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1. Introduce the case and provide a high-level summary
2. What role did network technologies play in the case? Identify specific network and/or telecommunications technologies that were involved 
3. What has gone right and/or wrong in the case? What were the most critical success and/or failure factors? What were the actual or potential patient case advantages? What were the actual or potential cost advantages? Use the case, your experience, and external sources if necessary to answer these questions. Justify your answers 
4. Draw a diagram of the network and/or application strategy utilized in the case.
5. In the description for your diagram, identify the most and least critical elements of the architecture and describe why each element is important and included in the diagram.
6. In the conclusion for your paper, identify how, based on the knowledge learned in this course so far, you would have modified the diagram to improve the solution presented in the case.

Causes and Symptoms of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is generally caused due to various kinds of infection by virus, fungi, bacteria or any other kind of parasites (Zissis & Lekkas, 2012). It generally caused due to inflammation of lungs especially when it is filled with water. It is generally caused by infection which arises due to bacterial file which is known as atypical. Alveoli is microscopic sac which absorbs oxygen in the lungs. Symptoms of pneumonia are cold and cough, high temperature, headaches and other types of body pains (Beloglazov, Abawajy & Buyya, 2012). The symptoms of Pneumonia changes or varies at different stages. In the maters of infants and child the symptoms are not that much visible easily. If pneumonia is suspected, then it is necessary to look for medical attention as soon as possible so that proper diagnosis or treatment can be provided.

Health care data center generally focuses on patient electronic health record. It is generally considered to be large and complex which is very hard to manage with the present data management methods or techniques. The data which is generated by various devices is inclusive of wearable or sensors that can be analyzed and collected at any real time (Arora, Parashar & Transforming, 2013). The data can be differentiated into four factors that are genomic data, clinical data, data of patient behavior, healthcare publication and clinical data for reference (Low & Chen,2012). Genomic data generally provides information related to codes of DNA and RNA, mapping codes and sequence codes. Clinical data is widely used in various kinds of healthcare and medical data. The data can be easily gathered easily particular at the time of sampling.

Cloud computing has become an important factor which can be easily used for computing in various kinds of hospital. It is generally considered to be an important for various kinds of business models which wants to become faster and more flexible than the information which is provided to them (Xu, 2012). Cloud computing in hospital is considered to be not so much different. Various kinds of cloud based application are being used in various hospital so that worker remain mobile at the time of delivering.

Cloud computing is considered to be an effective tool which can be used for maintaining the safety of various patients. It is only possible only when there is increase in response and time of treatment (Jadeja & Modi, 2012). It provides cloud based storage and various kinds of processing which allow various kinds of doctors and associated staff to work flexibly that is on the go. It provides a large number of advantages like proper management of complexity, reduction in the number of errors, monitoring of patient, history of various kinds of patients, change of doctor and integrity of information.   

Management of Healthcare Data

Managing of Complexity: Cloud technology helps in easier pull of information together at a place which helps in easier management and tracking of needs of various kinds of patients.

Reducing the number of errors: Centralization of information will help in analyzing of errors and tracking of misdiagnoses as it will help in tracking of progress of various kinds of patient.

Monitoring of various kinds of patients: Cloud computing has created a platform by which patients can easily get involved in various kinds of medical processes (Chen & Zhao, 2012). Some of the technology creates a platform by which one can easily track the communication between doctors and various kinds of caregivers.

History of patient: Cloud technology helps in better accessing of old medical records of a patients and can easily helpful in detection of any kind of disease with the help of allergies and problems related to mental health. 

The primary stage which is used for diagnosis in various kinds of physical examination of the respiratory track of children (Lup?e, Vida & Tivadar, 2012). As per WHO (World Health Organization) if any kind of respiratory systems are observed or noticed then proper kind of oxygen is provided by various kinds of pulse oximetry (Hashem et al. 2015). It is generally inclusive of culturing of samples, testing of serum, blood count, chest paining may be included. Based on various kinds of symptoms of pneumonia it can easily vary from mild to severe and there after affecting the life (Gupte, 2016). There are generally three type of pneumonia that is mild pneumonia, moderate pneumonia and lastly severe pneumonia.

There are generally five major factors for implementation of cloud technology:

Security: Various kinds of commercial cloud providers provides broad access to large number of user and it has certain number of roles and responsibilities which are less controllable (Li et al. 2013). Legal type of security factors generally focusses on firewalls and detection of intrusion.

Privacy: Issues related to privacy generally focus in providing information, access or control which is based on availability of various kinds of traits.

Mitigation of risk: It is generally considered to be difficult for analyzation of data location, security and losses. Requirement of data protection is generally done by data protection by making use of contractual or service level agreements.

There are large number of advantages of using cloud computing:

Fresh software: With the help of SaaS based products, latest kind of application are needed for running the business which are available to large number of customers.

Advantages of Cloud Computing in Hospitals

Flexible cost: There are certain number of advantages of using computing that is the involved cost is much more flexible than the traditional kind of methods.

Always available: Major value of cloud providers are more dependent in providing of services which can be used for reliability of large number of services.

Cloud computing is considered to be more effective: As the organization does not need any kind of purchase equipment and build out and operation of data center. They do not spend certain amount of money on various kinds of hardware. There are large number of cost benefits of cloud computing that are no need of capital cost, less electricity, reduction of expense of staff, reduction of operating expenses, elimination of downtime.

No Capital expense: Hospital in general need new servers, hardware or software which is inclusive of huge amount of capital cost and obtaining of equipment. While making use of cloud computing, financial investment for equipment and necessary staff members for running it. Cloud computing provides a platform where all the latest type of technology can be easily accessed.  

Less Electricity: With the help of cloud servers a minimum amount of electricity is required in comparison to electricity supplied to data centers with large number of servers.

Reduces the expense of Staff members: The most expensive thing in the budget is the salary which is provided to the IT staff. This fact is considered because good kind of IT employees need IT employees for spending of money for the process of recruiting. By making use of cloud technology various kinds of users end up in using of specialized IT workers without the need of hiring of more people in the team.

Reduction of Operating expenses: For various kinds of business one of largest expense is the operation cost of various IT departments. This expense focus on physical kind of maintenance of hardware, upgrading of software.

The above network diagram consists of seven important elements that is personal computers, patient, smartphones, mobile phone laptop, hospital and ambulance. Their relation with cloud computing has been established by the help of Microsoft Visio. The most critical element in the diagram are patient, cloud, mobile and Hospital. The least critical element in the diagram is Laptop and ambulance. All the elements are considered to be important because they are necessary for drawing the network diagram of hospital.

It is considered to be better as number of elements has been reduced and so the diagram has become less complex in comparison to diagram of question four. The diagram shown above consist of only essential elements like server, hospital, medical records and medical policies. All the above mentioned elements are connected to each other in the cloud.


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