for the upcoming change management via interactive sessions and trainings.

Identifying the competent volunteers who will be capable of performing the decision-making responsibilities and Proper training and introduction will be provided to the new staffs.

After one month an evaluation of the implemented strategy will be done.

Gantt chart:

The blow provided Gantt chart can be helpful in understanding the whole process:


Starting date

Completion date

Performance indicators

Interactive sessions



80% consensus achievement

Collecting suggestions

Trainings for understanding the chain of command



Conformity to the new chain of command

Selection of the candidates



Training to the candidates



80%  participation

Execution of the new strategy






Decreased rate of employee turnover

Increased rate of new volunteers from both t hag group

Figure 1: Gantt chart

Source: Created by the author


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