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Fourth Generation Networks

Describe about the 4 G Wireless Technology for The Globalized World.

In today’s globalized world, the progress in information technology Industry has become very strident during last few decades. The significant contribution in this regard is the wireless communication industry. Furthermore by taking advantage of this contribution in field information technology, people have experienced a huge in the usage of wireless devices and mobile services. This usage of wireless devices have increased quickly with enormously scale, the rate of adoption for wireless devices has exceeding 100 % (2009) in the countries like Hong Kong and Italy. However, the development of this industry has witnessed numerous generations like 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Among these peers, each of them possesses different criterions, capacities, techniques and unique features that distinguish them from former generations giving birth to an increased number of cell phone subscribers all over the globe day-by-day. In this day and age, the wireless telecommunication industry is growing at a continuous period, customers demanding more and more. Hence, there is a dire need to enhance the communication industry. The wireless communication is the most dynamic and earth-shattering development of the modern era, we are living in.

The idea of this cellular industry was first initiated in AT&T’S bell labs in early 1970’s. This development resulted into the mobile wireless communication industry for the first time in the history.  The first commercial mobile which was developed in 1981, was named as Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) networks. Formerly, there was the first trial of the mobile communication in 1978 in Chicago, USA. Meanwhile, several parts of the world made progress in this regard most notoriously in Japan and other European countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Basically Fourth generation Technology is the extension or successor of the 3G technology in wireless telecommunication industry usually referred as 4G, in short form. It provides its consumers more bandwidth, quick and reliable services, higher performances and fastest speed as compared to 3G. At the moment, no one is sure about the proper and exact definition of the 4G. However, its earliest version was [1]defined as “Linear Vision” which meant that 4G would be the most enhanced and developed version of 3G. Some people term it as the technology that is in its mature period. The key features which offers 4G are high quality audio and video streaming, HSPA, WiMAX as well as LTE (Barken& Bermel, 2004).

Why 4G Wireless Networks?

Earlier to this, 3G networks offered voice as well as contacting management to spontaneous prospect and sound including video chat with web access. These networks provided a WAN network having a 384 kbps rate and a 2MB rate (Chen, 2014). Therefore, a 4G generation was introduced with a variety of innovations by the attempts of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as principle body, that issued the prerequisites for the formation of 4G framework. One of the hottest of topic of the modern age is the reliability of this network. Advancements of 4G have incorporated HSPA+ AND WiMAX. According to the ITU-Advanced disclaimers, the 4G will deliver 1Gbps speed for little mobility and at least 100Mbps for high mobility. With this feature, the consumers would be able to easily access to dissimilar services, improved coverage, the accessibility of a solo device, single bill with abridged entree charge, with more reliable wireless access. In short, the 4G service consist the following key elements:

It provides unified, protected and modified delivery of services.

It provides Mobile access that goes beyond various kinds of networks functioning on distinct principles of technology.

It diverse the users’ devices which are flexible and smart.

It provides self-directed networks in case of self-management, depending of the desires of the consumers.

Mobile middle ware agents offer simplified events and transparency to customers. 

Despite the availability of 3G wireless services and their admire ability of functioning, the customers may enquire why they should use or require this 4G service networks? The answer of this question is based on fundamentally two reasons. Firstly, the considerable progress in general number of endorsers. Secondly, the substantial interest of the original information technology services like quality picture, easily accessible audio and video streaming and informative services.

These two gadgets are acceptable to fetch a substantial bottle-neck inside mobile communication industry (Munro, 2007). Although the point that the projected data rate is around 2Mbps in a 3G network, the actual statistics rates are sluggish. Additionally, the information rates equally depend on the customers ‘drive and area not amazingly estimated, the information facilities are working to accept uncertain part as well as these be will astound action instead to voice in future.

4G networks must be given priority over other previous network services because it has got more advanced options to facilitate people and it contains high speed internet which definitely fulfills all the basic requirements of the people. In other words, if we just simplify the actual needs, we will be able to see that at present, no one wants to use the wired internet, however, people have to because they think that wireless services are not too efficient. But, through 4G wireless technology, it is easier to make people believe that wireless technology can fulfill the high speed internet demand.

Standards of 4G Network

Standards of high speed internet are really very high and people expect to get something better than the previous serves. On an average, a 4G wireless technology service must provide 100 mbps per second to the user if we talk about the standards of 4G network. Moreover, the rate actually varies between 100 mbps to 1 gbps and this is one of the highest speeds an individual can get from 4G network.

Since, every phenomenon has its two perspective side effects; positive and negative, in the same way, being so valuable and so worthwhile to its typical customers, there are different advantages and disadvantages of the 4G wireless network service too. The disadvantages can be listed below:


Network has more complex issues. Therefore, improved global safety is an important standpoint in this regard. Since the 4G network is not only used for emailing purposes, it has different capabilities which are usually not highly safeguarded. So there is always a sense of insecurity in the mind of the users and they are not unaware of the distinctive security gangers of such system while using this 4G network (Zaharias’s, Grüneberg, & Celetto, 2010).

This is also one of the important issues which are usually faced by users while they avail this 4G wireless network service because transmission of media and correspondence is a continuous process. therefore, the voices and audios upon IP and Video surfing is critical with disturbing nature of administration and the users might be cautious to weigh various determinants like jitter, delay, piece rate and bundle drop to smoothly establish a distance from such system, successfully(Wireless Quality-of-Service support, 2006).

It can be categorized as the replacing of the moveable hubs from one point of access to another point in a continuous system or to a varied network. This makes the 4G system to confront with partial difficulties and dangers. Precisely, if a multipurpose user is having this handover process from GPRS to WLAN, it means there is an adequate risk of correspondence that enables the moveable or portable customer miserable and annoying (Varshney, 2012).

Moreover, the[2] 4G wireless network uses different antennae and transmitters which will surely cause customer’s devices a battery problem and in order to avoid this drawback they will need to use devices having larger battery power to remain online on this network. This would certainly, though, force the consumers to use 3G or Wi-Fi networks especially in those areas which do not have such network service or coverage. The most worst and disturbing fact is that they will have to pay the similar amount of money which is determined by 4G networks. This will, certainly, discourage the many users. However, this issue can be resolved, only, if this 4G wireless networks is enlarged to exceptional areas where the service is unavailable.

Disadvantages of 4G Generation: Issues in 4G Networks

Since we mentioned above, there are pros and cons of every phenomenon, after discussing the cons or disadvantages, here we would enlist some essential benefits provide by the 4G wireless networks. It is important to remember that 4G network is no doubt a revolution in internet networks. It provides not only quicker speed, safety, flexibility and supple packages but on the other end it has occupied a place of fast developing and the most durable solution to remove the internet and communications restraints. One of the most significant breakthroughs of 4G networks is that they have connected the globe. A consumer whether he is at his/her home, or out or in the office, remains connected with the world outside. Here are the various advantages of 4G networking: 

One of the foremost and most attractive feature of 4G networking is its easiness to install and keep continue its service. An interested customer just only needs a smart cell phone which is compatible or that supports the 4G and he/she has to get a cable or any other device like USB that can easily be plugged into the Laptop or Phone to avail this service. There was a time when cards, cables, software and modems were needed but 4G is the perhaps simplest and easier way to remind online.

It is another paramount feature of 4G service because its speed is four times higher and faster than its formers generations. Perhaps it is the beauty of this generation. A user can instantly download movies having larges MBs in just few minutes. It provides its users the facility to download different movies, songs, videos, games and other applications, too. The user can access live videos, can chat with friends and family across the globe and can send and receive data as he like it without any restriction or poor service. 

The strength and better signal quality is also one of the important features of the 4G Wireless networks. It is an undeniable fact that 4G is considered more reliable in signal supporting than any other previous networks. Since, the world has become a global village and nobody in these times can remain adamant without internet service as it has become must-have option for different purposes and businesses. Therefore, to connect the world outside, a user needs an excellent strength of signals, which 4G network provides its all consumers.

A customer using Wi-Fi service has to experience different issues like if he moves to certain distance then there will be coverage limits which will deny the access of connections. Therefore, 4G has the ability to provide its customers a wider range of coverage even during travelling. This feature of 4G has made the cities into a hotspot.

Advantages of 4G Wireless Networks

This is perhaps the most convincing and elegant feature of the 4G generation because it not only provides the security to its users but guarantees the protocol and various security arrangements for consumers. It has most advanced plans for security in wireless service. It’s very robust and consistent network stops information from being leaked or hacked.

4G wireless network offers its customers whether it is household or nay organization the flexible packages which best suits them on a reasonable amount that they can easily avail this service. All a user has to do is to pay the specified amount and he/she can enjoy the service whether for a home or for outdoor use. Usually, there is no any restriction or limit on the usage. A customer can spend by being online for hours in a day, can download whatever suits him through the offered packages by the networks to fulfill his/her needs or requirements.


The 4G wireless technology has added to create the world as a global family. This know-how is the reason of making the world a worldwide digital village. Today, we are living in a world where the individualities, demography, and varying environments are no longer a hindrance to interconnect in other parts of the world. The demand for wireless communication system has given rise to the development of different peer groups of Wireless technology. The wireless expertise ranging from 1G to 4G is the output of such amplified stresses by the public all over the globe. These modern advances into the area of wireless technology have kept the life and communication principles at ease and have overcome the distances and barriers among the people living in various parts of the globe.

The demand of the high speed internet services have got a great boost overall all around the world and this is why telecom sector has been worried about it. 4G wireless technology is very much updated technology and can fulfill the present demands of the internet services. However, there is still a lot of work needs to be done in this field and there has to be something which can create a difference. 4G wireless technology has still got some hidden features which can definitely facilitate the needs of the people.

Consider remote eras as a modest bunch of administrations that get speedier and more component rich as more up to date innovation gets to be accessible. The 3G systems that we utilize today permit us to stream video, download music and documents, and surf the web at normal download speeds from 600Kb/s to 1.4Mb/s. With 4G you'll have the capacity to do likewise yet at much quicker rates, while the additional data transmission opens the entryway for fresher applications. 4G has already created a huge impact on the usage of the internet due to its high speed internet quality. There is still a lot of work required in order to make these services more efficient and reliable for the people.

Moreover, the nonstop demand in the requirements of these wireless networks have steered to the need of explorations and understanding of different fundamental issues in the communication and various electromagnetic applications, and have directed to find out durable and pragmatic solutions as well.

In short, the mobile or wireless networking systems and technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds form the beginning and mounting competition. Consequently, they need such insinuations that model the design of an accomplished wireless technology structure. Additional study is needed to advance better technologies for more rapid and safer communications.

The study has conducted careful reviews of 4G wireless network; on the bases of critical analysis of the study we have concluded these recommendations. As the technology is progressing so rapidly at the moment, it is really important to meet the communication requirements of the people. Moreover, the telecom companies must look forward to establish their 4G network because at present, there is a high demand of high speed internet. 4G wireless technology is going to be more advanced in the near future, hence, it is strongly recommended to the governments and private telecom companies to get in the race and fulfill the requirements of the people. Wireless services have been improved in recent years but the demand ratio was quite higher than the improvements in the technology. This is the high time to jump in and offer 4G wireless services to the people especially in the developing countries where there is a huge demand of high speed internet. The companies which have already started giving these services are more efficient in their business because they are understanding the need of the time. Wireless 4G technology must be used to maximize the efficiency of the telecom sector. It is also recommended that target those areas where there is more need of such technology because there are some places already where you have got better wireless services.

We have also seen the rapid changes within the technology world in the last few years and we understood that wireless technology has something special to provide people because of its efficiency and high speed. The trend has totally been shifted from wired network services to wireless and people prefer using wireless services because gadgets like mobile, tablets and laptops offer you quick access to all your online data through wireless services. In order to make them use high speed internet, 4G wireless technology must be implemented to provide a better internet experience to the people who actually need such services.

Table 1: table comparisons of wireless system

Technolog y




Design start time




Implementa tion





Packet switching

Intelligent signal processing

All-IP based








2 Mbps

~100 Mbps

Core network


PSTN, some IP network



Voice, data

Voice,data, multimedia

Voice             data

,content         high multimedia



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