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The Best Ideas in the Campaign

Discuss about the Impacts of Anti Drug Campaigns.

In this study, we will understand the importance of removal of drugs, and party drugs form the youth and society of Australia. The youth are of adolescence age are very vulnerable to the drug addiction. The youth are very different from the age of older ones as they are new to the world and do not have any experience. For them going to clubs, night parties, etc. with friend is just a part of fun. But this culture is bringing up a negative impact on the lifestyle and habits of youth. The peer pressure or other elements let them to become a drug addict. In dance parties, it is very common that the people are taking alcohol and parties’ drugs to feel the dance and pleasure on the dance floor. Even the politicians and government think that drug consumption an alcohol is a problem for the individuals, Australian community and families.

It is found that it can be effectively removed by effective marketing communication. Such type of communication can impact the individuals who intake high drugs and alcoholic drinks. It is initiated by clearly understanding the human tendency and behavior of customers and than a research can be conducted on how the consumption can be conducted.

It is conducted in the study that there must be a proper design of the communication should take place. The young people and are very considerable to drugs and alcohol. The communication campaign for anti drug is more effective when it is conducted with a narrow focus and tailored people not for the only youth of the Australia. In order to receive positive outcomes form this campaign there is a need to focus on the young individuals who are in need and who are on most risk. The youth who is taking open illegal drugs are the one who are at high risk. They have open attitude for part drugs and illegal drugs. They go to parties and clue and very exposed to such places (Drug harm minimization education for police in Australia, 2000).

The best part of his campaign is that it tells us about the illegal consumption of drugs in the society. There is a high rate in the consumption of drugs and alcohol. The consumption of party drug is raised from 80-90% from the last years. There is a high increase in the illegal consumption of illegal drugs by the youth of Australia. Almost 6 young age people are taking drugs among 10 that show the high level of consumption of drugs in the society. Theses campaign is helping Australia to assist ways to control the use of drug consumption. It is very challenging to control the drug consumption from the country (Lawrence, D., Mitrou, F. and Zubrick, S.R., 2009).

Marketing Communication for Anti-Drugs

The ways through which drug removal program can be conducted is through effective designing of such campaigns. There should be a single bullet point that must be conveyed to the people who are taking drugs so that they can stop purchasing and consumption of drugs. It also helps them to start hating the computation and find it very unattractive. This type of contribution helps the society to curb the drugs from the same. It also promotes a help towards the social problems of the country (Hubbard, L., Marsden, E. and Racholl, V., 1989).

It is initiated through the research in which it should be found that what the consumers think before taking party drugs and what is the behavior, attitude and perceptions hide behind them. It helps to establish anti drug communication in the society. In the target market, the communication can be received, decoded and processed. In this campaign, we can found that there is a potential message behind the communication. The study says that it is a part of attraction. The other reasons due to which people start taking drugs are pleasure, experiences, alleviation of boredom and loneliness, expressing of rebellious feeling, sensations, madness, etc. these all are the drivers of the drugs addiction. Many of the Australians and openly addicted to the intake of drugs. In the study, it is found that in preceding 12 month every 10 young people taking drugs that is illegal in nature out of the 15 (Basu, A. and Wang, J., 2009).

The worst idea of the campaign is that this idea is totally flop because it is very ineffective and leave for a short period of time. The people again start taking drugs and there is no effect on the society f such campaigns. Campaigning also include a huge expenditure and very expensive to conduct in a frequent manner. Many times, the methods use by the rehabilitation centers to remove the addiction are very unfortunate and cruel. They take it as a challenge and harm the drug addicts for the satisfaction of their own egos. Drug victims need extra love and care, they just be treated as small children and pampered (Lawrence, D., Mitrou, F. and Zubrick, S.R., 2009).

There is a requirement to catch those evil people smugglers, supply agents and mediators who are supporting this kind of evil practices in the world. They are becoming richer and creating their black money into white. They are using the youth of the country in this mal practice and letting them to die. The youth are forced to do the crime and then get money out of all this (Nath Sanyal, S. and Datta, S.K., 2011).

The Worst Ideas in the Campaign

 The idea behind the campaign is true and I am totally agreed with the idea. The objective and aim of the study is to promote that drugs are not a good thing to consume and should be removed from the society. There must a drug free and happy world. Drugs must be removed because almost all the youth between the ages of 18-25 years of Australia is trapped with this addiction of drugs (Nesse, R.M. and Berridge, K.C., 1997).

In this study, there are three concepts raised by the researchers that are mentioned as below-

The idea behind Concept A is that to plant a doubt in the minds of the people and drug addict about the content and ingredient of the drugs and also the results of intake of drugs in their minds and body. In this way, they will be challenged and may stop this habit.

Concept B states that the party drugs consumers do not want to engage in any social abuse so the aim is to realize them that addiction of drugs lead to the same.

Concept C says that there must be an effective implication of all the strategies and policies.

I do agree because some how these campaigns are helping and stopping those individuals who are not ready to take drugs. Either due to the fear that what the drug will do in the future or sometimes they do not want to continue with the drugs as they are ware about the negative part of taking the drugs (Opie, L.H. and Gersh, B.J., 2012).

Though, it is not practically possible for the people related to the campaign to remove this addiction on a 100 % guarantee. However, the number of drug addicts is increasing day by day, but if there will be no such anti campaign to aware the people about the bad effects of drugs then they will never understand the requirement to stop using all such narcotic things.

The effective frame of strategies that will target the young people of the country so that the initiative will takes place from the only. Such strategies are formed for two types of target audience: the one who is at high risk and the other one are the youth who are disinclined to use the drugs the purpose behind this is to reconfirm that they will not use it in the future. There is a need to inform them about all the bad impact of drugs on the mind and health of an individual (Valenta and Sherman, 2015).

Agree with the Central Approach of the Campaign

But we know that only awareness among the potential user is not enough to resist them to use drug in future. It must be designed in a way that the information could be facilitated to the parents and elderly people of the family so that they can become aware and do with their children and other relatives and help them to stop using such things. Parents should discuss such thing with their children and young people about drugs and its negative impact. Effective communication must be taken place between them so that the children will find it easy to share if there is any problem in their lives (Reinarman, C. and Levine, H.G., 1997).

The effective programs conducted by the government are creating a long term impact on the drug addicts. They are developed so that the young people, alders, children, adolescent, etc do not take drugs. They are then used by the parents, researchers, teachers, educators, leaders, etc to guide the thinking and perception of the drug abused person and prevent such happenings for the future at a big level (Sargent, J.D., 2010).

They are generally used in colleges, schools, home etc. but adapted by almost all the people related to it. These programs focuses on the risk involved in drug abuse and try to curb that risk. Many pregnant women are and their infants are in danger due to the high intake of illegal drugs. There are many lessons that I have learn from this study (Spiller, L.D. and Wymer Jr, W.W., 2001). They are-

The first major advantage of such program and campaigns is that they prevent and enhance the factors related to protection and reduction in the risk factors. There is awareness in the potential people.

The prevention programs not only prevent the use of drugs but other narcotic drugs like tobacco, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, inhalants, etc. such drugs are also very harmful and destroy the health of people.

These types of campaigns first try to analyze the type of drug abuse problems in the society, target the risk factors and then take the protective measure and methods to safeguard them.

Such programs are not only to address for the specific audience or population like specific, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. but also for the entire country.

Many of the campaign programs are for the entire family that helps them to bring effectiveness in the program for all the members. It helps to make the bond between the members, communication, discussion, training, etc. education is provided to the parents and guardians so that they can help their children to tackle such critical situations in the family and surroundings (Rossi, Ceriotti and Manolopoulos, 2014).

Reasons Due to Which we are Agree with the Approach Employed in Ethical or any other Terms.


In present study, we can observe that the drug addicts are very open and accepting the intake of party drugs as they perceive it a part of pleasure and fun. They think that it is cool to be a drug addicts and go to night clubs and dance parties.  Such issues can be tackled by the help of effective communication regarding the danger and health issue present in the intake of drugs and alcohol. We cannot take a pleasure in things that are harming us and our health in deep. There are three concepts in this study that set a clear understanding that there is a need of proper design and frame by which the trend of drugs intake can be eliminated.


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