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Event concept

Discuss About The Biographical Encyclopedia Of Astronomers.

The event that has been selected is the Bondi Winter Magic event. This is one of the most mesmerizing events that open a huge plethora of interesting activities for visitors of all age group and preference pattern. This event will take place under the collaborative effort of the Bondi Chamber of commerce. It is a nonprofit seeking event that is directed towards a social cause. This event will make sure to satisfy all the objectives of the Waverly council on and during the course of its operation.

The Bondi Winter Magic event is for helping the local residents of Bondi, to become cheered up during the cold winter season. The main motif of this event will be to create the artificially ice skating rink, so that the natives can enjoy. It will be conducted at Northern beaches of the Bondi district. it is a beautiful place having many seas coming and joining at the same place.

This event is carried only keeping in mind the needs of the local people. It is created as a joint effort by the Bondi chamber of commerce and the Waverly council. This event is approved by the residents of the localities of Bondi and they realize the act that is an event is conducted for their overall welfare. This event does not only have the objective of money making in their minds. They make sure that they are being able to give a boost to the culture and the heritage of Bondi.

The stakeholders will be all the members involved in the ice skating rink activities  taking place at the Northern beaches of the Bondi winter magic events. As it is a large event there will be the involvement of many of the stakeholders. The initial stakeholders will be the members of the Waverly council who will be looking after the policies and the procedures in which the entire event will be conducted, organized and followed. The other stakeholders will be the members of the local residents of the Northern beaches of the Bondi district who will be joining in that event. The other members can be some chairpersons or members of the cultural and historical touch who will be helping to add the historical and the cultural tinge to the show. Apart from this, the other stakeholders can be the environmentalists who will be able to talk about the environmental policies that are to be followed for keeping the environment clean and pollution free during the ongoing of the events. There will also be some of the stakeholders like the ice skating rink game supervisors. The targeted customers are mainly the children, the young adults.

Stakeholders analysis

This is also not merely an online event but this event is having a physical location. It is conducted every year in Sydney’s Bondi district. This also makes a huge appeal to a large scale of population. This event is one of the most important and popular events as it are directed towards manifold purposes. On one hand, it is concerned with providing a mesmerizing experience to the residents of the Bondi district during which they can view and experience all the ice staking activities (Kragh, 2014). It will be conducted at the Northern beaches in the Bondi District.

Apart from them, the aged people will also be a well-targeted group of customers who will be enjoying the touch of the history and the culture that will be displayed during the marches and the walks. These walks will be mainly directed towards the visits to the museums, temples and the other historical or educational places. So, it is evident that this event is directed towards a social cause as well. It can be reached by doing an extensive survey and then taking the necessary arrangements. They can use the best advertising and social platforms for taking the news of their events to the common public. They have their websites to display the date, time, location and the details of the events that they will be conducting in their event of the coming year that is 2018. The targeted customers are the youngsters who can access the internet and the website. They will be able to check and get the details immediately.

The targeted group will enjoy this event because there are many interesting events that will take place. This will be the time of winter and the time of snow as well. Snow is the time happiness and merrymaking for all. This event will have the free skate hire activities that will be a huge entertainment for the kids. There will also be many skate classes. This is one of the major attractions that will attract many kids and teenagers who will be happy attending the classes. There will also be the ice Hockey descriptions as well. The elders will like the event as there will be many cultural and historical walks and marches as well. This will be helpful for those students who enjoy learning about the history and the culture.

The cliff walks are also one of the most important aspects of this event. It helps in showing to the employees a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the natural surroundings. These walks will help in showing the beautiful sites of the Bondi district. The walks are conducted under the specialized and expert guides who will direct the people towards the sound of the sea waves, the cliff tops, the beaches and other such natural beauties.

Event execution

The location is the nearby areas of the Bondi beach that is in Sydney. This will perhaps be the very nearby and feasible location for all the visitors. The Bondi Beach will be a very feasible location as this is surrounded by many beautiful natural sites that will be enjoyed by the people.  They will also enjoy the sounds of the waves by the seaside while enjoying the walks, the music, art and cultural shows along with the walks and marches.

The event will be possible to be conducted by following the economic, social and environmental aspects because it will be conducted in accordance with the objectives of the Waverly council. They will be following all the rules. The rules include the maintenance of legal codes of conduct, the environmental sustainability plans, proper method of approval and all the rest. They will also contact the investors and the sponsors that will invest the needed amount of capital.

Some of the facilities that must be made available are making the rooms available at an affordable price so that people can accommodate themselves. The number of hotels must be increased so that it can accommodate the greater number of tourists both from the national and the international basis. The transportation facilities must also be increased. Though the tourists can easily travel there, by availing the train and the bus routes hut still there has to be a number of transportation options. They can also start launching some vehicles for carrying the passengers from the airport or from the bus stoppages to the direct spot of the event. This will help in reducing the hassle that the tourists often face when they come to the event for the first time.  There will also be some health check-up facilities or some doctors kept ready at the event site for the children or any of the other visitors.

 This is because the event will be having many skating activities. Many children or teenagers will be taking part in these skating activities. So it can happen that somehow they get some mild accidents or are wounded n the course of the activities. So in such emergency cases, a doctor or some kinds of medical help is of utmost importance. There has to be a proper safety kept for all the visitors especially at the seaside. This will be useful in avoiding the chances of accidents.

History walk and marches

It will take about a time of 6 months to get the approval and make all the necessary arrangement for putting up the show. Time will also be needed for the purpose of finding the experts who will be acting as the tour guides during the cliff walks or the historic marches.

The event marketing will mainly be done through the internet that is the website and the WebPages as well. The advertisements can also be done through the pop-ups in any of the social networking sites like the facebook, the twitter, Instagram or any other such kinds.  This will be one of the good sources of communication as the majority of the host community or the target customers are the teenagers who have a good interest in the sports and the games. So it is a fact that they will be attached with the modern digital means of communication. The communication will also become very fast and easy through the modern digital methods of communication.

The event will be sponsored by taking the help of sponsors and also the ticket sales. As it is a very good and a major event, the ticket sales will be on a large scale. The price of those tickets, however, has to be kept at an affordable price so that it can be afforded by all. This will encourage a number of people to buy the tickets.

The event that is talked about in this essay is the winter magic event at the Bondi district. This is an event that is done under the joint collaboration of the B on do chamber of commerce and the Waverly council. This event is organized for various purposes. It is not only hinted at providing the joy and entertainment to the tourists coming from different parts of the nation but also at protecting the local rural culture and the heritage. One of the major attractions of this even is the ice skating rink activity. Apart from this they have many cliff walks, natural and eco tours that help the tourists to get the taste of the local culture. This is also an effort to maintain the rich heritage and the natural gifts of the Bondi district.

This has to be kept in mind that the event which is being carried on must be in accordance with the Local council policies that is the Waverly council. The objectives of this council will be followed at each and every event (Mantei, 2016). This is because the event is directed at making the lives of the local residents easier.

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Providing employment opportunities to the local people
  • Maintaining proper legal procedures
  • Utilizing the space in winter and leaving it empty during the summer season
  • It must be a nonprofit seeking event
  • It must be conducted under the joint and collaborative effort
  • Must be an effort to preserve and promote art. Music, culture.
  • Transparency about the description of the activities of the event

Appeal to target audience

The objective of this event is that it will comply with the social, cultural, strategic and the environmental directions. This event will have a great devotion towards making the people aware about the rich cultural heritage of Bondi district. They will be conducting many walks and marches that will help in making the visitors get a view of the heritage sites. This, in turn, will be a very good advancement towards the field of academics and culture (Booth, 2016).

This event also gives a very clear and transparent description of all the events that will be carried on. All these news will be reflected on the websites and the web pages that will help in making the visitors get a very clear idea about the events that will be taking place. It gives a detailed description of the marches and the walks that will be carried on. It also gives the description of nature walks called the cliff walks that will help in making the visitors know about the beautiful natural sounds and sites that surround the place (Getz & Page, 2016).

The other objective is providing the proper control measures so that the activities that are being conducted at the event do not cause any harm to the residents of the Bondi district or to the environment as a whole. Efforts are to be taken so that the materials being used at the event are biodegradable (Page & Connell, 2014). The snow skating rinks will naturally need some artificial preservatives that will be used for keeping the snow fresh and controlling any bacterial activities taking place.

This has to be the concern, rather one of the major concerns of the authority because they must never compromise with the health and the well being of their visitors. The other aspect that must be kept under a strict check is controlling the air pollution (Booth, 2016). None of the games shows or any other activity that is being carried on in the Bondi winter show can harm the nature. A good instance can be the solid wastes accumulated due to the arrival of the huge number of tourists. As there will be many of the events that will take place near the sea beach, there can be a chance that tourists keep on throwing litter on the beach. These garbage cans mainly include the plastic bottles or the other kinds of canned food.

These plastics will get accumulated on the sea beach in very large amounts and will cause large-scale pollution in the coming days. This will ruin the beauty, sanctity and the freshness of the Bondi district. Not only will t cause harm to the charm of the Bondi winter event and the visitors but also the local residents (Horvath, 2017).

Cliff walks

Some visitors might use improper means for carrying on their illegal activities. They might carry on drinking or doing drugs even in the prohibited areas if the security is not tight.

This must be kept in mind that one of the main objectives is to help the local residents to grow and develop. So if the environment is damaged, it will harm them a great deal to sustain within that local surroundings. It will also satisfy the objective of the council that talks about working for any social cause. In other words, it will be working for the benefit of the local people of the Bondi district. It will also be directed towards increasing the awareness or the will for preserving the rich culture and the heritage of the place.

It will also satisfy the kinds of shows that are going to take place like the concerts, fairs, festivals, events of historical importance, festivals exhibiting the art, music and film cultures and many others (Holmes et al., 2015). It is also helped by the collaborated effort of the chamber of commerce and the Waverly council. So it manages to satisfy the clause of the council that the event has to be conducted under the joint or the partnered efforts and investments of the council (Montiel et al., 2018).

The purpose of the event is also fulfilled. The purpose is not merely money making. It has some very useful purposes like providing a good recreational activity to the people. It is also much committed towards the educational purposes as well. It is mainly about the motif of teaching the visitors games and sports like the ice skating.

 It also will try to provide health benefits to people by giving them a fresh and clean view of nature. Often people suffer from many different kinds of health problems and the doctor might ask them to get a change of mind. So, this event will be conducting walks like the cliff walks where it will guide and take the visitors or a tour or a walk through the cliffs of the Bondi district. This will give them a beautiful view of the fresh and pollution free nature. It will also be abiding by the strict legal codes and conducts as well. This event will make sure that there are no illegal activities that are being carried on in any of the parts of the show. In other words, they will strictly prohibit the use of drugs, alcohols or any other kinds of additive material (du Cros 2016). They will also not allow anyone to rink openly (Gurran & Phibbs, 2017).


The event organizers will also make sure that there is no harm being some to any kind of animals that are being used in the event. Even if they are bringing any kinds of animals for conducting any circus or any other entertainment shows they will maintain a strict check about the health and the well being of the same. They will make sure that the visitors are not causing any harm to the animals. There will be strict laws followed against the hunting or the poaching of animals. They will also have to make sure that they are not occupying the place of the event during the summer season.

In other words, the event organizers will maintain decorum and will use the space only for conducting the event during the winter season. They will not conduct the event in the summer. They will have to leave the space for being used up for any other events by any other organization (Osmond, 2014).

The other major objective that it has to satisfy is that they cannot cause any harm to the ecological setup. They will make sure that they are not entering into any restricted or any protected land areas (Sappey, 2014). They will do an extended survey to make sure that they are not getting involved in any activities like cutting down of the trees or hurting any the animals. They have to make sure that none of their activities are disrupting the ecological balance (Hatfield-Dodds et al., 2015).

They will also maintain a proper decorum in getting the approval for space and the show that they will conduct (Kragh, 2014). They will not set up this event without getting a proper permission from the local council or the government authorities. They will have to be patient enough in getting the entire process done. They must not hurry or there are chances that the legal proceedings can be hampered. So, they will be maintaining discipline in terms of the approval process (Getz & Page, 2016).

They will also gain a huge knowledge about the recyclable and then on recyclable materials, so that they can keep the environment clean and can add more to it. It is a known fact that the visited will be dumping the material like the plastics, rotten or leftover food, food packets, and many other such things. So, the event organizers will make sure that these thrown away materials are sorted properly. The nonrecyclable ones must be checked and taken away at a distant place so that the natural beauty is not getting hampered. The visitors are also to be made alert before this. On the other hand, the recyclable materials can be collected separately and can be taken for the recycling purposes o that they can be used for other benefits. For an instance, the papers, magazines that will be thrown away can be collected and reused for aiming new paper bags.


This will also serve as a means of local employment opportunities as well. The event will be opening up markets that will display and promote the locally made products. They will try to open many new employment opportunities for the Bondi residents during this occasion.


So, it can be concluded that the event will be a great success if it follows all the objectives and the aims of the Waverly council. The event organizers will have to keep in mind that they are working not only for the purpose of money making but for the purpose of social development as well. They will have to maintain all the formalities that are required for the approval or the permission of the same. They will be maintaining a deep respect for all the residents who are, living in the Bondi district and will surely have a deep respect for the Waverly council cultures as well.


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