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You are required to prepare a individual management report.

Background of the company

CSL Limited is one of the reputed biotechnology companies that are involved in developing and delivering innovative biotherapy techniques. The techniques formulated by the company help in saving the lives of people that suffer from medical conditions that can lead to fatality. The company was founded 1916 in the state of Victoria. Currently, the CEO of the company Paul Perreault employs more than 17000 working for 30 countries around the world. The stocks of the company are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. Some of the products of CSL include vaccines, anti-venom, cell culture reagents and so on ( 2017).

CSL has facilities in Germany, Switzerland, UK and the USA. The organisational culture in these parts varies from one another and from Australia. Hence, the management of the company improves the international relations between these countries. The products manufactured by CSL can be separated based on the divisions by region. However, the common objective is to develop innovative methods of production that can help in curing people in need of medical treatment ( 2017).

According to Beardwell and Thompson (2014), the environmental factors may cause hindrance in the progress and success of a company. In the context of CSL, the external factors need to be analysed based on the work that is done by the company. The political factor in Australia does not play a major role in the interference of the business side of the companies. Political agendas do not contribute to the success or hindrance of companies. However, the economic factors play a crucial role for the company in attending its objectives. The economic condition of Australia becomes an issue for the company in terms of making the investment for innovation (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung 2016). This can be solved by ensuring that the company have a financial stability in order to continue the work despite the economic crisis. The social factors on the hand play a supportive role in the development of the company. Many of the people encourage the development of innovative vaccines that can help in curing lives. In order to do this, CSL uses heavy technological support to measure the accurate amount of elements required to remain innovative in the organisation.

Based on the analysis of the external factors, the competitors of CSL can also be identified. Companies such as Baxter International Ltd, Sanofi, Grifols are some of the main competitors of CSL. These companies are engaged in manufacturing and selling similar products as CSL and engage in intense market research for making the lives of the Australian people healthier.

CSL envisions creating a perfect world for the people. The aim of the company is to create innovative and new techniques in biotherapy and applying the techniques to remove fatal diseases of the people. For this purpose, the mission statement of the company is aimed at reducing the death rate in Australia by 5%. It provides a quality environment for the employees so that the job done by them does not seem stressful. In this regard, the company maintains certain values that can help in ensuring its success. Some of the values include a focus on patients, innovation, integrity and collaboration. These values help the company to attain the mission set by the manager and provide effective care for the people in Australia and the world ( 2017).


   The company sets up its goals based on the resources it possesses. The setting of the goal is based n long-term and short-term objectives of the company. Sustainability is one of the major factors that the company focuses on. Hence, in order to attain sustainability, the company need to ensure that the products do not have any negative impact on the society (Reiche, Mendenhall and Stahl 2016). Other plans of the company include global expansion of the business. Although the company is spread in 30 countries, the majority of its business comes from the UK or the USA. This is mainly because of the headquarters being located in these countries that provide a competitive edge for the company. Hence, this is a long-term plan for the company.

   The innovative approach of planning undertaken by CFL can help in attaining the goals of the organisation. Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley (2016) stated that the innovative approach requires clarity of goals and proper budget in order to make the process successful. With a variety of high-tech resources at its disposition, CSL can execute the innovative planning approach and ensure that the objective of the company is attained. This approach can also help in maintaining the sustainability as well as an expansion of the company.

Sustainability has been incorporated by ensuring that the chemicals used for developing biotherapy techniques are dumped in a proper manner. The practising of the technologies is done in closed chambers that do not have exposure to the outside world or to any other parts of the building. Apart from these, the company also engages in corporate social benefits that help in keeping the environment clean.

Bolman and Deal (2017) stated that the most appropriate competitive strategy that CSL can apply is the differentiation strategy. This is mainly because the company focuses on innovation of products. The application of innovative techniques can help in making the products unique from its competitors. This can attract customers as new and unique products in the industry fulfil the needs of the people. Hence, differentiation strategy can be effective in bringing about international reputation.

In order to ensure that the mission and vision of the company are met, it is necessary to recruit talented and skilled people. These people provide the required resources that are necessary for the company. CSL recruits people based on the knowledge they possess about biotherapy. The practical and theoretical knowledge of the concept is required in order to succeed in the medical industry. Hence, the selection is based on the criteria required for employment and the ability to meet the mission and vision of the organisation.

An effective workforce can be developed by offering a clean and friendly work environment. In order to do so, companies need to maintain ethics that can help in identifying the deeds in a company. CSL provides a stable work culture. Innovative and creative ideas about work are encouraged by the managers that encourage the employees to improve the efficiency of work (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). However, it is highly crucial that the workforce is maintained by applying suitable strategies.

Human Resource Management

In order to maintain an effective workforce in the organisation, CSL needs to ensure that employees are motivated and encouraged in the decisions taken by them. This can be done by conducting meetings in which the employees can share opinions about the different ways by which the products can be improved. Motivation and less work pressure can help the employees to perform work in an efficient manner. The managers can make groups so that the interaction between various employees can be strengthened.

   According to Marchington et al. (2016), the sustainable practice needs to be maintained in order to ensure that the strategy is applied in an effective manner. The best sustainable practice that can be adopted by CSL in order to save the environment is the proper dumping of chemical wastes. This can be done by ensuring that the chemical wastes are disposed of in a place that does not have human population. The dumping needs to be done keeping in mind the separation of the things that cannot be recycled with those that can be used further.

Leadership is the ability to motivate and manage people and lead them towards success (Northouse 2015). The leadership style that is followed in CSL is the democratic style. In this style, the leaders welcome the thoughts and ideas of the employees during the decision-making. In the case of CSL, this is effective because the company aims at the innovation of techniques. The ideas provided by the employees can help in generating new ideas for the innovation of products required for curing people.

The effectiveness of the leadership styles is that the employees can work in an environment that is not stressful. The employees can also share thoughts and ideas and incorporate them into the strategies of the organisation. This helps in the effective working in the organisations. CSL leaders and managers involve the participation of the employees because it is believed that the expertise of the employees can help in improving the work of the organisation. Hence, democratic leadership is the most effective form of leadership for CSL.

The leaders of CSL adopt a supporting characteristic. This indicates the leaders provide encouragement to the employees to continue the work that they seem to be fair. The power given to the leaders is not used in a negative manner and instead of dominating the employees; the leaders tend to provide support to the decisions. According to Nahavandi (2016), a target is provided to the employees and the leaders help them achieving the targets without any stress. This also helps in motivating the employees.

The leadership traits adopted by the leaders have been effective in motivating and inspiring the employees. The adoption of charismatic and transformational styles has been effective in order to provide the required motivation that is necessary for the success of the organisation (Fairhurst and Connaughton 2014). Hence, the motivation of the employees has been mostly due to the involvement of the leaders and the style of leadership that has been adopted by the organisation. The leadership technique has also helped to improve the quality of work in the organisation.


The Proper leadership have also led to the growth of sustainability in the organisation. The manner in which the work needs to be carried out is planned using strategies suggested by the managers as well as the employees. The suggestion of the recycling of the unused materials has helped the company to promote sustainability in the organisation as well as in the society. Hence, effective leadership style has helped in promoting sustainability in the organisation.

According to Storey (2014), operations management refers to the administration of the practices used in business in order to increase the efficiency level of an organisation. In the case of CSL, the democratic leadership style is an effective method that can be adopted in order to increase the work efficiency. This can lead to the increase in profit of the organisation. The financial management of the company make notes of the materials that are required for purchase in the organisation. Hence, managing the operations can help in creating value for the organisation in an effective manner.

The flow of goods and service from one channel to other needs to be such that an organisation does not face trouble in dealing with inventories and its transfer from organisation to the end users. The finished product needs to be packaged in a way that it attracts the customers and ensure that the customers do not have any problem after the product is distributed. The supply chain of CSL involves a systematic flow of goods from one place to another. The manufactured goods are checked after the immediate finishing of the product. Before being sold to the customers, the managers check the products.

In the modern day, the use of technology for carrying out work in an organisation is effective for gaining success in the market. Technology helps to perform tasks in an easier manner. As stated by Antonakis (2017), the application of technology has become the leader in business. In the case of CSL, the use of technology is required in order to manage the resources in an effective manner. The company is spread all around the world with over 17,000 employees; hence, the use of technology can help in maintaining the employees and other resources that the organisation needs for its success. Thus, technology has been incorporated into the supply chain management.  

Sustainability of the company is another factor that is incorporated in the organisation. The management of CSL needs to ensure that while maintaining the process of supply chain and increasing the efficiency of the employees, the sustainability factor has to be kept in mind. The application of new technology has also helped in improving the sustainability factor. As said by Purce (2014) the sustainability of the organisation can be maintained by effective operations management. This is done by ensuring that the materials that have been purchased by the company do not contain particles that can harm the environment or the working of the organisation.

After the analysis, it has been seen that CSL requires certain improvements in the management. The strategies need to be incorporated in all the departments that contribute towards the success of the organisation. The analysis brought about positives of the company that can be further enhanced with the application of proper and effective management strategies. Certain negative points can also be improved with the recommended strategies. In this regard, three strategies can be suggested that are required for the success of the organisation. These strategies can help in the growth of the company and can provide an opportunity to globalise the brand.

One of the changes that the company need to make is in the leadership style. The fact that the company adopts the democratic style is appreciated, however, too much liberty is being provided to the employees. This may lead to problems in the organisation as the employees can make decisions without the consent of the managers. Hence, in order to mitigate this situation, it is required that the management maintain a balance between the liberty given to the employees. The leaders need to lead from the front and show the manner in which the work needs to be done. This can provide effective control in the organisation.

Another recommended strategy that needs to be incorporated is the managing of finance. It has been seen that innovation requires financial stability that is required for the success of an organisation. Without finances, an organisation cannot function properly. Hence, it is needed that the managers of CSL manage the amount that is spent on the purchase of equipment required for innovation. In order to do this, it is necessary that the managers allocate a budget each year keeping in mind the mission of the organisation. The mission statement can also change based on the requirements of the organisation.

The company can also make changes in the supply chain system. The goods manufactured by the organisation can be sold directly to buyers instead of providing having an intermediary. This can help in the increase of finances. The company can make improvements in the flow of the supply chain process. The sample of the products manufactured can be tested clinically before being launched in the market. This can be done by offering free samples to laboratories for checking. Thus, the recommended strategies can help CSL to pursue the long-term goal of dominating the healthcare industry at an international level.  


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