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You are a quality management consultant for Visit England’s QIT and have been appointed by a service organization to improve their current service delivery. Your task is to write a report to the Management team which should include the following:

  1. Justify the importance of managing and measuring service quality, recommending the adoption of appropriate service quality management methods.
  1. Reading the case study you can establish their current service delivery/practices. However you need to assess the impact this will have on the front-line employees, their engagement and also managerial implications.
  1. Finally, produce a Customer Feedback System (CFS) framework that the organisation can utilise to monitor and continually improve service quality.

Importance of Maintaining Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry

In the present scenario, the competition among businesses operating in the hospitality industry has become highly intense. Nowadays, it is not easy for companies in the industry to attract new customers and retain the old ones (Amin et al. 2013). Furthermore, the growing demand of hospitality products and services has also encouraged new businesses to enter the industry. The barriers to entry and regulations are also very low in the hospitality industry. This has resulted in creating obstacles for existing organizations regarding achieving higher sales and profitability. On the other side of this, customers in the industry are now available with wide range of alternatives and options to choose, from.

Maintaining service quality can be termed as one the best and most efficient strategy which can be used by hotels and other businesses to ensure long-term growth and sustainability. Satisfactory service quality not only helps in attracting new customers but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing the brand image of an enterprise (Browning, So & Sparks 2013). However, it can be critically argued that maintaining service quality is not an easy task as wide range of factors needs to be considered by companies. The factors include an appropriate system of monitoring, checking the reviews and feedbacks of customers, implanting a quality culture, etc.

The present research report is based on The Canary Wharf Hotel which was founded in 2000 AD and is located in London. The hotel offers different types of facilities and services linked with weddings, banquets, conferences, spa, and gym. In addition to this, The Canary Wharf Hotel also offers various international and local cuisines to all the guests. The current study outlines the importance of managing and measuring service quality. Apart from this, the existing service delivery practices within The Canary Wharf Hotel are also highlighted in this research.    

In the modern era, maintaining appropriate quality in services is essential for the growth and success of businesses operating in any industry.  In the context of the hospitality industry, service quality becomes more important as it has a direct impact on areas such as brand image, sales, and profitability (Chen 2013). Quality can be defined as the characteristic of product or service which results in satisfying the need or demand of people in the marketplace. It can be stated that high quality of services and products can create the high degree of satisfaction among customers and it also encourages customers to repeat purchase. The customers of Hotel expect that quality, accurate and satisfactory services are provided to them. However, failure in offering satisfactory service quality can adversely affect the market share and customer base of companies (Chin & Tsai 2013). Businesses can ensure long-term loyalty from customers through managing and measuring service quality in the best possible manner.

Managing Service Quality for The Canary Wharf Hotel

The key benefit of maintaining service quality is that it provides the competitive advantage to an enterprise. This can be justified by the fact that people in the market or customers are more interested in seeking for a hotel which delivers quality and satisfactory services (Chen & Chen 2014). Nowadays, different types of tools are employed by organizations to measure their services qualities. These tools support businesses to identify the loopholes and gaps in their existing services or products. It can be expressed that based on the information collected, corrective measures can be taken by companies to improve the overall quality of their products and services.

  The services of Hotel cannot be considered as satisfactory if it does not focus on customer orientation approach. The rationale behind this is that the hotel is getting a significant number of negative reviews and feedbacks on global sites such as Trip Advisor. These reviews can result in creating several kinds of obstacles in overall growth and success of Hotel in the long run (Chua et al. 2015). In addition to this, the review may motivate new customers to opt for the services offered by the competitors of the selected business is required to understand the importance of maintaining and measuring service quality. The reason behind this is that satisfactory service quality will contribute a lot to the long-term growth and development of Hotel.

The quality of goods and services is always considered a societal concern in which business entities focus on discipline of quality through an evolutionary model. Because of industrial evolution, the level of complexity in product and services raised which helps in controlling quality aspects (Chin & Tsai 2013). The evolution of quality procedure got started with the concept of Total Quality Management which also brought awareness about quality principles on a new level. Earlier, focus was laid on paradigms of quality control which has a direct impact on business services.    

Management and measuring service quality will not only create the high degree of satisfaction among customers, but it will also result in enhancing the morale and motivational level of workers. The selected business enterprise can adopt quality management system within its business practices, and it can encourage employees to use the same. It can be asserted that such system is important because they encourage hotel staff to give their best towards satisfying the need and demand of guest (Chung & Chen 2015). The provided case scenario highlights that Hotel is receiving negative reviews linked with poor quality, ineffective services and this cannot be considered as good for the brand. Management and measurement of service quality is also important because it will help in increasing financial performance and overall productivity of the selected business enterprise. The hotel will be able to attract more new customers in the future, and at the same time, it will be able to retain existing customers in the best possible manner.

Measuring Service Quality for The Canary Wharf Hotel

However, it can be critically argued that managing and maintenance is not an easy task for companies as they are required to deal with different types of issues and challenges during the same (Ye et al. 2014). For example, Hotel will need to carry out changes at regular intervals to ensure better and satisfactory quality of services. Here, the hotel may face issues linked with employee resistance towards change.

 It is recommended that there are different types of service quality management tools which can be taken into consideration by Hotel. These tools will support the business to ensure adequate and satisfactory quality in its products and services offered. In addition to this, it will also help in developing a strong degree of satisfaction among existing customers and will support in attracting new customers (Wu & Ko 2013). Kaizen is one of the most effective tools which can be used by Hotel to manage the overall quality of its services.

The use of the tool mentioned above which encourages the hotel to carry out continuous improvement in its processes and practices to ensure quality services are delivered to all the customers. According to this tool, the hotel will need to identify the benchmarks of existing practices within the entire industry and then should seek to achieve the same. In addition to this, the Kaizen quality management tool also emphasize on the fact that businesses should encourage employee engagement in the entire process of improving services quality (Wei et al. 2015).

On the other side of this, it is recommended that Hotel can also make use of quality management tools such as Six Sigma. This tool also emphasizes on carrying out the continuous improvement to develop and offer a better quality of services.  The use of this tool will allow Hotel to identify the critical defects and loopholes in its existing process of service delivery (Stefano et al. 2015). It can be stated that based on the information collected, effective measures can be taken to the hotel to carry out improvement and enhance its service. The defects in existing process within the hotel can be easily eliminated with the help of implementing Six Sigma as a quality management tool.

In order to measure and managing service quality, it is essential for the subsequent hotel to focus on customer satisfaction as through that only, efficacy of services can be ascertained. Profitability is dependent on this factor and higher customer satisfaction also leads to bring loyalty for hospitality services. Measuring service quality is essential because that helps the business entity to identify the value provided to the customers. This also provides the opportunities to expand the services in different areas.  

Recommended Quality Management Tools for The Canary Wharf Hotel

SERVQUAL is regarded as a multi- dimensional approach that can be used by Canary Wharf hotel to identify expectations of consumers along with their perception towards hospitality services.

  • With the help of SERVQUAL, reliability of service provider can be analysed through checking its ability to deliver prominent services(Ye et al. 2014).
  • Canary Wharf hotel also needs to assusre that employees have the capability to deliver better services to the clients.
  • Services should be tangible in nature to acquire faith of customers.
  • Appropriate attention ought to be given to the end users.
  • Canary Wharf hotel must depcit willingness to assist customers in different services.

With the help of mystery shopping, Canary Wharf hotel can also identify the value of service quality as it involves secret survey of market and customer’s choices. This tool is useful in examining company’s efficiency through measuring quality of service. Compliance of regulation can also be ascertained through this method; hence specific information about quality concern of Canary Wharf hotel can also be identified. However, mystery shoppers perform specific tasks likewise- purchaser of a product, checking the quality aspects, checking after sales services and analyzing company’s concern towards feedback and customer service.

Canary Wharf hotel must emphasize on post service rating method wherein customers are invited to rate the service efficiency through several parameters. There are various dimensions on the basis of which customer’s can give their opinion (Amin et al. 2013). Canary Wharf hotel should regularly analyze on post service rating as that gives accurate idea about the service efficiency. It is also observed that customers also check post service ratings prior purchasing any services; hence Canary Wharf hotel must ensure that positive and better ratings are being given by the clients. This tool is also useful in enhancing the customer base through advertising the service ratings.

It is a multi-phase survey in which participants are included in the survey on repeated basis to obtain accurate and correct information. Changes have been analyzed on continuous basis so that efficiency of service delivery process can be ascertained. Canary Wharf hotel needs to conduct follow up survey so that the management can analyze how much the business is able to meet quality dimensions (Jeong et al. 2017). At the same time, the hotel should also ensure that according to the events, necessary changes are being implemented in the services. This will not only lead to customer satisfaction; but also it will help the company to uphold the standard of services. Moreover, competitiveness degree can also be encouraged.

The subsequent hotel can also adopt mobile survey in which the process of survey is being carried out through mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and computers. It is also considered as an optimized survey that is easy to read and respond and that can be managed even by using a small touch screen device (Dedeo?lu & Demirer 2015). Usually, the test is larger; hence that can be easily read. This is convenient in terms of giving specific responses. Canary Wharf hotel can also opt for mobile survey to get review from potential buyers.   

Customer effort score is yet another effective metric that is useful in measuring degree of customer satisfaction merely by putting a single question. The tool is greatly combined with net promoter score wherein the hotel is able to rate value of its own services. Apart from this, customers can also post comments during survey; therefore through this technique, Canary Wharf hotel can communicate with numerous customers for survey procedure.

Canary Wharf hotel can promote the services through social media sources as large number of customers is available on such source. However, while promoting the services through social media source, it is crucial for Canary Wharf hotel to continuously monitor the reviews and practices so that business can be safeguarded from any negative publicity (Han & Hyun 2017). It is also observed that there are so many clients that post negative comments on social media which not only affects business standards; but also it changes the mindset of customers. Therefore, proper monitoring on such source is highly essential from security point of view.

With the help of documentation analysis, Canary Wharf hotel can interpret the documents regarding a specific assessment topic. Analysis of such documents involves coding of collected content into several themes. This depicts how the responses can be suitably interpreted. While making changes in the service quality, Canary Wharf hotel can carry out documentation analysis.  

The dimension of customer services involve only not meeting customer’s requirements but also getting convenient services as per the requirement. Objective service metrics defines how much Canary Wharf hotel is meeting the demands of end users (Lu et al. 2015). There are various tools through which companies can measure customer satisfaction; however at the same time, customers should be provided the opportunities to present their opinion regarding service delivery procedure. Hence, emails, phone calls and surveys can be used to communicate with the clients (Dhar 2015).

Currently, customer’s demand for quality products are increasing and at the same time, they expect to have better customer services as well. Thus, in every business like Canary Wharf hotel implementation of service gap model is vital in terms of necessary modifications in service delivery procedure.

  • Understanding needs of customers: Canary Wharf hotel has to comprehend the needs of customers through analysing their demands. As per the demand, necessary options for that services are essential to be delieverd along with better customer care services(Stefano et al. 2015).
  • Customer defined standards: Along with customer’s expectations, it is also vital for Canary Wharf hotel to deliver convenient services so that satisfaction rate can be enhanced. For instnace- timely services should be delivered to the end users rather letting them wait for the services.
  • Service performance: Service performance shows the actual value of Canary Wharf hotel and this also helps in identifying the level of staisfaction among customers. Moreover, hotel should also provide rating and other facilities to the consumers so that they can specify their views(Rauch et al. 2015).

Delivering effective services in the hospitality sector is regarded to be most as it is linked with the growth and business brand (Rauch et al. 2015). Further, it is a well-known fact that every customer expects quality service from the hospitality enterprise and it is required for the company to maintain proper standard in its service so that a large number of customers can be satisfied efficiently. Maintaining service quality aids in enhancing organizational performance and provides a base in accomplishing the desired objectives in every possible manner. Many organizations operating in the hospitality sector have adopted service standards through which they ensure that service level regarding quality is up to the mark or not (Qi 2014).

Considering the present case of the Canary Wharf hotel which is a 3-star hotel operating in the market of Canary Wharf. The hotel has 100 modern and stylish rooms that are segregated into standard, executive, and premier. The range of services rendered involves organizing meetings, conferences, weddings, etc. Other type hotel facilities offered involves spa, swimming pool, and gym that are offered with the motive to deliver high value to the customers in every possible manner (Molina-Azorín et al. 2015). Food and beverage services are also offered by the hotel where food items of different types through its restaurant is offered where they are opened on lunch time and during the evening so as to satisfy every type of need of the target market. At present, the main challenge that hotel is facing is linked with the service quality where the range of services offered are not up to the mark. Customers have given the negative review of the services on websites such as facebook, trip advisor, etc. Through this company is able to know that its service quality is not up to the mark and needs improvement in every possible manner (Mok, Sparks & Kadampully 2013).

The present case highlights that the present service delivery practice of The Canary Wharf Hotel is not up to the mark and improvement is needed. Further, it has been witnessed that customers are highly dissatisfied with the services and this has been known for the reviews that they have given on different websites. The current service delivery approach of the business is below expected level, and this is the main reason due to which performance of entity is declining in the market where it operates (Minh et al. 2015). Moreover, the employees and managers working in the hospitality firm are not at all efficient in serving customers as per their real expectations. Further, it is a well-known fact that it is the main responsibility of every hospitality firm to meet with the expectations of its customers and this is only possible when service standards are developed within the workplace through which it can be ensured that company is delivering quality service to its valuable customers. At present, the staff members working in the company believe that there is no such ownership present with them so that they can deliver quality service (Markovi? & Raspor Jankovi? 2013). Further, no such effective reward scheme is present and practice of empowerment due to which staff members may feel that they are valued in the workplace.

Apart from this, a majority of the staff members are hired part-time and due to this reason, staff turnover is rising. Low wages are paid to the employees by the companies. Regarding assuring quality only basic standards have been adopted like personalized approach has been undertaken where guests name is called after 15 minutes of check in so as to know whether room service was satisfactory or not. So, the present overall procedure clearly represents that due to ineffective internal practices such as lack of service standard, absence of employee empowerment the Canary Wharf Hotel is not able to deliver quality service (Lu et al. 2015).

The identified service quality has the direct impact on the hotel where its performance has totally declined in the market where it operates. Further, the majority of the customers are dissatisfied with the services that are rendered to them, and this represents the failure of the business (Lin & Chen 2014). In the near future no customer will prefer to access the service of the company, and this will lead to decline in the profitability and sales volume of the organization.

Employee empowerment has the direct impact on the service quality of the Canary Wharf hotel where it has been found that employees are not at all given power within the workplace like they are not allowed to take decisions on their own (Koyuncu et al. 2014). There is no support from the management side and the company does not highlight their importance. Employees are not given power, and they are not valued is the main reason due to which customers of the hotels are totally dissatisfied with the services offered to them. In case if Canary Wharf has shown the importance of its staff members within the workplace and has provided them various powers then in such case it would be possible for them to satisfy the need of the target market in every possible manner (Jeong et al. 2017).

Majority of the staff members are the part time where it has been identified that contribution of part-time employees in the major affairs of the business is quite less as compared with the full-time employees. So, the overall implication of this factor is adverse on the business as it reflects that hotel does not manage its employees in the proper manner. So, the main recommendation to business is to adopt some motivational tools and providing power to the staff members such as the share in decision-making process, building quality culture, etc (Jasinskas et al. 2016). On continuous basis if employees are involved in every affair of the business then they will surely be able to satisfy need of the target market.

  • The hotel (Canary Wharf hotel) should emphasize on involving all the employees in decision making process so that all the people can actively participate in hotel’s affairs.
  • Maintaining service quality could assist Canary Wharf hotel to acquire greater attention from the customers and it can also enhance existing customer base. Thus, it is being suggested to the hotel to focus more on retaining the potential clients(Qi 2014).
  • The hotel should also focus on collection of feedback so that suitable changes can be made to service delivery procedure.

Service quality culture is the main factor that is preventing business from delivering quality service. It has been identified that the present quality culture is not formal and basic service standards have been adopted, and this has become one of the main reason behind the decline in business performance in the market where it operates (Han & Hyun 2017). The current standards are not at all upheld, and management does not focus on this area. Inappropriate service quality culture where initiatives are not at all taken to boost the quality level has acted as the hurdle for the organization where it has become quite difficult to render quality service. Moreover, the role of management is also minimum where they have not taken measures in order to enhance the service quality.  

  • Service quality culture can be developed at Canary Wharf hotel through providing training to the employees about quality management.  
  • Canary Wharf hotel should also adopt suitable standards to maintain quality aspects so that performance of the business can be improved(Chin & Tsai 2013).
  • The management is also suggested to develop necessary measures so that overall value of business can be encouraged.

Recruiting practices and understaffing is the key issue that that has influenced the service quality of the business. Further, it has been identified that no planned approach has been undertaken with the motive to recruit new employees and recruitment is carried out on an ad-hoc basis. Apart from this, training is rendered by the on-duty supervisor, and it lasts one week. Due to this basic reason staff turnover is high (Hahn et al. 2017). The company has to hire new employees on the continuous basis, and this is one of the key reason due to which quality services are not at all delivered to the customers as per their real expectations. In order to deal with this issue, it is recommended to the hotel to introduce new recruitment practices such as hiring with the help of job agencies as through this the most capable candidate can be hired easily.

Apart from this, the main focus must be on hiring full part employees in bulk who can work for longer period of time. This will allow in dealing with the recruitment issue in best possible manner and in turn company can enhance its service quality through this. Effective recruitment along with the retention policies can be framed where the company must take initiatives for retaining the present employees so that new staff members are not required to be hired in the quick period (Grobelna & Marciszewska 2013). This will surely act as the development tool for the business, and in turn, high quality services can be developed easily.

  • The management of Canary Wharf hotel is required employe experinced employeed so that all the services can be suitably delivred to the end users.
  • Moreover, the management is also suggested to adopt new measures toretain potential employees so that they can contribute in development of the hotel.
  • Candidates who have adequate knowldege about quality management should be selected.

Comment card

1 for excellent and 5 for poor


First name

How did you hear about our business?


Welcome received upon arrival                            1   2   3   4    5

Accuracy of reservation                                         1   2   3   4    5

Speed of check in                                               1   2   3   4    5


Cleanliness                                                      1   2   3   4    5

Comfort and layout                                        1   2   3   4    5

Maintenance and condition                                   1   2   3   4    5

Food and beverage service

Do you like the food service offered in the restaurant



Pool and fitness facilities

Comfort and layout                                         1 2 3 4 5

Cleanliness                                                      1 2 3 4 5

Maintenance and condition                                 1 2 3 4 5

Online feedback

Tick the most appropriate one


Place of Residence

Your review:


You would prefer to recommend out services to others?


Service                                             Excellent             Very good    Average    Poor  Terrible

Cleanliness                                       Excellent             Very good    Average    Poor  Terrible

Staff behavior                                  Excellent             Very good    Average    Poor  Terrible

Location                                           Excellent             Very good    Average    Poor  Terrible

Sleep quality                                     Excellent             Very good    Average    Poor  Terrible

Above shown is the comment card and online feedback form that hotel can use in order to know satisfaction level of its target market. At present majority of the customers are dissatisfied with the services offered by the hotel. Further, customers are posting negative comments on the facebook page and trip advisor site. This is having the negative impact on the brand image of the business, and for dealing with this critical issue, it is necessary for the company to manage this situation properly. Apart from this, it has been found that various valid reasons are present due to which company is not able to deliver quality service to its target market (Garg & Dhar 2014). For improving its overall performance comment card concept and online interview along with personal interviews are the most appropriate interviews that can be undertaken by the hotel with the motive to satisfy need of its target market in best possible manner. Moreover, on the basis of customers feedback it is possible to know whether proper service quality is delivered to the target market or not.

Time to time company needs to ensure that customers are satisfied with the quality of service delivered to them and in case if they are not then appropriate mediums can be adopted for quality enhancement, and this will lead to favorable results for the company in every possible manner. Comment card can be distributed among the customers when any customer check-out, and through this, their satisfaction level can be known easily (Dedeo?lu & Demirer 2015). Apart from this, online feedback form can be shared on the personal email id of the customers through which suggestions can be gained from the customers, and the company can easily know its existing performance regarding service quality which is most crucial considering the present situation of the hotel. In the near future, it will become easy to meet the requirement of the target market.

Personal interview can be termed as one of the most effective tools which can be used by businesses to gather information and required data. A personal interview is also considered as face to face process of data collection. Here, the business will get an opportunity interact with customers and ask them about the overall quality of the services which are rendered to them. The main advantages associated with a personal interview as a method of data collection is that it helps in carrying out more accurate screening of the respondents.

Here, Canary Wharf Hotel will be able to collect more in-depth information on different areas linked with service quality. As compared to the other system of collection customer feedback, the personal interview can be termed as more efficient one (Dhar 2015). The rationale behind this is that it will encourage better and closer interaction between the clients and Canary Wharf Hotel. However, it can be critically argued that the cost and time invested in collecting information through the personal interview is very high and this is the main drawback associated with this system.  On the other side of this, the use of personal interview as the system of collecting feedback can help the hotel gather reliable and more accurate information about overall service quality.



· Below 25

· 26-30

· 30-35

· Above 35

1. What is the reason behind your stay in Canary Wharf Hotel?

· Vacation

· Business trip

· Temporary

· Other than this

 2. What are the sources you considered while selection a hotel?

· Internet

· Word of mouth

· Newspaper

· Television

· Travel agent

· Other than this

3. How would you rate the overall service of Canary Wharf Hotel?

· Highly satisfactory

· Satisfactory

· Somewhat satisfactory

· Not at all satisfactory

4. For how long you were required to wait for the check in ?

· Less than 30 minutes

· 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

· More than 1 hour

· Don’t know

5. The staff employed at Canary Wharf Hotel is highly skilled and effective

· Strongly agree

· Agree

· Neutral

· Disagree

· Strongly disagree

6. How satisfied are you from the quality of food and drink offered by Canary Wharf Hotel

· Highly satisfied

· Satisfied

· Moderate

· Dissatisfied

· Highly dissatisfied

7. How would you rate the overall service quality of Canary Wharf Hotel

· Very good

· Good

· Average

· Poor

· Need lots of improvement  

 8. How would you rate the overall presentation of hotel

· Very good

· Good

· Average

· Poor

· Need lots of improvement  

9. Will you suggest Canary Wharf Hotel to any of your friend, colleague or fanmily member?

· Yes

· Can’t Say

· No

10. In your view which service area of Canary Wharf Hotel requires the most improvement?

11. What are your recommendations to enhance the overall service quality of Canary Wharf Hotel?

  • Updates feedback can be acquired through such surveys.
  • Necessary and appropriate modifications can be made in service delivery procedure.
  • Sometimes, it consumes too much time which irritates the participants.
  • It also posses privacy issues and information may get leaked due to unavaibality of security database and software(Browning, So & Sparks 2013).
  • Inappropriate disclosure of particpant’s responses.


From the above carried out report, it can be concluded that management and measurement of service quality is essential for Canary Wharf Hotel. It has been observed that the hotel is facing issues regarding decreasing customer satisfaction level because of inadequate service quality. Furthermore, Canary Wharf Hotel has also started getting negative reviews on sites and social media. The management needs to use quality management techniques such as Kaizen and Six Sigma. It can be service quality improvement will have a direct impact on areas such as quality culture, employee empowerment, and recruitment. It is also beneficial for the brand to adopt effective customer feedback system to identify issues in existing services and carry out improvements in the same.


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