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Course Code:COMP8250
Published on: 01-08-2022

Steps for Efficient Network Summarization1. Summarization also reffered to as Route aggregation is a mechanism used on layer 3 devices such as routers to reduce the size of the routing table entries with a view of grouping the networks together using a mask that is able to incorporate all the networks under consideration[1]. The following steps can efficiently be used to summarize group of networks. Steps Identify the number of networks t...

Course Code:MEE514
Published on: 26-07-2022

Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)System stability analysis represents one of the common problems in the fields of control, systems and signal processing. It is the part of systems and control theory that is adopted in predicting and studying the stability or instability features of a system through the Knowledge Of Mathematical Models. The analysis illustrates how a model reacts to changes and perturbations. In electrical systems, stabil...

Course Code:BN106
Published on: 21-07-2022

Types of Network ModelsNetworking is the perfect designing, construction and utilization of a particular network that eventually includes the physical and the logical network [2]. The physical networks are the router, hub, switch, cabling, bridge and many more. The suitable selection of the protocol of telecommunication is also an important part of networking. The following report focuses on a brief discussion about the entire fundamentals of...

Course Code:COMP90007
Published on: 19-07-2022

Network TopologyThe overall physical or logical design of computer networks is what is referred to as a network topology. In essence, they outline the pattern of devices connected to a network.  Star Topology – A simple design where all computers are usually connected to a central server or device e.g. a hub or switch. Due to its simplicity, it’s the most commonly used pattern (Zandbergen, 2017). E.g. computers usage in an of...

Course Code:ITC542
Published on: 01-07-2022

Task 1This report consists of two task which are generally divided into two part namely task 1 and task 2. In this report an organization has acquired more than eight zones across Sydney which is being used for accommodation in the large number of departments. A proper network diagram has been provided by making use of private IP address The network is designed in such a way that it should provide eight buildings which are used for f...

Course Code:ELEC6500
Published on: 27-06-2022

Section ABest effort packet forwarding means the network will attempt to forward the packet to its destination but may take different amount of times for successive packets or even lose a packet entirely. As this method tries to send the data packets without ensuring the ACK for the received data packet at the receivers end thus we have selected this option. When designing a receiver for streaming audio or video content playout buffers are...

Course Code:ITC542
Published on: 23-06-2022

Network Design for M2M SolutionsHaving a good network for an organization enables proper communication and smooth function of the activities of the organization. M2M Solutions is a medium sized organization. The company has six sites across Sydney such that it has various departments running in these six buildings. The company is planning to have a good network design so that the communication among the various departments is smooth and the in...

Course Code:COMP90007
Published on: 13-10-2021

Star TopologyA topology in computer networking refers to a specific way of organizing network elements such as computers, printers and networking hardware (Nizam, 2014). Mitchell (2017) defines a network topology as the physical arrangement of network devices in a computer network. There are many network configurations including star, bus, partial mesh, full mesh, ring and tree topologies (Mitchell, 2017a).  Star topology is arranged in s...

Course Code:SIT202
Published on: 09-08-2021

Comparison of TCP and UDP protocolsThe software company have the requirement of sent massive volumes of data and there is a confusion for selection of the TCP or the UDP protocol for sending the data packets in the network. For the selection of the protocol for sending the data packets in the network the following functionality of both the protocol is analyzed. Functionality TCP UDP Reliability The data reach...

Course Code:COMP247
Published on: 13-07-2021

Transport layerThe transport layer of the TCP/IP appear, the data transmission is done using UDP and TCP. In the present years, Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is introduced for transmitting the data stream and the data residing in the transport layer can be broken into different segments and transmitted to the host using the network layer. The data transferred using the transport layer are isolated into segments and sent using t...

Course Code:SIT202
Published on: 03-06-2021

How packet is sent to and received from the destination remote server by PC-1 Solution Activities taking place at PC-1 The message will start at the top of the protocol stack at PC-1 and it finds its way downwards. The packet will go through application and proceed to TCP layer. TCP layer will assign the packet a port number. The assignment is key because a lot of programs are using TCP stack while sending messages, it is important to a...

Course Code:SIT202
Published on: 17-02-2021

Explanation of Six Steps of Cookie Use in Online ShoppingQuestin 1 1 a). Six steps on how cookies are used in an online shopping. Step 1: The client who is our customer in this case, wants to get to site through http /1.1  where he/ she is redirected to the site’s server that is web server,. So a file has to be created in both sides, client side and webserver side with the same id (Lund et al., 2010). Step 2: In t...

Course Code:MN504
Published on: 04-02-2021

Analysis Tools for Network ManagementTo ensure effective and continued functioning of the network, management should be part of the daily routine. Network management activities include maintaining the quality of the services provided, performance management, securing the network and also analyzing the network to determine its performance through analysis tools [12]. These services apply to all the operating systems such as the Linux, Microsoft S...

Course Code:SIT202
Published on: 20-01-2021

Layers of the TCP/IP Protocol SuiteTransport Communication protocol/ Internet protocol (TCP/IP) is a suite or a set of communications protocols that allow two or more devices to communicate on the internet; by providing end-to-end communication that comprises how it should be broken into packets, addressing, its transmission and the how it will be received at the destination (Wang et al.,2016).  The TCP/IP has four layers namely applicatio...

Course Code:BN208
Published on: 15-01-2021

Task 1 aA packet sniffer is software that captures and analyze packets that are flowing in any given network. The sniffer always set the network card in a promiscuous mode so that it can track each packet that is flowing in a given network. This explains how different websites packets are analyzed using Wireshark software through techniques such as load distribution. The analyzation is compared between each other and graphs are plotted using t...

Course Code:MAN6303
Published on: 15-01-2021

Program DetailsProgram title: Airborne oil and gas program  Program Manager: Please insert your name Estimated program start date:   07/02/017               Estimated program end date: 26/06/2017 Airborne oil and gas program announced June 26 as it has being commencing an qualification program of the thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP)...

Course Code:BN208
Published on: 27-11-2020

Explanation of data captured using WiresharkThe report is prepared for the analysis of a network solution using the network monitoring tool and identification of the loads and performance of the network. Wireshark is used for identification of the performance parameters and development of the analytical skill for capturing live data traffic from the network and generate graphs for the analysis of the protocols used for communication. The perfo...

Course Code:CT5047
Published on: 20-11-2020

Task 1 - Setting up a NetworkI used two routers, two servers and one PC for my network layout. One server will act as the DNS server and the other one will be the DHCP server. The two routers are connected via a serial cable while the routers and PCs are connected via a cross-over cable. The router interface that connects to the PC1 is fastethernet0/0 while the interface that connects the two routers are serial0/0/1 for router0 and serial0/...

Course Code:COIT 20261
Published on: 02-11-2020

InstructionsThis assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of routing concepts by completing a number of exercise questions. The questions are designed to help you to achieve the unit learning outcomes as listed in the unit profile. Instructions You must do this assignment on your own – it is not a group assignment. These questions will require more time and effort than the first assignment so plan ahead and...

Course Code:COIT20261
Published on: 01-11-2020

Exercise QuestionsThis assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of routing concepts by completing a number of exercise questions.   The questions are designed to help you to achieve the unit learning outcomes as listed in the unit profile. You must do this assignment on your own – it is not a group assignment. These questions will require more time and effort than the first assignment so plan ahead and star...

Course Code:CYSE407
Published on: 10-08-2020

Background Information on Initech CompanyA breach incident will be taken and response Technical Report will be created based on practical work (scenario). Walkthrough will be used on virtual machine as a breach investigator. Breach is a first and foremost Virtual Machine in multi-part series, it will be arranged with constant IP address and configuration will be done for host-only adaptor to this particular subnet.  The main objective of...

Course Code:230612
Published on: 03-06-2020

Explaining Performance Enhancing Proxies and MiddleboxesThe main reason for the deployment of the Performance Enhancing Proxies (PEPs) is for the purpose of improving the performance of TCP. The characteristics of some specific link environment which might include the satellite, wireless WAN, and wireless LAN environment are the main reason lying behind the deployment of the PEPs [1]. A PEP use case is mainly used in order to bridge two differ...

Published on: 02-01-2019

TCP/IP Protocol and Internet Working Question: Discuss about the Designing and Realizing Problematic Internet. Internet is the global set of networks that are interconnected by the use of “Internet Protocol Suite” for the purpose of linking devices present around the world. Internet acts as a wide platform for providing different information’s. mostly everyone in this world uses the internet for different purposes like gaming...

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