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Tick Tock Watch in China's Wristwatch Industry


Write an article on vision of Tick Tock watch.

The article will analyze the case study of Tick Tock Watch. The article has been dedicated on watches industry in China. The case study has been generated by the useful information of Tick Tock Watch. The wristwatch management and skill enhancement of the laboratory personnel has been discussed in the article. The research has found that people in China have been using designer watches more than in Europe and Japan. The situation in China is worse than European countries. The use of digital system and trendy watches is becoming increasingly widespread in order to interrogate the people requirements for fashion. Watches are used for maintaining time, industrial and for many other purposes. The developments of the existing projects are also becoming much more important for Tick Tock Watch (Chitrakar and Sana 2015).

Authors have argued that due to accelerated urbanization the demand for better living has become important. The popular rise, growth and escalated standard of living have created a vacuum in a country like China. China is a country in the Asian region (Lewis 2013). She does not enjoy an abundance of natural resources in its region. China has introduced major technology and management corporations in the country to fight the resurgence of digital advocacy. The article has argued the initiatives of Tick Tock Watch (Botana and Neto 2015). Tick Tock Watch has undertaken an awareness program to protect the public and maintain public health system. They are aimed at incorporating new and better technologies and intervening new machine installations in the process. The more vital things in a management is to support scientific research, introducing R&D wing and giving many opportunities to the research wing of the company. The study has attempted to investigate the use of designer watches in China.

The vision of Tick Tock Watch is to maintain their quality. They are supplying good quality watches from the beginning. The municipal development, technology, and management are an issue of worry for Asian nations. Tick Tock Watch is very protective in this cause. They have made their vision clear about their goals and future ambitions (Lewis 2013).

Tick Tock Watch and its role in watches equipment reuse project

Population wise growth and urban development in Shanghai governorate have spun a significant hara-kiri in the capital city of China. The expenditure of China wristwatch services or Tick Tock Watch is dedicated to the flagship material Reuse project for Chinese Governorate. China government has incorporated a sizable amount for the watch reuse project. Tick Tock Watch has provided a platform to the nationwide mandate and its entails for China’s wristwatch sector. The government of China has envisioned the project and earmarked it. The plethora of business and extracting options has given suitable directions to the project. It has helped for China’s construction and SME fraternity. Tick Tock Watch has underscored the robust appeal of Tick Tock Watch’s projects. Tick Tock Watch’s CEO stated his and his company’s objective to deliver a state of the art digital clock networks that would contribute to national public trend, modernizing China, urban development, national export and public sector development. The company has recently made an agreement with the major cities of China to build and operate a bandwidth of wristwatch collection. The agreement is a thirty-year long deal (Day Chopin and Cooper 2015).

Tick Tock Watch and Watches Equipment Reuse Project

The China government’s role in the greenery projects and material management has been very influential. They have worked at their level based on excretory elementary project, effluents and machinery tank planning. Steel is a vulnerable entity in China. Steel Plant is there to grab the lion’s share. The designing is done by reminding the legacy of the place. Eighty thousand watches are produced on daily basis. It will offer around 1015500 watches per week. They also have other assets that include 62 megabytes networking (Marcus et al. 2013).

The CEO of Tick Tock Watch had given three objectives that currently underpin Tick Tock Watch’s long-term vision for excellence. The country has developed wastewater utility process. According to him, they have enriched the company’s goal to develop watches material reuse infrastructure by implementing the digital Reuse Master plan. Tick Tock Watch has is also interested in adding to the growth of the company’s treated analog clock business (Leonidou Katsikeas and Morgan 2013).

Operational excellence is the second objective of Tick Tock Watch. It is to be achieved by enlargement of integrated management system. The third business objective of the company is Enabling Assets that puts out a strategy to attract (Chant 2014). It is directed for giving resources. They have opted to develop, motivate and to retain a highly talented workforce. Tick Tock Watch is concerned to implement an integrated Talent management framework.

Tick Tock Watch has announced that they would take hundred Chinese people to their company. Since the last decade or so, they have created around fifty thousand new jobs. Their role in business has helped to build enthusiasm for the Chinese nationals (Gendron 2014).

  • Providing jobs to Chinese nationals
  • Providing skill development classes
  • Imbibing nationalistic approach
  • Giving emphasis on brain drain in the country
  • Taking more Chinese people than foreign people for a particular job
Scientific system in Tick Tock Watch

Scientific is considered for assessing quality. High levels of functionary units are there in expensive watches. They are ranging at different price ranges. They have made a way for themselves. Earlier it was only foreign companies in China watch industries. However, currently more and more domestic companies are coming into existence. Tick Tock Watch convincingly eradicated the polluted organisms from their watches. In China, the risk from skin disease was becoming more prudent. It was causing serious damage to the health of China people. Diseases like cancer, skin diseases, and gastro vascular problems. The recent researches have specified the water assessment as an important factor. The immunity level varies country to country but the geographical and geological similarities in Asian States are the reason for high in China water (Falk and Kelemen 2015).

Digital system

Analog systems

Digital watches are becoming a craze for youths in China. They are wearing trendy watches and the emergence of Swiss digital wristwatches has created an area for improvement.

In Asian countries, analog clocks were the old habit of people. They had analog watches in their home. However, they are keeping old habits at bay by wearing digital watches.


·         Tick Tock Watch is a multimillion company

·         It enjoys government back up

·         Tick Tock Watch is dedicated to take job creating approach

·         High market penetration

·         Enjoys high growth rate

·         Leadership in Wristwatch industry

·         Employee strength is good

·         Highly technical executives



·         Growing rate of steel

·         Dry weather due to high temperature

·         Least amount of educated people


·         High career opportunities

·         High growth rate for talented individuals

·         New job offerings for Chinese people

·         High market capture

·         Largest market share


·         Threats of competition

·         Threats from other emerging economies

·         Competition from the foreign countries

·         Low currency value of Chinese currency


The development of Tick Tock Watch is based on their employee’s responsibility taking ability. They have the ability to fight with challenges. They realized that they have to take added responsibility and they did that exactly.


Need of self-esteem can dictate a person to do positive outcome. The esteem giving in Tick Tock Watch is very dedicated. They handle every employee with a lot of care. They give proper respect to every senior executive.

Sense of belonging

The sense of belonging is important. The workers should feel at home. The responsibility Tick Tock Watch has been taking from several years. They have initiated goal specific approach for their company.

Tick Tock Watch's Objectives for Excellence

Safety need

The work culture in Tick Tock Watch has helped them to feel secure in terms of job security (Boon and Liang 2015). The healthy lifestyles of workers are also helping them to wipe out the anxiety level. It is giving the workers the option to give more outputs to the organization.

Physiological needs

Salary range in Tick Tock Watch is quite hefty for fulfilling basic human needs. They have a good incentive structure. Their company structure is good and it is need based.

The study has shown importance of study. The assessment of the condition is also needed. The existing sales networks and associated companies are getting older. Tick Tock Watch management team has planned to change the old ones and replace it with new sales executives. The hydraulic capacity, robustness of the clock materials, infiltration of elements have been procured properly. Tick Tock Watch has incorporated CCTV at the site of labs and networks. Physical inspection has also been done for sales circles. This development was made in order to find the root cause behind the failure of network (Dupuits and Bernal 2015).

Tick Tock Watch’s activities are helping in sustainable development of China in following ways,

  1. Avoiding methane gas emission thereby contributing to climate change mitigation
  2. Helps in recycling process of steel and plastic
  • Bring back steel and plastic equipments
  1. Helps in reducing the amount of dangers in water and air
  2. Tick Tock Watch has reduced the amount of waste going into the landscape thus it is helping to build the lifespan of the land areas.
  3. The activities of Tick Tock Watch would help to improve the overall health and trend aspects of the people in China
  • The activities are dedicated towards reducing the use of chemical organic products. The heavy particle content in slow has decreased a lot in recent times
  • They are also indirectly reducing the energy consumption and GHG emissions from the manufacturing of the chemical emulsions
  1. The recent projects of Tick Tock Watch would help to engage unemployed individuals to work
  2. They are giving opportunities and the projects will generate employment in construction and operational industries.

Applicability Conditions

Project Scenario

This methodology is comprised of measures to avoid the emissions of carbonated gases and methane gas to the atmosphere. The biomass or other organic matter would leave the gas to decay in a solid waste management disposal. In an animal waste management site or in a human waste treatment system would help in the activities.

The project activity is comprised of measures to avoid emissions of methane gas from sewage sludge and park waste. These would be left to decay in unmanaged solid waste disposal site. In the project activity, the waste would be treated by rearranging.

China wristwatch Service Company or Tick Tock Watch has thrown a plan to open laboratory services for organizations and companies in major cities of China (Barrick et al. 2015). They have made them ready to receive materials from these companies for analysis to check if the elements are appropriate for use or not. Tick Tock Watch has ensured the quality and they are bound to give the best of services. It also ensures that the treatment process is carried out in accordance with local and international specification. Tick Tock Watch takes regular samples on a daily basis from various STPS and distribution points at the networks. They are dedicated to ensure their conformity with approved specifications. Tick Tock Watch takes full responsibility to ensure the quality of treated wristwatches. Apart from the watches, the laboratory will also take samples for testing to ensure the suitability. Tick Tock Watch is proud to announce that their lab has already started providing some of the services to its various stakeholders. They have appointed a team of qualified and experienced professionals to carry out the analysis along with some foreign experts. They are providing the latest equipments with latest technologies related to analysis. The new laboratory services of Tick Tock Watch have created a great opportunity for the business owners in China. Tick Tock Watch lab is capable of analyzing elements and providing approved quantitative and qualitative results in record time (Boon and Liang 2015). 

Tick Tock Watch is all set to support the vision of them to make China greener before the Ramadan season. Tick Tock Watch has arranged some pro-environment events. The ministry of China has organized these events. Water and affair department has long been commended on its efforts for contributing to the beautification of cities. Tick Tock Watch has been keeping with its vision of making China a better place for lifestyle. Tick Tock Watch is dedicated for giving long-term benefit. Eco-friendly practices are there for making China a better place. The temperature and climatic condition in China is very pathetic and grueling. The recent projects are helping China to counter against the hot climate. The climatic abnormality could only been countered by water project and Tick Tock Watch took the initiative to make the people stylish (Barrick et al. 2015).   

Strengths of Tick Tock Watch


It can be concluded that Tick Tock Watch in China has done enough for securing a place in the mind of the people. The research results are showing the positives of the projects and its value to China. The marketing, operations, Human Resource sectors have been analyzed for giving a clear picture of the company. The governmental policies have shown positive outcomes for Tick Tock Watch. The results and the strategies are discussed for giving proper declaration. Some key points are found from the analysis. The importance of local stakeholders and the possible threats are analyzed. Tick Tock Watch has been doing the business with almost entirely new candidates. They are now taking passionate candidates for more than hundred positions ranging from engineering to management. Tick Tock Watch has contributed enormously in the field of health and lifestyle. Tick Tock Watch has taken measures to reduce methane emissions, leading to a reduction in global warming. Tick Tock watches has shown the importance of technology and R&D in the process. Their standards are followed globally. The more vital things in a management is to support scientific research, introducing R&D wing and giving opportunities to the research wing of the company. The study has attempted to contribute by providing data to China. At the end, it can be said that the development of strategies are made appropriately in Tick Tock Watch. In Tick Tock Watch, the problem areas are related to climatic issues and skin related problems due to dry weather conditions. The study has given proper recommendations to the problematic zones. The key finding from the issues have been analyzed critically and the strategic advancement in Tick Tock Watch has stated there is no dearth of talent in China. Tick Tock Watch has been trying hard to recruit hundred Chinese people for various jobs. It is creating a nationalistic value to the organization. They are ripping the benefits by their strategies.


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