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Email Invitation for Commonwealth Bank Dinner Event

Discuss about the Aristotelian Appeals Of  Ethos Pathos And Logos.

I being the Communications Manager of Commonwealth Bank of Australia is arranging a special dinner for clients, staffs and some special guests. The e-mail that will be sent by me to the staffs will contain the following content;

To, [email protected]

From, [email protected]

Subject: Arrangement of a yearend dinner for a wide range of guests and staff

Dear colleagues,

With immense pleasure I hereby announce the arrangement of a special dinner for all the staffs and clients of our bank on the coming 15th of December, 2018.

The dinner will be arranged on the above date from 6 PM to 11 PM at from 6 PM at Westin Hotel, Martin Place Sydney. The dinner has been arranged basically to create more deep understanding between all of the employees and the staffs and also to provide all with a nice and lovely evening with good food and good music. The dinner will mark the presence of a number of eminent personalities of Australia who are invited to grace the occasion.

I request you all to attend the event so that you can have a nice experience. However I request you to please respond to this E-Mail by Tuesday so that we can make up the numbers.

Thank you and I look forward to see you all on the very day.

Kind Regards

Johnny Roberts

Communications Manager (Commonwealth Bank of Australia)

Mr. Tim Cahill

32A Rowell Street


Subject :( Letter to invite for a year ending dinner of Commonwealth Bank)

Respected Sir,

We hereby invite you to participate in one of the largest dinner festival of the year end. The management of Commonwealth Bank has decided to organize a year ending dinner for the staffs and employees of the organization.

The management of Commonwealth Bank has long been an adorable fan of your football skills and have respected you as a great football player who have made our nation proud in different countries. Your excellent performance in the recently concluded FIFA world Cup was another feather in your already marvelous career. The performance you displayed in the tournament was exclusive and as usual made a large number of employees of our organization your Fan. As far as the dinner date goes, the following has been organized on the 15th of December, 2018 at Westin Hotel Sydney. The program has been scheduled for a total time of 5 hours starting from 6 PM to 11 PM.

Letter Invitation for Commonwealth Bank Dinner Event

  We request you to kindly grace the very occasion and increase the glamour of the event. It would be a pleasure for our organization to host a personality like you. Your presence combined with a speech sharing your experiences can really help the event scale new heights. We know that you are very busy and have hardly any time left in your busy schedule but we promise that we will take a very short time from your busy schedule and will arrange for all that you need within the short visit. This will include;

  • Media Coverage
  • Social Media coverage
  • Event endorsement

It is a kind request to let us know about your presence on the very day, though we are optimistic of receiving a positive response. Thank you in advance for considering the following invitation.

Yours Sincerely,

Johnny Roberts (Communications Manager of Commonwealth Bank of Australia)

Work Progress 1- Content Creation and Management- on target

The content creation and the management of the sites are on target and is on a steady path of progress. A number of wiki articles, newspaper advertisements and prints on social media sites have been published and the progress is being checked after every two weeks. Progression slow in any case will be dealt seriously. The managers and different supervisors have been appointed to keep a tab on the total project.

Work Progress 2- Appointment of Event sponsors- on progress

The appointment of the sponsors of the event is a real headache for the management of the Commonwealth Bank. There are not many sponsors who are available for just sponsoring an event of the duration of just 1 evening. The bank itself is providing a healthy sum of money whereas two other sponsors have decided to sponsor the event in case Mr. Tim Cahill gives his nod to grace the occasion.

Work Progress 3- Appointment of Event Management Groups- on target

The company has been able to appoint two different event management groups to organize the total program efficiently and smoothly. The smooth and efficient organization of the following program will ensure tremendous success for the event as well as the bank. The event management group is working well and is on the final stage on completing the creation of the plan and then producing it for final approval from the management of the bank.

Work Progress 4- Appointment of Team from the bank- not satisfactory

The management of the bank has not been able to fix a team from the bank to support the event management group for the different purposes. The appointment of the team is mostly important to manage the different tasks of the organization that will be needed to done during the event. However the work has not been satisfactory as the management could only identify one of the managers who would lead the team.

Progress Report on Commonwealth Bank Dinner Event Organization

Work Progress 5- Decision on the menu and programs- on target

The decision of the list of menu and the programs has already been taken. The decision had been taken by the management of the bank in consultation with the event management team.

The gala yearend dinner will be taking place at Westin Hotel, Sydney. The hotel is a 5 star hotel with excellent reputation in serving guests and hosting gala events like parties and dinners. The menu is a gastronomic one with a variety of local wines and other local dishes. Apart from this the specialty of the event will be the presentation of a soft but pleasant background music by White Cello. Another major attraction of the event will be the participation of eminent Australian footballer, Tim Cahill. His presence is surely one of the greatest things to happen on the evening of 15th December, 2018. The dinner will be hosted by the CEO of the Commonwealth bank and is expected to be attended by most of the staffs and employees. The event will see a grand participation because of the different ways which was used to promote the event.

The report on Aristotelian appeals of Ethos, Pathos and Logos has been a great learning experience for me. It has helped me to explore a new form of learning that will be efficient for my future studies. The following report explains the three different Aristotelian appeals in three different ways.

The secret of being a persuasive speaker or a writer has been examined way back for more than 2000 years back by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. The argument of this particular theory has been used to define several powers that are vital for influencing and persuading emotions, morals and behaviors. As a reader and a listener, it is fundamental to be able to recognize how the writers and speakers depend upon these three different things. This dependency is the main cause of their efficiency in communication. I being a communicator will benefit from being able to see how the others rely upon ethos, pathos and Logos. My current academic progress reflects on my knowledge of the three elements in details. As from my knowledge I have learned that component of Ethos provides an understanding of the importance for the creditability of the speaker or character has in establishment of persuasion. The second component of the Pathos deals with the capability of the speaker or the listener to connect to the audience with whom the person is speaking to. The third and the final component of the following is the logos which finally establishes the argument that is being discussed with the audience. Therefore it is seen that I have a clear idea of all the three components and can say that each one of the components provides an essential as well as a crucial link to the audience or the listeners. My academic skills have provided me the opportunity to analyze each of the different components to develop persuasion inside my speech.

Report Structure for Commonwealth Bank Dinner Event

A thorough knowledge of Ethos, Pathos and Logos have provided me a comprehensive theory of the different types of the knowledge that are needed for me to progress in my career. I have been able to identify the use of the three components and their implementation in the business sector which is undoubtedly one of the best achievements so far. It has been seen that the business sector is one of the leading examples where persuasion has been majorly used for influencing the different types of customers to buy the products of the business. It is seen that ethos is a thing which is common when one particular brand is preferred over another particular brand. This can also be seen that there are different types of products that are well established in the market as compared to the others present in the market. In other words such products provide a competitive advantage for the manufacturers and earn the most revenue.  

On the other hand the management of the business units tries to sell their products to the customer by selling them to the organization by application of different types of emotions to the customers. There are cases when the organizations also give threats to influence the buying behaviors of their customers. Last but not the least in any ways the application of logos is efficient for the products or the company that prove the usefulness of their products to the consumers.

Based on my reflections so far I have been able to determine some of my laggings and some potential backlogs that tend to hamper my career. I have to make immediate and effective changes to make sure that I do not suffer from such disadvantages or my negative points. The main areas that I lack are as follows;

  • I am too much descriptive in nature
  • I am unable to differentiate the generalized content from that of the specific contents
  • I am not able to highlight on some specific examples
  • I am not able to provide proper quotations and citations in each and every of my contents
  • The main problem however is my lack of total knowledge which makes it impossible for me to gain a complete understanding on a particular subject

The main laggings and my negative points have been highlighted by none other than me. I was unable to find the following problems beforehand until and unless I came up with the explanation of the three different components from the earlier assignment. The following explanation and suggestion about the different types of the components in business helped me to deduce as well as recommend proper steps to tackle my negative sides. The recommendations are as follows;

  • I must shed off my descriptive nature and be specific especially in cases where a brief description is enough to achieve the goals
  • I must be sharp enough to differentiate the generalized content from that of the specific content. In some parts I found out that the generalized content was not at all necessary for the following but a more specific content was necessary for the following
  • I must make sure to highlight special and specific examples to provide an all round report
  • The providence of proper citations and quotations is utmost necessary for the preparation of a proper business report which is part of my studies
  • There must be a presence of total knowledge that will help me to discuss critical things. The presence of an exclusive knowledge is essential for my overall growth as a knowledgeable person

Brink, K.E. and Costigan, R.D., 2015. Oral communication skills: Are the priorities of the workplace and AACSB-accredited business programs aligned?. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 14(2), pp.205-221.

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Ragas, M.W., Uysal, N. and Culp, R., 2015. “Business 101” in public relations education: An exploratory survey of senior communication executives. Public Relations Review, 41(3), pp.378-380.

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