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The main purpose behind this task is to explain the significance of managers in the 21st century. It depicts that what types of skills and behavior are required by managers in the business to manage the organizational changes. Managers play a significant role to attain long-term goals and objectives of the firm. Along with this, it describes the behavior of the managers that should be humble and polite to maintain harmonization in the business. Organizational change is essential to improve and enhance innovation in the organization. Furthermore, attributes and characteristics of managers have been explained in the paper. The managers help to motivate and encourage employees to improve their skills and knowledge in an organization.

In 21st century managers must be skilled in the art of introducing and managing change.

In today's era, to achieve great heights is significant and primary factor in the organization. However, it is the biggest challenges for human resource to attain desired goals and objectives. They have to think beyond the material pursuits to fulfill existentialism. The Companies have developed a very systematic way to accomplish long term mission and vision.  With the growing digital environment company is seeking the growth in business through the maximum involvement of technology (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson, 2012). To secure the place in the market, managers must be skilled and understand technology. This will help the company in growing more effectively and efficiently. In 21st century, managers must have a wide knowledge about how technology can help the company in varied forms. The change in the company can be brought with experienced and creative minds. Matching with the minds of experience can bring the creativity of new generation to next level (Griffin and Care, 2014). The managers must possess following skills and behavior in order to manage and introduce changes: 

Up to date knowledge on the topic relating to the betterment of business

It is necessary for the managers to be aware about the current affairs that can help the company in its business. They must know about the already existing information and also should be aware about the new policies that take place in the market. This will help them to do business and work as per the needs and requirements of market (Jones and Sallis, 2013). It will help to open the minds of the managers and will become easy for them to bring change in a right manner. This will not only help the business to flourish and expansion but will also help to develop confidence in the managers. Hence, they will give their best efforts to gain competitive advantages and this will also help to generate more outputs and results in an organization. If the managers keep lot of important information about the business it will raise more ideas and thoughts in the minds of workers. In addition, it will also help to reduce the errors and mistakes in business.  Therefore, up to date knowledge is the most significant skill to manage and identify organizational changes (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

Different ways and methods for using technology

In today’s digital world, none of the company can survive its business without innovative technology and development. In order to target more and more profitability, the companies are adopting the methods of technology in their work. It is the most time-saving process and it is the easiest way to keep the records of the business and work (Peppard and Ward, 2016). A manager must know the use of technology in many ways. He must possess the ideas and skills to use and utilize new technology in the organization. Furthermore, he should be smart enough to make optimum utilization of resources and technology. Managers must know how to be attained growth and success of the company. They must use the networking services in order to convey their message from one client to another. They must know the process of doing and developing software that can help them having a direct communication with the clients within given time period (Chen, 2015).

Drawing out the work with accurate information through models

The managers should be creative in terms to gain long-term advantages in the competitive market. The managers should keep necessary information to expand the business of the firm. In today’s era, they can use several management models in order to convey their message. This makes it easy to understand the topic. The models must contain accurate information which can make sense to the business. It will also help to save time and efforts within the organization. Managers must know the creative areas of working which can help to maximize the profitability of the company (Van Der Aalst, 2013). 

Working with collaboration and cooperation

Working with collaboration is a strategy of growing the business on a large scale. In 21st century, managers should be quite capable enough in order to tie up with the companies and to maintain goodwill in the global market (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).  They should possess the quality of convincing others employees very well. This will allow the company to make good relationship with competitors in the world. Additionally, these relations can become helpful for the company in order to produce more resources and to fulfill the needs of business. Rising contacts will allow them to work with different business holders in the competitive market. This will increase profits of the business. Working with collaboration allows the business to run business activities and operations effectively and efficiently on a large scale. Collaboration and cooperation help to handle and resolve the issue related to business and work. In this way, cooperation and collaboration are significant aspects of the business to manage the organizational change (Colebatch, Hoppe, and Noordegraaf, 2010).

Promoting the company through advertisement

Advertisement is very common and most effective method of reaching more and more people in the market. Managers can provide the advertisement in order to promote and encourage the business. They should be creative enough to use attractive phrases that can attract more and more clients in the world. They should know the smart way of advertisement and promotion that help to increase sale of the firm. They must be aware about the changes brought in the areas of advertising and publishing. They should know the rates of printing and publishing in order to avoid any inconsistency. In order to bring the change in the society, a company can reach to more and more people through the advertisements. This is a most effective way of promoting the business and to make a good position in the eyes of each and every individual. For this purpose, managers promote and encourage advertisement and promotional activities within the organization (Li and Lam, 2013). 

Using different methods of explaining ideas

The managers should know the ways of explaining their thoughts and ideas in a more expressive and attractive way. They can make presentation in such a manner that it will become easy to understand and explain the several workers. In addition, managers and supervisors should use attractive technologies and resources to assist the employees in many ways. In order to bring change in an effective way in the company they should be capable enough to conduct seminars and hold conferences on a large scale. Brochures must be provided in order to make the members of organization aware about the new policies and strategies. This will develop a healthy and favorable working environment in the business. To make a good financial position in the market, it is necessary for the workers to understand about the work in an effective manner. Hence, the manager should use the interesting ways to grow and explore the trading activities and operations worldwide (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013).

Motivating employees to work

Managers must bring out the capability of motivating the employees to do work effectively and efficiently. Motivation develops and builds confidence in the employees which help them to do tasks and duties in an appropriate manner. Managers should know different methods of motivating the employees. It helps to bring desired outputs and results in an effective and accurate manner (Bakker and Leiter, 2010). The managers must provide complete information related to business in order to continue their confidence towards work. Also they must check and analyze actions and activities of the employees. In this way, motivation provides several benefits to the workers. It will help to maintain sustainability in the organization. This will keep the business environment more intact with its employees. It will also help to make good working environment in the organization and will help to conduct business activities smoothly. It will also help to reduce absenteeism of the employees in the organization (Mowday, Porter and Steers, 2013).

Proper communication skills

A manager must know how to present himself in front of authorities and other companies. In today’s era, every company requires a qualified and professional employee in terms of communication, culture and language. Proper communication skills should be maintained by the managers in order to stand out against the competitors. Having good communication skills will help to attract more and more clients and will increase the chances of promotion within the organization. It is one of the most important aspects that a manager should maintain and use. The managers can easily overcome on resistance to change by maintaining proper communication with workers in the workplace (Dozier, Grunig and Grunig, 2013). 

Behavior towards the organization

It is necessary for a manager to be polite in behavior with the employees in the workplace. Working with harmony, will lead to better functioning of business. The behavior of the manager has direct impact on the employee. If the manager listens and understands the problem and resolves the issues of the company effectively, it becomes easy for them to bring change in the system of management. It will also help to increase the chances of promotion and transfer in an organization. In order to give greater inputs in the business, it is recommended to possess a positive behavior by the manager in the business. The positive behavior helps to improve and enhance productivity and efficiency of the employees. It will also help to increase revenue and returns of the firm. Furthermore, employees show their interest towards work and organizational goals (Wagner III and Hollenbeck, 2014).

Accountability and transparency

The company is aware about the needs and requirements of its employees. This makes easy for the managers to be accountable and responsible towards the issues of employees. The manager should be easily answerable to the company. This helps them to satisfy the demands of the firm. Hence it makes the organization easily answerable to its employees. They can meet the requirements of its clients easily which helps in developing and maintaining good relationship with its customers. It is the duty of the manager not to hide any information from the employers and the customers. The corporation must not try to fool them. They must know about the strategies to develop in the market in order to carry out the organizational change. The method of accountability and transparency is another skill that a manager must possess in him in order to carry out the change (Christensen and Cheney, 2014).


On the above-mentioned limelight event, it is necessary for the manager to be accountable to its clients and employees. All effective skills and behavior should be present in the managers in order to bring the organizational changes. A good and effective manager thinks about the growth and success of the firm. Furthermore, the paper shows that how a manager can bring revolution in the business through their skills and talents. In today’s era, the use of technology has become a very common aspect of business. Hence the managers must be very well aware about the way of doing work. The paper gives a brief knowledge about the behavioral attitude of managers towards its employees which helps in resolving and handling the issues and problem in a hassle-free manner. All these factors help to fulfill the needs, and requirements of the business. It also helps to stay in the competitive market in the global world. 


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