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Course Code:BUS702
Published on: 24-08-2022

Understanding Employment Standards for International Students in AustraliaUnder Australian working environment legislation, understudy visa holders have comparable privileges and constraints as Australian employees. Compensation rates, shift computations, leave actions, unjustifiable excusal, and overt repetitiveness criteria are among them (Clibborn, 2021). They are also qualified to seek support and assistance from the Fair Work Ombudsman. U...

Course Code:MOD006960
Published on: 20-08-2022

Understanding the role of influence and powerThe essay provides an insight into examining the tactics of influence as the function of the private and the organizational features. A key aspect of managerial work lies in exercising influence. Influence and power are considered the key aspects of organizational life, which becomes evident in the interpersonal interaction between the managers and the subordinates. Despite this, minimum information...

Course Code:LC38620
Published on: 08-08-2022

Sophie is a defacto partner of Harold having lived together in which a clear definition can be sourced under the Family Law Act 1975, in which the relationship is presumed to exist or it exists between two people (who are not legally married or related by family) who, having regard to all of the circumstances of their relationship,lived together on a genuine domestic basis for a period exceeding two years in the union. Having lived t...

Course Code:LAWS6201
Published on: 03-08-2022

The Case of Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v LiThe following essay is founded on the principles of judicial review and their applicability in reference to seeking a certiorari after a decision by a statutory authority is deemed to have evaded common sense. The decision may allegedly have an error due to the process of decision making or the competence of the outcome as instructed by a decision maker granted powers by a statute. In t...

Course Code:ECON8069
Published on: 18-07-2022

Short Supply of Houses and High DemandRecently,housing affordability in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney has been rare due to the high prices.The unusually high prices has prompted the reason for government involvement.According to some economists, high house prices are attributed to the short supply of houses thus prompting high prices as per the demand laws.Further,high rates of immigration into the  two cities has put  pressure ...

Course Code:INFS8202
Published on: 18-07-2022

Background of the StudyEmployees are the significant part of effective organizational operations. Managing a team of skilled and committed employees helps the businesses in developing a significant edge within the market. This section of the study will focus on evaluating the impact of holiday working visa on operations of the hotel industry. WHV is a government initiated program in Australia which provides tourists to work within the country ...

Course Code:LAW4145
Published on: 23-06-2022

Background and IntroductionIn the given case study, Vinnie belongs to Zimbabwe and came to United Kingdom as student on September to study journalism in the University of Birmingham. Vinnie has always been interested in politics and  had been interested in it from a very young age so when he came to the United Kingdom he started showing interest in the MDC- T, which is a political party. Vinnie had always been a supporter of MDC – T...

Course Code:LAWS8170
Published on: 23-09-2021

Overview of the SituationDraft  To Mrs. Stella Sub: Application for valid partner visa Dear Madam, I have recently gone through your query regarding the valid application for the partner visa in the territory of Australia. It has been informed by you that you are holding the Visitor (class FA) (sub-class 600) visa and your visa has certain obligations under 8503 that will restrict you to apply for any temporary or permanent visa to s...

Course Code:BUS502
Published on: 09-09-2021

(a) If we assume that native-born and migrant workers are very similar, then we can count native and immigrants workers as supply of workers.  Using a simple demand –supply framework for workers, with wages as the price of workers, we can analyse how immigrants affect wages and employment (measured as the number of worker in employment). The demand curve slopes down, while supply curve slopes upwards as in traditional theory. Hi...

Course Code:G1083
Published on: 06-09-2021

Background Information on Case Muradzi v Minister for Immigration and CitizenshipThe appellant in the case has applied for a Skilled (provisional) (ClassVC) migration visa. The Migration Act and regulation of Australia deals with the procedure to make application regarding visa. The appellant wants to renew visa application but the renewal of visa application within 15 March 2010 as per the rules of the Migration Regulations or else the visa wil...

Course Code:MRKT20052
Published on: 06-09-2021

Overview of Higher Education in AustraliaAustralia is one of the most competitive countries regarding graduate markets in the world. It is the sixth largest country globally. This is because the Universities in the state offer extra quality programs which enable them to acquire a competitive advantage over the other nations. It hosts not less than 43 universities which serve around 1.4 million students from the nation and all over the world....

Course Code:BLB5513
Published on: 31-08-2021

Examining the Definition of “Spouse” under regulation 1.15A(1A)As per clause 309.211(2) and 309.221, at the time of making the visa application and also at the time of decision related to that visa application, it is necessary that applicant of the visa must be either the spouse or de facto partner of the citizen of Australia, permanent resident of Australia, and eligible citizen of New Zealand. Section 5F of the Act defines ...

Course Code:BLB5511
Published on: 25-08-2021

What is a Deed of Settlement and Release?1.Before immigrating to Australia, immigrants need to possess legal documents that will allow them to work and stay in the country for a given period. The Class UC sub- class 457 visa is a temporary in visa is a temporary work visa which allows skilled non-citizens to move to and work in Australia for a given period usually from one day to four years.  Subclass 457 is usually used to sponsor f...

Course Code:HI6008
Published on: 11-08-2021

Scope and objectiveSmall numbers of foreign nationals residing in and traveling to China in the 1980s. After the country’s accession to the WTO the foreign nationals could not ope with the migration laws. The first systematic attempt to update the migration legislation on the national level was the incorporation of the Law on Exit and Entry Administration in 2012 which incorporated reforms related to the permanent residence scheme i...

Course Code:CONMGNT7001
Published on: 14-07-2021

Background of the StudyImmigration and migration has been a major cause of concern in the global economy in the last few years. The economy faces problems as a result of immigration as well as migration. In this report only the impact of immigration on the Norwegian economy has been observed. It has been observed that immigration within an economy takes place due to two different factors namely the push and the pull factors. The push factors i...

Course Code:BLO5606
Published on: 14-07-2021

Overview of Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visaThe Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) allowed workers who have skilled to work in Australia for the period of 4 years for a business which is approved. It is necessary that applicant of visa must be sponsored by business which is approved in Australia for this purpose, and approved business is able to sponsor a person for visa if it is not possible for them to find the person f...

Course Code:LML5000
Published on: 09-07-2021

Background InformationWood Engineering is hiring Jaffery Jacob as a registered migration agent who completed a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice. Now the Human Resources Manager is asking for his fees and disbursements. He gave a details about the his fees which include $3,800.00 as professional fees including GST plus disbursements and will pay in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Here, Jeffery also ...

Course Code:LAWS8167
Published on: 16-06-2021

Questions1. The default or non-compliance of Tarik Georges relating to code of conduct of Migration Act 1958 has been accepted by Migration Solutions Pty Ltd. However, as a principal, I wanted to bring notice to you the fact that non-compliance has been made by the agent to some extent only and same have been discussed below in detail in order to take an appropriate decision relating to the migration agent: Making a decision in the best inter...

Course Code:Q320
Published on: 01-06-2021

The History of Immigration in the United StatesThe paper will include the discussion related to the fact that the US an immigrant nation or not which include the facts that reflect the statement is true or not. In other words, there is the discussion that in the favour or against of the topic that is “Is the United States an immigrant nation”.  The United States of America is a country that is composed of different 50states, a...

Course Code:C06122V1
Published on: 21-05-2021

Approximated Service FeesThe objective of this letter is to provide an overview of Approximated Service Fees which is an essential part of this Agreement for Service Feesand is integrated into it and to authenticate understanding of the terms. The main purpose of this conformity accompanied by the scope and drawbacks of immigration services offered. Sr. No. Description of Service Price GST Total 1. Prof...

Course Code:SOCS247
Published on: 19-05-2021

Overview of the surveyIn September 28, 2018, The Yahoo News published an article regarding a survey related to the emigration of the population of the Singapore in the recent times. The report claimed that nearly one on five of the Singaporeans among the age of 19 to 30 belonging from the Republic wishes to emigrate while the others considers the chances or the possibilities to emigrate within the upcoming years as per the survey analysis. The...

Course Code:SOC103A
Published on: 07-05-2021

Background and Relevant Theory of Skilled Immigration Policy The skilled immigration has been instrumental in shaping immigration sector and also been at the center of criticism. Australia has the global biggest skilled immigration program shaped by the skilled immigration policy. The yearly entrance of skilled overseas employees accounts for 1 percent of populace in Australia, as well as even a greater percentage the skilled workforce. In spite...

Course Code:EDUC3001
Published on: 06-05-2021

Professional Services in Child Protection ServicesThe reflection is made on the discussion about the integration of professional services in respect of child protection services. The professional services are significantly effectual and helpful in the development of children. The practices related to placement consider an essential element to attain the results in upcoming endeavors as human service personnel. The training programmes and learn...

Course Code:LAW40038
Published on: 01-05-2021

Requirements for visas for temporary workersAccording to the US immigration law, the H type visa is the most common visa for temporary workers. There are a variety of categories of H type visa and this includes, the H-1B is meant for professional occupations and also the H-1A which is given to the registered nurses. Therefore the key requirements for the visa entail, one a person must have a bachelor degree in the particular area of the field&nb...

Course Code:HIST101
Published on: 14-04-2021

Difficulties Faced by Immigrants in the Late 1800sIn the late 1800, people in several different parts of the world had decided to leave their homes in order to immigrate to America. About 25 million immigrants were there who arrived in the United States in between the year 1870 and 1900. This arrival of millions and millions of migrants from the other countries with just a few decades laid a great impact on the cultural and economic developmen...

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