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Google Glass Introduction

Write a business report in about 2000 words based on the following-Select a new (developed/implemented from 2012/onwards) E-Business Technology/Application. Discuss the key advantageous features of the technology/application when compared with the alternatives available. As well as the key advantages, identify and discuss key limitations of the technology as well as the risks associated with its implementation.

The report discusses the technology that is introduced recently. The Google Glass technology from Google has been taken in account. The Google Glass has been launched in 2013 which is a hands-free technology. The report has presented various advantageous feature of Google Glass over Sixth Sense Technology. The glass holds much benefit then sixth sense device. On the other hand, the advantage of glass has been mentioned along with the disadvantage of glass so that better recommendation can be provided. The risk of technology implementation has been presented which provides information in analyzing the glass effectiveness. Lastly, recommendation has been outlined to suggest some solution to Google glass issues.

The development in technology in recent time has changed the perception of the world and working behavior of the people. The report will be discussing the technology that has been recently developed so that its features can be explained against its alternatives. The Google Glass has been centered for the particular report and its advantages along with disadvantage will be discussed so that the reader can make decision about the technology.

Google Glass is a kind of wearable technology with an OHM display which is developed by Google and manufactured by Foxconn. The technology was released on February 2013 which became public on 15th May. It information is displayed in smatrphone like format of hands-free. The wearers of glass can converse with the internet through voice commands (Aron, 2013).

Touchpad: A touchpad is placed on the either side of the Google glass. The users of the glass can control the device by sliding via timeline like interface that is displayed on the screen. For instance, if person slide the device backward then it can provide information like weather and sliding forward person can know recent phone calls, circle updates, photos, etc (Benninger, 2014). On the other hand, comparing Google glass with sixth sense technology a person has to use their hands for interacting information whereas in Google glass by one click person can communicate with others.

Camera: One of the features of Google Glass that it constitutes ability to take and deliver photos and video can be recorded at 720p HD video. On the other hand, talking about sixth sense technology, the photos and recording cannot be done with ease (Cammorata, 2012).

Battery: The Google Glass has a battery power of 570mAh internal lithium-ion battery which last long whereas the battery of sixth sense technology has low battery power. In case of sixth sense device, the technology is run on projector which consumes more power and requires continuous recharge or replacement (Glass and Saggi, n.d.).

Display: The Google Glass use Liquid Crystal on Silicon, LED and field-sequential color for the display purpose whereas in case of sixth sense for displaying information, it requires a projector otherwise it may be useless.

Features of Google Glass

Show Messages: Google Glass show text message emails, etc and the person can reply to message via voice commands and it does not require that person has to type the text. On the other hand, sixth sense technology requires person to use their hands in order to navigate the technology and send messages (Glauser, 2013).

Translate: One of the major feature of Google Glass that it can translate the sentence or phrase from one language to other and the glass will peak it out. Apart from that, it can take time for the sixth sense technology to convert the language in quick time.

Find Information: The Google glass has made easy to search for the information anytime. For instance, a person can ask the question and the glass will deliver the answer in quick time from the internet. On the other hand, the sixth sense device will require manual search and need to type on the screen which can be time consuming. Therefore, correct instruction has to be provided (Hong, 2013).

Hands Free: The glass provides continuous hands free jobs such as doing video recording, searching destination on maps or directions and use of clock apps or date apps. The people are able to do their task in quick time and with much ease (Marks, 2013). On the other hand, it provides great speed and invisibility.

Better support: The Google Glass provides better support to various sectors. For instance, in health care institution, the doctor or physician can wear the glass during rounds and they can take up the videos and photos of condition of patient for studying the daily growth. Therefore, it can be useful for the business or individuals to their activities with ease and reduce the work load (Mirchandani, 2012).

Convenience: The Google glass provides convenience apps that can help the people to do job in convenient way. The apps like taking images with just a push button, eye or head movement, voice command, etc offers great expediency to the people to use the apps without using hands or figure continuously. Moreover, just a voice command can trigger the device and start functioning (Nafisi, 2014). If sixth sense technology is taken, then it requires physical touch to the device in order to operate and turn it on.

Multitask: The Google glass allows users to conduct the multi task in one time. The users do not have to shift from their jobs that they are doing. For example: if a driver is driving a vehicle in a city then the driver may not need to take of their eyes from the road in order to seek for directions. Therefore, people can perform different activity using Google Glass.

Projection: The information can be projected effectively in the night time or dark areas and bright areas or mornings. If comparing the Google glass with sixth sense device, sixth sense device can be powerful only in dark areas or night time. Thus, people can access information via Google Glass at anytime.

Advantage of Google Glass

Open Platform: The Google glass can provide permission to any developer for employing new applications on the Google glass (Aron, 2013). The company or developer can add application that can provide better facilities to the users and users can access the application for their specific purpose.

Benefit Education: The Google glass can be effective in recording tutorials that can be used for later on. Therefore, whenever a person wants to know the knowledge about something, person can access the recorded tutorial. For instance, tutorial can help in fixing engine of vehicle, etc (Cammorata, 2012).

Live Information: Google glass can help in providing information relating to programs which are telecasted on TV such as stats about the infrastructure development, live news, celebrities’ stats, etc.

Health Monitor Interface: The Google glass comprises built-in GPS chip that can help in tracking the health improvement of the people. The glass is capable of tracking pace, heart rate, speed and running time that can provide the idea to people about their performance (Center, 2015).

Get more from life: Google Glass can be useful in monitoring the family by a person while performing task from home and person may no need to agonize about of missing any important calls. Therefore, the glass can provide notifications while performing duty around the home.

Video Conferencing: The Google glass provide Google hangout tool that helps in video conferencing and people can make decision over the conference (Benninger, 2014). Therefore, meetings can be conducted easily and ideas can be shared with accuracy and easily.

Distraction: The Google glass can lead to interruption while doing any important task. The distraction can be in the form of sudden rise visual or audio information. For example, the person can get disturbed while having communication due to arising of emails or advertisement in between (Hong, 2013). On the other hand, if the person is driving a vehicle and sudden distraction arises then it can cost high.

Rudeness: Some people find that users of Google Glass are rude in behavior when they get disturbed by the device. Therefore, it can give rise to conflict between two people and the conversation can be pit to an end.

Privacy: The privacy between communications can be broke if the other person is not aware about that he/she is being recorded by other users via Google glass. On the other hand, behavior of the people changes when the person believes that they are being recorded (Center, 2015). Therefore, people become more cautious and avoid people that are wearing Google Glass.

Stress: The people can become stress as they have to wear the glasses all the time. Therefore, it leads to anxiety and stress among the users. In order to acquire some knowledge the person has to wear glasses and if glass is removed then the person may not be able to access the information (Mirchandani, 2012).

Price: The current price that is implied on the Google glasses falls in between £ 1000 and £ 1500 which is costly for the general public to avail the Google glass (Glauser, 2013). Therefore, low income group people may not be able to afford the glass.

Social Interaction: The entry of Google glass has reduced the social interactions and increased the virtual reality lifestyle to the people using Google glasses. The people communicate over the glasses that can hamper the physical interaction. As a result it can lead to isolation (Hong, 2013).

Risk Associated with Google Glass implementation

The major risk that would have been is privacy and security risk. The privacy risk can rise if the person does not know whether the person is recoding the conversation or not. Therefore, it can threaten the individual ability to have social or private interactions. On the other hand, the governments’ agents can access the information without proper authority can affect the users of Google glass (Glass and Saggi, n.d.). The Google glass does not hold any app store as it only includes apps such as search, messaging and video recording.


The technology Google Glass is effective in providing large benefit to the users and users can carry their task in quick time. The user does not have to sit in front of the computer for accessing information rather using Google Glass; the users can access the information from anywhere. Therefore, it helps in saving the time of users and provides various options to users. The Google Glass helps in recording, tracking, taking images, etc as a hands free. The user may not need to adjust the glass all the time to take picture it can function by just giving vocal command. Apart from that number of feature and advantages has been outlined that can help the users to take decision whether to buy the technology or not. The Google Glass is useful in health care unit, education, business, individual life, etc. The people can review the advantage of glass before buying the product. Apart from the advantage of glass, some limitations have been given which tells about the negative aspect of glass. It can influence the decision of users and to use it. The risk has been considered so that possible causes can be known in implementing the technology.

In order to overcome the issues of Google glass, the company can focus on developing various strategies so that glass can be used widely and effectively.The company can in order to engage large customer base, the company can decrease the price of Google glass so that it be used by the users. The low income group people can be able to buy the glass. Moreover, the sale f the glass can increase and the company can be able to expand their market share for the Google glass.The glass hijacking has to be stopped so that any second person does not activate the glass. The glass has to be more security lased so that only authorized person can activate the Google glass. On the other hand, the users can give unique name to the product that can be tough for the other people to remember the name.The company can induce app store in the glass so that it can provide higher benefit to access the information and use the app for own purpose. Therefore, it can be useful in providing large service to customers.The level of disturbance has to be reduced while communicating. The unnecessary advertisement has to be stopped so that people can have free talk and ideas can be shared with more efficiently. The company can charge from other company that release advertisement recklessly. Therefore, it can be effective in controlling the disturbances.The battery life of the Google glass has to be improved so that glass can be used for longer period of time. Enhancing the battery power, the users can be able to store and record large number of information.


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