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52852WA Graduate Diploma Of Cosmetic Nursing And Injectables

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  • Course Code: 52852WA
  • University: Victoria University

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  • Country: Australia


1. Define the term ‘oxidation’.

2. What is a ‘free radical’ and how do they cause damage?

3. What is an anti-oxidant and what role does it play in oxidative stress?

4. Fill in the missing terms.
_____ damages the phospholipid bi-layer of the cell membrane. This causes the membrane to _____ and _____ . Once this happens the cell wall inhibits ______and disrupts the transport of ______.
This also disrupts   and   movement into the cell and metabolic by-products or wastes are not able to leave the cell resulting in increased _____and potentially in cell death. 

5. In your own words summarise the ‘antioxidant defence strategy’

6. Anti-ageing medicine treatment protocols for oxidative stress are to assess the biomarkers or levels of damage to DNA, muscles, proteins etc. and from here identify appropriate interventions. These can be used to reduce chronic inflammation as well as oxidative stress.
What supplementation or treatments are indicated for the following?

Reactive Carbonyls formed from AGEs   

The Endocrine System
7. How does the endocrine system play a role in the ageing process?

8. List 3 conditions that possibly result from hormonal imbalances and identify the main hormone responsible. 

9.a. Hormones can be divided into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Explain the action of each and provide examples.

Water-Soluble  Fat-soluble      
b. What role do Eicosanoids play?
10. All steroids originate from cholesterol, which then converts to pregnenolone and into other hormones. What are the 5 categories of steroid hormones?

11. Identify what affect the following hormones have on the skin?


Hormones And Their Actions On Ageing

12. Explain how anti-ageing treatment guidelines/protocols might correct stress-related hormonal imbalances 

13. Identify the conditions of adrenal gland that maybe associated with nutritional deficiency
14. Identify the key nutrients used in anti-ageing treatment regimes to correct adrenal fatigue

For the following nutrients, state the therapeutic daily amounts and contraindications for each of the key nutrients
(Nutrient Reference Values refers to The Australian Government Department of Health Nutrient Reference Value Guidelines and can be found at https://www.nrv.gov.au/nutrients/) 
Key Nutrients Nutrient Reference Values  How do these nutrients affect body systems
Vitamin C    
Pantothenic Acid    
16. a. Discuss the affects thyroid hormone deficiency and thyroid hormone excess has on the body
Deficiency Excess
b. In relation to your answer above, what are the suggested treatments to correct these?
Deficiency Excess
17. How have changes in our life styles and diet played a role in affecting our hormone activity?

18. How can assessment and alteration of our nutrient deficiencies improve our hormone imbalances?
19. What are the symptoms and potential disease implications of continual elevated cortisol levels?
20. What are the suggested dietary guidelines (to include and to avoid) in relation specifically to diet that may help to lower cortisol levels?

Pathology testing

a. Explain the differences between saliva, urine and serum hormone analysis

b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of testing hormone levels in the blood? 

22. What are the five main pathology tests or assessments aiming to identify? 
23. How frequently should testing be carried out?

24. Why are hormone ratios important? What is the correct ratio for the three types of oestrogen?

25. How does analyse and interpretation of hormone testing results help provide treatment protocols in anti-ageing medicine?

26. What is aromatisation and why is this significant?
27. Identify the hormones involved in the stress response.
28. Describe the role of a medical practitioner in anti-ageing medicine
29. The role of other multi-disciplinary members (including you) varies. What role might the nurse/therapist play in anti-ageing medicine?
Section 2

Case Studies
Scenario 1
Tina is 52 years old. She feels that she has ’aged overnight’ following a very difficult year. Tina and her husband are separated and this has not been amicable. He has a new relationship with a woman 25 years younger than Tina. This has left her feeling ‘old, ugly and unloved’.  She has two children ages 19 and 23. They live at home but work shifts, have busy social lives and partners of their own.
Tina explains that she has a stressful job that involves sitting in front of the computer for hours on end and deadlines to meet. She does try hard to go to the gym but maybe only manages 2 visits a week. She states she usually misses breakfast and just has a few coffees at work. Lunch is usually a sandwich. As she often finds herself at home alone during the evening, she often just picks up a takeaway and bottle of wine on the way home. She states she is having problems sleeping as she gets too hot and feels this may be contributing to her irritability and mood swings.
In the last 6 months Tina has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and advised that she needs to loose weight. She is 5 foot 4” (1.64m) and weighs 85Kgs. Her ideal weight should be around 55 to 60kgs. 
1. Explain the principles of the ageing process to Tina. 

a. Analyse how Tina’s diet and lifestyle may be contributing to her ‘ageing concerns’.

b. Examine how recommended lifestyle changes may contribute to improving Tina’s well being  
3. Does Tina have any acute stress in her life? If so, what? How may chronic stress, also be contributing to Tina’s aging.

4. Consider Tina’s whole endocrine system. How might her hormones levels contribute to her concerns and presenting symptoms?

What anti-ageing treatment protocols could be implemented to correct these hormonal imbalances (Q4)
6. Using your knowledge gained from this unit, (and the answer above) create a plan for Tina that introduces key nutrients and nutriceuticals, to help address her long-term health and ageing concerns?
Scenario 2
David is 57 years old. In the last 5 years he has really changed his life around. He was diagnosed with diabetes in his childhood and has been insulin dependant since age 11. He was always a bit overweight and was never well enough to participate in sports at school. At age 51, he was rushed to hospital with chest pain and it was suggested that he was developing angina. David decided this was the wake-up call he needed. He joined a rehab group and then the gym and has since become obsessed with exercise. He trains everyday and runs long distances. He has completed 4 full marathons and several half marathons. 
He has attended the clinic because he feels he is looking really old. He has lost a great deal of weight especially from his face.  His facial skeletal structure is well defined and his skin appears to be sagging with no underlying fat to support the skin. He also states he is sweating more and needs to use more deodorant than usual. He feels his skin is oiler and his hair needs washing more often. He is not sure if this is because of his age?
a. Analyse how David’s diet and lifestyle may be contributing to his ‘ageing concerns’.

b. Examine how recommended lifestyle changes may contribute to improving David’s well being  
2. Does David have anything causing acute stress in his life? If so, what? 
What chronic stress/stressors may also be contributing to David’s aging?
3. Review how David’s endocrine system and hormones levels may also be contributing to his concerns and what anti-ageing treatment protocols may help correct these imbalances
4. Using your knowledge gained from this unit, discuss a plan for David to introduce key nutrients and nutriceuticals to help with his long-term health?
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